What is SEO - A Basic Understanding


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What is SEO - A Basic Understanding

  1. 1. e m po we rne t wo rk.co m http://www.empo wernetwo rk.co m/jayso /blo g/what-is-seo /?id=jaysoWhat is Seo – A Simple Explanation of SEO and What it doesJustin So saby Justin Sosa | on February 5, 2013Have you been looking into ranking properly on Google and have heard the term SEO being tossed around?You must be wondering “what is SEO?” – I sure did when i f irst started. I will share a brief overview of what ihave learned thus f ar.What is SEO?SEO is short f or Search Engine Optimization. T his is theprocess of generating traf f ic f rom the search enginesthrough f ree and “organic” methods. All major searchengines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing providereturned search results. Web pages and content such asvideos are shown and ranked based on what the searchengine considers most relevant to users. Read whyknowing how to rank and market your product is Importanthere.How Do I make my Websit e or Webpage Appearin t he Search Engines?T his can be summed up in one simple equation:Great Content + Quality Links = Search Engine Success!Search Engines promote pages they consider as“authority” pages to the top of their rankings. It’s your jobto create authority pages. T his involves writing contentand building links.A basic Guide t o Get t ing Bet t er Search Result s 1. Write content that uses common words and phrases used by people who search f or your product 2. Build links to your pages to show they are important 3. Rinse and repeatWhy The Quest ion “What is SEO?” Is So dif f icult t o AnswerT he Question “what is SEO?” cannot be answered completely in one article as itis very detailed and intricate. T here are many f actors involved with Search EngineOptimization, and there are quite a f ew techniques involved with doing it properly.Good SEO practices will allow you to get your content to the top of the searchrankings, thus getting your content in f ront of more viewers.
  2. 2. P.S. If you have gained something of Value f rom this Article, please share it withyour f riends and f ollowers through social media or share your opinions in thecomments below.P.P.S: If You want to learn more about Internet Marketing, what is SEO andtechniques, or how to get your content ranked on Google to increase sales, Click On T his Link Now toReceive a Free Video that will explain how you can change your Marketing Landscape and SEO techniques.Click on T his Link Now For your Free Video.T his entry was posted in Search Engine OptimizationTags: SEO, SEO Basics, What is SEO« Previous PostAbout The Aut hor: Just in SosaI am a recent Stony Brook University Graduate. Im an Entrepreneur & Internet Marketerlooking to f ind success and f inancial Freedom. I currently live in New York City. I specialize inunderstanding Blog Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, Social Syndication, Online leadgeneration, and more. CLICK HERE To Join My Team and learn how you can start making anincome on the internet.