Migrating Legacy DAM Systems and Offline Content to Next Generation DAM PLUS Platforms


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This executive white paper presents a forward-looking roadmap of the future of DAM in marketing, emphasizing nextgeneration platforms delivered as an on-demand service.

• On-demand DAM platform-as-a-service
• Wikipedia definition of DAM
• DAM in Marketing
• DAM Service-Capabilities Framework
• DAM metadata model
• Evolution of DAM for Marketing
• DAM PLUS Emerges
• New Business Requirement for DAM in Marketing
• Orphaned Assets and Systems
• Catalytic Assets
• Concierge Service Migrating legacy DAMs
• About GISTICS and Michael Moon

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Migrating Legacy DAM Systems and Offline Content to Next Generation DAM PLUS Platforms

  1. 1. BEST PRACTICES FRAMEWORK | Digital Asset and Content Migration FILE: Migrating-Legacy-DAM-Systems-v4.docxExecutive PrimerMigrating LegacyDAM Systems andOffline Content toNext GenerationDAM PLUS PlatformsAUTHOR KEY TOPICSMichael Moon, CEO • Here comes on-demand DAM platform-as-a-service • Wikipedia on DAMGISTICS Incorporated, innovation think-tank for marketing • DAM in Marketing92 Templar Place, Oakland, CA 94618 USA • DAM Service-Capabilities FrameworkTel +1 510.450.9999 | Mobile +1 415.509.5023 • DAM metadata modelSkype: michael_moon | Fax +1 510.601.0563 • Evolution of DAM for Marketing • DAM PLUS Emerges • New Business Requirement for DAM in Marketing • Orphaned Assets and Systems • Catalytic Assets • Concierge Service Migrating legacy DAMs • About GISTICS and Michael Moon Digital Asset Management | Migrating Digital Assets from Legacy Systems -1- ©2010 GISTICS. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. BEST PRACTICES FRAMEWORK | Digital Asset and Content Migration FILE: Migrating-Legacy-DAM-Systems-v4.docxHere Comes on-demand DAM platform-as-a-service DAM in MarketingIn this executive white paper, we will present a forward-looking Digital Asset Management in marketing continues to evolve from itsroadmap of the future of DAM in marketing, emphasizing next- humble roots multimedia database and file manager (1993),generation platforms delivered as an on-demand service. delivering progressive greater value through systems such as: • Departmental content portals using client-serverWikipedia on DAM technologies (1997 onward)In the broadest application, DAM constitutes a productivity- • Enterprise DAM repositories (2000 onward)enhancing practice that speeds the retrieval, reuse, or • Media service platforms (2003 onward)transformation of digital media files into the most useful form. • Database-publishing (Web to print) workflow platforms (2006 onward)As defined in Wikipedia, Digital asset management (DAM) consists • Enterprise marketing content-process managementof management tasks and decisions surrounding the ingestion, platforms (2009 onward).annotation, cataloging, storage, retrieval and controlled distributionof digital assets—digital photographs, animations, videos, and The years spanning 1999 to 2005 represented a greatest level ofmusic. adoption of DAM in medium to large enterprises, numbering more than 2,500 installations worldwide of the following:Digital asset management entails the use of specialized systems • Department content portalsthat aid in the downloading, renaming, backing up, rating, • Enterprise DAM repositoriesgrouping, archiving, optimizing, maintaining, thinning, and • Media service platformsexporting digital files. Today, many medium to large enterprises still use a DAM systemGenerally an "asset" represents a digital file and description of the originally installed in the halcyon years of 1999 to 2005, satisfyingcontents and property rights of associated with the digital file. business requirements then understood and addressed.The term "essence" refers the content of a digital asset and In many cases today, these same firms seek new DAM options,generally constitutes the highest resolution and fidelity beyond a simple upgrade; in some cases, marketing groups todayrepresentation. The term “metadata" refers the description of an seek systems that go beyond the basic assumptions of DAM:asset; the description depth may vary depending on the needs of • Integrated procurement of creative services and contentthe system, designer, or user. • Complex, multi-party project managementMetadata can describe the actual content or file properties, the • Integrated multichannel content-process management forsubject matter of the content, the means of encoding/decoding (e.g. enterprise marketing (Web sites, microsites, social networkingJPEG, tar, MPEG 2), the provenance or its history to point of capture, sites, newsletters, circulars and direct mail)ownership, rights of access, as well as the file’s compliance withpredefined standards and template for metadata such as DublinCore and SCORM. Digital Asset Management | Migrating Digital Assets from Legacy Systems -2- ©2010 GISTICS. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. BEST PRACTICES FRAMEWORK | Digital Asset and Content Migration FILE: Migrating-Legacy-DAM-Systems-v4.docxDAM Capabilities Framework PROJECT DAM SYSTEMS DISTRIBUTED RICH-MEDIA SERVICES MANAGEDThe table to the right indicates six basic system PORTAL (DAM PLUS) SUPPLY CHAINconfigurations. Many of the terms represent 1. Marcomm 2. Image and 3. Creative 4. Distributed 5. Smart Marcomm 6. Federated Focusself-explanatory items. A few need explanation. intranet Content Workflow Media Operations MarketingIn particular, 3D CGI photo replacement Portal Repository Workflows Operationsrepresents the use of 3D CAD models, rendered Share files and Find marketing Streamline creation Provision content Speed delivery of Synchronize collaborate content and and production and media brand-consistent global productin photorealistic detail, to product 2D product Business requirements within team | reusable media processes for applications to multimedia launches andimages—fast, infinitely modifiable, and way less Sharepoint, components artwork, 3D CGI users across materials through integratedexpensive than professional photography. Basecamp, using simple photo replacements, enterprise and structured, online multichannel @task, Lotus keywords and collateral, packaging, partner, creating processes campaigns usingMarketing claims databases represent a Notes nested folders POP displays, and process Lower sourcing multiple centersmanaged repository of “good to go” copy-text multimodal benchmarks costs of creative, of excellence in customer- Lower agency content, and marketing(product claims, slogs, features and benefits, engagement communications switching costs and productionproduct descriptions, user directions, etc.), packages servicesuitable for automated publishing workflows. interruptions Browser or Structured Integration with Multiple user MRM capabilities: Pan-regionalMRM stands for marketing resource desktop access catalogs with creative tools, classes, faceted planning, execution ofmanagement entails applications and Key functions to intranet or basic metadata works of process and taxonomies, and campaigns, strategic print, broadcast,workflows for automating a marketing public portal and search approval workflows dynamic imaging sourcing of creative online, mobile, Full integration of services, and and in-fieldoperation: budgeting, planning, scheduling, analytics promotions and projectproject management, sourcing, process management customerbenchmarking, database-publishing, and engagementfinancial governance of advertising and creative Marketing claims Database- Ad agency Outsourced databases publishing of governance localization Pivotsagency expenditures. collateral and systems servicesManaged supply chains entails end-to-end banner ads (smart artwork)integration of scheduling, collaboration, PROGRESSION SEQUENCE FROM MATURITY TO THE NEXTtransaction, project management, and digital 1. Ad Hoc > 2. Organize > 3. Measure > 4. Analyze > 5. Optimizeasset data across all contributors to integrated,multichannel, pan-regional campaigns, creating The table above depicts the evolution of DAM Systems into DAM PLUS and Managed Supply-Chains forfull visibility of the entire marketing team and Marketing as well as the five steps of optimizing any focused capability (e.g., creative workflow repository). The enumerated sequence indicates five basic modes of managing any operations or process. In any particulartheir specific contributions to revenue, profit, organization, one might say: 1) We’re ad hoc in managing our digital assets, 2) We’re currently organizing ourand return on marketing investments. assets, 3) We’re currently measuring the use of assets and users, 4) We’re currently analyzing asset-activities and payback, or 5) We’re currently optimizing operations for next-phase innovations. Digital Asset Management | Migrating Digital Assets from Legacy Systems -3- ©2010 GISTICS. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. BEST PRACTICES FRAMEWORK | Digital Asset and Content Migration FILE: Migrating-Legacy-DAM-Systems-v4.docxEvolution of DAM for Marketing In most cases, these marketing DAMs provide a basic library andMost of the initial deployments of enterprise DAM repositories and self-service function to internal marketing users and external fieldmedia service platforms historically emphasized the management of marketing teams and partners.static images and content for printed materials: ads, flyers, etc. As direct communication and digital services continue to grow inAs the Web emerged as a strategic communications channel in the prominence in enterprise marketing, the marketing and media mixearly-2000’s, modern DAMs evolved to manage source files for rich- continues to evolve in three dimensions:media content: animations, video clips, web page elements, and • Marketing incorporates a growing number of media typesdownloaded content (PDFs and Webcast movies). • Marketing works with burgeoning array of specialist agencies, creative partners, and independent contributorsIn some cases, the Web operations deployed a DAM to support • Management requires marketing to provide greater visibilitytheir Web sites and portals, populating the DAM with content and and accountability for marketing expenses.assets largely purpose-built for publishing online. The Weboperations rarely understood the rigoroustechnical requirements for printed material Market Maturity Breeds Diversity and Specialization(fonts, color management, single-pixel EVOLUTION ON DAM CAPABILITIES IN MARKETING OPERATIONSprecision, etc.) or they did not care (“Hey, Basic DAM Packaged Hosted SaaS DAMthat’s not my job!”). Tools Frame- Software DAM App DAM PLUS worksOften, this Web-centric DAM frustrated the FOCUS ON-PREMISE SOFTWARE OFF-PREMISE SOFTWAREmarketing or marketing communications Marketing Supply Chain NA NA Managementgroup, prompting marketing teams to secure Marketing Operationstheir marketing DAM system, such as NA Management • Smaller departmental content portal POINT SOLUTIONS (below) evolving into PROCESS MANAGEMENT PLATFORMS (above) using packaged software with pre- DAM Services Groups Most defined functions and capabilities. DAMs • Online DAM provided by their Marcomm Content Portals Creative Workgroups advertising agency, printer, or hosted Creative Desktops DAM service provider. Consumers NA NA The table above depicts the evolution of DAM capabilities in marketing operations, migrating on-premise DAM software to off-premise DAM PLUS capabilities. The table also depicts the evolution of focus in marketing operations, migrating away from single-focus point solutions and towards integrated MOM-DAM process management. Digital Asset Management | Migrating Digital Assets from Legacy Systems -4- ©2010 GISTICS. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. BEST PRACTICES FRAMEWORK | Digital Asset and Content Migration FILE: Migrating-Legacy-DAM-Systems-v4.docxDAM-PLUS Emerges • Deliver the end-to-end process management of Ad AgencyLooking to the future, most of the new or enhanced DAM systems Governance, standardizing the procurement of creativewill: services, content development, uploaded and tagged digital • Enable creative partners and individual contributors of assets, and production and logistics from a global network of integrated rich-media workflows to create self-tagged digital suppliers. assets, requiring tight integration of DAM systems with an New Business Requirement for DAM in Marketing array of creative tools and desktops. • Store product information, marketing claims and A comprehensive reassessment of DAM as a business strategy or communications (vetted and approved copywritten text), business-process enabler for marketing reveals five new and user-generated content as digital asset types, using requirements: industry-standard XML schemas to publish structured data • Consolidate Web and marketing content, unifying reuse and unstructured information with rich media assets. and sourcing standards • Automatically generate and place banner ads into Web • Migrate existing orphan content and digital assets now content management or ad network systems as well as held by agencies, creative partners, and other departmental produce printer-certified PDFs for inserts, flyers, coupons, or hosted DAM systems to a consolidated DAM system and POP materials. • Recertify and clear intellectual property rights for • Coordinate a comprehensive approval management process, worldwide use in all mediums. speeding the review and commenting of ideation and • Drive enterprise-wide reuse existing content and digital sketches, work-in-process versions, finished digital goods, and assets, preempting rouge procurement of “dumb” content localized versions. (untagged or difficult to repurpose) • Use easily configured forms to create market plans, campaign • Integrate DAM and Content Operations to core marketing analytics, budgets, calendars, project plans, and forecasts, processes: budgeting, planning, scheduling, project storing these data in the same underlying database of the management, sourcing, process benchmarking, database- DAM and, thus, creating a consolidated marketing publishing, and financial governance of advertising and information database. creative agency expenditures • Links items of the marketing information database, such as Our recent client work reveals another interesting if not marketing plans and creative briefs, to all designated transformational conclusion: Many core processes, databases, and contributors of rich-media workflows as well as to individual applications will continue migrating into the “cloud”, riding the assets, including comps and sketches, work-in-process innovation curves of Moore’s Law (and others): everything becomes versions, finished digital goods, and localized versions 10x faster or 10x cheaper in five years. Thus, many marketing organizations will stampede into on-demand DAM platform-as-a-service. Digital Asset Management | Migrating Digital Assets from Legacy Systems -5- ©2010 GISTICS. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. BEST PRACTICES FRAMEWORK | Digital Asset and Content Migration FILE: Migrating-Legacy-DAM-Systems-v4.docxOrphaned Assets and Systems Catalytic AssetsMost of the enterprise DAM repositories and media service The term catalytic asset connotes the type of return on digital assetsplatforms entailed: that the firm derives from the reusing an asset. • Significant customization of the user interfaces and workflow Return on digital assets fall in one of five basic categories and routes deliver a particular economic result: • Extensive development of new purpose-built software • Integration with other enterprise data-sources CATALYTIC • Modification underlying technologies (rendering engines, ENHANCED BALANCE Economic value • Revenue per customer SHEET engagement objects metadata model. per assetAs a result, many Enterprise DAM repositories remain frozen in INCREASED REVENUE Cycle time gains • Days gained time-to-time, relying on the original and largely not-updated technologies marketand application versions. • Days added to product- sales lifecycleOf course, vendors of enterprise DAM repositories and media service • Days to close out end-of-platforms have made steady improvements to their software lifecycle goodsapplications. NON- CATALYTIC COST REDUCTION Cycle time gains • Fewer expensesHowever, their customers seeking these improvements must: • Lower labor content • Pay for a new enterprise software license Sourcing • Price consistency • Throw away much of their previous customization work consistency • Engage a new professional services team to deploy and PROCESS IMPROVEMENTS Workflow • Greater production values • Better ease of use configure the new software automation • Fewer defects • Recreate existing workflows, business rules, and user INTANGIBLE By definition, • Brand integrity interfaces not measured • Migrate digital assets, metadata, business rules, and linkages to the new system Likely candidates of Catalytic Assets: • Test and validate the new news • Banner ads and print-display ads published from database • Launch a new system to existing and largely “habituated” • Circulars and inserts published from database users • Packaging artwork approvals • 3D photo replacement of product photographyThus, upgrading enterprise DAM repositories and media serviceplatforms represents a major capital investment and often callsfor a comprehensive reassessment of DAM as business strategyor business-process enabler. Digital Asset Management | Migrating Digital Assets from Legacy Systems -6- ©2010 GISTICS. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. BEST PRACTICES FRAMEWORK | Digital Asset and Content Migration FILE: Migrating-Legacy-DAM-Systems-v4.docxConcierge Service Migrating legacy DAMs Boeing, Disney, E&J Gallo, Ericsson, Frank Russell Company, Gap,GISTICS offers a simple and effective seven-step packaged service General Motors, FCB, Hallmark, Hasbro, IBM, Leo Burnett, Nokia,for migrating legacy DAM systems to next-generation systems. Philips, SanomaWSOY, SAP, TeliaSonera, Thomson Corporation, Time, VF Corp, and Warner Bros.1. Questionnaire: Business mandate and options ranking2. Criteria discovery: Collaborative workspace (remote) GISTICS assists conference and event-management firms in the design, agenda development, speaker and talent acquisition, and3. Business case: Estimated return on investment marketing of executive-level events. GISTICS specializes in small-4. Request for quotation (RFQ): group "world cafe" sessions that emphasize executive-peer insight • Criteria and short-list of providers sharing and full-immersion masterclasses. Our clients include • Content migration framework Euroforum (NL), Henry Stewart Events (UK), Igedo (DE), Seybold • Total-cost-of-service of current and projected system Seminars, and Thought Leadership Summits. • Cost of do-it-yourself vs. out-tasked content migration5. Vendor offering assessment: Trade-offs and negotiation points GISTICS assists technology companies in executing corporate and market-entry strategies. This includes personal lead-pass6. Pre-deployment project planning workshop: 15-day project plans introductions, advocacy in social networking groups (Linked In, Facebook, Plaxo), certified consultant’s and developer relations7. Coaching and peer-tutoring: Weekly tele-session and programs, and service-fulfillment methodologies. Clients include workspace Adnovate (NL), Adobe, Alterian (UK), Apple, Arizona (BR), Artesia,About GISTICS AssetLink, Big Step, Capital ID (NL), Cariocas, ClearStory, D-BAM, Deep Video, Deloitte, Digital Media Partners (FI), EMC, Emotion,GISTICS constitutes an innovation think-tank that speeds the Ex’pression, Freedman International (UK), Getty Images, Informix,adoption of innovation. Often, this entails perfecting an existing Harris, HP, IBM Autonomic Computing, Kodak, LaComunidad (NL)processes and systems, adding ingenuity and fun to client’s Macromedia, Media Equation (AU), NetXposure, Nokia Multimedia,products or services that already meet basic customer requirements. North Plains Systems, Nstein Technologies, Onstream Media,To that end, GISTICS assists its partnering clients in OpenText, Oracle, Paxonix, Peer English Networks, • Migrating legacy DAM systems to next generation platforms PricewaterhouseCoopers, Radiance Technologies, SocialMedia8 • Delivering technology training to marketing professionals (NL), Sonera (FI), and Talent Partners (FI). • Advising technology providers in how to market and deliver GISTICS assists independent consultants to find long-term their digital service-innovations engagements, define and manage complex, multi-year projects, and • Activating of social networks comprised of customers, buyers, achieve professional and personal success, using masterclass independent consultants academies, publications, workshops, telebriefings, and certificationGISTICS advises international-brand corporations on service- programs.innovation strategies for customer engagement, marketing supplychains, and digital asset management. Clients include Amway, Digital Asset Management | Migrating Digital Assets from Legacy Systems -7- ©2010 GISTICS. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. BEST PRACTICES FRAMEWORK | Digital Asset and Content Migration FILE: Migrating-Legacy-DAM-Systems-v4.docxAbout Michael Moon Executives worldwide recognize Michael Moon as an Michael Moon maintains three LinkedIn social networking groups international authority on customer engagement, that serve international networks of innovation leaders, subject marketing operations management, and digital asset matter experts, and master-class practitioners with approximately management and as a masterclass facilitator of 3000 members and growing rapidly: innovation leadership academies and executive peer- • Masters of Digital Assets: http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1275367 workgroup sessions. • Masters of Customer Engagement:Michael Moon has delivered more than 400 keynotes, presentations, http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1564897executive seminars, workshops, and Web-based Webinars around • Masters of Marketing Operations:the world. McGraw-Hill and its international affiliates offer Mr. http://www.linkedin.com/e/gis/1275397Moons book, Firebrands: Building Brand Loyalty in the Internet Corporate AddressAge in 13 languages. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0072124490 GISTICS Incorporated, innovation think-tank for marketingHe has lectured at UC Berkeley, Stanford University, San http://www.gistics.comFrancisco State University, California State University—EastBay, Fielding Institute, and St. Pölten University (AT). 92 Templar Place, Oakland, CA 94618 USAMichael Moon also co-chairs the prestigious international Tel +1 510.450.9999 | Mobile +1 415.509.5023 | Skype:conferences on Digital Asset Management http://www.DAMusers.com michael_moon | Fax +1 510.601.0563and serves as the Editor in Chief of the Journal of Digital AssetManagement http://www.palgrave-journals.com/dam/index.html and EditingBlogger-in-Chief at several microsites: • Engagement Marketspace http://engagementmarketspace.com for technology providers • DAM for Marketing http://damformarketing.com for insights about digital asset management in marketing operations • Customer Engagement Agencies http://customerengagementagencies.com for insights about next generation marketing firms Digital Asset Management | Migrating Digital Assets from Legacy Systems -8- ©2010 GISTICS. All rights reserved.