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Uncover olukai sandals for life in and about the water
Uncover olukai sandals for life in and about the water
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Uncover olukai sandals for life in and about the water


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Nothing compares to the comfort ability a good Olukai Sandals can only bring to people. We need it badly for arch supports especially as we grow a little older.

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  • 1. shoes-sandals/ Uncover Olukai Sandals For Life In And About The WaterOlukai Flip Flops are developed to give you that barefoot really feel, like youre walking on thebeach, wriggling your toes in the wet sand. Handcrafted with conventional Polynesian styles in arich assortment of designs and colors, these sandals and flip flops are fashionable as well ascomfy. Sturdily constructed, they are so tough they come with a 1 year replacement assurecovering broken straps, loose stitching, and torn or peeling layers.Products are named with Polynesian words that preserve the culture and reflect the ocean. Makaimeans toward the ocean. This is a line of flip flops and sandals for casual activities. The Mauka,"toward the land" collection of leather shoes, is developed for an elegant, yet nonetheless casuallook. Both lines are available in a number of styles and colors. Styles are inspired by Polynesianart forms. Tattoo inspired etchings, embossed bone hooks, and hand stitched coconut beaddesigns, honor the island heritage and reflect an ocean lifestyle.Olukais Giveback plan supports organizations that shield the environment, and support thepreservation of conventional cultures. Each May they sponsor a Polynesian festival known asHoolaulea, featuring a traditional luau, conventional dance, and water sports for enjoyable andcompetitors. Friends and family appreciate surfing, canoeing, swimming, and sailing.Environmental commitment is acted on. It is not just politically right words. Once a year theyclose up shop encouraging workers to volunteer their labor to one of a number of sponsoredpartnerships. Workers spend the day helping with environmental restoration on the MauiCultural Lands or with Save Our Surf in California.
  • 2. Environmental commitment is also reflected in the companys manufacturing standards. Shoesare made with leather purchased from environmentally conscientious ISO-1400 certified tanners.Packaging is made of 100% recycled materials. All-natural gum rubber is used for latex building,and soles are produced of 30% recycled rubber.This footwear is so well designed they can be discovered at orthopedic shoe stores, as well asupscale retailers and sports stores. The anatomically designed heel and mid sole assistancemaintain the foot in its natural position. Arch supports improve the comfort and support the all-natural contour of the foot. Comfy layers of higher high quality supplies act as shock absorbers.The wide toe box lets toes spread out naturally. Sandals for use in and about the water make useof quick drying synthetic supplies.Olukai translates as "life by the ocean", or "comfy ocean". The business motto is "The Ocean iswhat grounds us". Their logo is a bone hook (Makau), a conventional Polynesian mark for safepassage on the water, good luck, and strength. Orthotic shop of Olukai sandals honor Polynesianculture with superior building and handcrafted, ocean inspired style. shoes-sandals/