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Hduk online backup_awscreen

  1. 1. Online Backup for Servers, PC’s and Laptops Most SME’s still store their business critical data in their offices on local servers, PC’s or laptops, this requires time consuming procedures to be carried out to back up data to portable devices such as USB hard drives or tape streamers in order to ensure business continuity in the event of server/PC failure. Some surveys suggest that a worrying number don’t have backup procedures of any kind. HDUK is pleased to be able to offer its clients OnlineBackup, a software service which allows you to backup and restore data speedily and securely over the internet (double encrypted at source and transit) between your local file servers, PC’s, and laptops, and our highly secure data centres. General features of HDUK OnlineBackup Multi-Platform - The software supports a whole variety of operating systems including Windows Small Business Server and Windows Server 2003/2008/2012. Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8. Linux versions such as RedHat, SuSe, and Debian are supported as well as Mac OS X 10.4.10 and higher. Unlimited versions - OnlineBackup allows you to keep an unlimited number of versions of each file or backup. Time and processor efficiency - Only changes are backed up saving on processing power and time. Flexible restore options - restore an entire computer or a single file. Application Plugins - OnlineBackup contains plugins to integrate with common software that comprises user data. It facilitates for example the backup of Microsoft Outlook, Favourites. Backup open files - OnlineBackup is capable of backing up open files, you do not have to shut down any applications during the backup process. This means that – for example – your Word documents and Outlook emails are backed up, even when they are in use. Command Line Interface - Automate backup and restore tasks by using the command-line interface (CLI) in the OnlineBackup client software. Easy to schedule and can be run as a one-off or on a continuous basis. The software also allows you to create unlimited schedules. Please contact us on 020 3239 6181 or email us contact@hosteddesktopuk.co.uk www.hostedesktopuk.co.uk Quick and easy setup Automatic, scheduled, offsite backup Backup open files Incremental backup Data compression & encryption Multiple OS support Multiple versions stored Secure
  2. 2. Telephone: 020 3239 6181 Email: contact@hosteddesktopuk.co.uk www.hosteddesktopuk.co.uk Unit 24 Basepoint Business Centre, Yeoford Way, Marsh Barton Trading Estate, EXETER. EX2 8LB Pre and Post Scripts - Using scripts adds even more agility to the backup possibilities of OnlineBackup, execute snapshots and stop applications prior to a backup or restore and restart afterwards using .cmd, .exe, or .bat files. Multi-Language Support - OnlineBackup supports multiple languages, including the most important world languages. Web Access - OnlineBackup WebAccess is a portal for end-users that enables them to access their stored data. Once backed up, a file can be accessed from anywhere in the world - on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection – via a web browser - in addition to regular access via the application itself. Cost efficiency - you can run OnlineBackup on any number of machines under the same account using polled storage. Double encryption and compression - data is double encrypted at source and transit and compressed to ensure both security of data and efficiency of transmission. Server specific features Hyper-V Server backup and recovery - OnlineBackup Hyper-V plugin offers business a full disaster recovery scenario. The Recovery Time Objective (RTO) can be optimized by restoring the data in an alternative host, which is in the same cloud as where the backup is stored. MS Exchange Server Backup - OnlineBackup is capable of backing up Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 and 2010; it can back up the Exchange database without interrupting business operations - even during the backup window (hot backup). MS SQL Server backup - Securing Microsoft SQL Servers is easy with OnlineBackup. The software supports backups of MS SQL Server 2005, 2008 and 2012, and is able to back up the SQL database without interrupting business operations - even during the backup window (hot backup). MySQL Database backup - OnlineBackup enables the backup of MySQL databases on table level while they are actively in use. As a result data recovery can be performed fast and focused. OnlineBackup can back up the MySQL database without interrupting business operations - even during the backup window (hot backup). NAS Servers - To have all their business data at hand, most small offices use network attached storage (NAS) systems. This is a convenient solution for the availability of the data in the company, but not really safe. OnlineBackup makes backups of these NAS servers and makes sure that this data is protected against any kind of loss. Hot backup - File, database or email servers are continuously operational, OnlineBackup can back up these servers without interrupting business operations - even during the backup window. Uses native API’s - For the backup of MS Exchange Server and MS SQL Server the OnlineBackup software makes use of the native Application Programming Interfaces of the platforms, this makes the backup more reliable than the ‘open file’ type of backup. Online Backup Features Workstation Features Server Features • • ClientOperatingSystems • ServerOperatingSystems • • Multi-platform • • Unlimitedversions • • Processorefficient • • Flexiblerestore • • Plugins(Outlook,SystemState) • • Backupopenfiles • • Commandlineinterface • • Pre/Postscripts • • Multi-language • • Webaccess • • Costefficient • • Encrypt&Compress • Hyper-VBackup • ExchangeBackup • SQLServerBackup • SQLDatabaseBackup • NASServerBackup • • HotBackup • UsesNativeAPIs