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A short slide presentation to explain to holistic health practitioners the marketing purpose of

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  • If you are a health and wellness practitioner with so many clients you can’t possibly handle any more business, then this presentation is probably not for you. However, if you work in health and wellness, and you wish you could get more clients in your door, we have an exciting concept to share with you.
  • The business of Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is a $34 billion a year industry, encompassing a diverse variety of health and wellness practitioners.
  • But what unites us is our commonly held beliefs that:The body is holistic.The body can heal itself if given the right support.We should find the cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms.
  • Our industry suffers in a down economy. When a family’s bills are greater than their income, choices have to be made, and working on health goals must take a back seat to paying necessary expenses. And because our services are typically not covered by insurance, even if our clients prefer to see a holistic health practitioner, they may instead seek a doctor’s remedy because medical services are covered by insurance.
  • But, there’s an industry that doesn’t slow down during hard economic times. This industry has proved to be recession resistant. It’s a $60 billion industry, about twice the size of ours. This industry makes big promises, but has an estimated failure rate of 95%! (How long would YOU be in business with a failure rate of 95%?)This industry makes big claims that their products and services promote health, yet in truth they harm people’s health.This industry thrives on misinformation, misleading claims, and old-school thinking about health.
  • We’re talking about the U.S. weight loss industry. Their approach is an artificial way to live. Their approach depletes the body of the nutrients needed to be healthy. Most importantly, it’s focused on a symptom, fighting fat, instead of focusing on the cause that created the fat. Why do people get fat in the first place? This industry doesn’t care. It’s not their business to think about causes of obesity, just to get results, and those results are sketchy at best. That’s why most people will not keep the weight off over time, unless they keep buying the products and stick to the deprivation diets prescribed by these programs. And most people just can’t do that for the long run.
  • So, consider this: The weight loss industry makes an estimated $60 billion a year. The average client of a weight loss program spends $725 per month for their services and products.
  • What if our industry took a slice out of their pie? Let’s say we make a goal to take away 10% of the market from the weight loss giants, but do it differently, better!
  • What if we were to do weight loss in a way that improves our clients’ health for the long run.That looks at the causes of weight gain and addresses those causes, instead of focusing on excess fat.That gets lasting results because we help people get authentically thin.
  • It’s time for a fundamental shift in the way we approach weight loss in this country. Our industry can lead this shift. We can be the catalyst for change. And this can mean more clients and more income for you.If this idea interests you, explore the website, watch the videos, and think about how your work could incorporate this new approach to weight loss.
  • Providers slidepresentation

    1. 1. CAM = $34 billion/yr
    2. 2. The body is holistic.The body can heal itself if given the right support.Find the cause of disease instead of just treating the symptoms.
    3. 3. $60 billion
    4. 4. $60 million
    5. 5. • Improves health• Addresses causes of weight gain• Gets lasting results
    6. 6. Reconnect with your existing clients. Attract new clients through a dynamic referral network.Enhance your professional reputation