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Meghan Bahn Portfolio


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  • 1. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • CLICK IT M O N DAY, M A R C H 3 , 2 0 0 8 {3 INSIDE { Quotables } { Features } “I take sleeping pills, which I never did. When I do get sleep, I wake up wide awake — like I 5 9 13 jump up.” — Kim Mullen, who is haunted by “zombie High School Caucus The Future of Fun A Mother’s debt.” Page 18 Local teens proclaim their Concerned by recent recalls Enduring Heart interest in the political and revelations, anxious Having just lost her health 50 CENTS M O N D AY • M A R C H 3 • 2 0 0 8 W W W. L J W O R L D . C O M “More expensive system at well-attended Lawrence High event. parents are going organic — at a cost. insurance, a young mother survives complicated things are the emergency heart surgery. INSIDE best bargains.” — Laurie Perren, owner of 3 22 30 four consignment stores in Connecticut and New York, Page 27 { Click It } { Kick It } WHAT IS GO? BAD CAREER ADVICE LITTLE DRAGON GO OUT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 1 MINTY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 18 Your Monday paper has a You’ve received it, for sure, No, it’s not a board book. “When you have one WHAT IS GO? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 3 BAD MOMMY CLUB . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 19 new attitude. Find out why. but have you also given it? It’s a promising new band. party that consistently FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 4 THE FIX-IT-CHICK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 20 wins elections... you don’t NEWBIES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 4 BODY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 21 get the best government.” LOCALQUICKCLICKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 6 MIND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 22 ON THE STREET . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 8 SPIRIT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 23 — State Rep. Paul Davis, Page 5 PULSEQUICKCLICKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 10 EAT IT UP . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 24 KUDOS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 10 SPRUCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 26 { Contact Us } SCHOOL NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 14 CELEBRITY DISH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 28 KIDS TALK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 15 HOROSCOPE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 29 BIZQUICKCLICKS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 17 THE EDGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 30 WORK WEEK WEATHER . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 32 EVENTS CALENDAR . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .PAGE 31 GET READY • GET SET 609 N.H. (offices) 645 N.H. (News Center) Lawrence, KS 66044 WELCOME TO { Your Monday Journal-World repackaged T (785) 843-1000 he world around us is changing, and quality information available and make it parts, Click It and Kick It. While Click It fea- with it, so are we. Increasingly active easily accessible to you. tures news briefs, general interest articles Suggestions? lives make for busy families, often and online references from the region and E-mail, or use the feedback form on our web site, with harried schedules and little personal Part news magazine, part reference guide, around the world, Kick It interacts with time for leisurely activities—even some- you can think of Go! as your weekly “all you personally to dream, create, expand Dennis Anderson, managing editor, thing so simple as reading a newspaper. As you can eat” information buffet, organized and unwind. 832-7194, e-mail: we grow busier, our need for reliable, rel- and departmentalized so that you can read Caroline Trowbridge, assignment evant information increases as well, and as little, or as much, about the topics that We hope that you’ll find Go! to be a valu- director, 832-7154, e-mail: sifting through the clutter of this “informa- interest you. able source of local information as well as Fun tion age” is something we find ourselves no inspiration to live your week ahead to its Ann Gardner, editorial page editor, FUTURE of 832-7153, e-mail: longer willing, or able, to do. Your Monday paper is now divided into fullest. As we continue to evolve, we look Jon Niccum, entertainment editor, three major sections: Go!, a 32-page ener- forward to your valuable feedback that willThe 832-7178, e-mail: Mark Fagan, business editor, So when we sat down to think about solu- gizing kick start to your week featuring help us to help you even more. 832-7188, e-mail: tions to the challenges that busy people in articles and departments that are designed Terry Rombeck, features and special sections editor, 832-7145, e-mail: our community face, and how the Journal- to help you get more out of life; and two GET READY, GET SET... World would be uniquely equipped to 10-page sections of our traditionally for- address them, the answer was clear. We matted newspaper content, Journal-World IT’S Chris Bell, circulation manager, 832-7137, e-mail: would need to develop a product that did News and Journal-World Sports. Sara Wilhelm, advertising and the sifting for you—one that utilized the Lead paint and toxic plastics: marketing director, 832-7109, e-mail: professional-level analytical and research skills of our journalists to find the highest From the contents listing above, you’ll find that Go! itself is divided into two themed 9 What’s a parent to do? PAGEA MOTHER’SENDURING HEART CLICK IT M O N DAY, M A R C H 3 , 2 0 0 8 {9Local woman’s amazing comebackfrom the brink of death PAGE 13 CaucusHIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL Promote the Vote event Fun encourages teens to 5 FUTURE of PAGE make their voices heard The Week of March 3rd thru 9th Lead paint and toxic plastics: GO OUT Vol.150/No.42 Anxious parents go organic today: The Spanktones sat. & sun.: Tales of sunday: LunaFest, BY ANNYS SHIN 32 pages — at a cost. The Washington Post Open Jam, What: Sign Up Beatrix Potter, What: What: Nationally touring fes- T to come on stage and play Lawrence Youth Ballet Co. tival of films by, for and here’s a six-week wait for a $15 stainless steel businesses that cater to chemical- to its suppliers, who must with the band (or just lurk dances beloved tales. Kid about women. Benefits local sippy cup made without harmful compounds. At conscious moms and dads. New parents begin complying on August the annual toy show in New York last month, — a growing portion of whom are 1. Whole Foods plans to start like me). 9pm, @ Jazzhaus, Friendly. Sat 7pm, Sun 2pm women’s causes. 2pm, @ Liberty Energy smart: The Journal- World makes the most of retailers lined up to put in orders for a children’s tea set members of tech savvy and advertising- selling its own brand of baby 926 1/2 Mass., 749-3320 @ Lawrence Arts Cntr., 940 Hall, 644 Mass., 749-1972 renewable resources. made of recycled plastic milk jugs. And averse Generation X — bottles in June, joining a slew New Hampshire, 843-2787 6 63718 00001 6 some big box chains are eager to start sell- Parents are have turned to blogs to of boutique bottle makers, ing a $300 organic crib mattress that was read up on the potential including one that markets tested in a special chamber to ensure it willing to pay health effects of plastic an $18 shatter-proof glass doesn’t emit any dangerous gases. handsomely for additives such as bottle with nipples imported Last year’s recalls of lead-tainted toys phthalates and bisphenol from France — seven times alerted many parents to the possible peace of mind. A, and to track down pricier than the typical presence of toxic substances where they products that contain model. least expected it: in their child’s favorite toy. alternative compounds, no matter how Parents such as Laurie Entrepreneurs and national retailers learned a lesson obscure. Cunningham and her too: Uncertainty over the safety of the everyday To be sure, the families buying these husband, Travis Bowen, products that surround their children means parents products make up a small segment of the choose to err on the side of are willing to pay handsomely for peace of mind. U.S. households with children under age caution, even if it means All they have to do is look at the rapid growth of 3, which totaled 12 million in 2006, paying more. according to the U.S. Census. But market Last summer, the researchers say their disposable income Centreville, Va., couple makes them influential beyond their started looking for an organic numbers. They’ve helped spur growth in crib mattress because they the multimillion-dollar market for baby wanted to avoid exposing furnishings, clothing, gear and personal- their daughter, Samantha, care products that would otherwise inch now 8 months old, to forward in lock step with the nation’s potentially harmful flame- not-so-fast birth rate. Continued on page 11 Major retailers are taking notice. While the Food and Drug Administration last month said the health effects of phthalates, for example, are not clear, Toys R Us said that by year- end it would not sell baby products that contain the compounds. Wal-Mart Stores handed down a similar edict Gerald Martineau/Washington Post Photo ALEXA HUTCHINS of Centerville, Va., gives her 6-month-old son, Max, toys she believes are free of harmful manufacturing chemicals, such as a wooden teether and handmade cloth blocks. In the wake of last year’s headlines about toxic substances turning up in toys for chil- dren, more parents are embracing products without plastic or chemical compounds. 34 Page Tabloid Prototype/Template
  • 2. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • ne imagi dream dream ne ne imagi imagi Bring ing action dream dream dream ne n trans imagi ne Good E home loa real imagi d ever y nes of ach an d fortu ture an agine . t the fu nd that is abou dersta im ilies. I un your real fam s or take people, se promise I will sim ply ne make fal am and I won’t ly. My te Fortuuomers ns light dream concer job done. get the ms to fit all progra range of u need a a wide r C st ther yo We of fer ets. Whe tion nsolida To Ou d budg ne eds an ance , debt co our n, refin home, home loa equity in your is out make th or cash u is to endly ent to yo free, fri commitm os t hassle ible. s the m e poss ree & Clear proces nal ex perienc ofessio and pr y! e toda F Call m Jim Smith ent id be Vice Pr es 9-9800 today . I w Ill t (406) 44 9811 Call me n coun You ca r first OffiCe: 9- (406) 44 9808 outr Ight to Co nsult w Ith home ha ppy fo f ax: 66) 908- your be st on me service ow n are so e free: (8 th@fCbaNk.Ne rates Ing th t Ce to rate tOLL be nI interest ga rd ks 20 07 k.Net you re pport. JSmi mbaN n’t It now? Current term of and su emaiL: .firStCO would ing the gy fo r your n shorten from : WWW 15 ye ar s your strate al s. WebSite uld mea sign Wor only g co e term of and go refinancin ducing th tIon sItua low that es re g to tly. Besid financin significan nsider re © M De your loan wa nt to co your de bts ay also olidate e you m ts, cons mortgag paymen thly eams. reduce your mon prov ement dr home im , mt 59 601 ance your heLeNa or to fin GuLCh, h 28 N. L aSt ChaNCe Jim Smit nt de Vice Presi 9-9800 (406) 44 9811 Office: 9- (406) 44 9808 Fax: 66) 908- Toll Free: (8 net jsmit comban k. Email: w.first e: ww Websit ? On Hold estate financi ng Cong ratul st Chan ce Gul 28 N. La MT 59601 ch In the real es sses of tate an tig d real ht dead lines an lue of d st ress ed hom You ’v e an e ta ken the fi rs at t ste ber FD IC ions! Opportu l Housi An Equa y Lender nit ng Helena, busi ne the va P re d I’ ms Memp nts, I know -Qu a li fi oh app to p out cl ie urteou s s ho ed is y to u rc has and co w in be a ing , clear g yo goin pa r you prompt s av u yo g to s av t of r ne w ication. e yo u r tr e yo it. G m mun uh ue p ua ett in co ma ea r u rc lot g ny s tach has of ti elle e be ing me Bein rs h c au pow by g P re ave se in er. It -Qu mo the w il cha re th cur l a ls nc e a li fi an o ren of h ed g ne o tm o av in ives ffer a rk you et Now g yo clou to lo ur o t an ok a ffer d th t. ac c us a epte Tha bett LIENTS d. er H MY C N WIT IT Y. t Yo ICATIO R u’reCO MMUN HEST PRIO Pre- Y HIG Qua g amon Ted asIS M coun lified can be process ying of bu The loan ing as pecTs Here sT confus d are The mo ery an so m one of e mysT Now To Ta ke Th e tip al is med tha 1. D s to . my go eryone infor ther ty ou’ on’t help a home v you ng ev ea e be quit by ke epi cer re Pre-Q eN or c rem e away ovidi ng kNo taiN 2. D ha n ain surpris and pr w iN uali on’t ge jo qua velopm enTs acc ord thiN fied lified sT de ions yo u ura er for gs you purc bs. for y of Th e laTe e quesT te. you thes Nee has our all Th oN e fi dt 3. D ea loan ers To you hav gur o on’t car . answ rc urr e be es t ma k or b ough fig eN or e larg oat. have. Pre-Q for Thor ures eNt waiting ema y cha fiN 4. D e fu tired of iN ienT ma you Nge aN uali on’t rnitu me and ur cl cia , so If you are caN l fi fied ope and yo re o never co Qua do gur base n or r ap lls that lify es t es a give . he d 5. D clos plian return ca Nd e hold, on’t e lin am if t ce p infinit ouN hes run es o urch ced on t fo at e up c f cre being pla you wh rw 6. D redit dit. ase s. me show hic I rec h on’t card ll and let about. omm bec me a ca rvi ce is all you e nd ome bills . ndly se r ne you 7. D delin fast and frie Jim Smith nt eside aw hile wp aym ents tr y o ut on’t spe nd s que nt o n re Vice Pr befo If yo avin nt o 9-9800 sign re m for u ab gs o r mo (406) 44 9811 ifica akin wait solu r reti rtga finan nt c ga unti tely ge p Office: 9- (406) 44 9808 cial ha n ge to l aft mus t do rem e nt aym 8- c ha situ er th fund ents fax: (866) 90 bank.neT nge atio you r e clo som ethin s. . e: n. T se o er to TOll fre jsmiTh @fc bank. ne T ma k you are he f es g on rk togeth e is crow this Let’s wo email: WW W.firsTcOm in lif one abo ut to . list y into : e. G of th ou s clients WebsiTe e big hou get your s pa ive y ours ges Jim ld mes! ce to elf a t s Vic mith the ir new ho grow little e Pr into it. Off esid iC ent fax: e: (406 tOL (4 ) 44 9 eMa free: (8 06) 44 -9800 L 66) 9-9 Web : iL 908 811 1 js : W Mith@f -9808 Mt 5960 site a, Cba heLeN WW GuLCh, .firs Nk. Net ChaNCe tC OM 28 N. L ast baN 28 N k .N et . La st Cha NCe pyL ab 20 08 GuL © Snap Ch, heL eNa , Mt 596 01 ©20 07 Sn appy L ab Single-Sided Loan Officer Client Contact Flyers
  • 3. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • Some folks are just born to be different... Luckily, some of them work for us. Being a technology leader means we have to take a fresh approach, to imagine what our customers will want in the future, deliver it at the right price, and offer the best customer care in the industry. See for yourself why different is better. Subscribe to ANY level of Sunflower You’ll Receive: Internet and add Bronze TV for only 50 A huge library of On Demand programming to $ per watch what you want when you want! An SD-DVR to record your favorite shows plus 2 basic boxes month* Price locked for 12 months (785) 841-2100 | (800) 869-1214 | | | *Offer valid for first-time Sunflower customers only. Subscriber must sign up for Bronze TV, plus Internet to receive this promotional price. Subscriber must keep Internet for 12 months in order to receive price lock and discounted rate for 12 months. Visit for complete details. Some of us enjoy a challenge... Luckily, a lot of us live in Kansas. We know Kansans aren’t afraid to try new things. We know you want the most cutting edge technologies available. Well, we’re Kansans, too, And while our giant national competitors think they’ve taken the lead, we just have one thing to say to them... Bring it on. We love it! Subscribe to ANY level of Sunflower You’ll Receive: Internet and add Bronze TV for only 50 A huge library of On Demand programming to$ per watch what you want when you want! An SD-DVR to record your favorite shows plus 2 basic boxes month* Price locked for 12 months (785) 841-2100 | (800) 869-1214 | |*Offer valid for first-time Sunflower customers only. Subscriber must sign up for Bronze TV, plus Internet to receive this promotional price. Subscriber must keep Internet for 12 months in order to receive price lock and discounted rate for 12 months. Visit for complete details. | Newspaper Print Ad Campaign
  • 4. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • ice. Twice as n ce. pri Half the PRESORtED StAnDARD uS POStAgE er T V at Add Silv price $68.85/month . price ends 1/2! Price onths One Riverfront Plaza, Lawrence, KS 66044 PAID Regular after pro motional for 3 m Lawrence, KS PERmIt nO. 108 geT: You’ll or HD Box ($9.95 net ue) ing Inter val scount: your exist SD-DVR rvice Di price of unt is • FREE and libra ry Multi- Se $ 0 of f the vice disco On Dem quires HD box) extra 1 multi-ser t. As a Sunflower Internet subscriber, you already experience • HugE 65 in HD (re You’ll sa ve an d video. This d Interne Channels, orks like: en you ad Video an • 278 service wh who take the convenience and care of our 24/7 local customer service pular netw stomers • Inc luding po able to cu and the exceptional quality of our products. only avail For a limited time you can add Silver TV for half price! Call (785) 856-9101 or (877) 499-5144 today and ask for special offer code S03Z. Offer ends December 31, 2010 with Sunflower.*Current Sunflower Internet subscriber must sign up for Silver TV to receive this special offer. Pricing effective as of November 1, 2010 and subject to change. Offer valid for a limited time. All offers subject to terms and conditions available at PReSORteD We’re making it easy to StAnDARD US POStAGe add Sunflower Broadband KS 66044 One Riverfront Plaza, Lawrence, PAId Lawrence, KS cable internet PeRmIt nO. 108 to your tV services. as a matter what level of our tV already experience the no sunflower tv subscriber, you convenience and care of your24/7 local customer service service you have, add our choice andinternet at a special rate: our products. of the exceptional quality of For a limited time you can add Palladium or Gold Internet at half price. Call (785) 856-9100 or (877) 499-0285 today and ask for special offer code PG6m. Offer ends December 15, 2010 Twice a s Half the nice. with sunflower.*Palladium Internet service features variable download speeds up to 21 Mbps and is optimized for viewing video over price. the Internet with no overage charges for data transfer. Gold and Palladium Internet require a DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Modem rentals available for $5 per month. Purchase option also available. Pricing effective as of October 1, 2010 Add G old or P and subject to change. Offers valid for a limited time. All offers subject to terms and conditions available at sunflow- ChOOs alladium at Internet 1/2 e yOU Palladium r InTe Internet* rneT • Optim ized for Gold Inte on the video rnet* Regular pr Internet • Up Palladium ice for to 50 M Internet • The fa bps $44.95/m stest av onth, ailable! Price! Gold Intern novembe $59.95/m et r is GOl onth Sign up d fOr sC after pro motional for an hOOls for 6 m price ends or teleph y new G Month! onths *Requires . one) and old Se DOCSIS foundatio we will do rvice (c 3.0 mode n! Upgr nate $2 able, inte m ade to 5 to your rnet, donate $1 any Go local scho 0 to your ld serv ol local scho ice and ol founda we’ll tion 4x6 Postcards
  • 5. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • meghan.bahn@pikalily.comOur subscribers enjoy the fastest Internet available in the area!The Next Generation of high-speed Internet 50 Mbps Docsis 3.0 ONLY is available from Sunflower Broadband. Internet... high-speed neration ower’s Next Ge receive Sunfl You already Add a 3-room No one beats TV solution our speeds... For Just No one even matches them! $ 50 per month* Sunflower Broadband wasthe 1st to bringhigh-speed Internet to Lawrence in 1996 years ahead of other providers. Call 841-2100 today and get Gold Internet Now 1/2 PRICE for we are the 1st to bring our subscribers Docsis 3.0 2 months! You’ll get up to 50 Mpbs download The Next Generation speed for only of high speed internet connection! $29.98* per month (785) 841-2100 | | |*Offer valid for new Gold Internet subscribers only. 50 Mbps Gold Internet requires a DOCSIS 3.0 compliant cable modem available to rent for $5 per month or can be purchased. The regular price for Gold Internet is $59.95. All pricing includes a $10 multi-service discount for subscribing to internet and TV or Internet and Phone. 2-Sided Newspaper Wrapper and 5x8 Postcard
  • 6. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • meghan.bahn@pikalily.com25 Sports Channels Available • Exclusive Local Sports Coverage • • Local Games LIVE, On Demand, and Replays Surround Yourself with SportS Sunflower gives you all sports all the time! Enjoy exclusive LIVE sports events online with Available to all Sunflower Internet subscribers! Get sports pack for just $8.95 per month with 14 great sports networks including NFL Network and ESPN Classic. Watch kU Football 2010 schedule ONLY available to DAtE 9/4/2010 OPPONENt vs. North Dakota State tImE 6:00pm ChANNEL LOCAtION FCS Lawrence, KS Sunflower subscribers! 9/11/2010 vs. Georgia Tech 11:00am FSN Lawrence, KS 9/17/2010 vs. Souther Mississippi 7:00pm ESPN Hattiesburg, Miss. No-holds barred, unscripted 9/25/2010 vs. New Mexico State 6:00pm FCS Lawrence, KS sports talk from some of 10/2/2010 vs. Baylor TBA ??? Waco, TX the area’s most vocal 10/14/2010 vs. Kansas State 6:30pm FSN Lawrence, KS 10/23/2010 vs. Texas A&M TBA ??? Lawrence, KS sports pundits. 10/30/2010 vs. Iowa State TBA ??? Ames, Iowa 11/6/2010 vs. Colorado TBA ??? Lawrence, KS 11/13/2010 vs. Nebraska TBA ??? Lincoln, Neb. 11/20/2010 vs. Oklahoma State TBA ??? Lawrence, KS 11/27/2010 vs. Missouri 11:30am FSN Kansas City, MO Your Sports Hub | 841-2100 | Full Page Newspaper Ad
  • 7. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • Current Smart Witty NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION Exciting U.S. POSTAGE PAID LAWRENCE, KS 66044 Playful PERMIT NO. 51 Fun E Lawrence Arts Center formerly prairie wind dancers 940 dance company 940 New Hampshire Lawrence, KS 66044“full of surprises…variety, qually at home on a concert stage or in aadventure and fun.” gymnasium full of youth, the 940 Dance Company —P. Horsley, Kansas City Star has the expertise and talent to bring the magic of dance to your whole community. 940 has toured Kansas and the Midwest for over 20 years. New artistic director Susan Rieger has received a Kennedy Center Award for Achievement in Choreography, and her work has been reviewed favorably in Dance Magazine. Grants have been received from foundations such as the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation, American Express, Payless Shoe Source, and Southwestern Bell to name a few. The six dancers hold degrees from excellent conservatory and college programs and have years of professional performance experience.This delightfully fun company, located in the heart of the Midwest is… BOOKING INFORMATION Lawrence Arts Center “…everything you want a modern 940 New Hampshire (B dance company to be: startling, spontaneous, and most importantly, Lawrence, KS 66044 [p] 785.843.ARTS Bring the fearlessly creative.” [f] 785.843.6629 [e] MAGIC To Your Community esides their exciting — Lawrence Journal World www.940dancecompany.orgconcerts, 940 Dance Companyoffers residencies and performances FEES*for K-12. Currently a Kansas City Young Community Concert $2,500Audience program, “Word Dance” has School Residency $1,400 Block Bookingsbeen performed in over 100 schools. The Negotiableprogram “Inside Dance” interweaves * additional travel expenses may applyperformance and lecture to share adeeper appreciation of dance with middle FUNDING ASSISTANCEschool and high school students. “Inside (for qualified non-profit organizations)Dance” highlights the critical thinking andcommunication skills which come into Kansas Arts Commission [p] 785.296.3335play for both performer and viewer. 940’s http://arts.state.ks.usworkshops develop students’ under-standing of dance as art, the basic Kansas City Young Audienceselements of all dance and the physical [p] 816.531.4022training needed by dancers. The compa- http://www.kcya.orgny can also give workshops to beginningthrough advanced area dancers, senior Regional Touring Program (formerly Heartland Arts Fund)citizens, and other community groups. Mid-America Arts Alliance Photographs: Nick Davis & Michael Manley [p] 816.421.1388 Brochure Design: Meghan Bahn 2009 Mailer Current Smart Witty NON-PROFIT Exciting ORGANIZATION U.S. POSTAGE PAID Playful LAWRENCE, KS 66044 PERMIT NO. 51 Fun Lawrence Arts Center formerly prairie wind dancers 940 dance company 940 New Hampshire Lawrence, KS 66044 “Brilliant, attractive, energetic dancers E qually at home on a concert stage or in a gymnasium full of youth, the 940 Dance Company has the expertise and talent to and choreographers produce some of bring the magic of dance to your whole the wittiest, most intriguing new community. dance in the area.” —­P. Horsley, Kansas City Star 940 has toured for over 19 years throughout Kansas and the Midwest. Current artistic director Susan Warden has won numerous awards and honors, including two NEA choreography grants and the first ever Kansas Arts Commission choreography award. Grants have been received from foundations such as the Muriel McBrien Kauffman Foundation, American Express, Payless Shoe Source, and Southwestern Bell to name a few. This delightfully fun company, located in the heart of the Midwest is… BOOKING INFORMATION “…everything you want a modern Lawrence Arts Center dance company to be: 940 New Hampshire ( startling, spontaneous, and most importantly, Lawrence, KS 66044 [p] 785.843.ARTS Bring the MAGIC B [f] 785.843.6629 — Lawrence Journal World Photographs: Michael Manley fearlessly creative.” Brochure Design: Meghan Bahn [e] To Your Community FEES* esides their exciting concerts, 940 Dance Company offers residencies and performances for K-12 Community Concert $2,500 Currently a Kansas City Young Audience program called “Word Dance” has been performed in over 70 schools. School Residency $1,400 940’s workshops develop students’ understanding of dance as art, the basic elements of all dance and the Block Bookings physical training needed by dancers. The company can also give workshops to beginning through advanced Negotiable area dancers, senior citizens, and other community groups. * additional travel expenses may apply FUNDING ASSISTANCE (for qualified non-profit organizations) Kansas Arts Commission [p] 785.296.3335 Kansas City Young Audiences [p] 816.531.4022 Regional Touring Program (formerly Heartland Arts Fund) Mid-America Arts Alliance [p] 816.421.1388 2008 Mailer Double-Sided Bifold Mailers
  • 8. Meghan J. Bahn612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • 2007 Design 2006 Design 12x18 Posters, Postcards, and Programs
  • 9. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • CD Jewel Case, Insert Booklet and Disc Art vA n Z oe st ce, KS A ndre As in Lawren residence Sister Ci ties ar tist-in- ce -Eutin Visiting of Lawren sic The support of the s gree in mu spice following sponsors is gratefully acknowledged:hule, der the auMusic ster’s de un Mass Street d his ma ik hochsc t receive the Mus Friends of va n Zoes An dreas Eutin tion in gu ita r at Michael Koch iza ns er F re isChü tZ a special with th Prof. Ha as 26) – d education studied wi graduated 786–18 rZ An d The Department any. He th& Dance, Universityany, and of Music en rm of Kansas Weber (1 nnover, Ge ck, Germ th rA nged For te Lübe le in Ha ster-c lasses wiCAr l M Ar iA von er A Ar 1–1858]) hochschu dies at ma th e op i [178 at the M usik ed his stu ca r FroM iA bell He cont inu ouwer, Os A nt on d it, Leo Br s(e xCer pt t soloist. Ka rl Sche e study a concer r bypr iM Ar y gu itA Romero, of ex tensiv ea m, Pepe ny years sy) Julia n Br fol low ed by ma Ro ma (Gyp Part I d others, thods of Ghigl ia an gogical me wish scho ol of Overt ure rmance and peda Russian -Je arsch the perfo ll as the Bauern -M ) of ar y as we r (Terzetto s in Hung Spot tcho beleben musician mble ung dich and ense O lass Hoffn r violin pla ying. es guita r any. -Wal ze nt ly teach tin, Germ Bauern (A rie) est curre olstei n, Eu e Wälder Andr eas va n Zo ule Osth in Germ any, Durch di usiksch ance at the M st acco mplished perform ong the mo izier t Part II nts are am gend Mus His stude in the Ju of the first pr ize di rector Tr inklied Polacca en taken cher and la having oft t is the tea chestra of the Ar iet ta al fromme Weise n. Mr. va n Zoes the guita r or amber se Leise, lei Wolke (Cavat ina) competitio estra and merous ch ita r Orch s with nu Und ob die der Brau tjung fern Ar anjuez Gu Ostholstei n. He perform Aranjuez Guita r Quar tet , A ndreAs vAn Zoest — sAndrA F lessAu Volkslied nt op. 62 Musiksch ule mber of the 87. d is a me since 19 Jä gerchor ) – div er tis seMe music groups an inter nationa lly 8–1839 ing and re cording or (177 ndo s ile perform F er nA o ca nt ab Anda nt in lona ise tiMe seven ent de Po berg’s r since th e age of Mouvem 07) – F ro M hol sAndr A F lessAu ying guita tion 843–19 s been pla l competi grieg (1 essau ha an nationa pean e dvAr d Sa ndra Fl the Germ g in Euro dium inner in en tourin 1. Praelu e and was a pr ize -w ey have be sum mer nd gether th s played 2. Sa raba siz ier t. To et. She ha er – Muset te Ju gend mu A as a guita r du rld -fa mo us Eutin 3. Gavotte and the US ing the wo z countries st, includ e Aranjue 4. Ai r as a soloi st with th on ts in Eutin en a soloi . Her 5. Rigaud ) – CAsAb lA nCA concer d she ha s be z Guita r Quar tet (b. 1953 piele, an er Aranjue ngar y, . ZenAMon Som mers d a memb Israel, Hu JAiMe M chestra an di navia , to Guita r Or r to Scan ates. Molto len rs have taken he d the United St mosso ncer t tou Russia an Poco più co itzerland, za) Ita ly, Sw Vivo (Dan Austr ia, Ca lmo 00) et it (1 922–20 pierr e p Toccat a Sunday, M arch 2, 2008 • 2:30 PM Swarthout r ecital h all • MurPhy h all univerSity of K anSaS 2-Sided Black and White Concert Program
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  • 12. Meghan J. Bahn612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • e rante l GUa itiona Uncond es not m eet your oduct do rn the ki t If this pr mply retu ions, si hase pric e expectat nd of purc ys of pur- refu for a full 90 da H within applies only minus S& er te. This off ser of record. y the chase da Flex-Awa and rcha e to the original pu rd purchased on yer of reco e or more g If the bu in ice and on signs of ag pr e kit at full te, only th ounted ra Restore the -Ste able. p ress. at the disc ed price is refund Step-By Uide st discount USer’S G ember, face you rem Warran ty turally. limited anteed fo r one na uct is guar This prod defects of materia rmal l or Remembe R Naturally year agai nst ing from no the Face You sh ip occurr should be RestoRe workman part defective Michigan use. The our return ed to us at placement. r a free re address fo G! TM Warnin ician or a dentist lt a phys Consu you: have Away if ing Flex- w, chin, neck, before us facial, ja rece ntly had feel any attention; or dental ing this in while us rmal facial, unusual pa y abno produc t; have an condition; have breathing latex. mouth or itivity to sens a known .S. Patent ected by U uct is prot 381 This prod te nt No. 403, 357 and Pa No. 5,556, erved. l rights res es, Inc. Al Hanna Ib © 1997 by Website and Trifold
  • 13. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • catch all your Allow us to introduce ourselves. I can local news, Sports We’re Knology, the new (115-year-old) and Weather: Weeknights at 6 pm & 10 pm kid on the block. Sunday Nights at 10 pm access all my favorite So, what do we know about communication? local shows exclusively Quite a bit actually. on Knology Channel 6 Since we’re just now being introduced, we thought now might be a good time to share Emphasis on Local our driving principles: Knology, has been providing business and residential • Being honest, fair, and evenhanded communications and entertainment services throughout • Delivering what we promise, professionally and personally the Southeastern United States for more than 100 years, • Showing courtesy, respect and friendliness growing and evolving alongside the technologies we • Always working as a team provide. Our home is West Point, Georgia, just southwest • Giving customer matters urgent attention of Atlanta. The customers we serve in Georgia, Florida, Ala- • “Owning” problems and always being responsive Your window to A weekly cooking show Local culture, Lawrence’s Interviews and live bama, Tennessee, South Carolina, South Dakota, Minnesota • Being truly easy to do business with interesting homes in exploring a variety of tasty personalities and on-location trivia concert footage from and Iowa are just like you. They want reliable Internet, cable and around Lawrence, cuisines from local chefs, politics, with host show, with host regional and and phone service at a competitive price. They appreciate plus great day-trips. with host Jayni Carey. Greg Hurd. Andy Morton. national bands. innovative services and state-of-the-art products. And most importantly, they want to be treated with respect. They should expect nothing less and neither should you. about uS: Knology, Inc. (Nasdaq: KNOL) We’re not your average communications company. At Knol- Founded: 1896 ogy, we hold ourselves to a strong value system. We believe Headquarters: West Point, GA in honesty and treating our customers fairly. We believe 1,850 Employees in delivering what we promise, with courtesy and respect. At Knology, we’re committed to exceeding our customer’s Approximately 700,000 Connections expectations, every single time. That means giving you Approximately 400 Shareholders of record more — like more cutting edge technology, greater access SerViceS: to voice, data and cable plus exciting new internet services Internet: High-Speed • Wave Runner Wireless • Geeks on Wheels and products. Cable: Digital • High Definition • DVR • Channel 6 From our ultra-fast high speed Internet to the newest HD Phone: Local • Long Distance • Many Calling Features advancements and crystal clear phone connections, we’re constantly working to bring you the very best communica- tion services available — but it’s our passion for service that sets us apart. We’re ready to prove ourselves to you — we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work to provide you with great services while saving you money. • 785.841.2100 • 800.869.1214 inSiDe thiS iSSue oF K nology connec tionS: alloW uS March 1st ViDeo channel 1 SportS FanS rejoice to introDuce anD internet rate on DeManD The Drive, High School ourSelVeS. aDjuStMentS The hottest movies Game of the Week, Get to know Knology How we continue to bring plus 5,000 programs The Hawk Zone, ESPN3 Watch and the many ways we’re you the TV & Internet including 6News and your and KU Replays! excited to serve you. options you want. favorite local shows. Knology has them all! S! one on u ur 2 3 yo Don’t miss ie Inside Spread Free MoV coupoe)n pag (see back Why TV Rates Go Up I can nnec tions at Knology, one of our primary We’re often asked where the money get the fastest speeds & goals is to provide you with the en- goes when there is a rate adjustment. best value with Knology’s Internetco tertainment you want while delivering Below, you’ll find a chart showing how hometown care you can’t get anywhere the video increase breaks down. A else. Part of that hometown care is primary driver for increased rates this controlling our programming cost year is related to new agreements with increases. HGTV, Fox Sports, Nickelodeon, Com- edy Central, MTV and Food Network 1 1 | iSSue We work hard to minimize higher Spring 201 programming costs to ensure that our in addition to the yearly increases from other networks we carry. How doeS oUr INTerNeT CoMpAre?** customers won’t bear the burden of a significant rate increase. While our The cost to produce the programming basic Standard premium competitors are raising their rates by you love increases every year. Whether Service provider internet Speed internet Speed internet Speed as much as $3 to $5 per month, we’ve it’s an award-winning series like “Mad Knology* $19.95 Up to 3 Mbps $34.95 Up to 10 Mbps $59.95 Up to 50 Mbps been able to minimize our impact this Men,” non-stop sports on ESPN, or at&t u-Verse $35.00 Up to 3 Mbps $40.00 Up to 6 Mbps $65.00 Up to 24 Mbps year to just $2 more per month for most guilty pleasures like “Jersey Shore,” there hughesnet $59.99 Up to 1 Mbps $79.99 Up to 1.6 Mbps $119.99 Up to 2 Mbps levels of video service. are significant costs associated with the shows and events that get passed down to distributors like Knology. In order to continue bringing you the best care 24/7, you will also notice a small percentage of the $2 is allocated Front Cover to support our customer care and tech- nical operations. If you have any other questions about the rate adjustment, please contact our 24/7 customer care center at (785) 841- 2100 or (800) 869-1214. How do oUr TV rATeS CoMpAre?* Knology DirectV Dish network at&t u-verse† (Bronze) (Choice) (Silver) (U100) channels 219 150 200 130 hD channels 57 35 80 62 price $56.95 $55.99 $52.99 $54 prsrt stD hD fee No $10 $10 $10 u.s. postAge pAiD DVr fee No $7 $5.98 No kNoLogy Service plan No $5.99 $5.99 No of kANsAs equipment rental Please Recycle. (1 HD-DVR, 2 standard boxes) $24.85 $15 $7 $22 301 total monthly bill $81.80 $93.98 $81.96 $86 Plaza Suite1 River front 6604 4-2294 †AT&T U-verse not available in all areas. *Channels and prices as of x/x/xx Lawrence, KS 4 5 Inside Spread I can I can BroNZe SILVer (digital Basic) GoLd pLATINUM $ 6190 $ 7980 $ 12970 $ 230 219 Total Channels, 57 Hd 278 Total Channels, 65 Hd 323 Total Channels, 69 Hd 331 Total Channels, 77 Hd (includes 1 standard digital box) Everything in Bronze plus: Everything in Silver plus: HBO THE WORKS+ 1 2 Knology On Demand Knology Promo* 57 Spike TV 58 Comedy Central MUSIC CHOICE 901 Hit List VARIETY PACK 100 Univision 400 HBO On Demand All the best 3 KSMO (My TV)* 59 E! 902 Hip Hop and R&B 101 Investigation Discovery 401 HBO & biggest get the best seat in the house. get the best seat in the house. 4 WDAF (Fox-KC)* 60 CMT 903 MC Mix Tape 102 Military Channel 402 HBO 2 5 KCTV (CBS-KC)* 61 GAC 904 Dance/Electronica 103 Discovery Health 403 HBO Signature Including: 6 Knology 6* 62 Teen Nick 905 Rap 104 Discovery Kids 404 HBO Family Gold TV 7 8 9 KCPT (PBS-KC)* KSNT (NBC-Topeka)* KMBC (ABC-KC)* 63 MTV2 64 BET 65 MTV 906 Hip Hop Classics 907 Throwback Jamz 908 R&B Classics 107 BBC America 108 RFD-TV 110 Boomerang 405 HBO Comedy CINEMAX MULTIMAX+ and the HD Pack Get the newest movies without leaving your couch. Free 10 11 QVC* KTWU (PBS-Topeka)* 66 VH1 67 Travel Channel 909 R&B Soul 910 Gospel 111 CMT Pure Country 112 MTV Jams 410 Cinemax On Demand 411 Cinemax with an hD-DVr 12 KTKA (ABC-Topeka)* 68 TLC 911 Reggae 113 VH1 Soul 412 MoreMax plus 13 WIBW (CBS-Topeka)* 69 Lifetime* 912 Classic Rock 114 mun2 413 ActionMax ONLY 399 Gold Internet Get the newest movies 14 KSHB (NBC-KC)* 70 Lifetime Movie Network 913 Retro Rock 118 MTV Hits 414 ThrillerMax $ 15 KMCI (IND-KC)* 71 Oxygen 914 Rock 119 VH1 Classic 415 5StarMax 16 WGN* 72 Food Network* 915 Metal 120 GSN 416 WMax and Gold Telephone MoVie 17 KCWE (CW-KC)* 73 HGTV 916 Alternative 122 G4 417 OuterMax 28 days before RedBox or Netflix 18 KPXE (ION-KC)* 74 Nicktoons 917 Classic Alternative 123 SoapNet 418 @Max ® ® 19 This TV (KCWE 2) 75 Nick Jr. 918 Adult Alternative 124 WE º 20 TV Guide Channel* 76 Nickelodeon* 919 Soft Rock 125 Style SHOWTIME UNLIMITED+ HD PACK 21 KCPT2 77 Disney XD 920 Pop Hits 126 DIY 420 Showtime On Demand 227 Speed Channel HD PeR MOVIe without leaving your couch. 22 KCPT3 78 Disney* 921 90s 128 Cooking Channel 421 Showtime 253 Wealth TV HD 23 KTWU2 79 Cartoon Network 922 80s 129 FitTV 422 Showtime Beyond 262 Palladia HD 24 KTWU Enhanced 80 KCPT Sprout 923 70s 130 Wealth TV 423 Showtime Too 283 National Geographic HD 25 City of Lawrence* 81 Discovery* 924 Solid Gold Oldies 131 Sleuth 424 ShowCase 288 Discovery HD Theater New SD ReleaSeS 26 School District Channel* 82 ABC Family 925 Party Favorites 132 Chiller 425 Showtime Extreme 295 Mav TV HD nd New HD releases l 1 On Dema 28 Jewelry TV 83 National Geographic 926 Stage and Screen 133 Lifetime Real Women 426 Showtime Next 296 MGM HD from Channe 29 Shop NBC 84 Hallmark Channel 927 Kidz Only! 134 Crime & Investigation 427 Showtime Family 297 Universal HD 31 University of Kansas* 85 Animal Planet 928 Toddler Tunes 135 Military History 428 Showtime Women 298 HD Net are only $5.99. 33 ESPN* 86 FamilyNet 929 Today’s Country 136 Biography Channel 430 TMC On Demand 299 HD Movies burlesque 127 Hours Love & other Drugs 2-day or 3-day movies have different prices. 34 ESPN2 87 American Life 930 True Country 137 History International 431 The Movie Channel Now AVAiLAbLE Now AVAiLAbLE Now AVAiLAbLE 35 ESPNU 88 Inspiration Network 931 Classic Country 138 Bloomberg 432 The Movie Channel 2 36 FSN Midwest 89 Halogen 932 Contemporary Christian 139 Fox Business Network _________ __________ 37 Metro Sports 90 TBN 933 Sounds of the Season STARZ ENCORE PACK+ __________ __________ _ 38 Versus 91 EWTN 934 Soundscapes SPORTS PACK 440 Encore __________ _____ Nam e on Account __________ __________ 39 Fox News Channel* 92 Blue Highways 935 Smooth Jazz 140 ESPNEWS 441 Encore Love __________ 40 CNBC 93 Retirement Living 936 Jazz 141 ESPN Classic 442 Encore Mystery I PON __________ YOUR COU _____ 41 MSNBC 94 C-SPAN3 937 Blues 143 CBSC 443 Encore Drama __________ __________ TO REDEEM Account # __________ 42 ABC News Now 95 C-SPAN2* 938 Singers & Swing 144 FCS Atlantic 444 Encore Westerns office at: __________ nt to your local __________ _______ 43 CNN Headline News 96 C-SPAN* 939 Easy Listening 145 FCS Central 445 Encore Action Mail or prese __________ __________ e 301 Movie Title ____ Date 44 CNN* 97 HSN* 940 Classical Masterpieces 146 FCS Pacific 446 Encore WAM! t plaza, Suit __________ __________ 45 TNT* 99 Public Access* 941 Light Classical 147 Big 10 Network 450 Starz On Demand The Social Network My Soul To Take life as we Know It The Tourist 1 riverfron 4 _____ 46 USA* 105 Planet Green 942 Musica Urbana 149 Fox Soccer Channel 451 Starz AVAILABLE 2/2 AVAILABLE 2/8 AVAILABLE 2/8 AVAILABLE 3/22 Kansas 6604 Signature _____ Lawrence, 47 A&E 106 The Science Channel 943 Pop Latino 150 Speed Channel 452 Starz Comedy Movies bill) it with your not subm 48 Tru TV 116 The Weather Channel* 944 Tropicales 151 Outdoor Channel 453 Starz Edge (Please do 49 50 Reelz Channel AMC 162 Turner Classic Movies 197 KTKA Weather Channel 945 Mexicana 946 Romance 152 Sportsman Channel 154 NFL Network 454 Starz Kids & Family 455 Starz InBlack per month. 51 TBS* 198 KSHB Action Weather Plus 156 Golf Channel 456 Starz Cinema le for cash. Limit 1 coupon per account 52 Bravo 199 KMBC Weather 157 Tennis Channel The Next Three Days Jackass 3 Morning Glory t. Not redeemab on your statemen 53 TV Land 206 Knology 6 GoLd Hdº AVAiLAbLE 3/8 AVAiLAbLE 3/8 AVAiLAbLE 3/8 cycles for credit to appear 54 History Channel* 371-376 IND PPV MOVIE PACK up to 2 billing 301 HBO HD of receipt. Allow 55 SyFy Channel 380-386 ESPN PPV 160 Hallmark Movie Channel 311 Cinemax HD within 30 days must be used required. Coupon 56 F/X 163 Fox Movie Channel 321 Showtime HD tax. Digital cable Coupon value is for a maximum of $5.99 plus BroNZe Hdº 164 Flix 165 Chiller 351 Starz HD love movies? 203 KSMO HD - My TV 238 Versus HD 263 Turner Classic Movies HD 167 Independent Film Channel 168 Sundance Let the awards Check out our On Demand Back Cover 204 WDAF HD - FOX 239 Fox News Channel HD 265 MTV HD 205 207 KCTV HD - CBS KCPT HD - PBS 240 241 CNBC HD MSNBC HD 266 267 VH1 HD Travel Channel HD SILVer Hdº ALL preMIUM CHANNeLS ALSo AVAILABLe A LA CArTe buzz begin! spotlight category featuring: 208 KSNT HD - NBC 244 CNN HD 268 TLC HD 228 Outdoor Channel 2 HD Unstoppable Due Date Hereafter little Fockers 209 KMBC HD - ABC 245 TNT HD 269 Lifetime HD 230 NFL Network HD AVAILABLE 3/15 AVAILABLE 3/29 Check out our On Demand $17.95 HBO On Demand includes 5 HBO Channels AVAILABLE 2/15 AVAILABLE 2/22 spotlight and Prejudice Pride category featuring: 210 QVC HD 246 USA HD 270 LMN HD 231 ESPNews HD 211 KTWU HD - PBS 247 A&E HD 272 Food HD 237 Big 10 Network HD $12.95 Cinemax On Demand includes 8 Cinemax Channels bui 212 213 KTKA HD - ABC WIBW HD - CBS 248 250 TruTV HD AMC HD 273 276 HGTV HD Nickelodeon HD 243 CBSC HD 280 Biography Channel HD $25.95 HBO + Cinemax Casablanca $16.95 Showtime On Demand Plus watch exclusive local 6News and programming Slumdog Millionaire 214 KSHB HD - NBC 251 TBS HD 277 Disney XD HD 289 Golf HD includes 9 Showtime Channels plus The Notebook 215 KMCI HD - IND 252 Bravo HD 278 Disney HD 298 HD Net Brokeback Mountain 216 217 Weather HD KCWE HD - CW 254 255 History HD SyFy HD 279 281 Cartoon HD Discovery Channel HD $13.95 TMC On Demand and 2 TMC Channels Starz On Demand anytime for free on ChannelTourist Demand! AVAiLAbLE 3/29 Megamind AVAiLAbLE 3/11 The 1 On AVAiLAbLE 3/22 Tangled Ghost rocky 218 KPXE HD - ION 256 F/X HD 282 ABC Family HD includes 6 Starz Channels and 7 Encore Channels Sweet Home Alabama Lost In Translation 233 ESPN HD 257 Spike TV HD 285 Animal Planet HD $26.95 SHO/TMC/Starz Plus watch exclusive local 6News and programming Visit or hit ‘On Demand’ 234 235 ESPN 2 HD ESPNU HD 258 259 Comedy Central HD E! HD 286 287 Planet Green HD Science Channel HD $7.95 WWE 24-7 (On Demand Network) anytime for free on Channel 1 On Demand! Traffic You’ve Got Mail 236 FSN HD 260 CMT HD 370 HD PPV Events Channel $4.99 Disney Family Movies (On Demand Network) on your remote for complete programming listings. your patton Visit or hit ‘On Demand’ on ... and more! $3.50 Disney Channel On Demand remote for complete programming listings Effective April 1, 2011. Lineup Subject to Change. All network carriage subject to * Does not require digital converter box or cable card compatible TV. + Premium subscription service. $8.95 Variety Pack and more... completed contract. All prices listed are $9.95 Sports Pack digital customers only. Unless noted, all movies shown available in Hd. release dates subject to change. per month. Prices subject to change. See for updated pricing º Requires HD converter box or cable card compatible TV. $8.95 Movie Pack Digital customers only. Unless noted, all movies shown available in HD. Release dates subject to change. and channels. Broadcast Basic Lineup $9.95 HD Pack 7 Inside Spread 8 Page Newsletter
  • 14. Meghan J. Bahn 612 Illinois Street • Lawrence, KS 66044 • (785) 979-6643 • K issues l neTwor PoTenTia times you may try to ay connection, some prehensive gatew le Fiber Internet many pieces of equip can ment are called the “com even with a reliab n’t work. With so comes with softw es protect your et and it does if any of these fail it orKs The SonicWall also services. These servic ams that try access the intern to your computer,how iT w provides many other er the internet - ious progr electronics equip e called a NID, then Security Suite” that from viruses, hackers, and malic necessary to deliv em is actually at. Fiber internet devic ess device that uters ation. ify where the probl s. We recommend red through our network and comp or steal your inform be difficult to ident s and fluctuationThe service is delive r to a switch or wirel When one ge your equipment tive to power surge et is plugged into wall, and then eithe uter. to get in and dama hes and/or ment is very sensi deliver the internthrough a router/fire ess card on the comp ’t work” but the et signal to the switc ment that is used to help protect them ethernet port or wirel “the internet doesn distributes the intern e to the computer: that all the equip ry backups that can delivers it to the it may appear that The SonicWall then deliver the servic Supply (UPS) batte or fail and require s (called WAPs) that Universal Power times they lock up ology fails, piece of that chain Wireless Access Point . s. even still, some KN use here in that chain to from power issue problem can be anyw is not connecting greeK ho Ice when your computer rebooting or replacement. the internet can slow can be frustrating important may find is that We understand it ly as possible, it is problem that you solution to the problem as quick Internet Another common des a high bandwidth et, so to help fix point at which the eT Serv the intern n point. That is the times. Knology provi le that pipe. There are several down at random INTerN to understan d the demarcatio equipment. to hand s off to the customer’s the signal and your location, and the equipment of the biggest cause service is handed the same thing: split to slow down. one load music or WAP essentially do it through the ethernet cabling cause the speed allow people to down reasons that can The switch and the c are programs that that allow people uter. The switch does and the WAP of slow internet traffi There are many legitimate sites deliver it to the comp the network port in the computer, internet. ng” sites that have service e to movies over the plent y of “file shari inTerneT throughout the hous computer has one. content, but also sites are appealing et service is usua lly Wireless card, if the een to download this load illegally. These Knology’s Fiber intern similar to this one: delivers it to the al differences betw available to down ver they work by allowing hooTing , but there are sever lly do not require this information able for free, howe Troubles d like a difficult delivered by a NID box is very convenient ections usua of the content avail as well. We do not internet may soun We agree wireless ections. Wired conn plugged in because uter ation off your comp ver we do recommend you can’t get to the may help goes into the botto m from and wireless conn et, they can just be ections le to take inform Finding out why can be checked that There’s a fiber that an ethernet the wired ected to the intern other peop le visit, howe a few things that identify the fiber system, and setup to get conn lly. Wireless conn ol the sites that peop used to access the internet do not e task, but there’s ician more quickly our advanced PoN significant rest automatica l, monitor or contr us ly, or help a techn a standard patch cord) that usually can do the proper wireless signa that any programs ogy greeK hothe through fix the issue quick cable (it looks like and the computer up to recognize the ess that they make sure Knol their computer e copied from the unit as well. This set their computer a password. Wirel be “uploaded” or erneT servic problem. the house that can comes out of the bottom of require the user to setting, and enter allow content to inT computers in rs the Internet to proper encryption upted by outside Knologyinternnet Inter et 1. Are there any cable is what delive configure it to the se they can be interr internet connectio n. the most out of yourslow the internet? less reliable becau on the distance and To geton problem that canknow how the service is connect to the connections are also and can be weakened depending are are also a commce, it isssive “Trojan” style virus can uter. rtant to computer your location. e, s point. Finally, viruses and Spyw servi aggre impo comp lab, or ask a friend if their sources of interferenc between the computer and acces computer with an ered by send facilities to your of learn our thousands a. Try the computer any computers in the house that walls your computer, you to a crawl. A single internet connection from ing outure to help you Spy- more deliv construction of the be within range of broch traffic. is working. 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