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SIT Hacking presentation
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SIT Hacking presentation


AWESOME presentation made by Marc, Nick, Connor, and Lauren. It gets babes.

AWESOME presentation made by Marc, Nick, Connor, and Lauren. It gets babes.

Published in Technology
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  • The basic difference is this: hackers build things, crackers break them.


  • 1. . /$$ /$$ /$$. | $$ | $$ | $$ /$$ /$$. | $$ | $$ /$$$$$$$ /$$$$$$$| $$ /$$ | /$$$$$$$$ /$$$$$$$. | $$$$$$$$ /$$___/$$ /$$_____/| $$/$$ $$| $$___/ $$ /$$___/ $$. | $$ | $$| $$ |$$ | $$ | $$$$ | $$| $$ | $$| $$ | $$. | $$ | $$| $$ |$$ | $$ | $$ $$ | $$| $$ | $$| $$ | $$. | $$ | $$| $$$$$$$$$$| $$$$$$$| $$ $$| $$| $$ | $$| $$$$$$$$$. |__/ |__/ _________/ _______/|__/ _/|__/|__/ |__/|______| $$ | $$ | $$ /$$$$$$$/ |______/ Yours truly, Marc Leprince, Connor Kistler, Lauren Stracquatanio, and Nick Cortese
  • 2.  Computer Security:  Finding, and exploiting weaknesses of computers ○ Phishing, Spam E-mail, Virus, bots… Computer Science:  The process of finding insights in problem- solving to create, innovate, and share ○ Computer Security, Facebook, Subculture
  • 3.  White Hat:  Ethical Hacker Black Hat:  Malicious Hacker Cracker:  people who enjoy breaking into computers and phreaking the phone system ○ The basic difference is this: hackers build things, crackers break them. Script Kiddie:  Leeches/computer game hacks
  • 4. 
  • 5.  Range from the Internet equivalent of petty theft to state-sponsored terrorism  Personal Computer Users  Corporations  Governments/ National Security
  • 6.  Spam E-mails Identity Theft
  • 7.  Sony  171 Million Dollar Loss  News Report Citibank
  • 8. “Phonemasters”
  • 9.  People who break into a computer system and inform the company that they have done so. They are either concerned employees or security professionals who are paid to find vulnerabilities. White hat hackers are the „good guys.‟” White Hat Hackers are hired to find the holes in security in order to improve the security mainframe more efficiently.. Famous White Hat Hackers Include:  Steve Wozniak—the other Apple founder named Steve, started his career creating blue boxes with Steve Jobs that allowed users to hack the phone system and access free long distance calling.  Kevin Mitnick—a white hat consultant and writer for big companies nowadays, Mitnick started his career in 1982 by hacking a computer in the North American Air Defense Command in Colorado Springs, CO. He also altered a phone program to misdirect federal agents trying to trace his call, sending them barging into the home of a Middle Eastern immigrant watching television.
  • 10.  The government, specifically the NSA (National Security Association), is looking for new white hat and black hackers who can help improve offensive and defensive tactics and abilities in cyber warfare. As of June 2012 there were over 15,000 job offers posted online for ethical hacking positions.  The hacking and computer security is growing significantly, and the most effective way to protect ourselves from cyber warfare is to increase the man power operating, improving, and implementing our online security.
  • 11.  Every year, Las Vegas hosts one of the largest anonymous hacking conventions in the world called DEFCON.  The convention does not require attendees to provide their name, email address, or social security number, and is attended by hundreds if not thousands of federal agents looking to recruit new experts every year.  The cooperation between hackers and the government has grown significantly. ○ NSA director General Keith Alexander spoke at the recent 2012 DEFCON convention.
  • 12.  White hat hackers, those who protect the United States from foreign cyber threats, are in high demand.  The chances of getting hacked as an individual are slim, since for the majority of people nothing would be accomplished. ○ As an enemy to the U.S., hacking the nation‟s military and intelligence agencies is more lucrative and beneficial. For this reason we need more White Hat Hackers to defend us.
  • 13. - Operate using quantum physics- Ability to solve problems that today‟s computers can not - Credit card hacking- Black Holes - Idea that black holes can be used as quantum computer to store information
  • 14. - Taking control of automobiles using computer-programming skills- Modern cars‟ operating systems are all connected in a network called the controller-area-network bus (CAN bus)- Examples: - Door Locks - Telematics System - Automatic Key
  • 15.  Terrorists have become very “cyber savvy” Using cyber space to conduct operations (not just to spread ideas and recruit)  Planned May 2010 Times Square bombings Trying to get trade secrets by hacking “Organized crime in cyber space offers a higher profit with a lower probability of being identified and prosecuted.” FBI is fighting back
  • 16.  OZlGu-kMo
  • 17.  Now that you know how advanced hacking has gotten today, does this make you any less trusting or wary of the internet? Have the new opportunities in hacking presented today inspired any of you to look for employment in the field? Explain. To what uses could hacking be specialized towards in the future and for what reason?
  • 18.  Secrets-at-risk-when-code-breaking-takes-qua quantum-computers-will-solve-problems-that-would-take-todays- computers-longer-th.html outsmarting-terrorists-hackers-and-spies to-internet-users-arent-going-away.html,1237,t=white+hat+hacker&i =54434,00.asp hackers.aspx#axzz26m8qtRyP pentagon-contractors-post-openings-for-black-hat-hackers-2/2/