'Junoon to outperform' sales & marketing conference newsflash


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'Junoon to outperform' sales & marketing conference newsflash

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'Junoon to outperform' sales & marketing conference newsflash

  1. 1. Sales & Marketing Conference at Pune, 6-7 May 2010 The MNAL Sales & Marketing Conference started off on the morning of 6th May with the contingent arriving from various zones and landing at the Chakan Plant to view the making of the Mahindra Navistar trucks.
  2. 2. On accomplishing the plant visit, the team reached Pune and moved over to the picturesque venue of Westin Terrace by the side of Mutha river. And here began the exciting time of fun & frolic, togetherness and the sessions of learning, reflecting on the year that was and also what lies in store for us in the coming time
  3. 3. And thus started the F10 Review and Awards nite. AKG conducted this entire session and first presented the F10 scenario and performance. Well-know comedian and a veteran of several TV shows, Suresh Menon joined in and compered the Awards nite along with AKG thereafter. And with started the exciting time of award winning moments and spicy skits that the Zonal teams presented one after the other
  4. 4. Shining stars of Mahindra Navistar Galaxy Top notch creativity at work the southerners presenting their skit More shining stars
  5. 5. And more creativity
  6. 6. And then the magical moment unveiling of the Anthem Junoon to Outperform OK Ko na na na Team danced to the new anthem ad nauseam That was 6th May, Day 1 Chakan Plant, Awards Nite and lots of fun Let us now move over to Day 2 7th May 2010
  7. 7. Mr. Kalra s inaugural address under the starry skies kicked of the day followed by the most exciting quiz by Nalin and David And then the S & Team gave the clarion call hum hamle ke liye taiyaar hain!
  8. 8. Mohan distributed the special award to early birds and Rajat danced to the tune of Dominos! Unveiling of the SoP manuals and MNTRA a truly historic moment for MNAL not to miss the MNO Chain The very popular SoP Quiz and the winners
  9. 9. Time to take new pledge Mr. Kalra revealed the Promise 2013 10x3 in simple terms Priya Kumar then taught us the equation Performance + Fear = Outperformance and we walked on fire Aarti Chhabaria, Tobby & Troupe then enthralled all party time
  10. 10. So, that friends brought us to the end of the fabulous conference that combined best of both the worlds Chakan plant visit to show us that we are battle ready, unveil of our Junoon to Outperform anthem to add a memorable tune to our resolve, a never before votometer led quiz to remind us of our priorities, Dr. Goenka s address and unveil of Promise 2013 to set our sights to the future, pledges by the S & M leadership team to provide all the necessary weaponry and finally loads of fun and frolic to make it all memorable. A conference where we arrived as individuals and evolved into MNOs Looking forward to meeting you all again next year with the same Junoon to Outperform