Give your heart a break


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This is a powerpoint presentation of my own fan fiction story of the Lying Game (Emma and Thayer).

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Give your heart a break

  1. 1. “Yes.” She smiled. “We ran into each other at a “Do you remember the day we first met, Emma?” party… then you asked looked number… and the Thayer asked as he for my at her. rest is history… Why?”“Nothing. Just okay… but sometimes I feel like I’m not that“Everything is checking your memory… How’severything with Ethan?” Thayer said, hiding hishappy when I am with him… like there’s something missing…”jealousy.Emma said, looking away from Thayer.“I hope you don’t feel like that when you are with me…”Thayer suddenly looked at her with puppy dog eyes. Emma giggled. “No. Never. I love us…”
  2. 2. Thayer and Emma have been best friends since forever. Theydo almost everything together, share everything together and now they are both 17 and finishing high school together… “I forgot the password for my laptop again…” Emma said while waiting for Thayer to unlock her laptop. “Haha. What would you do without me?” Thayer said as he successfully unlocked her laptop.
  3. 3. Throughout their journey together as bestfriends… Thayer never imaginedthat he would fall in love with Emma. Love, for him, in a new form becauseThayer had always loved Emma as a bestfriend and sister but never likethis…. He even remembers the day they swore that they would marry each other in the future. They were young and innocent back then and they loved each other platonically…
  4. 4. Thayer and Emma never imagined a life without each other.That is why both of them were depressed when Emma andher family had to move to Las Vegas because of her dad’sjob.
  5. 5. She was devastated because she had to leave her life in Phoenix. But saying goodbye to Thayer was the hardest part of leaving. She didn’t know how to live a new life without her best friend beside her.“Thay… I’m leaving…”Emma said crying her eyesout. “I wish I could take youwith me…”“Emma…” Thayer said ashe hugged Emma tightly,never wanting to let hergo. “You’ll always haveme…”
  6. 6. Even though Emma was in Las Vegas, Thayer still loved her andcommunicated with her daily through internet chatting & texting… He counted every day they were apart and waited patiently for them to be reunited. He has also made the decision to carefully plan his big revelation to her…
  7. 7. And now… after 2 years of living in Las Vegas, Emma decided tospend the summer in Phoenix so that she could be with Thayer… But her return is not the only thing that will surprise Thayer…
  8. 8. On the day of Emma’s return, Thayer planned to tell her that he loved her.He has everything planned and ready for a whole day with her. He eventhought that Emma would feel the same way and that they would be thehappiest couple in the world.
  9. 9. “Emma…” Thayer paused as he looked at Emma, lovingly.“Welcome home.” He smiled brightly as tears start to form. “It’s good to be home!” Emma said as she hugged him tightly. “I missed you, Thay!” “You know Emmz, I have the whole summer planned for the two of us! We would go to the beach then visit the new natural museum and-” Emma interrupted him, with a smiling stare. “Thay, I have to tell you something…” Emma said timidly. “It’s not just the two of us this summer… I brought my boyfriend with me…
  10. 10. “You brought your boyfriend? Why? I thought the reason why you camehome was to spend time with me?” Thayer said. He was not shocked butrather hurt. “I know.” She sighed. “Ethan has been my boyfriend for a year now and I brought him here with me so that you could get to know him and so that I could be with two of the best men in life this summer…”
  11. 11. “What if we don’t getalong? What if we becomeenemies? What if he is ajerk like all of your otherex-boyfriends?” Thayersaid wishing for Emma tobreak up with this guy. “Don’t think like that! You will love him! You two are compatible, really! Ethan is amazing!” Emma said, wanting Thayer to agree with her plan.
  12. 12. “Thayer, promise me you’ll be nice to him?” Emma saidsmiling but then she realized what Thayer might be feelingtowards the whole thing. “Are you mad at me, Thay?” Thayer looked at her with forgiving and understanding eyes. “No, Emma. I can never be mad at you…” Even though he was hurt. He smiled weakly then said, “Now, let’s go meet Ethan…”
  13. 13. Ethan was patiently waiting for the two to finish talking when Thayer and Emma emerged. Thayer quickly observed Ethan. He was doing a swift analysis of Emma’s new boyfriend. “He was good-looking but Emma is obviously too good for this guy…” Thayer thought.Emma then introduced them to each other. After eating snacks and gettingto know each other, Emma and Ethan started retelling their lovestory…
  14. 14. Apparently, Emma and Ethan are schoolmates and both of them are part of thedance club and they were assigned partners. Then they started hanging out asfriends and then Ethan asked Emma to the prom.At prom, Ethan told Emma that he likes her and it so happens that Emma likeshim too. When Emma and Ethan danced, he kissed her. And the rest is obviouslyhistory.
  15. 15. The rest of the days were complete torture for Thayer. The three of them were always together.But sometimes it seemedas if the world was onlyrevolving around Emmaand Ethan…
  16. 16. Thayer was jealous of them. “This was supposed to be OUR summer…” Hethought. He knew he that he had already lost Emma to Ethan. So he decidedto tell her the truth…
  17. 17. “Emma! Wait!” Thayer said as he grabbed Emma’s hand. “I can’t talk right now, Thay! Ethan needs me!” Emma said in a hurry.“Ethan doesn’t need yourhelp. I was the one who sentthe text… I just really need totalk to you… it’s important…”Thayer said pleadingly.Emma looked hard atThayer then sighed.“Okay.” She said.
  18. 18. Thayer took Emma to the old cabinwhere they used to play together. “Emmz, remember this place? It was very “Okay, we’re here. magical here… you Now, what did This was our place…” want to tell me?” Thayer saiddown on Emma sat as he remembered the day the couch as she both of them swore they looked at Thayer.. would marry each other. “You haven’t changed. You are still the funny, sweet and fun-loving girl I irrevocably fell in love with… Emma smiled bashfully.
  19. 19. “I love you Emma Becker since the first time and I was afraid to tell you how I feel because… first I was scared of losing you forever…“And second I knew Iwasn’t worthy of you…You were too perfect.”Emma was surprised atwhat he said. She hadalways thought that SHEwas never good enoughfor Thayer. She thoughtthat Thayer was too goodfor her.
  20. 20. “But I know in my heart that I already lost you… and… you and I can never be together. Still, I want to be the one to catch you when you fall…”“And…I know all of thethings that make you whoyou are. But I always knewthat you belonged tosomeone else and Ethanwas there for you… ”Thayer said as heremembered the photo ofEmma and Ethan that hesaw.
  21. 21. “But Emma, I still love you…so much and I want you to knowthat whatever happens… I’ll still be there for you.” Thayer saidas he held her hand.
  22. 22. Emma looked at Thayer. It wasn’t shock that she felt… it was understanding and fear. She loves Thayer but not in that way… How do you break up with your bestfriend??? Emma thought.“Thayer… I love you. Butnot the way you do.” Shewanted to let him downgently. He was hisbestfriend… the brothershe never had… now…she was about to loosehim… she was afraid thatmight’ve already losthim…
  23. 23. Thayer looked at her and contemplated on what she said. He“This sucks…” Emma said, frowning hard.herwish I could be loved her so much and it hurt him to see “I love with you the took her in his arms andI slowly… kissed Unconsciously, he way you are with me… wish I could holdyou and tell you…” Emma paused and closed her eyes. “I her.wish you could still be mine…” Emma said, almost crying. It was a bittersweet act of letting go. It’s the first and last time… Thayer sadly thought.
  24. 24. “I understand that you love Ethan. You can’t have everything, right?” He smiled a little. “Thayer… I hope you don’t hate me…” Emma finally said. “I can never hate you…” Thayer said sadly.Emma stared at Thayer.He kissed me… Emmathought. It was magicallysad.Emma did not hate himfor kissing her… actuallyit left her wanting more.But then guilt filled her… Ilove Ethan… right?
  25. 25. “Let’s go home?” Thayer then stood up and held Emma’s hand urging her to stand and leave… “I can’t loose you…” Emma said as they were leaving. “No. Not yet.”
  26. 26. “Emma, what’s wrong?” Ethan said worriedly. “It’s Thayer…” Emma said as if she wasn’t sure what she was saying. “He told me that he loved me…”After Thayer took Emma home, Emma called Ethan and asked him tomeet her… She wanted someone to talk to… Thayer’s revelation wastoo much for her to bear…
  27. 27. “He took me to the cabin where we used to play when we were kids. Then hetold me that he loved me…” Emma was shaking hard…“I can’t loose him, Ethan. I just can’t! He’s always been there for me… Hecared for me and understood me like no one else did. He loved me when I’ma success and loved me even more when I was a mess…
  28. 28. “Emma, everything is going to be okay… Maybe not now but it will…” Ethansaid as he hugged her tightly…“No, Ethan. Once your bestfriend falls in love with you… you can never bebestfriends ever again…” Emma said, still shaken by the idea of living withoutThayer, her bestfriend. “What were the reasons why he was your bestfriend?” Ethan said. Emma looked at him. “What?” “Just answer the question, Emmz.” Ethan said using the nickname Thayer uses.
  29. 29. “Thayer is funny… hebrings life where ever he goes. He is understanding… he never jumps to conclusions. He is patient… he never complains...” Emmasmiled as she trailed off. Ethan looked at her with understanding. Not because he understood the situation she was in but because he understood why Emma was acting this way… She was in love with Thayer and she doesn’t know it. She was torn. “Emma, why don’t we have a picnic tomorrow… just the two of us? Just to get your mind of things…” Ethan said. “Okay. I’d like that.” Emma smiled as he sat next to Ethan.
  30. 30. “Okay, then.” Both of them stood up and they hugged eachother tightly. “Now get some sleep… I’ll pick you uptomorrow…” Ethan said. After Ethan left, Emma went to bed immediately. She was emotionally tired. Her head was still pounding and thoughts were swirling in her mind. As she slept, she dreamt about Thayer… their memories together and the moment he told her he loved her…
  31. 31. After Ethan left Emma’s house, he didn’t go home. He went to Thayer’s house. He needed to talk to him about Emma. “Thayer.” Ethan said as Thayer opened the door. “Ethan. It’s late. Emma’s not here.” Thayer said as Ethan stormed in. “I know. I’m here for you.”“Okay… What’s up?” Thayer said. “Youlove Emma?” Ethan said. Thayerlooked at him with enlarged eyes. “Shetold you?” Thayer replied. “She lovesyou…” Ethan said finally. It was whathe wanted to tell Emma.“No. She loves you.” Thayer saidnot wanting to get his hopes up.“No, Thayer. She loves you… Shedidn’t even need to tell me…”Ethan said.
  32. 32. “Thayer, she was trembling at theidea of loosing you. That is not anormal reaction for her…” Ethansaid. “I love her but from what I’veexperienced this summer… sheloves you.” Thayer then stood up.“Ethan, I kissed Emma…” Ethanthen looked at him with hard eyes.“Ethan, I swear. I never wanted tobreak the two of you up. I justwanted to tell her how I feelbecause I just can’t live withmyself without her knowing mytrue feelings…” Thayer said. Helooked at Ethan with remorse.
  33. 33. Ethan suddenly approached acouple of picture frames anlooked at them hard. They werepictures of Thayer and Emma.
  34. 34. Then Thayer picked up a picture of Emma. He remembered the day he took that picture. They were having a picnic near the cabin. It was the day they accidentally kissed.“I loved her since the firstday she came to myhouse to play with mysister. I loved everydaysince then…” Thayer saidstill looking at the picture.Ethan then started toleave. Thayer suddenlyspun around. “Why areyou doing this?” Ethanthen looked at him oncemore. “Because Iunderstand... Besides, Idon’t want to get in theway of true love…”
  35. 35. Emma woke up with a heavyheart. She then turned on herlaptop and opened photos ofThayer and her. She was cryingbecause she missed him so. Thenshe thought about what Thayerhad said and the possibility of herloving him…
  36. 36. After Ethan left,Thayer wanted to seeEmma and discover ifwhat Ethan said wastrue.When Thayer waswalking towardsEmma’s house, he wasthinking abouteverything they havebeen through…Thayer knew that heand Emma’srelationship was nevergoing to be same. Thayer was, at that moment, looking at Emma. HeAs Thayer reached saw how sad she was and how much she missedEmma’s house, he saw him. He felt sick… he never wanted her to be likethe truth… this…
  37. 37. The next morning, Thayer then starteddriving… he didn’t know where he wasgoing he just wanted to clear his headbut all he could think of was hismoments with Emma…It’s going to be hard to let go ofsomething I’ve held on for so long…Thayer thought.
  38. 38. That same morning, Emma got ready for her picnic with Ethan. All the while, she was thinking about Thayer and Ethan...She thought about the time Ethankissed her at their prom… thenthe moment Thayer kissed heryesterday came to mindinstantly… She felt intoxicated bythe kiss. She could still feelThayer’s lips on hers. But Emma’s thoughts were interrupted when Ethan came to pick her up.
  39. 39. “Thank you for this,Ethan.” Emma smiledas she looked at himsincerely. Ethan smiledweakly. Because heknew what going tohappen next…“Emma, I noticed… wehaven’t danced sincewe got here toPhoenix.”He thenextended his hand.Emma smiled andstood up taking hisstrong hands.
  40. 40. Emma and Ethan danced happily like it was their last… and for that moment… Emma forgotten about her dilemma.“Thank you, Ethan!” Emmasaid as he hugged her. “Youalways make me happy…”“I love you, Emma.” Hesmiled. “But I’m afraid I haveto hurt you now…”
  41. 41. “I have to break up with you, Emma…” Ethan said. “It’s for your owngood…”Emma looked at Ethan hard but she was able to absorb all that he hadsaid. “Why?” That was all Emma could say.“Because I know the truth…” Ethan said with no regrets. “You loveThayer…”
  42. 42. “What are yousaying, Ethan? Idon’t loveThayer…” Emmasaid with a ring ofuncertainty.“No, Emma.” Ethansighed. “If you wereto loose Thayer andme at the sametime… who wouldsave?” Ethan said.In Emma’s heart, shewould save Thayer but “It would hurt even more to loose Thayer instead ofshe said, “You.” Ethan me. Admit it.” Ethan said.looked at herdisapprovingly. “Liar.” “I can’t.” Emma said as she started crying. “Because if I do, then I loose you.”
  43. 43. “You can never loose what was never yours in the first place…” Ethan said.“Don’t you get it? When you left Phoenix, you needed someone to take Thayer’splace… and you chose me… you loved me because I am just like Thayer…” Hesighed. “Remember last night? You said Thayer was funny, understanding andpatient… I also remember you saying that exact same thing to me when I askedyou what you loved most about me…”
  44. 44. Emmasuddenly haddifferentflashbacks ofher andThayer…suddenly shemade arealization…She did loveThayer… Ethan then hugged Emma tight. “I’m so sorry, Ethan… I never meant to hurt you…” Emma suddenly cried. “I did love you, though…” Emma said. “Emma, it’s okay.” Ethan said, smiling. “You and Thayer deserve each other… He loves you…”
  45. 45. Emma then looked at Ethan and carefully placed her hand on his cheek. “Iloved you, Ethan.” Ethan then, as if saying goodbye for the last time, kissedEmma. He knew it would the last but he was happy to let her go so she couldbe with her true love… Thayer.
  46. 46. Apparently, Thayer ended up driving to the fields and he saw everything… the picnic… the dancing… the laughs and smiles… the kiss… He couldn’t take it… He could never make happy the way Ethan just did to her… He could never compete to what they had.Thayer saw how perfect they were for each other… They lovedeach other… they made each other happier…Emma does not love him…Now, he was the one who was devastated.
  47. 47. Emma and Ethan saw Thayerwalking away from the scene.“Go, Emma. Tell him howmuch you love him…” Ethansmiled.“Thank you, Ethan.” But Thayer was faster than Emma remembered. Because when Emma chased him, she couldn’t find him. “Thayer! Thayer! It’s Emma! Wait up!” Emma shouted. But she couldn’t see him anywhere. Emma suddenly thought that Thayer must’ve left and was never planning on coming back…
  48. 48. “Thayer…” Emma suddenly whispered. “I love you… It’s you I choose…”Emma was starting to cry… “Where are you?” She said.“I’m right here, Emma.” Thayer said. “I’m always right here…”
  49. 49. “Emma, wha-” Emmaimmediatelyinterrupted him.“Thayer, I love you.”Emma said really fast.“I want to be withyou… I choose you…please choose metoo…”Thayer slightly smiled.But still he doesn’tbelieve her fully.“I want to believe you,Emmz. But I feel likethis is just a sweetdream and I’m about towake up anytimesoon…
  50. 50. “This is real, Thayer. This is not a dream…” Emma looked at him sincerely. “Iknew in my heart that I love you… and I was just… afraid…”“Emma, I am afraid too… afraid of hurting you…afraid of disappointing you…afraid of not being good enough… afraid of loosing you forever…
  51. 51. “I love you, Thayer…” Emma said. “I’ll never leave you… I’ll always needyou… So let’s be afraid together…”Thayer looked at her. She is in love with me… I’m not crazy…This is reallyhappening…
  52. 52. Emma then impatiently kissed Thayer… It was long-awaited and passionate. Thayer held her waist tightly… never planning on letting her go.Emma blew sweet kissesone after the other andThayer responded usingevery bit of his energy tolet her feel the fierywarmth of his beatingheart. They were one…united… at last.
  53. 53. “Thayer, I’m sorry about yesterday…”Emma said. “Emma, I’m sorry abouteverything… and especially for nottelling you about my feelings soon…”Thayer said almost crying…“” Emma shook her head. “Ilove you and that’s forever…”Emma then hugged Thayer.“Forever…” Thayer whispered.
  54. 54. Ethan saw everything…He was sad and jealousbut he understood and onthe inside he knew thatthey belonged together…Ethan knew that Emmawould be much happier inThayer’s arms…“Goodbye, Emma.” Ethansaid silently. “Have a goodlife…”
  55. 55. The next day, Ethan took the busback to Las Vegas. Emma felt sadabout saying goodbye to Ethan butshe had Thayer to comfort her…Thayer hugged Emma as she readthe goodbye note from Ethan…Thayer was thinking about how hewould be the safe harbor for Emmawhen she has problems… Hewould be anything for her…Emma was reading the letter andfelt guilty about the whole situationbut is happy to be in Thayer’sgentle and strong arms… she wasthinking that she and Thayer mightgo through a lot of troubles but inthe end… they would be stronger…happier… and loving each othermore…
  56. 56. The following days withThayer were amazing…But when the last day ofsummer came… Emma knewshe had to leave Thayeragain…But she thought that it wasthe last year in highschool…after that, Emma and Thayercould apply for the sameuniversity…On the day before Emma’sdeparture, Thayer sent heran email that said to him atthe cabin…Emma grew excited and gotdressed immediately…
  57. 57. When Emma arrived at the cabin, she found Thayer waiting patiently for her with a smile on his face…“Good morning…” Thayersaid. “Since today will bethe last day… I wanted usto hang out like before…”Emma looked at himappreciatively.“Videogames, bacon,eggs with you and me?”Emma smiled. “Yes.”
  58. 58. “Breakfast was amazing…” Emma said as she slouched on the couch. “Do you think I can beat you?” Emma teased. “You could try…” Thayer said. Emma smiled and then grabbed the other joystick.“Haha! I won! I totally beat you, Thayer!”Emma said joyfully as Thayer threw hisjoystick behind him, smiling. “Yeah… youwere always the best at this…” Thayersaid. “Never underestimate a girl…” Theyboth laughed. “Don’t worry, Thayer… even if you’re a loser… I’ll still love you.”Emma said sweetly. Thayer laughed and smiled wildly. I love you, Emma… I’ll always give your heart a break…