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S4 Curricular bulletin Aug10






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    S4 Curricular bulletin Aug10 S4 Curricular bulletin Aug10 Document Transcript

    • Kilwinning Academy S4 News August 2010Welcome to our S4 Curriculum BulletinIn our recent visit by school inspectors we were praised for our effective partnershipworking. In the report it was noted that parents were asking for more informationabout how to improve the education of their youngsters and how to provide morehomework support. We are taking steps to raise attainment in partnership with parentsby promoting more active learning. We hope that this publication is helpful to parentsand students as they work towards certificate exams. Each pupil also has aOur exams last May delivered agood set of results for many of our Maths notes jotter. The introduction of eachStandard Grade students. 89% Each pupil has a Homework Booklet topic includes aachieved 5 Standard Grade passes containing Homework Exercises for written note ofor more. It is our constant desire each topic/chapter covered. These explanation andto drive up the level of results and exercises should be completed in worked examplesour Headteacher, Mr Armstrong, pupils’ homework jotters and are the which each pupilhas met with all Principal Teachers minimum homework requirement. should have copiedto discuss ways of achieving this. into his or her jotter.We have used CATs (CognitiveAbilities Test) in S1 and S2 toindicate how we should expectcandidates to perform in theirexams in S4 and experience hasshown that these have provedquite reliable. We now intend toset more accurate targets, usingCAT results, to help motivatepupils. Targets will be discussedwith pupils and shared withparents. We will also becontinuing to track pupils’performance againstexpectations. Pupils will behelped to close any gaps throughcomments and advice. Clearly, itis important for pupils to acceptsome responsibility for their ownlearning and improvement byacting on their teachers’ advice. 1
    • Using a homework diary regularly helps with study planning and can be useful to keep a record of achievements! Accounting & FinanceEnglish Art & Design and AdministrationPupils who The next two months The class is currently working hardwill be sitting will see our students to complete the theoretical aspects ofthe Standard at all levels the course so that the prelim examGrade exam in continuing to work that they sit in November/December2010 are on their expressive will be complete and not haveworking on a folio of Writing and units in class and sections omitted. In order to prepareReading answers at present. Five preparing for their 5 fully for the prelim examinationpieces of their best work will be sent hour, Expressive homework, based on past papers, isfor external marking in the New Practical Prelim. being issued regularly and pupilsYear. Pupils will have the should find that this, if completedopportunity to redraft and improve The deadline for completion of their well, preparesexisting work. expressive unit is the Christmas them for any Holidays, and students should be questions thatPupils who have already completed nearing completion of their work for they will face inthe Standard Grade course will be the research and investigation stage the prelim or theworking on the component units of of this unit. Development studies are real exam inthe Intermediate level course this also underway, with students trying M a y. Thesession. Where appropriate they may out different compositional ideas and p r a c t i c a lalso be working at Higher level. experimenting with a range of media. element of the They may be asked to complete assessment will some of this work at home. be done after Christmas. S4 Art and Design students will alsoFrench sit a Design Critical prelim which Home Economics they are currently preparing for in Home Economics (F/G/C):Standard Grade: class. They will be expected to Preparation for prelim examinations• Preparing for Shopping Topic Test discuss the work of 2 designers in (written and practical) is beginning.• Starting Restaurant Topic this exam. Pupils have study notes in their class folders and jotters, which will helpEvidence required for the completion them prepare for writtenof these topics: Oral exam and examinations. Practical prelim written folio piece. Computing Studies examinations will be published 2 Classes are weeks prior to the examination. Both these tests are now well Pupils should be encouraged to internal assessments through the practice skills and timing at home. set by SQA and course and are All pupils have been given thecount towards the overall Grade currently opportunity to purchase text bookstherefore it is crucial that pupils working on two for their own use. Class text bookswork to their maximum potential. main areas: are available for reference in school knowledge and only.Pupils also have homework booklets understanding of the use ofon each topic, the deadlines for computers in industrial andcompletion being set by their class Hospitality (Intermediate 1): All commercial activities and the pupils are in the process ofteacher, according to pace. completion of their practical abilities completing the final unit of work: folders. ‘Organisation ofIntermediate 2:• NAB exams in Listening and Practical Skills’. Assessment of the knowledge and Assessment for thisReading to be completed. These are understanding aspect is covered bycrucial, as pupils cannot be entered will take place two multiple choice tests; one prior before thefor the exam in May until they have to the October break and one after.achieved passes in these Units. Christmas Break. The Computing department will• The Personal Communication issue interim reports giving theNAB will also be done by Christmas. Practical prelim results of these tests prior to prelim examinations willAgain, this is a crucial element to the exemption. The current practicalexam and must be passed before take place in November/December. work should be complete prior to the Pupils will require to prepare a 2entry to the exam in May. Christmas break and will be the final• Redrafts of the written element of course meal within 1.5 hours. This element of each pupil’s practical will be published 2 weeks prior tothe exam will be completed and this folio. This means that the practicalcan be learned off by heart for the the examination. Pupils should be ability grade (PA) in the prelim encouraged to practice at home toexam. Don’t waste this report will be an accurate measure ofopportunity! improve their practical skills. the grade passed onto the exam board. In the build up to the prelims, classes will have weekly homework based on past papers. 2
    • Keep track of important assessment dates with a calendar - check exam dates at www.sqa.org.ukReligious Studies Intermediate 1 Biology pupils are and there are a number of websites for Chemistry revision. Among theThe next few weeks will see us working on the unit, ‘Growinggetting Investigation drafts on their Planet’. Homework is set about best are BBC Bitesize Revision at fortnightly in the form of write on www.bbc.co.uk/education/bitesizeway to completion. and www.evans2chemweb.co.uk sheets.This involves ongoing research intopersonally selected topic. It is worth All pupils should be spending time33% of the total grade. First draft on general revision of notes etc. for Physicsdue end November, final report due forthcoming prelims. Useful T h eend January. All pupils following S revision techniques include mind TransportGrade RS have folders and mapping, making their own flash topic isinstructions. Materials are available cards, constructing and labelling a l m o s t for borrowing as diagrams, working on examples from complete and required. A letter past papers or revision books or even pupils are will be sent home discussing Biology terms with due another explaining this in friends and family. Just reading or end of topic detail. Please sign copying from notes is rarely test as well and return the tear effective. The BBC Bitesize as preparing off slip. Revision materials available on the for prelims. internet (http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/ Other topicsIn Issues of Morality the nature of bitesize/) are an excellent aid to include studies in Energy andmorality is explored, considering revision for Standard Grade pupils. Electronics as well as a look at Spacewhat makes an action right or wrong Physics. Pupils will also soon haveand whether morality depends on Pupils will be working on techniques started a complete course revisionreligious authority, tradition, custom, and investigations which are programme (extra homework!)self-interest, or its impact on others. compulsory if they are to achieve an award in their final exam. Good TechnicalWe will look at general principlesand values from Christianity and attendance is particularly importantIslam. There will also be a closer at this time to avoid missing any ofexamination of specific moral issues these practical assessments.and religious responses arising from: Craft and Design: Pupils • sexual morality: should have freedom and responsibility in completed their relationships between sexes, Chemistry Design folios• the taking of life: S Grade pupils are by the October • war, working towards Holidays. They • abortion, completing topics 8 have now begun • euthanasia. to 11 in time for working on Final Projects . They the Prelim examination. Each pupil will also be studying for the has been issued with a cd romAll pupils will develop evaluation containing a full set of revision knowledge and understanding exam.skills thinking through different materials and homework exercises Some work for this will be given asopinions on moral issues, weighing for the complete Standard Grade homework.up the evidence and drawing course, also available on the schoolconclusions. Please see the revision website. Graphic Communication: Pupilsadvice on page 4! should be working on units 4 - 8. Int 1 Chemistry pupils are working this term folio work will be mostly on the final two sections of Unit 2, Fuels and Plastics. All pupils have computer based using D.T.P., C.A.D. revision notes in their class jotters and C.A.G. Pupils will also be and they shouls take these home for studying for their knowledge andBiology revision. Homework exercises are set in the form of write on sheets. Each interpretation exam in class andStandard Grade some of this work will be backed up pupil now has a revision and with homework assignments.Biology pupils homework cd rom for the completeare working on Intermediate 1 and Access 3 courses.the fourth topic These are a valuable tool which will Leckie and Leckie have publishedof their course, ensure that any gaps in notes that course notes for both Craft andThe Biosphere. have arisen due to absence can be Design and Graphic Communication.Each pupil has a addressed and pupils can make sure These provide excellent support andyellow homework Study Guide, that they revise thoroughly. give pupils the opportunity tocontaining the homework exercises practice skills and work on As Prelims approach, pupils should knowledge at home. They arefor the Topic. These are set at be revising past topics. Manyroughly fortnightly intervals. Pupils revision techniques have been available in most good bookshopshave notes, summary booklets and demonstrated and pupils should be and online.summary pages of the study guide to using a variety of strategies to revise.help with completion. Past papers are a good source of questions to improve exam technique 3
    • Teachers are always happy to help students who have been absent to catch up with missed workGeography Lamont’s girls on Badminton and covered in the course. Where home Miss Lyall’s boys on Fitness. practice facilities are not availableWe are currently completing the the music department is at students’Settlement unit and assessment. The 4th year SGPE pupils now have disposal at interval, lunchtime andAfter the assessment is completed two practical classes a week and one after school.and returned the pupils will theory classroom lesson with seriousundertake a target setting exercise preparation beginning for the PEwith their teacher. They will have prelim in November.two targets agreed with their teacher Revisionto work on up until prelims in IntensiveNovember. A review of these targets preparation forwill take place after that time. prelims should start soon.All classes will next be working on Using allthe Natural Regions part of the personallycourse which includes looking at 4 produced notesdifferent regions in the world and and/ or thoseenvironmental produced byissues in these the staff, pupilsareas. All classes must spendwill be given time committing all topics covered toregular homework memory. The time this takes variesto be completed intheir homework Music for each pupil - this will be in addition to normal homework!jotter on this Examples of how to streamlinetopic. Standard Grade: • All pupils study 2 instruments (Solo 1 – performed to information into manageable an external examiner in early March personal notes for study have beenHistory 2010. • Solo 2 – recorded in class issued by many departments. PupilsPreparations for the prelim exam will and internally assessed). • All pupils are expected to spend time eachstart soon. The first 3 topics of Unit to complete their own composition. week working through all handouts1c, Changing Life in Scotland and • All pupils to undertake a listening supplied by departments to produceBritain, must be covered in class paper during SQA exam diet. their own. Parents can check this byprior to the exam: Population, Health asking to see these for each topic.and Housing. Staff will be Targets to be achieved before Some parents find it helpful to keep aemphasising to pupils that revision Christmas: record of revision progress. Pupils should be well • Pupils should record their Solo should be memorising their notes for underway. The instrument ‘bite-size’ tests on mental revision first two units of • Completion of and exam answers set by class study: Unit 2b – i n d i v i d u a l teachers. Parents can test this by Britain at War compositions asking for an explanation of these and Unit 3d – notes from memory - tick each point Nazi Germany they mention. Further revision of should also be missed items will improve success. Intermediate 2: As Supported study sessions will be revised by pupils. above except that The department offered soon - pupils can benefit both instruments are performed to from additional study hints and would encourage the external examiner in early March pupils to attend advice after school. Mrs 2010 and content and format of Cruickshank will be distributing the inquisitor listening paper is different.club which provides History quizzes sign-up forms soon.related to factual revision. For more Targets to be achieved beforeinformation see Ms McLean room Christmas: Important DatesA1. • Completion of individual • Prelims begin November compositions • S4 Parents Evening January • Instrumental programmes chosen, • SQA Exams begin April approved and at an appropriate stagePE STUDIES of performance.Standard Grade PE pupils have beenmaking the best of our wonderful Contacting school Although the priority is on the above Kilwinning Academy, Dalry Road,end of summer weather (!) and have targets, the Listening and Solo 1just finished their outdoor block element will still be ongoing in class. Kilwinning KA13 7HD 01294 551316comprising of football and hockey. It is still expected that pupilsThey covered tactics and strategies continue revising the Listening contactus@kilwinning.n-ayrshire.sch.ukwithin a game context. concepts at home. A very useful website is www.ltscotland.org.uk. www.kilwinning-academy.co.ukThe next block moves indoors with This site provides excellent materialMr Adam’s boys on Basketball, Mrs supporting all the Listening concepts 4