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Talent Solutions                                                                         “We use LinkedIn for the most    ...
LinkedIn SolutionAstralis uses LinkedIn to promote its most challenging andhigh-profile searches. The LinkedIn solutions i...
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Astralis (UK)


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LinkedIn helps Astralis approach and recruit hard-to-hire HR specialists.


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Transcript of "Astralis (UK)"

  1. 1. Talent Solutions “We use LinkedIn for the most challenging assignments. It lets us reach difficult-to-find candidates even if they are not actively looking for a new job.” Mark Knapper, Managing Director, AstralisAstralis Case StudyLinkedIn helps Astralis approach and recruit hard-to-hire HR specialists Challenges Highlights As is common in senior level recruitment, the most suitable candidates are often not actively looking for a new job so Astralis decided a proactive approach was the only way to be really effective. In the 13 years since Astralis started, it has seen huge changes. In 1999, most advertising went through The Sunday Times (at that time, a half-page advert could cost tens of thousands of pounds and would have to be booked up to three weeks in advance). These days, speed and cost-effectiveness is of the essence and assignments are now started within days with completion times being critical. Whilst there are a number of specialist recruitment sites, it has been difficult to find one which facilitates the need to approach passive candidates, notably in some of the more demanding roles in areas such as reward management and organisational development and Company Profile design. It was this search for a powerful competitive advantage that led Astralis to LinkedIn in 2011. “Very few recruitment companies take full advantage of LinkedIn. For us, it’s a valuable business tool” Mark Knapper, MD, Astralis
  2. 2. LinkedIn SolutionAstralis uses LinkedIn to promote its most challenging andhigh-profile searches. The LinkedIn solutions include:Sponsored JobsThis allows you to reach the right candidate with the right jobat the right time, whether or not they are looking for a newrole, suggesting jobs to potential candidates based on keywords in the job description. Members are three times morelikely to apply for a Sponsored Job than if they find the jobanother way. Astralis Company PageLinkedIn Recruiter Tool ResultsLinkedIn lets recruiters contact potential candidates directly For Astralis, the main benefit is the ability to reach passiveusing InMails, which appear in the recipients’ inbox on candidates. Overall, close on half of their InMails get aLinkedIn. This allows Astralis to communicate directly with response allowing them to reduce spending on otherpeople who may be perfect for a role but who are not platforms and speed up the recruitment process.actively looking to change jobs. LinkedIn gives Astralis reach and access to great candidatesLinkedIn Jobs but allows the company to deploy their industry expertiseAstralis has 10 job slots, these jobs are automatically fully to vet candidates, find the perfect shortlist and be therecommended to the best candidates, and at the same time honest broker between candidate and client during theAstralis receives a list of 25 people that best fit the critical offer stage. It also helps them fill the most challengingrequirements, plus advanced analytics and filters to monitor roles and, overall, the company fills a third of its positionsand refine the job posting. using LinkedIn.LinkedIn Career Page “LinkedIn paid for itself in six weeks byThis gives Astralis a presence on LinkedIn where it can reducing the cost per hire, improvingposition itself as an agency of choice for prospective candidate quality and halving thecandidates. amount of time it takes to identify candidates.”Astralis also maintains a Company Page on LinkedIn andencourages its staff to keep their own profiles up to date as Mark Knapper, MD, Astraliswell. This supports the company’s InMails and helps them tobe good ‘LinkedIn citizens’. Naturally, they also maintain their Visit to learn how you canown networks of contacts and candidates using LinkedIn too. source top candidates on LinkedIn Copyright © 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.