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MORE Vision by MAPIC: 4 - Retail renaissance


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MORE Vision by MAPIC: 4 - Retail renaissance

  1. 1. MORE+ Vision n°4 January 2012 Vision byevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-upWhat’s in store for 2012NEW YEAR What 2012 EXCLUSIVE has in store EDITION for the retail real estate industry
  2. 2. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-upWELCOME TO ANEXCLUSIVE EDITION OFMORE VISION BY MAPICWHAT’S IN STORE FOR 2012Dear readers, users, viewers, of More Vision“ We are extremely happy to introduce our very special January editionof MORE Vision, featuring more news, more exclusive content, morevideos, and more in-depth analysis and commentary from our invitedguests, special contributors and our research and web searches. Thisnew year edition is also the perfect occasion for us to thank you all foryour interest in the bi-monthly More Vision, which has seen a steady risein sharing, commenting and ‘liking’ with each edition. All the team hereat MAPIC, MIPIM Asia and MIPIM thank you for your interaction andfeedback, and we would like to take this opportunity to wish you a veryhappy, productive and successful 2012.”
  3. 3. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-upINSIDE THIS ISSUE:7 MAJOR TRENDS TO WATCH OUT FOR IN 201210 editor-in-chiefs show you their vision of the P. 4industry’s futureTREND REPORT: RETAIL RENAISSANCEWhy customers enjoy shopping for your products P. 8and services in the ‘real world’ more than everFIND EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS FROM:• Barbara Turf, Crate & Barrels CEO• Richard Akers, Managing Director, Retail, Land Securities• Kate Ancketill, GDR Creative Intelligences CEOFUTURE RETAIL & BONUS1. Video: “New generation of shopping malls: P. 14 what’s next?” Laure Colliex hosts a round table at MAPIC with Isaac Kalisvaart, Philippe Journo and Marc Blum2. Video: Kate Ancketill’s keynote at MAPIC: “Science Fact: Future Retail”3. PDF: Kate Ancketill keynote at MAPIC: “Science Fact: Future Retail”
  4. 4. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-up7 MAJOR TRENDS TOWATCH OUT FOR IN 2012We asked 10 specialist real estate editors-in-chief to define themost important issues for the retail real estate industry in 2012.We identified 7 major trends. Centros Comerciales Commercial Real Nuevo modelo de retail Estate Estate Gazette Eurobuild Immobilien Zeitung en un momento de Economy is the threat The retail market in New Cities, New Der Laden um die Ecke cambio but digital remains the Poland has not Formats, New Brands kann die Keimzelle eines challenge overheated * New retail model in a time of change Weltkonzerns sein Today’s corner shop * could be tomorrow’s global retail giant Property Investor Property EU Sites Commerciaux Magaza Dergisi Europe Run on retail continues Retail Property La ville est très 2012’ de Perakende MAPIC 2011 flouts Analyst importante ; la périphérie Dünyasi Cannes echos of dramatic l’est aussi Wish you were here?* The retail world in 2012 euro, economic events Postcards from the * City centres are abyss extremely important; the suburbs are too
  5. 5. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-up To read full articles, Awful year for high streets in the UK. Vacancy please 1 Adapt to the new “ rates in some streets are approaching 30%” Estate Gazette Jones Lang LaSalle predicts that by 2020, more click here “ economic situation: than 50% of all non-food retail transactions will be digitally influenced in mature markets” The rise in online sales Property EU and vacancy levels on the high street “ A lack of funding has been steadily worsening since the beginning of the economic crisis” Centros Comerciales 2 Shopping Centres must see this new “ distribution channel as something positive and try to redirect their business strategies to use the internet to their best advantage” Centros Comerciales Multichannel Multichannel: “Retailing“ Retail operators are keen on the development of new formats […] IKEA contemplates the strategies that combine opening of stand-alone stores” CRe internet marketing with physical store sales” “ The impact of digital, the single biggest medium-term influence” Estate Gazette Customers are increasingly more demanding and, as a 3 “ result of the economic crisis, consumer habits have changed. It is therefore vital that business people and store owners adapt their strategies to new consumer needs” Regeneration and Centros Comerciales new store formats Regeneration: “How to revitalise existing premises […] bringing them “ Retail operators are keen on the development of into line with modern enticements new formats […] IKEA contemplates the opening that turns the shopping experience of stand-alone stores” into a social & entertainement CRe event for the family”
  6. 6. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-up To read full articles, Shopping centres feel an acute need for “ please 4 unique and unsaturated brands that have never been represented in the Russian market” click here CRe Growing middle-class in “ (In Russia) the low 13% income tax rate and fast growing countries buoyant economic base have generated a rich & and need for growing middle class, around 10m-strong with international retailers rapidly growing income and consumption needs” CRe “ (In Poland) the retail sector […] is still unsaturated, both in terms of the number of projects and the presence of international retail chains Eurobuild The Russian retail real estate market keeps growing mainly“ due to regional expansion. The most important trend […] is keener interest in the cities with half a million-plus cities.” CRe 5 Regional development: Focus on “ More and more investors are showing an interest in smaller towns. […] 2012 will be the secondary cities year of ‘convenience stores’ which have areas not exceeding 5,000 sq m.” Eurobuild “ The love the French have for their town centres doesn’t run that deep. [...] The city centre is a sentimental, historical concept to be sure, but one that is irrevocably limited.” Sites Commerciaux
  7. 7. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-up To read full articles, A major driver […] is no longer capital “ please 6 growth but capital preservation.” PropertyEU click here Focus on existing “ customers’ needs That will be a year for cost-effective generation, not grand redesigns” Retail Property Analyst “ Today, securing deals is extremely important, more than implementing new projects that, in the end, never see the light of the day” Magaza Dingasi 2012 looks to be an outstanding year for the retail 7“ sector. Substantial demand from investment funds and the launches of new, major projects are raising hope that Poland will stand out proudly on the European real estate market map Eurobuild New investors and new investment opportunities “ Institutional heavyweights including sovereign wealth funds are also entering the arena and global players from outside Europe are getting into the act as well. […] Increasingly, (pension funds) are deploying capital directly or coinvesting through joint ventures with specialist operating partners Property EU
  8. 8. MORE+ Vision n°4 January 2012 Vision byevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-up Retail RenaissanceWhile traditional retail is facing a raft of serious and sometimes deservedchallenges such as bland chains, the growth of e-commerce, sustainabilityissues, the financial crisis, demographics and anti-consumerism, most Insidepeople do, and will continue to, enjoy going shopping in the real world. From • The trend briefingOxford Street to Nanjing Road, rather than witnessing a decline in physical • Interviews:retailing, a retail renaissance is in the making: Crate & BarrelSome of the world’s sharpest retailers are defying the general doom and Land Securitiesgloom scenarios, as they realise that shopping in the real world will forever GDRsatisfy consumers’ deep-rooted needs for human contact, for instantgratification, for the promise of (shared) experiences and for telling stories.Hence there is a flurry of new formats, technologies, capabilities, andproducts that now are delighting retail customers around the world.We’ve talked to four of you who shared with ‘MORE Vision’ their view inexclusive interviews - Together with key data, useful links and must-seevideo, it makes the fourth issue of MORE Vision. Follow us on
  9. 9. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-up The trend briefing Where does the trend come from ?* Over the last decade physical retail has come under attack from e-commerce, with wild speculation about the downfall of traditional retailing as consumers switch their purchasing online. But as e-commerce matures and multi-channel retail comes to the fore, the physical world and the virtual world have come together and the new opportunities provided by technology have created a new dimension for stores. Many retailers and retail developments are evolving rapidly to encourage consumers to visit, shop, hang out, eat and drink and connect with others and the shopping environment has proved that it still provides a unique role in people’s lives. But this is not simply about putting a store down on a location and expecting shoppers to flood in. Instead stores, high streets and malls have had to develop increasingly complex strategies to ensure that they retain customers through excitement, engagement, convenience and trust. We’ve chosen four drivers behind RETAIL RENAISSANCE: 1. OFF=ON: How the benefits of shopping online can now be had off-line by consumers too 2. RETAIL SAFARI: How experiences still rule 3. INSTANT STATUS FIX: How shopping in the real world delivers instant status gratification in a way that online (still) can’t 4. CITYSUMERS: The future of consumerism is urban, and urban culture is retail culture*Source: a London-based, independent trend firm, scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends, insightsand related hands-on business ideas. Its free monthly Trend Briefings get sent to more than 160,000 business professionals in 180+ countries.”
  10. 10. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-up Selected linksOpportunity 1: In February 2011, US department store group JC Selected video DDR Penney rolled out its findmore service to 120OFF=ON stores across the US. In-store, 42-inch touch-Where OFF=ON gets most interesting is that a screens allow shoppers to view the retailer’s full online catalogue, check availability in local stores,whole new set of business practices and processes, share products with friends and scan product barnot to mention client involvement and marketing codes to receive extra information.techniques, have emerged online. The online world In August 2011, shopping centre developeris now completely accessible even when ‘offline’ and Westfield added Google Commerce searchfor retailers this means a world where not only have functionality to its in-mall mobile app to saveconsumer expectations been set by a decade of shoppers’ time in its malls. Shoppers can searchshopping online, but one where consumers can ac- and compare prices across retailers in their local Westfield shopping centre, and call the local How do you see it?cess all the things they love about e-commerce – Share your view and join in retailers to check availability with one click.convenience, the ability to hear other consumers’ ex- the discussion!periences, total price transparency, and virtually en- UK grocer Tesco will roll out its free Wi-Fi service to all of its Tesco Extra stores across the UK,dless choice – out in the ‘real world’ too. Doing this powered by UK broadband and mobile operator What could you bring from the onlinewill increase sales and improve customer satisfaction O2. Visitors to Tesco Extra stores will get free, world into your store or mallby reassuring shoppers that they are purchasing the unlimited access to the in-store wireless Internet environment?best of the best, at the cheapest possible price. service simply by signing up with their Clubcard number. For those without a Clubcard, the What will convenience look like next service will be free for 15 minutes every 24 hours. year, and in five years? Singapore-based mobile operator SingTel Post your answer launched its flagship store in Singapore’s 4here Comcentre in July 2011. The store’s exterior glass walls have embedded, interactive digital touchscreens in them, meaning that the store is effectively open 24/7. 4More links on trendwatching Selected links check-in to stores to win prizes. EveryOpportunity 2: In January 2011, Kraft and Intel 88th person to check-in wins a free movie ticket, every 88,888th person toRetail safari partnered to launch The Next Generation Meal Planning Solution, check-in wins a ticket for a zero gravity experience, while the 888,888th a kiosk that provides users with person to check-in will win the grand customised recipes and offers to help prize of a sub-orbital space trip. them plan meals, with directions to relevant in-store products. 4More links on trendwatching In July 2011, American Express launched two social commerce initiatives for both Selected video consumers and businesses: Link-Like- Shopkick Love, an app that gives users personalised discounts based on Facebook ‘Likes’ and check-ins, and Go Social a tool that enables retailers toShopping moments are now ubiquitous: in the real offer customers offers integrated withworld nearly everything now has a retail Foursquare and Facebook.component, which means that over the last few Shopkick, is a location-based gamingyears, smart retailers have looked hard at what app that dispenses ‘kickbuck’ rewardwould make them unique and desirable. The ones points to consumers for checking-in towho have been relentlessly reinventing themselves stores, via sensors that automatically How do you see it?understood that while ON=OFF brings extra recognise when shoppers enter the Share your view and join in store. Retailers such as Macy’s and the discussion!transparency and information into stores, shopping Best Buy signed up in 2010, and in Does your retail environment provideisn’t purely functional. For a large number of anything unique to you? June 2011 the company announcedconsumers around the world, ‘going shopping’ is a that it was extending the programme Is there some part of your offer whichleisure activity: a way of relaxing, a source of to 1,000 smaller, local stores in aentertainment or a chance to meet up with friends could be customised to an individual or partnership with Citi. become location specific?and share experiences. Indeed, when consumers go 7-Eleven has partnered withshopping in person, they increasingly expect to feel Paramount and Foursquare in a Post your answeror experience something that they can’t get online. campaign that encourages users to 4here*Source: a London-based, independent trend firm, scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends, insightsand related hands-on business ideas. Its free monthly Trend Briefings get sent to more than 160,000 business professionals in 180+ countries.”
  11. 11. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-up Selected videoOpportunity 3: Selected links Cook & Book is a retail space dedicated to Boxpark, LondonInstant status fix books and food in central Brussels. Divided into nine themed areas, each has a distinctive decorative style and dining space. Visitors can savour tea and scones in the English room, or enjoy a glass of wine while perusing books in the Art or Music rooms. There is also a children’s area and regular special events such as an outdoor cinema programme held in July. Japanese beauty retailer Shiseido launched its flagship in Ginza, Tokyo in May 2011. The three- storey store offers virtual make-up simulator kiosks, which allow customers to try many How do you see it? different products without putting them on, Share your view and join in while the upper floors are devoted to the discussion! experiencing the products, with a photo studio, Does your retail offer or location luxury consultation and treatment suites. make customers feel special?Whether it’s the sensory impact of walking around a Italian lingerie retailer Angelique Devil offers a Interaction, mood, technology –store, flaunting the bags, being served by caring shop number of experiences, including ‘Sensual worthwhile investments or costs?personnel or just purchasing items in an environment Fashion Set’. Customers receive a consultation Post your answerwith other people looking on, a shopping experience with a make-up artist and stylist, before a photo- shoot with a professional fashion photographer. 4herein the real world delivers instant status gratification in a After the session, a private screening is held andway that online (still) can’t. the customer receives a DVD and five photos.That can also be achieved by forgoing chain-wide rol- Gomus is a Brazil-based music branding companylouts or borderless e-commerce and would appeal to which provides a distinctive retail environmentconsumers wanting the excitement of having to physi- using sound. Gomus embeds RFID tags incally go and buy something. Selling something in just clothing, and when a customer tries on items inone, or limited (geographical) locations will trigger en- the changing room, they are played a songthusiasm, PR, status stories and premium prices. chosen to match the feel or mood of the clothing. 4More links on trendwatchingOpportunity 4: Selected links Selected video US drugstore Duane Reade opened a flagship House of Fraser, Liverpool ONECitysumers store on Wall Street in July 2011. As well as a pharmacy and onsite doctor, the storeThe trend towards Retail renaissance fits directly with our contains hair and nail salons, virtual makeoverMORE Vision 2 trend briefing, Citysumers and the kiosks, secure cell phone charging stations forunrelenting urbanisation and the expansion of consumer customers while they shop, and a shoe shineculture. Urban dwellers have more disposable income, service (the latters proceeds going to charity).more leisure time and virtually limitless opportunities to Radar Hair and Records in Seattle offersspend it. While this is obviously true in urbanised mature hairstyling services in addition to a selection of vintage clothes, accessories and vinyl,markets, the real story is in emerging markets. Consider: meaning that consumers can browse theChinese retail sales in July 2011 rose 17.2% (Source: store while they enjoy a cut or color. The How do you see it?National Bureau of Statistics, August 2011); between store-salon also hosts evening events, such as Share your view and join in2001 and 2010, retail sales in developing markets went concerts, art exhibitions and fashion shows. the discussion!from 35% of the global total to 42% (Source: AT Kearney, In April 2011, to celebrate the launch of its Should urban stores or mallsJune 2011); Asian retail sales are forecast to grow from boutique on Via Condotti in Rome, Christian reposition their offer to maximise$5.4 trillion in 2010 to $8.5 trillion in 2014 (Source: PWC Dior re-issued a handful of its iconic French their location?& Economist Intelligence Unit, January 2011). Lady Dior bags that could only be purchased from the store. Each bag contained a special Is it retail, leisure or services label: ‘Christian Dior Paris – Made in Italy – which best provide Rome Limited Edition’. differentiation? L’Imprimerie is a footwear exhibition and retail Post your answer space in Paris which renews the goods it sells 4here each month. When the permanent pop-up store offers a new collection, the boutique is relaunched with a party and exhibition. 4More links on trendwatching*Source: a London-based, independent trend firm, scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends, insightsand related hands-on business ideas. Its free monthly Trend Briefings get sent to more than 160,000 business professionals in 180+ countries.”
  12. 12. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-upRetailer: How can you bring more of the online case the whole range. When we come to Eu-Barbara Turf, CEO, Crate & world into your environments? rope we will maintain that approach, whichBarrel We have a plan to become one of the top is critical to what we do. I think we’ll be in three most recognised homewares retailers London in the next three to four years and I in the world and to achieve that we obviously expect the first stores to be in malls. need global expansion. We spent a lot of time making sure that the website reflected How do you make your stores specific to what we try and achieve with our stores and their location? we ship to over 90 countries. But the stores Firstly, location is very important, which is are integral to Crate & Barrel and always have one of the reasons why we haven’t opened been. in Europe yet. In the past year I have been to London four times and taken a look at both What now makes a good shopping expe- Westfield shopping centres, Bluewater and rience and how do you see that changing? central London. But high rents, high opera- We spend a lot on our stores and that does tional costs and availability have stopped us make establishing a new store expensive, making a move. Every store we open is ar- but we have always believed that the archi- chitecturally and merchandise specific to its tecture is an integral part of the Crate & Bar- location. One of the challenges for us is that rel offer. That approach does lend itself more we have to be sure any franchising partner to high street stores but we also operate understands our ethos. We’ve been fortu- from malls and as such we need 2,000 sq m nate to work in the Middle East with Al Tayer @ CrateandBarrel as we do not want to downsize our format. and they have really done it well and we’ll be So units have to be large enough to show- exploring more opportunities with them.Developer: How can you bring more of the online gure space. That keeps the centres fresh andRichard Akers, managing world into your environments? dynamic for shoppers and in fact helps retai-director, retail, Land Securities The basis of our digital strategy is how we lers to move out of under-performing stores, can produce a better customer experience but of course that loss of control is tough for for our shoppers. For that we have a wide retailers to accept, although they have adap- range of programmes, including the introduc- ted very well in the designer outlet model. tion of free Wi-Fi into our centres, social As an example, at our Gunwharf Quays des- media activity to promote student lock-in igner outlet we change around 15-20% of the events, fashion events and community enga- stores and food offer every year. gement through Facebook, Twitter, Fours- quare and so on. But we have also taken the How do you make your stores specific to decision to go only with proven technology. their location? We have also tied up with Amazon to test As part of our objective to operate stand-out click-and-collect collection points and we will shopping centres, in all of our projects we try be doing more to facilitate click-and-collect in to make our scheme the centre of its com- our centres. munity, which means using the facilities to offer training, advertising jobs in the centre, What now makes a good shopping expe- further education and helping to raise money rience and how do you see that changing? for local charities. At Trinity Leeds, which I’ve long put forward the hypothesis that opens next year, we have run a movie making @landsecurities landlords need the sort of control that we competition in conjunction with the cinema have with our factory outlet centres, enabling operator Everyman, which has engaged with us to move retailers in and out and reconfi- Leeds’ more fashionable youngsters.
  13. 13. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-upGuest: How can you bring more of the online a stop. This time round big corporations rea- world into your environments? lise this is the way we are going to live forKate Ancketill, GDR The digital revolution is ongoing and it tends some time and we just have to carry on and to throw up a lot of the most exciting things constant innovation is part of that. we are seeing and if anything we have to hold back because not everyone wants to be How do you make your stores specific to swept away when they are still concentrating their location? on their physical stores. We are finding a lot One major challenge for retailers and brands of interest in the convergence of digital and is how to connect with new customers and retail. Most retailers are looking to combine we continue to see a lot of work being done technology with their store estate and espe- with pop-up stores. These temporary outlets cially mobile, because of the potential of a are ideal, creating a ‘be there or be square’ hand-held device interacting in-store. As part event and driving a lot of dynamism into re- of that we are seeing brands versus peer tail locations. They also allow brands and re- group reviews, and even super peer-groups, tailers to connect with new locations. Procter where customers source views from inde- & Gamble recently ran an e-store pop-up in pendent experts on products. Prague where QR codes were used for pur- chasing and home delivery and more such What now makes a good shopping expe- concepts may pop-up all over the place! It re- rience and how do you see that changing? mains ideal as a vehicle for brands to test Despite the current downturn I think we are concepts and reach out to consumer groups @gdruk in a different market from the last crisis, in that they are not normally comfortable with 2008, where innovation pretty much came to and that they do not normally target.Polarisation: Boutique The need to create a sense of place and expe- AMF deliberately did not start by leasingor big centres? rience appears to be polarising the market yet the shops, instead the first pre-lettingsMark Faithfull, editor, Retail further, with a clear trend towards boutique, were to three of Stockholms top restau-Property Analyst targeted centres or mega schemes like West- rants. The food and retail offers are mixed field in London or Eurofunds’ upcoming Puerto together and Forsling adds: “The project Venecia. A joint venture between British Land forms a key link between the surrounding and Orion Capital Managers, investor Ian Stan- business district and the main retail areas ford believes that future developments will of Stockholm, describing the mall as "Fifth ” have to mix “lots of activities, which means Avenue meets the Meatpacking District". people will say ‘let’s go to Puerto Venecia and As part of the offer there will be two circa decide what we do once we get there’. ” 250 sq m open-air gardens at first floor But he adds: “It’s not just about being big, level, interactive artworks and rentable you need lots of different leisure and retail tree-house meeting rooms. and it needs to be in the right environment, The approach at MOOD echoes that of not simply inside a big box. ” Land Securities’ One New Change, adja- Swedish institutional investor AMF Fasti- cent to St Paul’s Cathedral in London. With gheter has put the emphasis on place-ma- an extensive, upper end restaurant offer it king and sustainability for its inner city has been designed specifically to meet the MOOD development in Stockholm. Head of needs of office workers during the week, retail Karolin Forsling believes the secret is while still appealing to tourists at the week- that the scheme is less a mall, “more a end in an area that traditionally did not offer place – a city within the city.” weekend retailing. @markfaithfull1
  14. 14. Vision by Follow us onevery 2 months: 1 consumer trend briefing • 4 retail real estate player’s viewpoints • online follow-upFUTURE RETAIL & BONUSWHAT’S NEXT FOR THE RETAIL REAL ESTATE INDUSTRY2012 as seen by retail real estate specialists at MAPIC 2011MAPIC 2011 – New generation MAPIC 2011 – “Science Fact:of shopping malls: what’s next? Future Retail” In five years the retail landscape will look vastly dif-MAPIC 2011 speaker Laure Colliex hosts a round ferent. Our futurist keynote speaker Kate Ancketilltable discussion on the Darwinian evolution of discusses "science fact" at MAPIC 2011modern retail spaces with Marc BLUM,Partner/Regional Director Europe/MENA, The MAPIC 2011 keynote speaker Kate Ancketill dis-Jerde Partnership, LCC (USA), Philippe JOURNO, cusses concepts you haven’t heard of, but will soon:Founder & CEO, Compagnie de Phalsbourg, and longevity stores, reputation clean-up stations, gene-Isaac KALISVAART, CEO, MAB Development tic testing spas… this isn’t science fiction, it’s less(The Netherlands) than 5 years away. Ancketill unveils the high street of the mid-term future, based on technology changes and anticipated consumer demands. MAPIC 2011 – Science Fact: Future Retail Discover this PDF used by Kate Ancketill, GDR CEO, during her keynote at MAPIC 2011
  15. 15. Today’s intelligence for tomorrow’s business is a new initiative by MAPIC, The international market for retail real estate 14 – 16 November 2012, Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France. Vision mipimworldblog Every two months, MORE+ Vision introduces a new trend that is influencing retail property strategy. In the next edition of MORE+ Vision we will be examining: • The convergence of transport hubs and retail centres and how the two are increasingly working together • The unique opportunities and challenges of retailing in aMAPIC ® is a registered trademark of Reed MIDEM - All rights reserved - Reed MIDEM, a member of Reed Exhibitions, © 2012 high footfall, transit location For regular updates, questions, comments … Join us on Nov. Mar. New on the MIPIMWorld blog: weekly updates on the topics and 2011 2012 trends explored in MORE Vision. Previous MORE+ Vision: Next MORE+ Vision: Culture, leisure: transport hubs, transit Would you like to contribute to the MIPIMWorld blog - with traffic generator? location an article, a podcast or a video? Or maybe you have suggestions for themes youd like us to discuss? Contact us Register here via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or by email to share your Read it here if you wish to be notified views and ideas! Contacts Credits Contributors: Mark Faithfull • Joanne Archibald • Jean-Marc André Any questions on MORE+ Vision, Acknowledgement: MORE+ Vision wishes to thank the interviewees for their kind participation please contact Editor: Design: Frédéric Beauseigneur Want to advertise in MORE+ Vision, Sources: “, a London-based, independent trend firm, scans the globe for the most promising consumer trends, insights and related hands-on business ideas. Its free monthly Trend Brie- please contact fings get sent to more than 160,000 business professionals in 180+ countries”; MAPIC News; GDR