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How to use Direct public offerings and crowd funding to finance your company

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Ira's cf+soc-med5.13

  1. 1. Mark@WebSummits.comCrowdFunding &Self-Directed IRAsA Natural MarriageAccuplan WebinarMay 15, 2013 ~ San Francisco
  2. 2. Today’s Objectives1 - Discuss two types ofCrowdFunding :Rewards and Equity2 - And why should you care?
  3. 3. Two Types Of CrowdFundingTwo Types Of CrowdFunding
  4. 4. What Is CrowdFunding? Anyone that needs funds for aproject Uses social media to ask friendsand strangers for money This resulted in a record $2.81Billion given to people in 2012
  5. 5. Annual CrowdFunding Volume
  6. 6. $2.81 Billion CrowdFundedWho’sinterestednow?
  7. 7. Benefits Of The Crowd Likes promising products An Inexpensive focus group Joins others with sharedvalues Can pledge small dollarsquickly
  8. 8. What & Where Is It Legal?In the USonly rewardscrowdfunding is legal.Overseasboth rewardsand equity are legal.
  9. 9. 2010 Petition On The SEC WebsiteStarts US Equity CrowdFunding
  10. 10. Summer 2011 Congressman PatrickMcHenry R NC Authors The Bill
  11. 11. April 5, 2012 President Obama SignsIt In A Rose Garden Ceremony
  12. 12. June 2012 “Equity CrowdFundingMay Swell To $300 Billion”Forbes - Fred Wilson thelegendary partner ofUnion Square Venturespredicts CrowdFundingwill unleash $300 billionto entrepreneurs …
  13. 13. Is The JOBS ActThe Game Changer?“it allows advertising toaccredited investors,but only limited advertising tonon-accrediteds ”
  14. 14. CrowdFunding ProtectionsFor Non-Accrediteds• Investment amounts limited fornon-accredited investors• Companies may only invite crowdto approved platforms• Companies may not advertise detailsof offering on social media
  15. 15. So If Not CrowdFunding;What’s The Game Changer?Companywith an IdeaThe Public?
  16. 16. Social MediaIs The Game ChangerCompanyNon-AccreditedsWith IRAsTo InvestSocial Media
  17. 17. The Growth of Social Media
  18. 18. Funding On Social Media
  19. 19. Laws For CompaniesTo Raise EquityCurrent Laws Private offering to friends self-underwritten offering to the public investment bank does IPO to the publicNew Laws (when final) CrowdFund to non-accrediteds Advertise to accrediteds
  20. 20. Newsflash! Companies Can AlreadyAdvertise Direct Public OfferingsTo Non-Accrediteds Existing laws allow DPOs to beadvertised on social media Non-accrediteds can invest Companies including Ben & Jerry’sdid a DPO before their IPO
  21. 21. 5 Steps To Get Growth CapitalFrom The Public ~ If They Love TheCompany1 Build a crowd and nurture relationship2 Report continuous business progress3 Get 3rd party credibility (press) to buildconfidence & trust4 Get public offering permit from state or SEC5 Sell shares on social media using onlinemarketing
  22. 22. An Investor Exit Is ImperativeCompany is bought later by a public companyand DPO investors get traded stockOrCompany shares begin tradingand DPO investors can selltheir shares through any online broker
  23. 23. Mark@WebSummits.comCrowdFunding &Self-Directed IRAsA Natural MarriageAccuplan WebinarMay 15, 2013 ~ San Francisco