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    Today-Everyone-Uses-A-Computer-System-More-Or-Less48 Today-Everyone-Uses-A-Computer-System-More-Or-Less48 Document Transcript

    • Today everyone uses a computer system more or less and also faces the difficulties/errors and different issues come while using it. A PC or a computer system does not perform the same task or does not serve the same purpose for all but the usage and applications are always very different according to the user of the PC or a user's requirement. For an example if someone works on a spreadsheet not necessary he may need accountancysoftware package and vice versa. In the same way the issues and problems/errors for each user may also be vary related to anapplication package, however this also needs to be taken into consideration that some issues while using a personal computer .here.
    • If we talk about general windows system related errors and fixes pertaining toit they are many in numbers and cannot be discussed each in a small articleThis is why Microsoft itself has developed an error reporting section(it is a partof windows OS) and whenever windows encounter any error related to anycomponent or any application running under windows, it generate a errormessage and displays it on the desktop so that one could view it properly Italso describes the possible cause behind the error message and gives aprobable fix related it, if somebody is able to get the error fixed one can takehelp from windows troubleshooting wizards where it shows step by stepdescription of the given error message and solution how to fix a PC errors Youmust have come across the message where windows automatically sends thisgenerated error message to Microsoft's database perhaps the error canbe removed in next release of the concerned operating system How to Fix PCError In order to fix a PC error I would like to elaborate the things in little moredetail and would also like to share my own experience about thetroubleshooting for windows various OSs In my experience with windowsoperating system for many years since windows 98 edition I have found thatwe need to approach root cause of an error message before doing anythingelse towards fixing the error message you have encountered with
    • For an instances if your windows XP produces an here. error message abouta services has stopped or it has encounter an error so it can't be starteddue to xyz reasons Here we first need to think about the service and alsoabout the dependency services i e the other services they are associated ordepends on this services, if a dependency service is not started in this casethe services we want to start cannot be started unless the dependency one ison This is one of the types of error message we may find in windows, howeverthe errors are always many Let's discuss it in detail below
    • Broadly the error messages and issues find in windows OS can becategorized in below sections- (A)- System related error and their fixes- In thissection the errors and problems usually find are very complicated in natureand cannot be solved by a naive PC user, one needs to be expertise to get theissue fixed and at least must know how to fix the produced error by windowsHere we may put the issues that are not very common in nature like if awindows shuts down automatically without a warning, or it freezes occasionallyor suddenly screen goes black and you cannot do anything on the screen, inthis type of system related issues windows displays an error message beforethe error takes into a affect however there are chances where there is no errormessage displays These are very complicated in nature and it is advisableplease do not fix anything unless you know what exactly causing the problemor how to fix this PC error An expert's help can be taken which willcertainly be beneficial for your data's security prospect (B)- Error relatedto drivers and patches- These are the errors you must have seen when adriver gets corrupted or you installed an incorrect version of the driver
    • Here mainly you may need to check what is make of the particularcomponent's and then uninstall the driver completely and reinstall it fromthe scratch after the reboot of PC (C)- Windows registry errors- These mostvulnerable and complicated types of errors in windows operating system as aregistry is considered to be central and hierarchical database of any windowssystem and it is highly recommended you do not alter any registry value unlessyou are well versed with registry editor and its hazardous effects For this sortof error again you need to rely upon an expert or you may also take help fromany registry related software easily available in the online market now a day(D)- An application related issues- This maybe sub-divided into two furthercategories 1- Windows its own application software like MS office, word, exceletc 2- Any third party related issues You may try windows or follow the helpwithin the application software if no luck uninstalling and reinstalling willprobably resolve the issue or error
    • (E)- Installation or uninstalling error message and their possible fixes - Mostlikely a corrupt installer or it may also be the particular application is notcompatible with your operating system so please confirm the compatibilitybefore trying to install the application I the PC (F)- BSOD- Though thiscategory may fall under the same system related errors however this is verybroad in nature and numbers and can be due to any reason like bad corruptdriver or RAM related problems or operating system fails etc, thus it should becategorized in separate column Here if a BSOD error comes due to RAMthere you can't much except to RESEAT your RAM in the motherboardand if issues are related to any driver or any other application you need to findthis out and uninstalling the particular factor may resolve the issue Otherwisein all other cases reinstalling operating system is the only solution
    • In case of BSOD if you can pick the error message system has produced youmay search it accordingly and can fix if it feels like to be followed (G)-Hardware related errors and their possible fixes - No alternate if it is indeedhardware issue except to get it changed (H)- Issues/errors related to DLL filesin windows- DLL files are the link files and acts to link between twoapplications in windows Usually these are the error in windows that can beeasily solved but they can be found in various occasions and get corruptedeasily also subsequently produces related error message
    • In windows operating system these DLL files are resided into under system32folder sometime in system folder (in ME and before) so saving them orreplacing if corrupted will resolve the issue mostly (I)- Poor performancerelated issues- These are the errors when we process any task and it does notcomplete on time or shows time out scenarios, in this case windows may notflash any error message but of course this is one of the burning issues a PCuser faces and always wants to get it fixed anyhow in nut shell everybodywants to get rid of slow and poor performance related issues and errors (j)-Internet related error- This also can be categorized mainly into two sectionsone is Internet and its connectivity issues and other consequences after usingInternet connection Like virus, spyware related errors and problems generallywe face
    • here.