Apache Post 4 MAY 2012


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1-1 ARB May 2012 Newsletter

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Apache Post 4 MAY 2012

  1. 1. The Apache Post 1-1 ATTACK RECONNAISSANCE BATTALION V O L U M E 1 , I S S U E 4 4 M A Y 2 0 1 2 From the Cockpit... WE ARE THE 1ST INFANTRY DIVISION WE ARE THE 1ST COMBAT AVIATION BRIGADE INSIDE WE ARE THE 1-1 ATTACK RECONNAISSANCE BATTALION THIS ISSUE: WE ARE THE FIRST UNIT EQUIPPED WITH THE APACHE BLOCK III ….WE ARE FINALLY HOME FINALLY FROM A SUCCESSFUL TEST OF THEFront page 2 NEW AIRCRAFT!!NewsHHC 3 Gunfighters, friends, and Families,„BountyHunters‟A CO „Devils‟ 4 What an incredibly busy spring! We have had members of this battalion spread out between Fort Riley, Barstow California, Edwards Air Force Base California, and MesaB CO 5 Arizona for the last 5 months. And the workload at Fort Riley increased at the same„Wolfpack‟ time as the Companies showed their flexibility and resilience in tackling the huge Divi-C CO sion level missions of the Reset Assistance Visit and Operation Victory Sweep. Just 6„Ghostriders‟ like any great organization, we not only accomplished our missions, we exceeded the standard. The Division Inspector General rated the Gunfighters as the best unit inD CO 7 the Division on the Reset Assistance Visit statistics, and through Operation Victory„Desperados‟ Sweep I have never seen the unit look better with equipment readiness and account-E CO 8 ability.„Outlaws‟ 9 Spring is the season of change and theF CO „Fenix‟ changes are in full swing. We com- pleted the first change of command inPictures from 10-12 the history of Gray Eagle Unmannedthe Last Quarter Aircraft System Company as CW3 JeffFRG 13 Stokes relinquished command to CPTInformation Joe Difrancesco. Both leaders had Family attending the ceremony, and itFort Riley 14 was a great day to honor the nextEvents phase in a great company.About 1-1 ARB 15 We also had the opportunity to recog- nize our fantastic and selfless volun- teers from across the battalion. Over 70 Certificates of Appreciation from the Commander, Command Sergeant (Continued on page 2)
  2. 2. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 PAGE 2From the Cockpit… continued from Page 1(Continued from page 1)Major, and Chief Warrant Officer of the Battal-ion were given out, but what was really im-pressive was three Presidential Level awardswere given out! Two were received by ourown Mandi Harris and Candace Kattes!It is great to have all of the battalion backhome and together again as we have had mem-bers of the battalion gone for almost 90 daysstraight! But they have come back as the pre-eminent Apache Block III unit in theworld. There is no one that knows moreabout this new aircraft than these tremendouswarriors. Their foundation will help the rest of Above: Apache Block III aircraft in flight against the rugged back- drop of the Mojave Desert, home to the National Training Center andthe battalion get up to speed on the new Tac- Fort Irwin.tics, Techniques, and Procedures that weredeveloped over the last few months inCalifornia. We will send 10 pilots a monthto Mesa, Arizona through August to getour pilots trained, and thankfully all of ourmaintainers will be trained here at FortRiley over the same timeframe.Thanks again, for all of your support to ourArmy and the Soldiers in this battal-ion. We couldn’t do it with out you!LTC Ed VedderCSM Mike O’DonnellCW4 Ron Porter Above: The Gunfighter test crews who spent the better part of three months con- ducting this mission for the US Army. Well done! At left: The newest member of the Gun- fighter Family, the Grey Eagle Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) in flight. The Grey Eagle, which is flown by our “Fenix” Com- pany, provides key intelligence to Apache crews during missions .
  3. 3. PAGE 3 Bounty Hunter Family and Friends, For those who have not met me, Greetings! I am CPT Wilford A. Rose III, the new Commander of Headquarters and Headquarters Company “Bounty Hunters”. Since the last Apache Post there has been a great deal of work completed by your Soldiers. The work they have done they should all be very proud of; work that includes the battalions fielding of the Apache Block 3, NTC Rotations, Red Cycle Taskings, Operation Victory Sweep, and ARMS in- spections. Needless to say your Soldiers have been on the move these past few months, but for very good reason, as their effort were crucial to the Battalion’s Mission Accomplishment of Apache Block 3 IOTE and FDTE at Fort Irwin California. Well Done Bounty Hunters! Your Soldiers will continue to be busy as this month as the company is focusing on the FORSCOM Arms inspections. This will be a crucial assessment of our unit to determine our overall readiness. Following the ARMS inspection there are no Battalion Level training events on the horizon until Aerial Gunnery, and HHC Company will follow suit with readiness training and squad level training for the duration of the summer. We hope that there is opportunity for all Soldiers to take sometime this summer to take leave and conduct R&R with their families. Our FRG is a crucial element of readiness, unit cohesion and esprit de corps, and something that my FRG Leader (Michele Clay), my First Sergeant (1SG Williams) and I take very seriously. We are looking to rebuild our ranks and foster a team atmosphere. We are meeting monthly at the company orderly room at 1700 every first Wednesday of the month. We have already taken part in the BN Easter Egg hunt which was great fun, and we are hoping to get enough members to conduct company independent functions. We need your help to get this team rolling. If you or anyone you know would be willing to assist with the HHC Co FRG please email my FRG leader at hhcbountyhuntersfrg@gmail.com. The Company is also in the process of saying goodbye to a good deal of HHC Soldiers before the next Apache Post comes out. With a heavy heart we will be saying good bye to; SFC How- ard, SSG Mohammed, SSG Royal Williams, SSG(P) Eberhardt, SGT Ashdown, SGT Tims, SGT Parra, SGT Adams, CPT Arbogast, and CPT Cimellaro, SPC Oakley, SPC Aderman, and PFC Cano as they will be moving on to bigger and better things. We will be welcoming SPC Berry- hill, SPC Brown, PV2 Dekkert, PV2 Waters and Right: 1SG Williams LT Storey. stands with “CPT Until the next Post, … BOUNTY HUNTERS!Bunny” and SFC Howard at the BN Easter Party Far Right: CPT Bunny, a.k.a. CPT Rose, handedover the suit to the capa- ble hands of “1SG Bunny.” They did a great job!! THE APACHE POST
  4. 4. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 PAGE 4 Alpha Company handed and fully tasked. In conjunction, the Aviation has been very Resource Management Survey inspection (ARMS) is still busy the last few ongoing. This is an inspection on how we operate as an months. We Aviation Unit. Once again, the Devils took readily to were split be- the task and already have achieved a “GO” in all areas. tween NTC and In everything we have done and continue to do, we have our home opera- our families to thank for all they give to allow us to ac- tions the majority complish the mission. Thank you to all of our families of the time but for your unconditional support. Devils!Above: ‘Devil 6’, CPT Bolton, on the accomplished our -Devil 16flightline. mission due to LT Tim Brown the efforts fromthe Soldiers of the A Co Devils. We also said goodbye toseveral families and regretfully have more leaving soon. AnnouncementsPrior to the NTC rotation, A Co conducted a Field Train-  SPC Clark and his wife had their baby Bentley Cash-ing Exercise (FTX), a week of operations in the field in- ton Clark, 8lbs 8oz, 20.5 inches longvolving Aviators and Maintainers. We executed missionsfrom simulated downed aircraft and evasions to patrollingoperations involving a Downed Aircraft Recovery Team(DART). The end result was an awesome training eventthat got everyone out of the normal every day routineand out putting to practice what we do.We then sent eight Aviators and five Maintainers with 5Block II Apaches to the National Training Center (NTC)in California in support of Apache Block III (AB3) testing.The Soldiers from Alpha Company helped make the op-eration a huge success by providing a table for compari-son between the two aircraft platforms to analyze thecapabilities of the new airframe versus the old. We lookforward to the upcoming months as we send our Devil Above: A CO Apache crews stopping to refuel on the way home from NTC in Raton, New Mexico.Aviators and Maintainers to the AB3 Training as we moveinto the era of the Block III.  CW2 Steve Hill and his wife Michelle Hill welcomedNTC was not the only major event happening lately. Julia May Hill weighed in at 7lbs 10 oz and is 20’’Those Devils that stayed at FT Riley have been busy with longOperation Victory Sweep (OVS), the equivalent of going  We farewelled SGT Porter and his wife Danielle asthrough boxes in the garage/attic and getting rid of unnec- they prepare to PCS to Germanyessary material, through which we saved over $50,000  We farewelled SGT Schwab and his wife Ally asfrom A CO alone. (No, you do not get to take a cut they ETShome) Our supply technicians and remaining Soldiers didawesome work accomplishing the goal even though short-  We farewelled SPC King as he ETS’s and goes to college in AZ
  5. 5. PAGE 5 Once again time has seemed to fly by, the weather is starting to warm up, and as summer approaches we will be full swing into the new air- craft, Apache Block III, training for all our pilots and maintainers. As you all may or may not know, the rest of the Battalion recently re-deployed from their National Training Center rotation and Apache Block III testing in California. We were fortunate enough to remain home supporting the battalion by hold- ing down the fort while they were gone. Now that everyone has returned, our focus has turned to preparing for a large Operational inspection called the ARMS inspection. All the Soldiers’ hard has not gone unnoticed and their efforts will lead to the ultimate success of our unit. Next month we will start change of command inventories in preparation for the B CO Change of Command scheduled for June. Our Com- pany organizational day was a success! We also have planned for the Second annual Wolfpack golf Tournament to happen on the 8th of June. I truly appreciate the Families and their continued support. I recognized the sacrifices and am thankful for our Wolfpack family. Key events that have happened: Congratulations are in order for SPC Winner and his wife on the birth of their new baby girl, KinleyAbove: Mandi Harris and CW2 Michael Harris man the Marie. Congratulations to SPC Thrailkill and SPC Rodriguez onJohnsonville Sale that the Battalion participated in in their reenlistments. Dates and times for their ceremonies are stillMarch. The sale made over $1600 for our FRGs. to be determined. CW2 Lanter-14th and SPC Miller 9th both cele- brated birthdays this month, make sure to tell them Happy Birthday! THE APACHE POST
  6. 6. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 PAGE 6Good To Be HomeBy CPT Adam Marr, Ghostrider 6Good to be home indeed. The Ghostrider team has been hardat work undergoing split operations at Fort Riley and Mesa/Barstow. The Company performed immaculately while deployed,learning and mastering the upgrades and nuances as the first unitequipped with the Army’s new Apache Block III. At home sta-tion, Charlie Company lead the way on several major inspectionswhile working to help meet the needs of the Battalion and therest of Ghostriders deployed. As we transition to the upcomingsummer months we will be focused first and foremost on ensur-ing maximum time off for soldiers, helping to build resiliency afterthe long deployment. For the rest of May we will be busy atwork preparing for another major inspection at the end of themonth. For June and July the company’s focus will be on the Above: Nothing like training in NBC gear!!completion of AB3 training at Mesa, AZ and Ft. Riley. 1SG and This Ghostrider seems to think this is amyself are looking forward to seeing everybody at the Company piece of cake.Organizational Day at Moon Lake on May 11th. Ghostriders!Announcements-Congratulations to Patrick and Elvia Burg. Patrick was promoted to the rank of Chief Warrant officer3 effective 1 April 2012.-Charlie Company Organizational Day May 11th 2012 from 1100-UTC at Moon Lake on post. Comeout and help us celebrate the completion of AB3 training as we get ready to welcome in the summer.We will be grilling out, fishing, and enjoying the Kansas weather with the Ghostrider friends and family. -Charlie Company Hail and Farewell June 1st at 6:30pm. Location TBD -We would like to recognize Charlie Com- pany FRG Co-Leader Lauren Stewart. Lauren and her husband will be transitioning to HHC. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our company! We have been so fortunate to have you on our team! At Left: One of our new Apache Block III aircraft mak- ing its way back home to Fort Riley Marshall Airfield.
  7. 7. PAGE 7 Family and Friends of the Des- perados, We have been extremely busy the last few months. Forty- three squared away Soldiers recently returned from the Apache Block 3 fielding test in California. These Soldiers worked for 3 months just as hard as they would during a deployment. While in Califor- nia, our Desperados had plenty of Generals and dignitaries visit them to emphasize how impor- Above: The ‘Desperados’ AB3 Crew in Barstow-Daggat. tant the test and the develop- ment of the new Apache Block 3 is for the Army. Brigadier General MacWillie himself. He was espe- Check out the cially impressed with SGT Kizzie, SPC Jenkins, PFC Our Soldiers are truly on the tip of the spear when it comes to developing new standards and proce- Dudley, PFC Cordero and PFC Lewis who gave the ‘Desperado’ General outstanding briefs on how their shops dures for the newest aircraft in the Army inventory. Each and every one of them did the Desperados and conduct business. Facebook® page! the Gunfighters proud. As for senior leaders in the company, we said http:// While those Soldiers were in California, the rest of goodbye to CPT DiFrancesco who left the Desper- the company remained on Fort Riley and prepared ados to take command of Foxtrot Company, our www.facebook.com/ new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Company. for Operation Victory Sweep. In today’s budget- pages/1-1- conscious Army, we all need to conserve spending CPT Mike Schreckenbach is now our Headquarters and ensure that unused equipment goes to units and Shops Platoon Leader. Welcome to the team!Desperados/2576326909 that can utilize it. Altogether, the Desperados The future still holds much work as we continue 14290?sk=wall turned in over $270,000 worth of equipment that training on the Apache Block 3 and prepare for an other units can use. This was done by identifying, Aviation Resource Management Survey (ARMS) cleaning, and organizing our hangar, offices and con- inspection. We will also have an Organizational tainers. A lot of Soldiers put in hours of hard work. Day on May 4th at Frank Annaberg Park in Manhat- Delta Company received congratulations from tan. We are also planning a Company FRG Meet- ing for June 5th. Details to follow via email and our “1-1 Desperados” Facebook page. Once again, thank you to our friends and families for your support. Our many accom- plishments since the last newsletter would not be possible without you. DESPERADOS! CPT Dan O’Donnell Desperado 6 daniel.odonnell@us.army.mil At Left: SPC Davis and PFC Santiago working on the rotor system of one of the AB3’s . THE APACHE POST
  8. 8. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 PAGE 8Hello Outlaw family! mended by the Operational Test Com- launcher) at the Engagement Skill mand (OTC) staff on their professional- Trainer (EST). The EST is like a life sizeWe have had an eventful month that ism and work ethic. Our Soldiers did a video game that allows you to shoot lifeproved our Company’s potential as a phenomenal job while they were out size weapons at targets on the screen.Forward Support Company. Our Sol- there and I take pride in being a part of This was done in preparation for thediers have finally returned from the Na- their formation. two ranges we will be conducting at thetional Training Center in California and Back here at Fort Riley we have contin- end of this month. Our Soldiers aremade history by providing logistical sup- ued to train in order to become more becoming more efficient every day inport to the field testing of the new proficient in our Warrior Tasks and Bat- their jobs and Battle Drills ensuring weApache Block III Helicopter. Because of tle Drills. We just conducted our first are prepared for future deployments.their support the Army now has all the company NBC Chamber in which the Thank you for your help, support anddata it needs to make a concise decision Soldiers learned how to properly wear commitment. Without you we wouldon whether or not to purchase these their M40 mask and built confidence with not be able to function as efficiently ashelicopters. Your Soldiers worked long how the mask functioned during practical we do.hours providing first class fuel, ammo, use. We also conducted weapons train- v/rand vehicle maintenance support ensur- ing on the MK19 (automatic grenade Outlaw 6ing that all the logistics was provided to launcher) and M203 (single grenadethese aircraft. They were also com- Left and Right: E CO ‘Outlaw’ Soldiers re- cently conducted train- ing in the Nuclear, Bio- logical and Chemical (NBC) Chamber to fa- miliarize and refresh knowledge of how to properly don and use the M40 mask.OUTLAW 71SG Clifford Bell here and I am proud to say that our Warriors are becoming effective Soldiers able to take on whatever situationcomes into their lane of fire. After completing our 60 day NTC exercise our new families in the Army are beginning to feel the mi-nor effects of what deployments are like. It is imperative that the Warriors and their families learn how to properly communicate inorder to prevent domestic disputes. We unfortunately have had several cases where domestic disputes have arisen in the companywhich concerns me.If something is happening within your household which may turn into some type of major dispute I ask that one of the two partiesinvolved gets out of there before something major happens in order to protect everyone. There is nothing wrong with taking abreak from the conversation, going to your own place (whether inside the house or even at a local coffee shop) and think aboutwhat is happening. There is no conversation that is worth inflicting harm on the other person and there is no reason that any con-versation should escalate into a situation in which the local authorities are brought into the picture. Our Soldiers are trained in theComprehensive Soldier Readiness module which encompasses five pillars. Those pillars include Physical Fitness, Mental Determina-tion, Spiritual Foundation, Resilient comebacks, and Family Readiness. If one of those five pillars is hindered then the entire structurewill collapse. Please ensure that your Warriors are taken care of at home and ensure they are also taking care of you. You are ourmost valuable assets and we cannot afford to lose you. Remember…life is about choices. The decisions we make today willaffect our tomorrow.v/rOutlaw 7
  9. 9. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 PAGE 9April has been a very busy month for Fox Company, 1st AviationRegiment. From the press to General Officers, Fenix Companyhad a record turn out for the official activation of the unit andunfurling of the guidon on April 12th. Additionally, Fenix Com-pany conducted a Change of Command between CW3 Stokesand CPT DiFrancesco. In the midst of the ceremonies, the FenixSoldiers continue to train and study in preparation for the test-ing phase of the MQ-1C Grey Eagle at Edwards Air Force Base.Currently the Aircraft Operators are conducting their ReadinessLevel progressions; certifying them mission ready in the Armysmost advanced Unmanned Aerial System. The scope of the fu-ture training is daunting, but easily handled by the high caliberSoldiers of Fenix company. The support from home and familydrives Fox Company to success.Respectfully,CPT Joe DiFrancesco, Fenix 6Upcoming Events:The Company will hold an organization day/FRG meeting on 4MAY out at Milford. From top and clockwise: LTC Vedder with a Fenix UAV crew out at Edwards AFB; CW3 Stokes and 1SG Black unfurling the company guidon during the activation ceremony; CW3 Stokes and MSG Farinosi, former 1SG of Fenix Company with the new guidon; Fenix Company’s first official company picture after the activation ceremony; CPT DiFrancesco takes the guidon from LTC Vedder in the Change of Command Ceremony.
  10. 10. PAGE 10 A Pictorial Overview of the Last Quarter At Left: Sunset over Barstow while training with the AB3. At Right: Dust is one thing you can never escape in the desert. As the AB3s lift off for an- other day of training, they kick up the desert dust.THE APACHEPOSTIf you havesuggestions,comments orfeedback forthis Newsletter,please contactJulie Petruccelli-Treen, 1-1 ARBFamilyReadinessSupport At Left: Firefighters at Fort Irwin train with our AB3 pilots.Assistant At Right: The coastline from the cockpit of an Apache. What a sight!(FRSA) at Below: The C CO crew who fielded the AB3 for the US Army. Great job!Julie.treen1@us.army.milor (785-239-8729. THE APACHE POST
  11. 11. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 PAGE 11 Above Left: Blue Steel, D CO Above Right: PFC Cruz and PFC Gieselman, D CO, working on a rotor head. Above Left: SPC Guertin, SPC Rigby and PFC San Pedro, D CO, working on one of the AB3s. Above Right: SPC Vaughn, D CO, being SPC Vaughn. Below Left: On the way out in a CH-47 Below Right: The tarmac from the air during a PC Ride
  12. 12. PAGE 12 At Above Left: LTC Vedder presents SGT Dominique Scurry with a certificate of appreciation at the recent Volunteer Award Ceremony held on 24 APR. At Above Right: SPC Janice Borja receives a certificate of appreciation from LTC Vedder at the Vol- unteer Award Ceremony. At Above Left: D CO FRG Leader Amber Weeks receives a certificate of appreciation from LTC Vedder at the recent Volunteer Award Ceremony. At Right: A CO FRG Co-Leader Melissa Bates was recognized at the Demon Brigade Volunteer of the Quar- ter Ceremony for her work throughout January through March 2012. Above: Just to show that our Gunfighters have some beautiful children, these and many other little ones came out with their Gunfighter moms and dads to the BN Easter Party on 31 MAR. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a great time! THE APACHE POST
  13. 13. PAGE 13 Upcoming Events 4 MAY: F CO Safety Stand Down/Org Day/FRG Meeting, Milford 4 MAY: D CO Org Day, Anneberg Park 6 MAY: A CO FRG Meeting/BBQ, Acorns Resort 8 MAY: Battalion Steering Committee Meeting, 5:30 PM 11 MAY: C CO Welcome Home BBQ, Moon Lake 13 MAY: Mother’s Day—Don’t forget your Mom!! 15 MAY: Quarterly Newcomer’s Coffee, BN Classroom, 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM 24 MAY: Brigade Family Run, 6:30 AM Airfield 25—28 MAY: Memorial Day Holiday Weekend 1 JUN: Fort Riley Network Meeting, 10:30 AM, Rally Point 6 JUN: HHC FRG Meeting, BN Classroom 6:00 PM 10 JUN: Chris Daughtry Concert, 5:00 PM, Riley’s Conference Center For more details on the company level events, contact your FRG Leader! FRG Leader Information Some of our companies have undergone some leadership changes. Here is our cur- rent roster of FRG Leaders and their contact information. If you are not sure who your FRG Leader is, contact the BN FRSA at Julie.l.petruccelli-treen.civ@mail.mil and you will be pointed in the right direction. HHC „Bountyhunters‟: Michele Clay, chelew@gmail.com A CO „Devils‟: Kelly Bolton, kelly.c.gilbert@gmail.com Melissa Bates, dinosaurl@bellsouth.net B CO „Wolfpack‟: Mandi Harris, mandiparkerharris@gmail.com C CO „Ghostriders‟: Alycia Marr, Austin_alycia@yahoo.com Ghostriders Email, charliecoghostriders@yahoo.com D CO „Desperados‟: Amber Weeks, mrsaweeks1014@aol.com Elizabeth White, elizabeth.white1987@gmail.com Jan Cruz, fjn_cruz@hotmail.com D CO Email, deltaco11arb@aol.com E CO „Outlaws‟: Heather Pugh, heather.pugh6@gmail.com F CO „Fenix‟: Lisa McCoy, lisammccoy@hotmail.com THE APACHE POST
  14. 14. VOLUME 1, ISSUE 4 PAGE 14 Fort Riley Events
  15. 15. 1-1 ARB traces its roots to the formation of the 1st Aviation Company, 1st ID, constituted on 15 February 1957 at Fort Riley, KS. Later redesignated as 1st Aviation Battalion, one of the first aviation units to employ1-1 Attack Reconnaissance helicopter gunships and reconnaissance helicopters in unison to conduct search and destroy teams, commonlyBattalion referred to as "hunter/killer" teams. Currently stationed at Fort Riley, the Gunfighters continue to provide invaluable reconnaissance and lethal attack helicopters fires for the Soldiers of the Big Red One.Battalion Headquarters The Gunfighters are commanded by LTC Edward M.BLDG 802 Marshall Avenue Vedder. CSM Michael P. O’Donnell is the senior enlistedFort Riley, Kansas 66442 advisor.Find us on Facebook(r) at http:// This is the informational newsletter of 1-1 Attackwww.facebook.com/#!/pages/ Reconnaissance Battalion, 1st Combat Aviation Brigade,Gunfighters/113862645304342 1st Infantry Division that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of non-official information in this newsletter has not increased the cost to the United States Government in accordance with DoD 425.8-M.Gunfighters!