MIPIM Asia 2011 Week-In-Brief


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Explore your week, in brief
MIPIM Asia, and client conferences and events, all in one concise schedule.

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MIPIM Asia 2011 Week-In-Brief

  1. 1. Your week in brief CONFERENCES CLIENT CONFERENCES AND EVENTS MIPIM ASIA’S EVENTS TUESDAY 15 NOVEMBER TUESDAY 15 NOVEMBER 09.00-18.00 1-E02/F01 I MINISTRY OF CULTURE, SPORTS AND TOURISM OF KOREA 12.30-13.15 AGORA ROOM I NORTHERN CAUCASUS RESORT p50 Try some Korea Red ginseng tea! The Largest Mountain Tourism Project in the World: 12.30 New Era of Investments in Russia 09.00-18.00 G18/G20 I AET FLEXIBLE SPACE 14.00 Golf Putting 13.30-14.15 AGORA ROOM I KOREAN TOURISM ORGANIZATION p51 Invest in Korea! SCHEDULE 09.30 EXPO DRIVE ENTRANCE MIPIM Asia Opening Ceremony 14.00-14.45 RUBY ROOM China’s Ageing population: implications for the property p9 OF CONFERENCES In the presence of our officiating Guest of Honour market Mrs. Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor, Secretary for Development Co-org: Hampton Hoerter of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region & EVENTS 14.00-14.45 PEARL ROOM p10 South East Asia: Opportunities in developing versus Reed MIDEM 10.15-11.15 PEARL ROOM p6 matured REIT markets Opening keynote - Macroeconomic outlook and implications 11, rue du Colonel Pierre Avia Co-org: IPD for Asian real estate 75726 Paris Cedex 15, France In partnership with: Wisconsin School of Business 14.30-15.15 AGORA ROOM I INCHEON FREE ECONOMIC ZONE p51 Incheon Investment Opportunity 10.15-11.00 EMERALD ROOM I CAMSING GLOBAL p48 Hot-Line : +33 (0)1 41 90 44 42 Cartoon Wonderland Theme Park 14.45-15.15 LINK-IN AREA p45 info.mipimasia@reedmidem.com Link-In China - meet the key players 10.15-11.00 RUBY ROOM I CHINA INDEX ACADEMY p48 2011-2012 China’s 100 Cities Landmarks Research 14.45-15.15 LINK-IN AREA p45 Conference & China Real Estate Investment Trend Forum Link-In South East Asia - meet the key players 15.00-16.00 H28 I CAMSING GLOBAL 11.15 1-C02/D01 I MALAYSIA PAVILION Malaysia Networking Coffee Session #1 Camsing Coffee Time Our next real estate events: 8.00 & Official Opening of the Malaysia Pavilion 15.15-16.00 RUBY ROOM p12 12.15 Big in Japan: investing in its renewal MIPIMASIA® is a registered trademark of Reed MIDEM - All rights reserved. MAPIC 11.30 1-C02/D01 I MALAYSIA PAVILION Co-org: ULI Japan Invitation to the Media - Meet the Malaysian Players 14.00 The international market of retail real estate By invitation only 15.15-16.00 PEARL ROOM p11 16.30 16 - 18 November 2011 The real estate dragon spreads its wings Palais des festivals, Cannes - France 11.30-12.15 AGORA ROOM I CRIMEA p49 Co-org: DTZ Investment Attractiveness of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine 15.15-16.00 EMERALD ROOM p13 MIPIM 15-17 November 2011 The Drive for Foreign Hotel Brands in China: 11.30-12.15 RUBY ROOM p7 strategies and operational challenges The world’s property market Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre Unlocking the Orient: investing in China 6-9 March 2012 15.30-16.15 AGORA ROOM I AET FLEXIBLE SPACE p52 Palais des Festivals, Cannes - France www.mipimasia.com Options for Green Construction and Technology - 11.30-12.30 PEARL ROOM p8 Green Buildings do not need to cost more! East to West Investments: risks, opportunities & returns 11.30 : Keynote introduction by Minister Dr. Christina Y. Liu, 16.00-16.30 LINK-IN AREA p45 Council for Economic Planning and Development, Link-In Japan - meet the key players Taiwan 11.45 : East to West Panel discussion 16.00-18.00 G18/G20 I AET FLEXIBLE SPACE Co-org: RCA AET at MIPIM Asia 2011: A welcome cocktail party 16.00-18.00 1-C02/D01 I MALAYSIA PAVILION 12.00 MIPIM ASIA CLUB Open lunch: An open buffet lunch is offered to all Malaysia Satay & Cocktail Session #1 - registered participants Meet the Malaysian PlayersOrganised by Co-organised by 16.30-17.15 RUBY ROOM p14 12.15 EMERALD ROOM p33 Investor empowerment in the brave new world of Asian Topic based lunch tables : up to 8 tables per day non-listed real estate By registration only Co-org: ANREV
  2. 2. Your week in brief CONFERENCES CLIENT CONFERENCES AND EVENTS MIPIM ASIA’S EVENTS TUESDAY 15 NOVEMBER WEDNESDAY 16 NOVEMBER WEDNESDAY 16 NOVEMBER THURSDAY 17 NOVEMBER 16.30-17.15 EMERALD ROOM p15 10.15-11.00 RUBY ROOM I TAIWAN PAVILION p56 14.30-15.15 AGORA ROOM I JERDE PARTNERSHIP p58 09.00-18.00 1-E02/F01 I MINISTRY OF CULTURE, SPORTS AND TOURISM OF KOREA A taxing issue: funding investments in Asia Connecting Internationally, Kinmen Takes Flight Designing Liveable Places for Sustained Social Value Try some Korea Red ginseng tea! Co-org: Deloitte 10.30-11.15 AGORA ROOM I CACI p56 14.45-15.15 LINK-IN AREA p45 09.00-14.00 G18/G20 I AET FLEXIBLE SPACE 16.30-17.15 PEARL ROOM p16 Location Analysis to drive Shopping Centre Investment Link-In Retail - meet the key players Golf Putting Asia’s World City! Co-org: ULI Decisions in Asian Markets 09.30-10.15 AGORA ROOM I YARDI p61 16.30-17.15 AGORA ROOM I RICS p52 14.45-15.15 LINK-IN AREA p45 How integrated Property & Asset Management Systems 11.00-11.15 PEARL ROOM p19 Global Commercial Property Survey Link-In Sustainable cities - meet the key players can drive operational efficiency? Cities track introduction keynote and Hong Kong Office Market Trend Keynote address by Maurice Leroy, Minister for urban affairs 10.00-11.00 PEARL ROOM p2616.30 15.00-17.00 1-F11 I ARQUITECTONICA and in charge of Greater Paris project (France) Arquitectonica Apéritifs Wrap-Up - Where do Asian, European and American investors22.00 17.00 1-H02 I DTZ The Greater Paris project: financial and real estate see opportunities in Asia today? DTZ Cocktail 8.00 investments opportunities 15.15-16.00 RUBY ROOM p22 Co-org: Wisconsin School of Business & HK UST 10.15 12.00 17.30-18.15 RUBY ROOM I CHINA INDEX ACADEMY p53 What makes a city smart? 10.30-11.15 AGORA ROOM I TAIWAN PAVILLION p61 12.00 11.15-12.00 PEARL ROOM p19 Co-org: Professional Property Services Limited 2011 China TOP 100 Property Service Companies Research A World City - New Investment opportunities in Taiwan Release Conference & the Fourth Forum for TOP 100 China Liveable cities: Eco-friendly infrastructure and housing for building a sustainable future 15.15-16.00 PEARL ROOM p23 11.30-12.15 AGORA ROOM I GOLD COAST p61 Property Service Entrepreneurs Summit Co-org: UCLG ASPAC Performance of Asian real estate versus other asset classes Gold Coast Australia - Investment Opportunities Co-org: APREA 18.00 ROOM 104 TO 108 AND CONCOURSE, LEVEL 1 11.15-12.30 RUBY ROOM p18 11.30-14.00 B17/B19 I INCHEON FREE ECONOMIC ZONE MIPIM Asia Opening Cocktail Vietnam: foreign investment in local real estate 15.30-16.15 AGORA ROOM I RICS p58 (Luncheon included) Sponsored by Northern Caucasus Resort Co-org: VinaCapital MOU Signing Ceremony between RICS and ARES Korean Wave Town Promotion By invitation only 11.30-12.15 AGORA ROOM p57 15.30-16.30 G18/G20 I AET FLEXIBLE SPACE Press Conference by Maurice Leroy, Minister for urban Affairs, AET: Networking & cocktail party 11.30-12.15 PEARL ROOM p27 in charge of the Greater Paris project Meet the Chairmen 14.30 16.00-18.00 1-C02/D01 I MALAYSIA PAVILION WEDNESDAY 16 NOVEMBER Sponsored by Le Grand Paris 22.00 Malaysia Satay & Cocktail Session #2 – Meet the Malaysian Players 12.00 MIPIM ASIA CLUB 12.00-13.00 G18/G20 I AET FLEXIBLE SPACE Open lunch: An open buffet lunch is offered to all registered 08.00-9.30 AET Sustainable Growth Solutions - Towards the reduction 16.15-17.15 EMERALD ROOM p41 participants Leaders breakfast: Great minds meet to map the future By invitation only of energy consumption and carbon emissions by maximizing Power meetings: Investors 12.15 EMERALD ROOM p33 Sponsored by Aedas Ltd. the efficiency 12.00 Topic based lunch tables : up to 8 tables per day 16.30-17.15 AGORA ROOM I NEW DESIGN ASSOCIATES p59 09.00-18.00 1-E02/F01 I MINISTRY OF CULTURE, SPORTS AND TOURISM OF KOREA 12.00 MIPIM ASIA CLUB When creative investment strategy meets Chinese emerging 14.00 By registration only Try some Korea Red ginseng tea! Open lunch: An open buffet lunch is offered to all registered demands for activity-driven projects 13.00 09.00-18.00 G18/G20 I AET FLEXIBLE SPACE participants Hong Kong Luncheon hosted by 17.30-18.15 AGORA ROOM I TAIWAN PAVILION p60 Mrs. Carrie Lam, Secretary of Development Golf Putting 12.00 12.15 EMERALD ROOM p33 Taipei’s Urban Center Regeneration Project WIW 2012, Taipei By invitation only 09.15-10.00 RUBY ROOM I TAIWAN PAVILION p54 14.00 Topic based lunch tables: up to 8 tables per day By registration only 16.30-17.30 PEARL ROOM p24 14.00-14.45 PEARL ROOM p28 Invest in Taiwan, Launching a gold decade Retail: real time link between MIPIM Asia and MAPIC in Cannes, Asian eye: the new wave of changes to funding 8.00 12.30-13.15 AGORA ROOM I POYRY p57 09.30-10.15 AGORA ROOM I REAL CAPITAL ANALYTICS p55 France Asian investments10.00 Retail Repositioning opportunities in the Chinese market Financing Asia’s appetite for real estate investment 14.00 16.30-17.15 RUBY ROOM p25 14.00-15.00 RUBY ROOM p29 Co-org: RCA 16.00 13.30-14.15 AGORA ROOM I GLOBAL REAL ESTATE p57 Sustainability expectations of global investors The Rising Stars of Asia 10.00-10.45 PEARL ROOM p17 How to invest successfully in Ukrainian real Co-org: Green Rating Alliance 15.00-16.00 G18/G20 I AET FLEXIBLE SPACE After the Quake: rebuilding a nation estate market? AET: Networking & cocktail party 17.00-19.00 C26, C28, D25, D27 I JEOLLANAM-DO PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT Keynote by Takuya Ishikawa, Director of Real Estate Market 14.00-14.45 RUBY ROOM p20 Welcome to galaxy lands of Korea Division, Industry Bureau, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Globalisation of retail brands in and out of China: Transport and Tourism (Japan) successes and challenges 18.30 ROOM 101, LEVEL 1 MIPIM Asia Awards Gala dinner 10.00 1-C02/D01 I MALAYSIA PAVILION 14.00 14.00-14.45 PEARL ROOM p21 By registration only Simultaneous translation: Mandarin/English. Malaysia Networking Coffee Session #2 A recipe for resilience: the roles of the public, private In partnership with FTI - Official International Media Sponsor : Wall Street Journal Asia & Meet the Malaysian Players and community sectors in creating resilient cities Co-org: ULI