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  • Corporate Network Marketing.  The real story behind building a business that can provide individuals with the opportunities to build wealth and spend more time doing the things they enjoy most. 
  • What is Corporate Network Marketing? Corporate Network Marketing is a term coined by June Collier in December of 2011.  It is the marketing techniques used by direct sales entrepreneurs that are executed in a ethical and professional manner.  Corporate Network Marketing encapsulates every aspect of professional marketing.  Choosing the best message, the right color schemes and images, and even the media delivery vehicle all play an important role in how polished your image is and the positive perception you portray about your business on to others.  Corporate network marketing is taking the best of what Fortune 500 companies utilize to brand and market their products and services and emulating the same actions in your own business.
  • In 2011, Mr. Collier was featured as a guest speaker at multiple professional conferences throughout the country.  During his personal branding presentations, he would casually mention network marketing as an industry who could benefit from the type of branding he was teaching.  Knowing that most professionals frowned upon the  business model, he would only make a quick reference and move on. To his surprise, after his presentations, many individuals would line up to ask and inquire about using his personal branding techniques to promote their network marketing businesses. These were individuals who held prominent positions in some of the country's most recognized companies. 
  • Mr. Collier soon realized that the timing was perfect for the network marketing industry. Many individuals who had turned their up their noses to network marketing in the past, were starting to look at network marketing opportunities through a different lens.  Negative changes in the economy and massive layoffs were being experienced by people at all levels of corporate America. Climbing the corporate ladder had now become a potentially dangerous hazard.  For the first time in their working lives, people were finding it difficult to find suitable employment.  Homes were being foreclosed with families living on the edge trying to earn enough money to meet their basic living expenses. 
  • Even young people who were graduating from college were finding it difficult to find employment.  The American way of thinking which was to go to college, graduate and find a good paying job was no longer working.  People of all professional calibers were and are looking for legitimate alternatives to earn a living and build wealth.  This places those who have opted to get involved in network marketing at the right place during a critical period when a large number of people are seeking alternatives.  Not only are these people highly educated and experienced; but they can become attentive prospects when the right message is delivered.
  • In the past, network marketers were ridiculed for peddling scams and pyramid schemes.  People today are better informed and aware that the true pyramid is found deeply rooted within Corporate America.  The hard work is done by low wage earning employee while the real wealth is filtered up to the executive levels of companies.  We've all seen it happen in the last few years. Greedy corporate executives paying themselves millions in bonuses while workers are downsized or forced to work longer hours to cover the work that use to be done by their previous coworkers.  As a recruiter staffing executives in corporate America, I can honestly tell you that the average working American doesn't  have a chance at earning anywhere close to the income the executives in their company is making. 
  • This is why people are seeking alternatives. Becoming an entrepreneur gives you a fighting chance at making dramatic changes to your lifestyle.  Becoming an entrepreneur doesn't guarantee you over night success. In fact be prepared to work over a period of time before the fruits of your labor start to show themselves in abundance.  Corporate network marketers do not use images of people with piles of cash or individuals driving $100,000 vehicles.  There's integrity issues with anyone who positions their business opportunity as a get rich quick deal.  Professional business people understand that it takes time and effort to grow a business.  They are simply looking for the right opportunity that matches their level of risk acceptance. 
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  • Corporate Network Marketing

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