Internet marketing information for small business


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A presentation by Tango the Internet Marketing Extraordinaire/Bird. Great explanations of changes in the industry, concerning seo companies and their often over-priced and under-performing tactics. He also touches upon local search and the rising mobile device market. Tango then explains the simplicity of our two-task-a-day easy online marketing application at Our passion is helping your business succeed in all aspects of online marketing.

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Internet marketing information for small business

  1. 1. Easy Online Marketing This is Tango the Robin. He’s an online marketing bird.How did one bird gain such a massive amount of online marketing knowledge? The answer is….. We have no clue! Tango enjoys sharing his knowledge, and Tango hascreated to help all businesses control their brand online, at an affordable price!
  2. 2. Why Do It Yourself?How do we make it work? You are the best ambassador for your brand Would you put someone who you don’t personally trust or know in the front of your store, to interact with potential and long term clients? Target the audience which matters the most Where do your industry leaders share their content? Would you like your business to enter the conversation? We help target your effort online. We didn’t reinvent the lightbulb Two tasks a day with tutorial videos to ensure a fast and efficient process. So easy an assistant or intern can do it!
  3. 3. Why wouldn’t you want more leads?Social Media Marketing and SEO Can Greatly Impact Your Revenue Directory SubmissionSEO Content Distribution On-Page 55% 91% 50% Of businesses Of Adults use Of referral get leads from Social Media on traffic is from their blog a regular basis organic search
  4. 4. You Have Customers Online Do you have a plan to gain impressions and aim for long-term engagement? Facebook has over 1 billion active users @myroundrobinOver 2.5 Bil 75% of users never go past myroundrobinEstimated people with the first page of Google. Whereinternet access worldwide is your brand for the important My Round Robin keywords?
  5. 5. Know Your Online Demographics Your content throughout the social networks must reflect your target audience55% of Twitter users are 35 or older, 79% of Pinterest users are women, 58% of Redditusers are under 35, 65% of Facebook users are 35 or older. Target your users today!71 % of Google + Twitter profiles, @myroundrobinusers are men Youtube videos, myroundrobin59 and facebook % of Twitter pages all rank well My Round Robinusers are men in search engines
  6. 6. Mobile Devices and Local SearchA high ranking in local search can drastically increase your revenue Google + Local and Bing Local Profiles are Business Essentials. 52% 60% of Users Access Via Mobile Android or Iphone App Youtube videos can be Of users report that a optimized for local search poor mobile experience will make them less Facebook has local likely to engage with mobile Check-ins that brand in the future. Optimizing your social profiles and completing local organic seo tasks are made easy with our application
  7. 7. The Power of Online MarketingWe love stats and we love helping businesses succeed! 93% Of all online experiences begin with a search engine. It is imperative to your businesses online presence to have a roadmap for search engine optimization (SEO). 70% Of links which search engine users click on are organic results, not paid. PPC is a fast solution if done properly, but seo is more beneficial in the long term. 70% Of users find websites via search engines. Your website must have many pages indexed in the search engines for optimal impressions. 100 Number in Billion of global searches on search engines every month. Your business should be ranking for the search terms that bring you consistent business. $150 The average hourly rate for american seo companies. Many of them outsource your companies tasks for $5-$15 an hour to potentially harmful sources.
  8. 8. ABOUT US We know business and we know marketing OUR PHILOSOPHY OUR MISSIONNo business, large or small, should be To provide businesses the tools and planforced to deal with marketing companies needed for success in online marketing.that have no accountability ortransparency. OUR TECHNOLOGY OUR SUPPORTWe use and support open source and free Never be left along or confused with ourtechnologies, including wordpress and application. We respond quickly to anyjoomla. Our entire application is fast, support emails or tweets, and weeasy, and simple enough for anyone, on continually add to our thorough FAQ.any computer or device.
  9. 9. THANK YOU! FOR JOINING US We look forward helping your business succeed in online marketing while also saving 877-518-6777