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BLH Appraisals

  1. 1. BLH Appraisals Bobby Lee Henderson 404.271.9537
  2. 2. Bobby Lee Henderson, Property Appraiser and Consultant Professional Profile BLH Appraisals has been providing professional appraisal services with distinction since 1997.Bobby is a formally and professionally trained Personal Property Appraiser and is a Registered andLicensed Real Estate Appraiser with the Georgia Real Estate Commission and Appraisers Board(GREAB). With over 14+ years of overall diverse market experience, Bobby gained experience and awide range of knowledge in the field of valuation. Residential Property is BLH Appraisals concentration. Appraisers focus on property todetermine its value for primarily those that house 1-4 families. Uniform Standards of ProfessionalAppraiser Practice (USPAP) are applied in analyzing formal reports, validating accuracy of third partyvaluations (CRS, LSI), and accessing equitableness. Purchasing a home is very emotional. During this time many tend to just look at the cosmeticappeal of a house instead of the important factors. BLH Appraisals recognize this and set its’ missionto provide homeowners the comfort, security, and satisfaction of ensuring quality home assessment forfair market value. Bobby states, “The objective is to avoid a purchase that could cost tens of thousandsof dollars in an overpriced purchase.” BLH Appraisals prides itself on appraisal affordability, integrity, and proficiency. The NationalAssociation of Home Builders (NAHB) expects a slow and gradual recovery in home sales and the overallhousing market in 2012. As we continue to recover, “It’s our pledge to provide a complete and preciseanalysis!” providing our clients with confidence and a peace of mind.
  3. 3. Bobby Lee Henderson, Property Appraiser and Consultant Credentials  Georgia Licensed Real Estate Appraiser  Georgia MLS Member  Fannie Mae Forensic Reviewer  2000-2008 Roster HUD/FHA Member  GREAB ‘good standing’ Status  14+ professional training and experience  200+ Hours Real Estate Appraisals Continual Education Courses  Ongoing Professional Training: Georgia Appraisal Law, Appraisal Review, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraiser Practice (USPAP), Fannie Mae FHA Properties, Cost Approach, Report Writing, Case Studies, Business Management Courses  Background Valuation: single family homes, multi-family homes, mobile homes, manufactured homes, pre-construction homes, condominiums, land
  4. 4. Bobby Lee Henderson, Property Appraiser and Consultant The BLH Difference Single Family Residential Appraisals $250  Express Reports Available (1-3 days)  Direct Appraiser Communication (no management company)  Non-Lending | 2nd Opinion | Drive By ($200)Appraisal Determination of ValuePurchases, Sales, Loans, Investments, Mortgages, Tax Appeals, Foreclosures,Divorce Disputes, Damages, Mediation/Arbitration, Bankruptcies, Estate Planning,Eminent Domains, Realtor/Homeowner Listings, Broker Price Opinion (BPO), TaxGrievances, ProbatesRoutine Clientele ListingLocal Banks, Credit Unions, Homeowners, Law Firms, Insurance Companies, CityGovernment, Estate Executors, Trustees and Private Individuals, Consultants (tax,accountants, mortgage, financial, realtors, foreclosures)Serving Georgia CountiesCherokee, Clayton, Cobb, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Gwinnett, Hall, Henry,Paulding, Rockdale, Newton
  5. 5. Bobby Lee Henderson, Property Appraiser and Consultant What We DoWhat is the importance of a Professional Real Estate Appraisal?The professional opinion of an appraiser, backed by extensive training and knowledge, influences thedecisions of people who own, manage, sell, purchase, invest in, and lend money on the security of realestate. We are trained to be an impartial third party in the lending process, this serves as a vital "checkin the system," protecting real estate buyers from overpaying for property as well as lenders from overlending to buyers.How long does an appraisal take?The physical inspection of the property being appraised can take from fifteen minutes to several hours,depending upon the size and complexity involved. After the initial inspection of the property, time isspent touring through the neighborhood or area. The purpose of this is to search for comparable sales(other properties that are similar to the property being appraised) that have sold within approximatelythe last six months to a year. When the field work is finished, reports are completed in the office.Where does an appraiser get the information needed to complete an appraisal?We get our information from a wide variety of sources, including the Multiple Listing Service, local taxassessor’s records, local real estate professionals, county courthouse records, private public recorddata vendors, interviews with sellers and buyers, appraisal data co-operatives and personal knowledgefrom previous appraisals.What does the appraiser look for?Typically, we document the condition of the property, both inside and out, from the layout andfeatures to degree of modernization including any updates as well as the overall quality ofconstruction. This information will help to assist throughout the valuation and comparison process.We then estimate the square footage (GLA - gross living area), by measuring the exterior of the home.Non-living areas, such as garages or covered porches, arent included in GLA, but are accounted forand considered in value separately. Finished basements are also calculated separately from the above-ground GLA. Because many above-ground swimming pools and small sheds are not permanentstructures, they typically usually arent included in the valuation. Depending on the specific installationprocess and local custom, however, an above ground pool or small shed might be considered part ofthe real property.
  6. 6. Bobby Lee Henderson, Property Appraiser and Consultant Contact Information Bobby Lee Henderson, Jr. 3922 Garrett Springs Drive Powder Springs, Georgia 30127 404.271.9537 Visit Us …..