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  • 1. Since the advent of internet, web designing andweb designer have gained huge popularity. But what is web design and what is its necessity? Web design is the art of creatively presenting the content to the end user through a World Wide Web by using a web browser or webenabled software. The main aim of web design is to create a web site (collection of electronic files inside a web server) and present itscontent and attractive features to its user in the form of web pages.web hosting
  • 2. With growing demand web hosting for information technology, webdesign is gaining huge prominence As a result the number of peopletaking up web design as profession is also on the rise Working as a webdesigner could be quite taxing as it comes with lot of responsibility andburden For instance- when you are assigned the work of developing aweb page critical to someoneÂ’s business, you are confronted with asituation where even a slightest error could ruin the other personÂ’sbusiness
  • 3. Web designing is no doubt a very lucrative profession but beforejumping to conclusions, it is important that each of us understand what isit that is expected out of a web designer? This is something we all wouldlike to know Some of the responsibilities of web designer are discussedbelow: •Confidentiality: Most often than not web designers are providedaccess to business critical resources like servers, passwords,usernames, databases and other strategic information In such situations,web designers need to make sure that they maintain absoluteconfidentiality, not to lose any data, not overwrite documents withoutarchiving them, record information every time your replace a useraccount, record information on timely basis from previous hosting andrecord information in a secure manner •Responsibility: Even though itis not mentioned in the contract, business performance is one of theprime responsibilities of a web designer
  • 4. A web designer needs to make sure that he uses appropriate redirectsand thus follows traffic along new pages, use robots txt to block access toprivate areas and ensure that popular content continues to exist in thenew site •Managing financial data: Management of financial data andemail accounts is also a part of web designerÂ’s job responsibility
  • 5. Since he has access to all most all kinds of information, he needs tofollow few ethics For instance- in case he is required to check his clientsemail account, he needs to inform the same to his client and guaranteehis client about privacy of critical and personal information Although thisentire process seems to look easy, web design is quite complicated initself as it crosses multiple disciplines including information system,information technology and communication design
  • 6. Despite its complexity, web design is an ongoing activity Hence beforecreating and uploading a website, it is important to devote sufficient timeto plan what is required considering target audience or target market aswell as the purpose for which the content is going to be developed
  • 7. web hosting