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December 2011 news update

  1. 1. 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update December 2, 2011 Army Issues Active-Duty BAH Waiver Policy Calendar of Events: The Army has issued a policy guidance regarding Basic Allow- ance for Housing (BAH) waivers for active-duty Soldiers as- December 2– Holiday signed in unaccompanied status to lengthy professional military Tree Lighting Ceremony education courses at stateside installations. Under guidance 5:00pm issued October 28, Soldiers placed on permanent change-of - station orders to attend a professional military education course of 19 weeks and four days to one year may be eligible for a December 3 - HASFR waiver to receive a BAH at the rate paid at the previous duty Tour of Homes 11:00am station or the government-designated dependent’s location when the Soldier will reside separately from his or her family to attend the PME course. To be eligible for the waiver, December 16 - Post Soldiers must agree to limited PCS entitlements. To read this article in full, please go to: Wide Graduation 1:00pm 111811/ December 18 - Jan 2 - 1/2 Day Work Day Schedule December 21 - Jan 2 - USD 475 Winter Break December 22 - Jan 2 - USD 383 Winter Break December 23 - 26 - Christmas Training Holi- Spouse Telephone Support Program Demonstrates day Improved Quality of Life December 30 - Jan 2- New Years Training Holi-The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is implementing a telephone support program tohelp the spouses of returning Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, after a pilot telephone sup-port program showed significant reduction in stress for spouses. The spouse telephone See pages 12 & 13 for more calendar program, which is part of VAs Caregiver Support Program, aids spouses to copewith the challenges that reintegration to civilian society can bring, helps them serve as apillar of support for returning Veterans, and eases the transition for familiesafter deployments. Local caregiver support coordinators are available to assist Veteransand their caregivers in understanding and applying for VA’s many caregiver benefits. Tofind out more about this program, please go to: VA also hasa Web page at:, that contains general information on spousal tele-phone support and other caregiver support programs available through VA and the com-munity.(Courtesy AUSA)
  2. 2. NORAD is Ready to Track Santas FlightPETERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The North American Aerospace De-fense Command is getting ready to track Santa’s yuletide journey! The NORADTracks Santa website,, went live today featuring a Count-down Calendar, a Kid’s Countdown Village complete with holiday games andactivities that change daily, and video messages from students and troops fromaround the world. With the addition of Brazilian Portuguese, the website is nowavailable in eight languages: English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japa-nese, Brazilian Portuguese, and Chinese.This year, using free apps in the Apple iTunes Store and in the Android Market, parents and children can countdownthe days until Santa’s take off on their smart phones! Tracking opportunities are also offered on Facebook, Google+,YouTube, and Twitter. Santa followers just need to type “@noradsanta” into each search engine to get started.Also on the website, fans can go to the Operation Good Will page and watch the live stream of the National ChristmasTree Lighting Ceremony, presented by the National Park Foundation and National Park Service, on Dec. 1 beginning at4:30 p.m. EST by clicking on the link.Starting at midnight MST on Dec. 24, website visitors can watch Santa as he makes all the preparations for his flight.Then, at4 a.m. MST (6 a.m. EST), trackers worldwide can talk to a live phone operator to inquire about Santa’s whereabouts bydialing the toll-free number 1-877-Hi-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) or by sending an email to NORAD’s “Santa Cams” will also stream videos as Santa makes his way over various locationsworldwide.NORAD Tracks Santa has truly become a global experience, delighting generations of families everywhere. It is due, inlarge part, to the efforts and services of numerous contributors. New to this year’s program are Acuity Scheduling, BigFish Worldwide, Carousel Industries, the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Council, GeneralElectric, the National Tree Lighting Ceremony, RadiantBlue Technologies Inc., thunderbaby studios, the U.S. CoastGuard Band, the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Band, Visionbox, and the West Point Band. Returning collaboratorsinclude the Air Force Academy Band, Analytical Graphics Inc., Air Canada, Avaya, Booz Allen Hamilton, ColoradoSprings School District 11, the Defense Video & Imagery Distribution System, the Federal Aviation Administration, FirstChoice Awards & Gifts, Globelink Foreign Language Center, Google, the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, Meshbox,the Naden Band of the Maritime Forces Pacific, Naturally Santa’s Inc., the Newseum, OnStar, PCI Broadband, theSpace Foundation, tw telecom, Verizon and UGroup Media.It all started in 1955 when a local media ad directed kids to call Santa direct – only the number was misprinted. Insteadof reaching Santa, the phone rang through to the Crew Commander on duty at the Continental Air Defense CommandOperations Center. Thus began the tradition which NORAD has carried on since it was created in 1958.(Courtesy NORAD) TRICARE Data Breach AnnouncementIf you or your child has received a Science Applications International Corporation breach notifi-cation letter, it isimportant that you realize it is not a hoax. SAIC is a government contractor supporting TRI-CARE. SAIC is noti-fying beneficiaries that a data break involving some patients personallyidentifiable information has taken place and, as a result, SAIC is offering credit monitoring ser-vice to the affected patients free for a year. This does require that you submit a Social Securitynumber. It is highly recommended that you submit this documentation. If your children receivethis letter, please submit for their credit safety as well. They are the most vulnerable to an iden-tity theft attack because they have a longer window before they apply for credit.Further info can be accessed via the TRICARE page at: If you have any questions, pleasecall SAIC directly at: US: TOLL FREE (855)366-0140 or International collect: (952) 556-8312Page 2 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  3. 3. Delta: Beware of Bogus Emails, Postcards Delta appears to be the victim of at least two scam attempts in which scammers are attempting to trick e-mail and postcard recipients into revealing sensitive financial or personal information involving fake Delta Air Lines flight confirma- tions. E-mails received by some consumers claimed to be electronic ticket from New Yorks John F. Kennedy Airport to San Francisco with a confirmation num- ber and ticket number, and these emails continue to appear to be part of a "phishing" attempt, or an effort by scammers to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing personal information, such as a credit card number or an account password. Furthermore, fraudulent postcards are circulating through the mail offering two tickets anywhere on Deltas system and/or 3 days/2 night hotel and vacation packages. Similar postcards are also circulating using North- west Airlines trademarks. To read more about these scams, please click: . (Courtesy AUSA) 2012 Scholarships for Reference herein to any specific commercial products, process, or service by trade name, Military Children Program trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise, does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorse- ment, recommendation, or favoring by theApplications for the 2012 Scholarship for Military Children Program United States Government. The views andare now available at commissaries worldwide as well as online opinions of authors expressed herein do notthrough a link on and directly necessarily state or reflect those of the Unitedat The Scholarship program was States Government, and shall not be used forcreated to recognize military families’ contributions to the readi- advertising or product endorsement purposesness of U.S. armed forces and the commissary’s role in the mili-tary community. Since the program began in 2000, it has awarded Trees for Troopsmore than $9.3 million in scholarships to 6,069 military childrenfrom 62,000-plus applicants. Awards will be based on fundsavailable, but the program awards at least one $1,500 scholarshipto a student at each commissary. Scholarships are funded by do- In 2011, Treesnations from commissary vendors, manufacturers, brokers, suppli- for Troops® –ers and the taxpayer dollars are expended on the scholarship pro- along withgram. To be eligible for a scholarship, the student must be a de- FedEx – kickspendent, unmarried child, no older than 21 or 23, if enrolled as a off its seventhfull-time student at a college or university of a service member on year of deliver-active duty, reservist, guardsman, retiree or survivor of a military ing fresh farm-grown Christmas trees to servicemember who died while on active duty or survivor of a retiree. Eli- members and their families at more than 60gibility is determined using the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Re- bases in the U.S. and overseas. This year, anporting System Database (DEERS). Applicants should ensure that estimated 17,000 trees provided by Christmasthey, as well as their sponsor, are enrolled in the DEERS database tree growers around the country will go out, mak-and have a current military ID card. The applicant must also be ing 100,000 trees delivered since the programplanning to attend or already attending an accredited college or began in, full time, in the fall of 2012 or be enrolled in a program Trees for Troops is a program of the Christmas of studies designed to transfer directly into a SPIRIT Foundation (CSF). The Christmas Spirit four-year program. Foundation was established in 2005 as the chari- Applicants must submit an essay on a topic table branch of the National Christmas Tree Asso- which will be available ciation and is recognized by IRS as a 501(c)(3) December 1st on public charity. Applications must be turned in to a commissary by close of To learn more about Trees for Troops, go to business February 24, 2012. If students have questions about the scholarship program appli- cation, call Scholarship Managers at (856)616-Page 3 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  4. 4. Holiday Shopping and Money Holiday Mail for Heroes When families think about For the fifth year, Ameri- holiday shopping, a budget can Red Cross and Pitney may go out the window. Bowes are partnering to Take some time to do a bit ensure all Americans have of pre-planning before you an opportunity to send venture out to the mall, cards to service members, otherwise you may be left veterans, and their fami- with retail regret. Here are lies, many of whom will be some tips to help keep you far away from home this on track: holiday season.•Create a budget and stick to it. Sit down with your family and All you need is a pen and piece of paper to sharediscuss your holiday festivities and gift giving wishes. Try your appreciation for the sacrifices members of theusing a holiday checklist, such as a free online template, to U.S. Armed Forces make to protect our you track your expenditures. The Holiday Mail for Heroes mail box is open and ready to receive your cards. Please send all mail to:•Plan for holiday parties. Is there a gift exchange? Will you Holiday Mail For Heroesbring a dish to share? Watch for hidden costs associated with P.O. Box 5456holiday parties and include these in your budget. Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456•Watch for hidden costs. Do you need to ship gifts? Are you Card Guidelines:mailing holiday cards? Will you purchase household decora- Every card received will be screened for hazardoustions or wrapping supplies? Will you make any special materials by Pitney Bowes and then reviewed by Redmeals? Cross volunteers working around the country. Please observe the following guidelines to ensure a•Little gifts add up. Many people like to remember co- quick reviewing process:workers, teachers, service personnel, and others during their  All cards being sent in for 2011 Holiday Mail Forend-of-the year gift giving. Handwritten thank you notes and Heroes program should be postmarked no laterhomemade gifts are appreciated. Don’t feel pressured to buy than Friday, December 9, you cannot afford.  Ensure that all cards are signed.•Ask for a military discount. Retailers nationwide offer dis-  Use generic salutations such as “Dear Servicecounts to service members, veterans, and their families. Member.” Cards addressed to specific individualsEven if a discount isn’t advertised, it doesn’t hurt to ask. cannot be delivered through this program.  Only cards are being accepted. Do not send let-•Shop at the Commissary and Exchange. Military families an average of 31% by shopping in the Commissary and  Do not include email or home addresses on theover 20% by shopping in the Exchanges. And some Ex- cards, as the program is not meant to foster pen palchanges offer a layaway program. Check with your local Ex- relationships.change for specific layaway program information. If you arenot located near a military installation, authorized patrons can  Do not include inserts of any kind, includingstill shop at the exchange online by visiting photos, as these items will be removed during . reviewing process.  We encourage participants to mail as many cards(Courtesy National Military Family Association) as they are comfortable sending. If you are mailing a large quantity, please bundle the cards and place them in large mailing envelopes or use a flat rate box from the post office. Each card does not need its own envelope, as cards will be removed from all enve- lopes before distribution. Please refrain from sending holiday cards with glitter. Many of these cards will be delivered to military and veterans medical facilities and the glitter could inter- fere with a patients recovery. (Courtesy National Military Family Association)Page 4 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  5. 5. “Our Family for Families First” Deck the Halls—Safely Applications for the 2012 Our Future Schol- While making your holiday list and checking it twice, arship and 2012 Educational Grant are don’t forget about safety. Careful planning for your now available at holiday decorations can prevent needless injuries. The Our  Check strings of electric lights for worn insula- Family for Families First Foundation is tion, broken plugs and loose bulb sockets. committed to supporting military Families in  Do not overload outlets or extension cords. the pursuit of higher education and has  When buying a natural tree, the most important awarded more than $3 million since 2006. safety precaution is freshness. The higher the moisture content, the less likely it is to dry out Applications for the Our Future Scholarship must be sub- and become a fire hazard. mitted by Feb. 16, 2012, and will be awarded to high  Place the tree away from fireplaces, kerosene school seniors with plans of attending a four-year univer- heaters, wall furnaces and other heat sources. sity or college in the amount of up to $50,000 each. The Keep the tree watered. foundation will select 10 children of active-duty service  Do not allow the tree to block access to doors members at forts Meade, Md., Bragg, N.C., Polk, La., or windows in the event of a fire. Rucker, Ala., Riley, KS, Sill, Okla., and Aberdeen Proving  Test your smoke detector batteries monthly and Ground, Md., to receive the scholarships based on merit replace batteries once a year. and need. Recipients of a scholarship will be notified by  Never use electric lights on metal trees. Use April 2, 2012. This year, the foundation increased the colored spotlights securely mounted above or award amount to up to $50,000 to attempt to help military below the tree. Families meet the strain of the rising cost of education.  Plastic trees should be made of flame-resistant Applications for 2012 Educational Grants must be submit- material. ted by May 17, 2012. Grants are given in amounts up to  Keep all artificial trees away from heat sources. $5,000 for the spouse of an active duty service member at  Always turn off your Christmas tree lights at the the installations listed above. Applicants may be in any end of the day or when you leave home. stage of the educational process. Recipients of a grant will  Before lighting a fire in your fireplace, make be notified by July 2, 2012. Applications are available now sure you remove all decorations from the area at . Visit the website for and that the flue is open. more information about the application process. Interested  Do not burn wrappings or evergreen boughs in individuals also may call (401)228-2836 for more informa- the fireplace. These can burn extremely fast, tion. throwing off sparks and burning debris.  Be cautious with candles. Keep a 30-inch dis- tance between candles and flammable materi- als such as curtains or stockings hung on a Holiday Meals for Military mantle.  Never leave young children unattended around burning candles, simmering potpourri contain- Kid Rock is teaming up with Jim ers or fireplaces. Beam and Operation Homefront  Avoid placing small or breakable ornaments to make sure military families where young children can reach them. get to enjoy a holiday meal.  Beware of toxic decorations. Mistletoe and holly This year, the Holiday Meals for berries may be poisonous if more than a few Military Program will continue to are swallowed. grow reaching the below loca- tions to distribute over 2000 meals due to our growing num- (Courtesy Military One Source) ber of sponsors and their hard work. Find out how to regis- ter and donate to the program by visiting http:// ** Ft. Knox, KY - Dec. 13 from 10 am - 4 pm** Ft. Benning, GA - Dec. 15 from 10 am - 4 pm Chicago, IL (Visual Pak Co.) - Dec. 16 from 10 am - 2 pm (Courtesy Operation Homefront)Page 5 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  6. 6. Coffee can survival kit for Pearl Harbor winter driving 70th Anniversary You easily can equip your vehicle with essential survival gear for winter. Heres what youll need: Display at the Eisenhower  A 2 or 3 pound metal coffee can (punch 3 holes at the top of can, equal distance apart). Youll be storing the other items inside the can. ABILENE, Kan. - The Eisenhower  60-inch length of twine or heavy string (cut into 3 equal Presidential Library pieces - used to suspend can). and Museum has  3 large safety pins (tie string to safety pins and pin to car created an original roof interior to suspend can over candle). exhibit featuring  1 candle 2" diameter (place on lid under suspended can for documents and arti- melting snow). facts from its hold-  1 pocket knife, reasonably sharp (or substitute with scis- ings commemorating sors). the Pearl Harbor 70th anniversary. This special exhibit will be on  3 pieces of bright cloth 2" wide x 36" long (tie to antenna or display through December in the Library and door handle). Museum building lobbies. Some artifacts in the  Several packets of soup, hot chocolate, tea, bouillon cubes, exhibit include Pearl Harbor posters, buttons, etc. (mixed into melted snow to provide warmth and nutri- sheet music and commemorative stamps, as tion). well as Japanese military items.  Plastic spoon. December 7, 1941, is "a date which will live in  1 small package of peanuts and/or a couple protein/energy infamy" as described by President Roosevelt in bars, some dried fruit (such as dried cranberries, which the famous speech he delivered to Congress the come in nicely sealed snack packs), and even a little choco- following day. On that infamous date, the U.S. late, to provide you with some energy or comfort in stressful Pacific Fleet was based at Pearl Harbor. As the times. Japanese Ambassador prepared to meet with  1 pair of socks and 1 pair of gloves or glove liners, depend- the Secretary of State in Washington, D.C., the first wave of Japanese aircraft headed towards ing on what will fit in the can (cotton is not recommended the island. because it provides no insulation when wet).  2 packages of book matches. Though the American government expected war, it did not believe Hawaii, Americas fortress  1 sun shield blanket or 2 large green or black plastic leaf in the Pacific, would be Japans first target. bags (to reflect body heat). America was caught by surprise when Japanese  1 pen light and batteries (keep separate). bombers and fighters swept overhead soon after daybreak on Dec. 7. When complete, place stocking cap over kit and carry in pas- Army Air Force planes were parked wingtip-to- senger compartment of car. If you have a 3 pound can, you will wingtip, and Navy ships were moored side-by- still have additional room for band-aids, aspirin, small radio, etc. side. In slightly over two hours, 2,400 Americans If there is still room left, increase the quantity of any of the were killed and the Pacific Fleet sustained vast above items or improvise items you feel losses. might be necessary. The Eisenhower Presidential Library and Mu- Other items you may want to keep in the seum, a nonpartisan federal institution, is part of vehicle: the Presidential Libraries network operated by  A charged cell phone. the National Archives and Records Administra-  Large plastic garbage bag. tion. Presidential Libraries promote understand-  Pencil stub and paper. ing of the presidency and the American experi- ence. We preserve and provide access to histori-  Plastic whistle. cal materials, support research, and create inter- You may want to keep the survival kit in the passenger compart- active programs and exhibits that educate and ment in case you go into a ditch and cant get to or open the inspire. trunk.Page 6 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  7. 7. Operation Homefront Toy Drive: USAG Fort Riley Deadline to Register is PAO Conducts Approaching Survey Every year, Operation Homefront chap- U.S. Army Garrison ters across the country distribute toys to children of military service members. Fort Riley Public Af- This annual event is our Holiday Toy fairs Office is conduct- Drive, which will run this year from No- ing a customer servicevember 1st through December 6th. survey of its command informationDollar Tree stores across Kansas are teaming up with Operation Home- services to ensure it is meeting thefront to collect gifts for military children. Each year, Operation Home-front receives countless emails from military families during the Holiday publics needs and to identify areasSeason asking for help. At a time when families should be together, for improvement. To tell us how wemany are apart and the spouses left behind are often having financial are doing, visit http://difficulties. The small gesture of providing gifts for military children can togo a long way to make a very difficult time a little better. participate in the survey.Military Families that wish to register, please visit . PAO appreciates your feedback and opinions. For more information, callRegistration began November 1st and ends December 9th. You will 785-239-8854.receive all details before the pickup. FREE Child Care for FRG Meetings!!! Fort Riley Child & Youth Ser- vices now provides free child- care for Family Readiness Group Meetings. This is open to all units on Fort Riley. Con- tact your FRG leader or Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) to make your childcare reservation once CYS registration has been completed. CYS registration of your child or children is mandatory! Location of childcare will be determined by the age of child/children; the sites of childcare are Warren Road Child Development Center, Bldg. 6950 and/or School Age Services, Bldg. 5810. Time of childcare offered is from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Reservations for care will be taken up to three days prior to sched- uled childcare opening! Future dates of childcare are as follows: December - 6th & 20th January - 10th & 24th For more information, please contact the Central Registration office at (785)239-9885 or stop by Bldg. 6620 Normandy Dr. Page 7
  8. 8. Vehicle Installation Decals No Ever wish you could compli- ment someone for doing a good Longer Issued job or wanted to make com- plaint but didn’t know where toOn December 1, 2011, theVehicle Registration Office go? Click on the following linkwill no longer issue installa- and leave your ICE Commenttion decals. Fort Riley secu- and it goes to the appropriate personnel to takerity will continue to conduct care of your concern.100% identification checks ofall individuals entering the via governmentissued ID card. Individualsand organizations with no questions are encouraged to callthe Fort Riley Police, Access Control Branch at 785-239-3577 Page 8
  9. 9. Page 9 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  10. 10. Historical & Archaeological Society of Fort Riley Presents HISTORIC TOUR of HOMES Saturday, December 3rd ~ 11am-4pm Ti ckets can be purchased at Cavalry Museum Gift shop, The Christkin dl Market, or 23 Sheridan (Next to the Custer House) W e encourage our guests to purchase tickets by or before 2:30 pm to ens ure that you can visit all featured locations before doors close at 4 pm. !Page 10 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  11. 11. Page 11 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  12. 12. LSEC Class Registration for Cycle 2 is Open LSEC (Leader Skills Enhancement Training) College Daytime Courses. The LSEC program is open to the "Total Army Family". Family members, retirees, retirees family members, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard and DOD civilians and their family members. LSEC College schedules are seven cycles per year, each cycle is six weeks in length. Classes meet Monday to Friday for an hour and one half each class. There are traditional and hy- brid classes offered. Traditional classes are in the classroom for 1 1/2 hours each class period with assignments completed on line or in the classroom. The Hybrid class meets for 45 to 60 minutes each class period with reading assignments and homework completed on line. Tuition and books are provide at no cost to the student. Stu- dents are able to complete an Associates degree and transfer credits to major universities. Below is a listing of the next cycle classes that are available. For more information contact (785)784-6606 .Page 12 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  13. 13. December 2011 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 - FR Network Meeting - Christkindle Market 10:30am - BOSS Luminaries - Picerne’s Story With - Tour of Homes Santa 11:00am - Fort Riley Annual Tree Lighting Cere- mony 4:45pm4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - 2 HBCT Uncasing - Holiday Bread - Monthly Retirement - 287th MP CO De- - Wreaths Across Ceremony 9:00am Baking 10:00am & Ceremony 9:00am ployment Ceremony America 5:30pm 10:00am - Defensive Driving - Cut the Clutter Class 8:00am 10:00am Trees for Troops December 5 - 10 at Outdoor Rec11 12 13 14 15 16 17- USO Family Holiday - McCain: Christmas - WTB Memorial - OCSC Holiday - FR Post Graduation - Bowling with SantaParty, Noon-3:00pm Music of Mannheim Service 11:00am Luncheon 11:00am 1:00pm 1:00pm Steamroller - USO No-Dough - Dr. Mary E. Walker - Santa at the Library Dinner 5:00pm Ceremony 3:00pm 4:00pm18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Christmas Eve USD 383 Winter Break 22 DEC - 03 JAN USD 475 Winter Break 21 DEC– 2 JAN Christmas Training Holiday 23–26 Dec 1ID Half Day Schedule 19 DEC - 02 JAN, 201225 Christmas 26 27 28 29 30 31 New Years Eve - New Years Eve Bowling Party 8:00pm USD 383 Winter Break 22 DEC - 03JAN USD 475 Winter Break 20 DEC– 2 JAN Christmas Training Holiday 23–26 Dec New Years Training Holiday 30 Dec– 02 JAN 1ID Half Day Schedule 19 DEC - 02 JAN, 2012
  14. 14. January 2012Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - LSEC Classes - Army Federal Job -101st BSB Change Begin Applications Work- of Command shop 1:00pm 9:00am - Manhattan MRC Luncheon 11:30am - Network Meeting 10:30am New Years Training Holiday 30 Dec– 02 JAN8 9 10 11 12 13 14 - AFTB Level 1 - - AFTB Level 1 Cont, - Army Federal Job 9:00am 9:00am Applications Work- - Fort Riley Community - 1001st MP Change shop 1:00pm Forum 10:30am of Command 9:00am MLK Training Holiday Jan 13– 1615 16 MLK Day 17 18 19 20 21 - ACS Instructor Train- - Starting Plants - Eagle Days at Milford - ACS Instructor - ACS Instructor 11:00am ing Course 9:00am Indoors10:00am Training Course Training Course 9:00am 9:00am - Her War Her Voice - MLK Observance - Army Federal Job Day 11:45am Applications Work- shop 1:00pm MLK Training Holiday Jan 13-1622 23 24 25 26 27 28- Family Bingo @ - Monthly Retirement - Homefront Cele- - Flick n Float - Army Federal JobRally Point Ceremony 9:00am bration 6:00pm Applications Work- shop 1:00pm29 30 31 Resilient Spouse Academy 30 - 3 FebPage 14 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update
  15. 15. Send your events, news, con- tact information, etc., to: On the Web! Stacie Dumas 1st Inf. Div. FRSA Building 580, Room 333 1st Infantry Division & Fort Riley Homepage - Fort Riley MWR - All information needs to be received by December 26, Army vFRG– 2011 for the next monthly newsletter. Fort Riley Religious Support - US Army Homepage- Phone: (785)240-1251 Fax: (785)239-0416 MyPay - Irwin Army Community Hospital - E-mail: Ready Army - or Fort Riley MWR Twitter Page - 1ID Facebook Page - S!!! NEW Fort Riley Facebook Page - GOT 1ID Flickr Page - Did you Know? Though most people say that Kansas is "flatter" than a pancake and it certainly  The United States Bill of look like it is, it actually slopes from an Rights was passed on Decem- elevation of more than 4,000 feet long ber 14, l791. the Colorado border to 700 feet on the Missouri line.  The Boston Tea Party took place on December 16, 1773. Established in 1827, Fort Leaven- U.S. Federal Reserve System worth, Kansas is the oldest military post  Amendment 13 to the U.S. established, December 23, in continuous operation west of the Mis- Constitution, ending slavery, 1913. sissippi. proclaimed, December 18, (Kansas River). One made it as 1865. Fort Riley was the cradle of the United far west as Fort Riley.  Continental Army camped for States Cavalry for 83 years. George the winter at Valley Forge, Pa., Armstrong Custer formed the famed 7th  In the northern hemisphere, the in the Revolutionary War, De- Cavalry there in 1866. Ten years later, winter solstice or shortest day of cember 19, 1777. at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, the the year occurs and winter be- 7th was virtually wiped out. The only gins. This takes place on Decem-  George Washington and his Cavalry survivor was a horse named ber 21 or 22. men started across the Dela- Comanche, whose stuffed body is on  The bombing of Pearl Harbor ware River to Trenton, N.J., display at the University of Kansas occurred on December 7th 1941. December 25, 1776. Natural History Museum in Lawrence.  The first flight by the Wright  Christmas, celebrated by Between 1854 and 1866, 34 steamboats Brothers was made on December Christians as the birthday paddled up the Kaw River 17, 1903. of Jesus Christ. December 25
  16. 16. Fun Christmas Quiz 1. In North America, children hang stockings in the hope that they will be filled with candy and gifts. In some countries, such as France, another article of clothing is used for this purpose. What is it? a) A shoe b) A hat c) A mitten d) A boot 2. The portrayal of Santa Claus as a jolly old elf began with a famous poem originally known as "A Visit from St. Nicholas". What other title is the poem also known by? a) A Christmas Carol b) Old Santeclaus c) When Santa Claus Comes d) Twas the Night before Christmas 3. A plant used in decorating for Christmas is the "Noche Buena" flower. What is it commonly known as in North America? a) Mistletoe b) Holly c) Poinsettia d) Amaryllis 4. The legend of Santa Claus, the jolly old elf who brings Christmas gifts to good little boys and girls, evolved from the European custom of celebrating the life of a saint known as a generous man and pro- tector of children. Who was he? a) Saint Klaus b) Saint Wenceslaus c) Saint Christopher 4. d d) Saint Nicholas 3. c 2. d 1. aPage 16 1ID and Fort Riley Monthly News Update