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120503 main ingredient’s menu   luke dale-roberts, awards & pot luck, taj expressions of stellenbosch, masterchef sa, chicken & peanut stew, products, our market activities, wine courses, events and restaurants
120503 main ingredient’s menu   luke dale-roberts, awards & pot luck, taj expressions of stellenbosch, masterchef sa, chicken & peanut stew, products, our market activities, wine courses, events and restaurants
120503 main ingredient’s menu   luke dale-roberts, awards & pot luck, taj expressions of stellenbosch, masterchef sa, chicken & peanut stew, products, our market activities, wine courses, events and restaurants
120503 main ingredient’s menu   luke dale-roberts, awards & pot luck, taj expressions of stellenbosch, masterchef sa, chicken & peanut stew, products, our market activities, wine courses, events and restaurants
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120503 main ingredient’s menu luke dale-roberts, awards & pot luck, taj expressions of stellenbosch, masterchef sa, chicken & peanut stew, products, our market activities, wine courses, events and restaurants


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  • 1. 1 MENU Main Ingredient’s weekly E-Journal Gourmet Foods, Ingredients & Fine Wines Eat In Guide’s Outstanding Outlet Award Winner from 2006 to 2010 - Click here to Subscribe to MENU or to contact us Click on underlined and Bold words to open links to pictures, blogs, websites or more information Lion’s Head on a wintry day, from Cape Town docksIn this week’s MENU: • Products • Our market activities • Luke Dale-Roberts, Awards & Pot Luck • Taj Expressions of Stellenbosch • Masterchef SA • Chicken & peanut stew • Wine courses, Events and RestaurantsProducts We hope that our order of Prego sauce will be ready tomorrow. The publicholidays of the last week tend to throw spanners into the works of business. We havelots of the wonderful Mexicorn salsas and delicious French and Italian delicacies… patés,truffles, balsamic reductions etc. For those and any other products you need, you canaccess our product list and see pictures in our website. If you can’t find what you need,let us know and we will try to find it for you. Until our online shop is ready, drop us anemail and we will help you. We are very happy to see that traffic on our website isincreasing and more orders are coming from it.We have a lot of fun putting MENU together each week and, of course, doing the thingswe write about, but making it possible for you to enjoy rare and wonderful gourmetfoods is what drives our business. We stock a good range of ingredients and deliciousready-made gourmet foods. You can contact us by email or phone, or through ourwebsite. We can send your requirements to you anywhere in South Africa.
  • 2. Our market activities We will be at the Old Biscuit Mill’s brilliant, exciting andatmospheric Neighbourgoods Market, as always, this Saturday and every Saturdaybetween 09h00 and 14h00. Come and visit us at Long Beach Mall on Friday 11th Mayfrom 09h00 to 16h00.What makes an award winning chef? In our opinion: Experience, subtlety, flair, agreat palate, adventurousness, care for detail, consistency, food knowledge, stamina,great management skills, financial nous and the ability to pass all this on to their staffand still run a happy restaurant, and lastly, the ability to make money, not justreputation. Bravo and congratulations to Margot Janse at Le Quartier Français and LukeDale Roberts of The Test Kitchen for making the top 100 Restaurants in the SanPellegrino & Acqua Panna Restaurants Awards this week. Yes, they have been higheron the list before but there is a great deal more competition out there in worldrestaurants in a recession. People have to work very hard indeed to make these lists.Last night, we were invited to Luke’s other restaurant, The Pot Luck Club at the BiscuitMill (next door and connected to the Test Kitchen) and it was a truly wonderfulexperience. We had fun, we ate like royalty and we will definitely go again. They havetwo seatings: 6 to 9 or 9 to 10.30 and we were booked into the early session, not alwaysour choice as we do prefer to eat later. However, if you want to see your dishes cookedand get a blow by blow rundown of what each of them consists of, book a counter seaton an early session. Then when you know what you like, you can go to a late session andorder it all. This dark and moody industrial style restaurant with an open kitchen and arton the walls gets busy early but is not as bustling, loud and fun as it is later and you canenjoy your food and discuss it at the same time. Some of the food is life changing in itsingenuity, simplicity and layers of complimentary flavours. It shows the many influencesfrom the places that Luke has travelled to and worked in during his successful career. Itis served Tapas style so you are meant to share but you could hog a whole dish toyourself if you absolutely adore it. And there are dishes that Lynne is now intent ontrying to recreate at home, something she only does when she is intrigued andabsolutely delighted by the food. The chef in charge of The Pot Luck Club kitchen is NicWilkinson, a local lad who has come from working at Scott’s in Mayfair in London (theolder amongst you will know it as Ronnie Scott’s). He was assisted by the trainee chefRomy Jansen (amongst several others) from Silwood, who also explained to us the dishesshe so ably served us. The staff is so impressive in the open kitchen, responding quicklyto instructions and working smartly, quietly and quickly to produce lots and lots ofdishes. And the service is slick. Do you want to see and read about what we had to eat?Follow this link.The Pot Luck Club & Gallery is open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday inclusive, andlunch on Saturday. For booking enquiries, call +27 21 447 0804 or Restaurant at the Taj, Expressions of Simonsberg, Bottelary and Stellenboschwith Guest Chef Christiaan Campbell of Delaire-Graff and wines from GreaterSimonsberg, Stellenbosch Valley and Bottelary HillsWe joined the wine tasting at 6 and tasted some very impressive wines from the arealike Bartinney’s classic cats pee and elderflower flavoured 2011 Sauvignon Blanc, theirvery vanilla 2010 Chardonnay; Dalla Cia’s Chardonnay and great red Giorgio; a selectionof Warwick’s wines, the best of which was the Trilogy 2009, full of sweet liquorice, darkred fruits and elegant tannins with a very long finish. Martin Meinert’s Synchronicity2007 Cape blend, almost balsamic in character, stood out well with its soft fresh fruit,red berries and lovely extraction of flavours. Jordan showed us their new The RealMcCoy Riesling 2011 which has great balance and long flavours. Thelema also showedtheir drier Riesling, their Chardonnay and their Shiraz. Meerlust, their very French stylePinot Noir full of forest floor smells, mushrooms and marmite as well as the classicRubicon red blend. Tokara’s Collection Chardonnay 2010 was smoky, limey and crisp andDelaire let us taste five wines, two of which were paired with dinner. Nice to taste the
  • 3. 3Beyerskloof Pinotage again, Lynne even agreed she might drink the Reserve 2009 often,not something she often does with Pinotage.Our all time favourite of the evening was the outstanding Stork Shiraz from Hartenberg,a wine to rave about and wish we had the budget for cases of this wonderful, faultlesswine. Such intense fruit, such quality and still so much time to go. Their Chardonnay,the Eleanor, was also the best one of the evening for us and it had some closecompetitors. It is so nice to see good Chardonnay taking front of stage again. Several ofthese wines were served with the rather rich dinner which followed. We had greatcompany as we sat at the Delaire table and enjoyed the meal and wine together withtheir charming General Manager, Johan Laubser, his wife and their two marketingladies. See photos and descriptions here. You can taste these dishes in Mint restaurantall through May, until the next tasting and dinner which will be Expressions of Robertson& Tulbagh.Masterchef SA We have not mentioned South African Masterchef before, as wewanted to get into the series before commenting. Lynne is a great fan of the series andhas watched the UK programme for years, both the Australian series’ that have beenshown here and the awful USA programme with Gordon Ramsey, which was like anabridged version with serious attitude. To put it into perspective, they have stuck to theprogramme’s formula but is it art? Can they cook? We haven’t been shown much cookingor presentation skill yet; in fact, very little. Are they keeping the good cooks in theshadows? The new UK series started on Monday and the UK competitors (all amateurs)have to invent a dish from a mystery box, go straight into a pressured professionalkitchen for a session, and then come back to the studio and cook their best two coursemenu. And this is just to get into the show. They are producing restaurant level food.We are not seeing this in the SA programme ... yet? Will it happen? We wait to see. Oneelement we don’t like is letting the contestants vote for their peers. We think this iswhat the judges, who are the professionals, are there for. They tried this in the firstseries in Australia and the contestants managed to get rid of someone who was a threatand who might have gone on to win, rather than someone who was weak.Chicken and Peanut StewThe Sunday Times Food section this week featured recipes of interesting African foodand there was a spicy Ghanaian chicken and peanut stew; Lynne decided to try. It wasvery interesting but, following the instructions to a T, she thinks it was cooked a littletoo long because the chicken all fell apart and the sauce thickened up a lot. We had itwith samp and beans. However, it is good to be outside our comfort zone and try otherfood from our continent instead of Europe, Asia or America. If you want to try it, youwill need to find a copy of last week’s Sunday Times.Food and wine (and a few other) events for you to enjoyThere is a huge and rapidly growing variety of interesting things to occupy yourleisure time here in the Western Cape. There are so many interesting things to do inour world of food and wine that we have made separate list for each month for whichwe have information. To help you choose an event to visit, click on our EventsCalendar. All the events are listed in date order and we already have a large number ofexciting events to entertain you right through the year. Click here to access theCalendar. You will need to be connected to the internet.We have had a lot of enquiries from people who want to learn more about wine.Cathy Marston and The Cape Wine Academy both run courses, some very serious andothers more geared to fun. You can see details here.Some more restaurants have responded to our request for an update of their specialoffers and we have, therefore, updated our list of restaurant special offers. Click hereto access it. These Specials have been sent to us by the restaurants or their PR agencies.We have not personally tried all of them and their listing here should not always betaken as a recommendation from ourselves. If they don’t update us, we can’t be
  • 4. responsible for any inaccuracies in the list. When we have tried it, we’ve put in ourobservations. We have cut out the flowery adjectives etc. that so many have sent, togive you the essentials. Click on the name to access the relevant website. Allcommunication should be with the individual restaurants.Winter is coming in with a bang, but we can still expect some wonderfulclear and sunny days. Make the most of them and enjoy a picnic on a wine farm;several wine farms offer picnic facilities. We have put together a list of wine farms whocan provide you with a picnic, We haven’t put in much detail, just where it is, phonenumber, email address and a link to the website. The latter is where you will find all theimportant information. Go and check it out.3rd May 2012Remember - if you can’t find something, we’ll do our best to get it for you, and, ifyou’re in Cape Town or elsewhere in the country, we can send it to you! Check ourproduct list for details and prices. PS If a word or name is in bold type and underlined, click on it for more information Phones: +27 21 439 3169 / 083 229 1172 / 083 656 4169 Postal address: 60 Arthurs Rd, Sea Point 8005Our Adamastor & Bacchus© tailor-made Wine, Food and Photo tours take small groups(up to 6) to specialist wine producers who make the best of South Africa’s wines. Havefun while you learn more about wine and how it is made! Tours can be conducted inEnglish, German, Norwegian or Dutch flavoured Afrikaans.Recommendations of products and outside events are not solicited or charged for, andare made at the authors’ pleasure. All photographs, recipes and text used in thesenewsletters are ©John & Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus. Our restaurant reviews areusually unsolicited. We prefer to pay for our meals and not be paid in any way byanyone. Whether we are invited or go independently, we don’t feel bad if we say wedidn’t like it. Honesty is indeed our best policy. While every effort is made to avoidmistakes, we are human and they do creep in occasionally, for which we apologise. OurAvast! ® Anti-Virus software is updated at least daily and our system is scannedcontinually for viruses.Recommendations of products and outside events are not solicited or charged for, and are madeat the authors’ pleasure. All photographs, recipes and text used in these newsletters are ©John& Lynne Ford, Adamastor & Bacchus. Our restaurant reviews are usually unsolicited. We preferto pay for our meals and not be paid in any way by anyone. Whether we are invited or goindependently, we don’t feel bad if we say we didn’t like it. Honesty is indeed our best policy.While every effort is made to avoid mistakes, we are human and they do creep in occasionally,for which we apologise. Our Avast! ® Anti-Virus software is updated at least daily and our systemis scanned continually for viruses.This electronic journal has been sent to you because you have personally subscribed to it orbecause someone you know has asked us to send it to you or forwarded it to you themselves.Addresses given to us will not be divulged to any person or organisation. We collect themonly for our own promotional purposes and keep our mailing list strictly confidential. If youwish to be added to our mailing list, please click here to send us a message and if you wishto be removed from our mailing list, please click here to send us a message.