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Ng expeditions catalog


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National Geographic Expeditions Catalog 2011

National Geographic Expeditions Catalog 2011

Published in: Travel, Sports

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  • 2. North America 38 Turkey: Istanbul to the 75 Tibet and Nepal: Journey to the Turquoise Coast Highest Himalaya14 Alaska’s Inside Passage 40 Land of the Polar Bears 75 Mongolia: Land of the Nomad16 Alaska Wildlife Adventure 42 Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard17 Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion National Parks 74 Under Sail: From Greece to the Africa Dalmatian Coast NEW 52 On Safari: Tanzania’s Great18 Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks 74 Exploring the Baltic’s Historic Migration NEW19 Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone Waterways 54 On Safari in Southern Africa by20 Baja California and the Sea of Cortez 74 Spain’s Northern Coast by Private Air22 Costa Rica and the Panama Canal Private Rail 56 Moroccan Odyssey23 Many Faces of Panama and Costa Rica74 Wildlife of Yellowstone and the Tetons 58 Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Eurasia 76 Human Origins: South AfricaSouth America 44 Trans-Siberian Rail Journey: Beijing to Tanzania to Moscow 76 Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda24 Galápagos 76 Russian River Journey: The Caspian26 Peru: Land of the Inca28 Amazon River Sea to Moscow Oceania30 Exploring Patagonia 60 Cruising New Zealand’s North and Asia South Islands 46 Inside ChinaEurope 76 New Zealand Adventure 48 Bhutan: Kingdom in the Clouds32 Inside Italy 50 Vietnam and Cambodia: Along the34 Sailing the Greek Isles NEW Antarctica Mekong River NEW36 Turkey and Greece: A Sailing 75 Journey Through India 62 Journey to Antarctica Odyssey NEW 63 Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands2 Cover: Clutching its prized catch, an Alaskan grizzly makes for shore.
  • 3. Dear Traveler, There is nothing quite like taking to the seas on a square- rigger…hearing the billow and snap of sails unfurling above, the creak of the ropes as the wind changes, and experiencing the sense of strolling back in time along the hardwood decks. The beautiful, four-masted Sea Cloud—possibly the most celebrated tall ship on the water these days—exemplifies this timeless sailing experience. Commissioned in 1931 by E. F. Hutton for his wife, Marjorie Merriweather Post, the Sea Cloud has entertained royalty, served in a world war, and plied the seas from Panama to St. Petersburg. Next year, this magnificent ship will be our home on three extraordinary adventures to the sites of ancient Mediterranean empires. Under its sails, we’ll discover the whitewashed villages of Greece’s Cyclades islands, venture into the marble cities of Ephesus and Delos, and explore the medieval towns that dot Croatia’s splendid coast. On our June 4 voyage to Turkey and Greece and our September 7 voyage to the Dalmatian Coast, National Geographic Chairman Emeritus of the Board Gilbert M. Grosvenor will accompany our signature team of experts. On the other side of the globe, we’ll glide along the waterways of Vietnam and Cambodia on a ship of an entirely different nature: the elegant riverboat Jahan. Built in the style of a British colonial vessel, the Jahan will bring us up close to floating villages, temples, and vibrant cities along the Mekong.Private Jet Photography Expeditions This year we introduced a new line of trips designed for those who seek more active exploration: National Geographic64 Around the World 72 Bhutan Adventures. Our opening lineup included a journey across66 Journey of Man NEW 72 Galápagos England on foot; hiking with the Maasai in Tanzania; and a74 Places of a Lifetime 72 Morocco kayak expedition deep into Glacier Bay, Alaska. We’re thrilled by 73 Costa Rica and the Panama the response! With a number of departures already sold out,Family Adventures Canal we’re busy adding more dates and designing new adventures 73 Alaska, British Columbia, and to get you into the field with us. Read more about these adven-68 Alaska the San Juan Islands tures on page 78.69 Galápagos77 Tuscany Whether you’re considering an in-depth exploration of one77 Switzerland National Geographic of America’s glorious national parks or an epic voyage to77 Peru Adventures Antarctica, you’ll find plenty of incredible travel opportunities in the pages that follow.77 Tanzania 78 A New Series of Active77 Egypt Adventure Trips Turn to the calendar on page 82 for a full listing of our trips. To reserve your space, call toll-free 1-888-966-8687 or visit ourPhotography Workshops Resources website, New York City 4 About Our Trips Sincerely,70 New Orleans 8 Meet Our Experts70 Chicago 11 Special Offers70 San Francisco 13 Photography Contest John Fahey71 Tucson 80 Deck Plans Chairman and CEO71 Washington, D.C. 81 Terms and Conditions National Geographic Society71 Santa Fe 82 Expedition Calendar Your participation in a National Geographic Expedition provides support to National Geographic’s mission ofCopyright © 2011 National Geographic Society w Recycled paper increasing global understanding through exploration, 3National Geographic Expeditions and the Yellow Border Design are registered trademarks of the National Geographic Society. geography education, and research.
  • 4. Discover the National Geographic DifferenceWhen conservationist Stephen Mather put together an expedition into the Sierra NevadaMountains in 1915 to highlight the need for a national park service, National GeographicEditor Gilbert H. Grosvenor—grandfather of our current Chairman Emeritus of the Board ofTrustees—was among the invitees. So inspired was Grosvenor by Mather’s vision to protect and manageAmerica’s natural treasures that he dedicated the entire April 1916 issue of National Geographic to our national parks.Mather went on to become the first director of the new National Park Service in 1917, and the Society has been deeplyinvolved in our national parks ever since: sending out research teams; publishing articles; and donating funds toprotect, understand, and promote incomparable places like Sequoia and Denali National Parks.Nearly a century later, our passion for the parks is as strong as ever. Range was documented in National Geographic’s May 1997 issue.In order to share it with you, we’ve put together a selection of These experts are not only brimming with knowledge about ourexpeditions into these historic parks led by experts who have national parks, but they are also extremely inspiring people.devoted much of their lives to exploring the American West. Exploring the American West with National Geographic, you’ll haveTake Jeremy Schmidt, a naturalist and writer who knows Yellowstone access to local research projects and meet with historians, artists,like the back of his hand, and delights in leading our travelers to and Native American leaders. But seeing these beautiful placesits snowy secrets in the quiet of winter. Wildlife biologist Betsy through the eyes of our experts is what makes these expeditionsRobinson has conducted important research on grizzlies and birds, such meaningful experiences.and mountaineer Roman Dial’s 775-mile bike trek across the Alaska Above: Russet rock pinnacles dwarf hikers in Bryce Canyon National Park. Right, clockwise from top left: Snowy peaks rise behind a caribou in Alaska’s Denali National Park; sequoias tower over a traveler in4 Sequoia National Park; the depths of Yellowstone’s Morning Glory Pool emit an ethereal blue. Far right: The gray wolf was reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park in 1995.
  • 5. Travel that’s tailored Travel in good companyto your interests Lasting friendships often begin on a NationalOur trips span the gamut: whether you’re a Geographic Expedition. Your traveling com-budding photographer, a classic-train buff, an panions are Society members like you—active,avid birder, or a parent looking for a great family engaged, and curious about the world.adventure, you’ll find an array of opportunitiesthat fit your passions and interests. An expert touch Our experts’ fingerprints are all over our ex-The beauty of happenstance peditions. We consult them when crafting ourSome of the best moments in travel occur when itineraries. We visit them in the field. And—best ofyou least expect them. So that you can savor all—they travel with us. The result: you experiencethese instants and enjoy a place in a way that’s a place through the eyes of someone who knowsmeaningful to you, we offer options and build it time into our itineraries wherever we can. Exceptional resources atExplore the world comfortably your fingertipsOur accommodations are selected for their To help you prepare for your trip, we’ll send youexcellent quality, location, and character. We National Geographic books, articles, or mapstake care of the logistics and the details so that about your destination. You’ll also receive a 20you can immerse yourself in the places you are percent discount on any purchase from our gift Our Loyalty Programexploring. catalog or online store——and a free Once you’ve traveled on three one-year subscription to a National Geographic National Geographic Expeditions, magazine of your choice. you’ll qualify for enrollment in our Lifelong Explorer program. Lifelong “The trip, the learning, the leadership, the unbelievable Explorers are entitled to a host of scenery and geothermal activity, the lodges... benefits: it was wonderful! I am still on a high from this trip!” —Pat Siggs, traveler • Discounts on all future Winter Yellowstone expedition National Geographic Expeditions • Advance notice of upcoming new trips • Invitations to special expeditions not available to the public • Special offers on select expeditions • Invitations to select National Geographic events and lectures around the country • Special email newsletters exclusively for Lifelong Explorers To learn more about the Lifelong Explorer program, visit nationalgeographic 5
  • 6. Authentic experiences around the worldOur earliest explorers set an excellent precedent for us: they were never content withjust scratching the surface. They delved into a place, meeting its people, eating itsculinary specialties, learning its culture and heritage. They traveled by means that matched theirenvironment: by narrow-gauge train, or square-rigger, or even dogsled. At the same time, they made surethey were comfortable. Explorer Joseph Rock lugged a gramophone and a rubber bathtub to the farthestreaches of western China. They knew how to make travel a rich, multifaceted experience.In the same spirit, our trips are crafted to draw out the and meet with magazine staff to learn how theauthenticity and uniqueness of each destination—and photographic process works at the make the most of the journey itself. Next year we’ll As cuisine is an integral part of local culture, you’llbe plying the waters of the Adriatic and the Aegean sip Rioja wines and sample tapas on our railon three voyages aboard the legendary Sea Cloud, a journey through Spain, and try your handsplendid four-masted tall ship that has carried queens, at Vietnamese cuisine during a cookingdictators, soldiers, and business tycoons across oceans class with our chef as we sail down thesince her maiden voyage in the early 1930s. Under her Mekong.glorious white sails, we’ll glide into Santoríni’s caldera,drop anchor in the harbors at Bodrum and Hvar, and And whether it’s a private thatched bun-dine al fresco on the sapphire seas. galow at our safari lodge in South Africa or the stunning Explora Lodge nestled amidThe people you meet along the way will bring depth the peaks of Patagonia, our accommoda-and insight to your experience. In Bhutan, soak up the tions reflect the character and atmospherecolors and rhythms of a local festival, and later learn of the place we’re visiting. At the Threeabout the country’s contemporary issues at a banquet Camel Lodge, an elegant ecolodge indinner with local dignitaries and professionals. On Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, you’ll sleep inour new Journey of Man expedition with National traditional ger tents set in the shadow ofGeographic Explorer-in-Residence Spencer Wells, a volcanic outcrop, and congregate atspend a fascinating day with Huli wigmen in Papua the main lodge—built by local artisansNew Guinea, and examine rock art with Aboriginal without a single nail, in keeping withguides in Australia. On our weekend photography Buddhist principles.workshop in Washington, D.C., take a behind-the-scenes tour of National Geographic headquarters“To me, travel means being able to experience a new environment and to interact with and learn aboutthe local people and customs. This National Geographic Expedition provided all of that, and more!” —Linda Hermansen, traveler Tanzania expedition Clockwise from top right: The four-masted sailing ship Sea Cloud takes to the seas; two monks walk between colorful prayer wheels in Bhutan; the interior of a traditional ger at Mongolia’s Three Camel Lodge; colorful feathers adorn a Huli wigman of Papua New Guinea; a whitewashed church on the island of Santoríni.6
  • 7. The National Geographic MissionInspiring People to Care About the PlanetThe National Geographic Society supports researchand exploration around the globe through a vastrange of grants and mission programs. Whenyou travel with us, you are directly supportingour grantees and explorers, who are working topreserve species and ecosystems, protect cultures,and advance understanding of our planet and itsinhabitants.Proceeds from our expeditions have recently helpedfund the Society’s Big Cats Initiative, which sponsors a broad spectrum ofprograms to halt the decline of lion and cheetah populations, as well as thedocumentation of a previously unknown language in India by the EnduringVoices team.National Geographic Expeditions is committed to sustaining the characterand integrity of each place we visit—its environment, culture, and heritage,and the well-being of its residents. In providing authentic travel experiences,we strive to support local economies in our choice of services. At the sametime, we believe that the powerful positive effects of sustainable travel gobeyond the long-term economic benefits, inspiring passionate stewardscommitted to protecting the places we visit. 7
  • 8. Our Experts: Your Inspiring Travel CompanionsNational Geographic researchers, explorers, writers, and photographers have brought the world to our membersfor more than a hundred years. Now, they bring you to the planet’s most intriguing places to share their passionand their insider perspectives. We’d like to introduce you to a few of them.Paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson Amy Dickman has worked in Africa Photographer Jim Richardson hasis best known as the man who discovered the for more than 13 years. After six years at the produced more than 40 stories for National3.2-million-year-old skeleton known as “Lucy.” Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, Geographic magazine, including the coverAn accomplished scientist, scholar, and Amy moved to Tanzania to conduct research stories “The End of Night” (November 2008)National Geographic grantee, Donald’s work on human-carnivore conflict. She holds the and “The Good Earth: Soil” (Septemberhas been covered in National Geographic’s Kaplan Senior Research Fellowship in Wild Cat 2008). A contributing editor at Nationalbooks, magazines, and films. He has re- Conservation at Oxford University, and has Geographic Traveler, Jim’s photography hassearched early scientific expeditions in Latin received support from National Geographic’s also been published in Time, Newsweek, Life,America, the anthropology of Easter Island Big Cats Initiative for her current project in and Sports Illustrated; and featured on CBSand Australia, and the history of early humans southern Tanzania, which seeks to mitigate News Sunday Morning and ABC’s Nightline. Jimin Asia. Donald helped develop our Human conflicts between local communities and will accompany the January 5, 2012 departureOrigins expedition and will accompany all predator populations near Ruaha National of Journey to Antarctica to provide tips fordepartures. He will also join the February Park. Amy will accompany the January capturing images of the White Continent.20, 2012 Around the World by Private and February 2012 departures of On Safari:Jet expedition. Tanzania’s Great Migration. Geneticist, anthropologist, and National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Spencer Wells has analyzed the DNA of thousands of people living in isolated tribes around the world. He leads the Society’s Genographic Project, a multi-year endeavor to chart the journey of our early ancestors as they populated the planet. Spencer has written three books, including The Journey of Man: A Genetic Odyssey, an award-winning book and documentary film that aired on PBS and the National Geographic Channel. Spencer helped craft our new expedition, Journey of Man by Private Jet, and will accompany the trip in March 2012. “The National Geographic expert transforms the experience from a ‘tour’ to a journey into a culture.” —Leslie Jameson, traveler Turkey expedition8
  • 9. Featured Expert: Q&A With Tierney Thys Tierney Thys follows a Mola mola off the coast of California. National Geographic Emerging Explorer go tide-pooling. You might even get sneezed on by a marine iguana— Tierney Thys is a marine biologist and an experience not to be missed! The only drawback is that you don’t documentary filmmaker whose work explores want to sleep—you could be missing something!animal diversity and global environmental change. Tierney willjoin our expedition to the Galápagos on September 30, 2011 and Q. What makes the family programs unique?our Galápagos Family Odyssey on June 15, 2012. Here’s what shehad to say about these remarkable islands. A. We have treasure hunts and scavenger hunts for the kids, journals and notebooks, stories, and games. There’s lots of music and dancing, special desserts—it’s the perfect place to celebrate your birthday! Also,Q. What makes the Galápagos Islands so if kids are uncomfortable in the water, there’s always someone there to extraordinary? help them. I tend to seek out the kids who are a little tenuous and putA. It’s incredible to be in an environment where the animals have no them on my back and snorkel them around to keep them feeling secure.fear of humans. You literally have to step over them, because they’renot going to get out of your way. In so many other parts of the world, Q. Is there anything else you’d like people toour actions have caused the animal kingdom to cower. But in the know about our Galápagos expedition?Galápagos, the animals just do what they want to do regardless ofyour presence. It’s a model for how we might coexist with animals A. I’m particularly excited about getting to the Galápagos this year because I have a National Geographic grant to put tags on the sunfishand nature. (Mola mola) population. I’ll be doing that right before I get on the ship in September, and installing an acoustic listening station off IsabelaQ. What’s it like to explore the Galápagos Island. I’m hoping our travelers will be able to track sunfish right from with National Geographic? the ship.A. They don’t call these “the enchanted islands” for nothing. Every If you’re a biologist or just interested in life on Earth, Galápagos issingle minute of our Galápagos trip is jam-packed with amazing the ultimate pilgrimage site. It’s a lifelong highlight destination.experiences. You spend a lot of time in the water, snorkeling with sea The Galápagos should be on everyone’s bucket list!lions, iguanas, penguins, and all manner of different fish. You get to 9
  • 10. Partners in Exploration, Conservation, and EducationAs pioneers in exploration and travel, National Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions share apassion for adventure, discovery, and conservation. We work together to bring you to the planet’smost incredible places on board the National Geographic fleet of expedition ships.There’s a distinct difference between an ordinary cruise and an expedition explore. With the help of our guests, we have funded research onaboard one of our ships. Our expeditions are immersive and interac- humpback whale behavior in Alaska; supported numerous wildlife-tive—you won’t just see a site, you’ll experience it, hands-on. We dive into monitoring projects; and provided much-needed educational materi-a destination and get to know it well, and set out in small groups with als to local teachers and students in the Galápagos.our on-board experts to learn about the local culture and ecology. We On board a National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions ship, you’llgive our guests the freedom to get out and explore, get in the water, go find yourself kayaking in pristine wildernesses from the Galápagos tohiking and kayaking, and see wildlife up close. On our fleet of ships, we Baja California, slipping into narrow fjords and small harbors in Alaskavalue sunrise photo shoots on deck over lounge acts, and will gladly veer or Norway, examining fascinating creatures with naturalists, andoff course just to follow a pod of orcas or explore a hidden cove. discovering underwater wonders with our cutting-edge on-boardThrough our alliance with Lindblad Expeditions, we support inspiring technology. We look forward to seeing you on deck!initiatives around the globe, with a special focus on the regions we10
  • 11. FIELD NOTES Doug and Lenore Perry (pictured below) are National Geographic Expeditions LifelongSpecial offers Explorers, having traveled on five of our expeditions. They recently returned from their on some of our latest—a voyage to Antarctica—and were thrilled to share their experience. small-ship expeditions “We’ve subscribed to National Geographic for years and we always got the travel catalog. We’d flip through it, thinking the trips looked like fun. Then, in the fallBook one of the expeditions listed below by of 2008 we finally took our first expedition—to China—and we were sold fromJune 30, 2011 and receive savings ranging from then on. Over the past three years we’ve traveled to six different continents withcomplimentary airfare* to $500 per person off National Geographic. Our friends always asked which place was our favoritethe expedition cost. Offers are for new book- and we could never decide...but then we went to Antarctica on the Nationalings, vary based on destination and departure Geographic, and are subject to availability. Please refer Wow. Wow. It’s beyond explanation. It’s not of this world—not even close to anyto the indicated itinerary pages for details. other place that you could go. Antarctica hit us right between the eyes. It was the • Alaska’s Inside Passage—see page 14 starkness of it, the colors, the bright snow and the brilliant blue sky, the water that • Costa Rica and the changed from gray to beautiful blue. We’ve seen mountains, but these mountains Panama Canal—see page 22 were spectacular, completely covered in ice and snow, like icing on a cake or • Galápagos—see page 24 meringue. And those glaciers! They were white, of course, but then you also see • Also see our special offer on Mysteries this magnificent, indescribable blue. Is it sky blue? Turquoise? Royal blue? Yes! of Ancient Egypt on page 58. Yes! Yes! It’s all of them, all at once!* Complimentary airfare is subject to availability and must bebooked through Lindblad Expeditions. Every day was a sensory overload. We hiked to the top of a hill and could see the Explorer far below and the little red dots of our fellow passengers—everything looked tiny amid the vast expanse of the ice. We’d be out in Zodiacs, sliding silently past seals lying on the ice floes, or get up on land and walk among penguins, who didn’t mind at all that we were there. Being on the National Geographic Explorer was a wonderful experience. We had whale experts, penguin experts, underwater experts, all types of experts! We were novices, and to have that kind of guidance as we were seeing someplace so spectacular was phenomenal—the best experience we could possibly have had. We would do it over again in a heartbeat.” See page 62 for the Journey to Antarctica itinerary. 11
  • 12. SPOTLIGHT NEW ORLEANS WEEKEND PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPFocus On Photography IN THE WORDS OF With National Geographic National Geographic photographer Tyrone TurnerWhether you’re wandering the bustling streets of New York City or capturing dramaticMoroccan desert landscapes, your camera can be a powerful tool for exploration. We inviteyou into the field with our top photographers to hone your skills and discover fresh perspec-tives. Join a photography workshop, head out on the road on a photography expedition, orclimb aboard our ships, and you’ll improve your photography technique as you experienceextraordinary places in the company of a National Geographic photographer.Photography Workshops Photography ExpeditionsOur workshops offer in-depth photography On our photography expeditions, you’ll take yourinstruction with guidance, critique sessions, and camera on the road, experiencing fantastic spotsphoto assignments in the field built into each through your viewfinder alongside a Nationalday’s schedule. Our weekend workshops are Geographic photographer. We’ve designed thesebased in photogenic places such as New York trips for photographers of all levels, adapting eachCity; San Francisco; New Orleans; Tucson; and itinerary to make the most of photographic op- “History drips off of the wrought iron balconies ofWashington, D.C.; and are led by renowned pho- portunities in the places we visit. As you travel, our the French Quarter like bougainvillea. You meettographers such as Tyrone Turner and Catherine photographers will share tips and techniques to characters on the street that call you ‘sugar’ andKarnow. For a listing of all of our workshops, see help you improve your skills. For a listing of all of ‘baby’—they would be disappointed if you didn’tpages 70–71. our photo expeditions, see pages 72–73. ask to photograph them. New Orleans is my Photo Experts on Our Small-Ship hometown and I have been photographing the Expeditions city since my days as a staff photographer with the local newspaper. In recent years, unfortunate Beginning this year, on all journeys aboard the events like Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill National Geographic fleet, you’ll be joined by a photo instructor who has completed a training have brought me back to New Orleans often to program developed by National Geographic and shoot on assignment for National Geographic. Lindblad Expeditions. The instructor will be on I am continually discovering something new hand to help you improve your photography skills, about the city and the people, and I love sharing and to provide assistance in using your camera that with the students. equipment. In addition to the photo instructor, a My favorite part of the workshop is when we start veteran National Geographic photographer editing the students’ photos. The gems pop out, accompanies every departure on the and the students start to learn about their vision National Geographic Explorer. and their own process of seeing and making photographs. The magic happens when they take this knowledge and go out and make better pictures the next day.”“Our National Geographic photographer wasoutstanding. She gave me exactly what I was hoping for National Geographic photographer Tyrone Turner (picturedby focusing on ‘how to see’ and giving us challenging above, reflected in the sphere of a Mardi Gras reveler) leads all of our weekend photography workshops in New Orleans.assignments in various lights and situations.” See page 70 for details. —Elizabeth Atmore, participant Tucson photography workshop with Nevada Wier12
  • 13. Hunkered down among wildflowers, photographer Kim Heacox gives travelers pointers for capturing their shot. Congratulations TO THE WINNERS OF OUR LATEST PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST! The grand-prize winner (photo at left) received a trip for two on our Antarctica expedition, while two honorable mention winners each received a $500 credit toward a future National Geographic Expedition. Take a look at all the finalists on our website.Grand Prize Honorable Mention Honorable MentionPhilip Dien, Eden Prarie, Minnesota Marlana Wheeland, Washington, D.C. Eric Kruszewski, Richland, WashingtonHanging Out After a Swim Little Dancer, Big Heart Tranquility at Twilight“As we watched from our Zodiac, this polar bear gave her cub a lift as she “This enthusiastic dancer was the youngest “At twilight aboard the National Geographicswam across the bay, shaking herself dry after emerging from the water member on his Rwandan dance team, Sea Bird, one passenger relishes a peacefulwith her cub hanging on.” performing with the most energy and the and solitary moment without the bustlesLand of the Polar Bears expedition biggest heart.” of life.” Tanzania and Rwanda expedition Alaska’s Inside Passage expedition 2011 Photography Contest Grand Prize: A trip for two on our Bhutan Photography Expedition Send us your favorite shots from a National Geographic Expedition or a National Geographic/Lindblad Expedition you have registered for or traveled on before December 31, 2010. All entries must be received by July 1, 2011. For contest rules and more information, or to enter, visit 2011 Call for Entries 13
  • 14. NORTH AMERICA Alaska’s Inside Passage Experience the remarkable beauty of southeastern Alaska on a voyage aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird or National Geographic Sea Lion into a land of mist- shrouded fjords, tidewater glaciers, and islands teeming with wildlife. Search for orcas and humpback whales, kayak around dramatic icebergs, spend a full day in Glacier Bay National Park, and learn about Alaska’s rich Native American heritage. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Kayak into protected coves and look for sea otters, seabirds, and whales. • Hike through lush forest trails to cascading wa- terfalls, and take a Zodiac into sheltered coves where brown bears feed. • Watch for calving ice in the iceberg-laden waters of Glacier Bay National Park. • Meet members of the Alaska Whale Foundation to learn about the local whale population. ITINERARY (8 days) keeping an eye out for feeding bears on the EXPEDITION shoreline and mountain goats on the cliffs above. Our approach during this voyage is one of discovery. TEAM We take time to stop and explore this beautiful and (B, L, D) intriguing land up close, in the company of expert A diverse team of natural- naturalists who have an intimate knowledge of the Day 3 Petersburg ists and Alaska specialists region. Our small ship has the flexibility to take you Discover the small town of Petersburg on Mitkof joins each voyage. On our ashore to places that few others see. The long days Island, founded more than 100 years ago by August 14 and 21, 2011 of summer allow for wildlife viewing well into the Norwegian fishermen. A visit to Petersburg departures, we will also evening hours. provides a glimpse of a true Alaskan town. There be joined by National is an opportunity for an optional flight seeing via Geographic photographer and marine biolo- Day 1 Seattle/Juneau, Alaska floatplane over nearby LeConte Glacier (weather gist Flip Nicklin. Flip is widely regarded as Fly from Seattle to Juneau, the capital of Alaska. permitting) and for hikes on forest trails. Later, one of the world’s leading photographers of Visit the imposing Mendenhall Glacier and the cruise out to spot whales in the southern part of whales and has been named NANPA’s 2012 Alaska State Museum, an excellent introduction Frederick Sound; or explore LeConte Bay, a virtual Outstanding Nature Photographer of the Year. to Alaska’s natural history and cultures. There sculpture garden of grounded icebergs. (B, L, D) His majestic photos and amazing audio tracks is time to explore Juneau on your own in the of humpbacks and orcas have been featured evening. Day 4 Exploring Frederick Sound and in numerous National Geographic magazines NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SEA BIRD OR Chatham Strait and television specials. Flip migrates with the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SEA LION (D) These waters often make for great whale watch- humpbacks, spending summers in the Pacific ing. Look for Steller sea lions stretched out on the Northwest and the Gulf of Alaska, and winters Day 2 Tracy Arm Fjord—Fords Terror Wilderness rocky islands that dot the channels. Take a walk off Maui in Hawaii. Enter Tracy Arm, a spectacular 22-mile-long fjord with naturalists along a quiet forest trail or kayak This trip is operated in association with Lindblad where waterfalls cascade from towering, glacially in the tiny coves in this area. Meet members of Expeditions. carved walls. We maneuver among large icebergs, the Alaska Whale Foundation—whose work is 14 Above: Humpback whales in Alaska display bubble-net feeding behavior.
  • 15. share stories passed down through oral tradition Watch a short video about this expedition at and art. Later, walk along trails among towering spruce trees. (B, L, D) Day 7 Exploring Alaska’s Islands, Bays, and Fjords Beachcomb, hike forest trails, explore by kayak, or cruise along Admiralty Island, where the mas- sive brown bear is found, along with perhaps the world’s highest density of nesting bald eagles. If conditions permit, explore the coastlines of some remote islands by kayak. Enjoy a farewell dinner this evening. (B, L, D)A brown bear catches a salmon in an icy stream. Day 8 Sitka/Seattlesupported by a grant from the National After breakfast, disembark in Sitka, a unique townGeographic/Lindblad Fund—and discuss some with a strong Russian heritage. Visit St. Michael’s INFORMATIONof their recent discoveries about the region’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral, a testament to Alaska’s roots prior to the U.S. purchase of the Dates:marine mammal population. (B, L, D) 2011 & 2012: From May through August, territory from Russia. Then explore Sitka National expeditions depart every Saturday on theDay 5 Point Adolphus/Chichagof Island Historical Park, where totem poles line serene National Geographic Sea Lion and everyLook for humpback whales at Point Adolphus, a wooded trails. In the early afternoon, transfer to Sunday on the National Geographic Seafavored feeding area. Then cruise along the north- the airport for the flight to Seattle. (B) Bird.* * See calendar on page 82 for specific departure datesern coastline of Chichagof Island and find playful through June 2012. Certain departures follow the itinerarysea otters. Keep an eye out for eagles, which See our Alaska Family Voyage on page 68 and our shown but in the reverse order. Alaska, British Columbia, and the San Juan Islandsare commonplace in the surrounding Tongass Photography Expedition on page 73. Expedition Cost–2011 & 2012:National Forest, the largest national forest in theUnited States. (B, L, D) CATEGORY 1 $5,990 Located on Main Deck CATEGORY 2 $6,790Day 6 Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve Located on Upper and Bridge DecksSpend the day exploring magnificent Glacier Bay, CATEGORY 3 $7,890where enormous glaciers flow from the ice fields Located on Upper and Bridge Decksfar above. Watch and hear glaciers calving as tons See deck plan on page 80. Prices are per person,of ice crash into the sea. Venture near islets that double occupancy. For a single cabin, add $3,000 inare home to seabirds such as puffins and Category 1 and $3,400 in Category 2. Airfare is notguillemots, and look for humpback whales and included in the expedition cost. Economy airfare from Seattle to Juneau and return from Sitka is $600orcas. Get a firsthand perspective on Alaska’s (subject to change).indigenous people from a Tlingit cultural inter-preter, who will be on board with us today to An example of colorful native Alaskan Tlingit art. SPECIAL OFFER Book by June 30, 2011 and receive complimentary About the National Geographic Sea Bird/Sea Lion round-trip airfare between Seattle and Alaska on the Accommodating just 62 guests in 31 outside cabins, May 12, 19, or 26, 2012 departures. the National Geographic Sea Bird (pictured left) and National Geographic Sea Lion are large enough to OPTIONAL EXTENSION operate in remote environments in comfort, yet small enough to enter ports and narrow inlets inaccessible Denali National Park (7 Days) to bigger ships. They carry sea kayaks and a fleet of Add a pre- or post-trip extension to Alaska’s Denali Zodiacs, providing easy access to coastlines and other National Park. From verdant forests harboring moose, places of interest. Each cabin faces outside. All cabins caribou, and bears to soaring snowcapped crests have windows and are attractively and comfortably dwarfed by Mount McKinley, Denali is one of the furnished with lower berths, private bathrooms, reading country’s great treasures. Hike, bike, and canoe in this lights, and individual climate control. The ships are remarkable wilderness. Visit our website or call for authorized to operate in the Tongass National Forest details. under a Forest Service Special Use Permit. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 15
  • 16. Alaska Wildlife AdventureNORTH AMERICA EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Explore Alaska’s sweeping tundra and lush forests on a variety of hikes, spotting caribou, moose, wolves, and Dall sheep. • Ride to Denali National Park aboard the historic Alaska Railroad, enjoying magnificent views of the Alaska Range along the way. • Take a scenic flight to remote Redoubt Bay to watch bears in their natural habitat, and float past massive Spencer Glacier on a leisurely rafting trip. • Stay in cozy private cabins in the heart of Denali, and at a luxury resort surrounded by peaks and glaciers. ITINERARY (8 days) Days 3 and 4 Denali National Park Day 1 Fairbanks, Alaska The next two days are devoted to exploring Denali. Arrive in Fairbanks and gather for a welcome The lodge offers guided hikes of varying degrees reception and dinner. of difficulty, as well as mountain biking, fly- SPRINGHILL SUITES (D) fishing, and gold-panning. While in the park, keep your eye out for the many migrating birds that Day 2 Fairbanks/Denali National Park congregate in Denali for summer breeding. You Step aboard the celebrated Alaska Railroad and may spot golden plovers, arctic loons, jaegers, travel through rolling taiga forests to Denali and eagles. An optional flight-seeing trip around National Park; then drive into the heart of the Mount McKinley is available, weather permitting, park in search of caribou, Dall sheep, grizzly and you may also choose to attend an optional bears, and moose. En route to our remote lodge dogsledding talk and demonstration. (B, L, D DAILY) in the historic mining settlement of Kantishna, witness Alaska’s stunning scenery, from glacier- fed braided rivers to the peaks of the Alaska Day 5 Denali/Anchorage lakeshore, enjoy a scenic rafting trip on Spencer Range. Take advantage of an early morning drive out Lake, floating within arm’s reach of icebergs. Or DENALI BACKCOUNTRY LODGE (B, L, D) of the park to catch wildlife during one of their you may choose to embark on a day cruise on most active periods. Then board the Alaska Prince William Sound, watching for marine birds, Railroad for the scenic ride through the Alaska seals, whales, and calving glaciers. Celebrate your Range to Anchorage. Alaska adventure at tonight’s farewell dinner. HILTON ANCHORAGE (B, L, D) (B, L, D) Day 6 Redoubt Bay/Girdwood EXPERT Each summer, thousands of salmon swim up- Day 8 Anchorage After breakfast, return to Anchorage to connect stream into the lakes and rivers of Redoubt Bay, ROMAN DIAL with your flight home. (B) providing food for one of the most concentrated bear populations in Alaska. A floatplane takes A professor at Alaska Pacific you right into Redoubt Bay—located near the University, Roman Dial Lake Clark National Park and Preserve—to watch INFORMATION teaches courses in ecology, for brown bears frolicking at the water’s edge or outdoor skills, and math. He Dates: feeding on spawning salmon. Early this evening, 2011: July 8–15 • August 5–12 has climbed, hiked, and skied fly back to Anchorage and transfer to our stunning across the major mountain Expedition Cost: $6,595 hotel in Girdwood. ranges of Alaska. Roman’s 800-mile mountain Price is per person, double occupancy. For a single HOTEL ALYESKA (B, L, D) room, add $1,000. The charter flight between bike traverse of the Alaska Range was featured Anchorage and Redoubt Bay is included in the in the May 1997 issue of National Geographic expedition cost. Airfare from/to your home city is Day 7 Spencer Glacier magazine, and his “canopy trek” through not included. Board the Alaska Railroad for the short journey Australia appeared in the March 2003 issue. to Spencer Glacier. After a picnic lunch on the Roman will accompany the August departure. Carl Tobin will join the July departure. See our website for Carl’s bio. Above: A bull moose pauses among the wildflowers of Denali’s tundra. 16
  • 17. Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion National Parks EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Hike three of the country’s most celebrated national parks with an expert naturalist and learn about the unique flora, fauna, and geology of the region. • Meander through a gallery of colorful pinnacles and spires in Bryce, and climb to a lookout for a panoramic view of Zion’s fascinating sandstone formations. • Watch the sun set over the Grand Canyon from the comfort of our lodgings on the less crowded North Rim. • Take in spectacular scenery on a rafting trip on the Colorado River just before it drops into Grand Canyon National Park.ITINERARY (8 days) walk between Inspiration and Sunset Points for aDay 1 Las Vegas, Nevada memorable view of Bryce Amphitheater. BRYCE CANYON LODGE (B, L, D DAILY)Arrive in Las Vegas and gather for a welcomereception and dinner.GREEN VALLEY RANCH (D) Day 4 Colorado River/Grand Canyon Sweeping vistas of spectacular mesas andDays 2 and 3 Kolob Canyons/Bryce Canyon mountains surround you on today’s journey to theOur journey into canyon country begins with Grand Canyon. Float down the Colorado River ona stop in Kolob Canyons, a spectacular, lesser a leisurely rafting trip, starting at the head of theknown area of Zion National Park. From here, Grand Canyon. After lunch, look for reintroducedbeautiful landscapes unfold as we continue to condors along the Vermilion Cliffs en route to ourBryce Canyon National Park. Stop for breathtaking lodge, the only accommodations on the Northviews at Fairyland Point. Later, settle into com- Rim. Settle into simple cabins for the next twofortable accommodations at the historic Bryce nights, and enjoy fabulous views of the sunsetCanyon Lodge. The next day, you may choose to over the canyon. GRAND CANYON LODGE (B, L, D) thrive here and which birds are attracted by thedrive along the rim or hike into the heart of Bryce,a maze of richly colored rock spires and eroded canyon’s oasis. The next day, explore the narrowsformations known as hoodoos. Take an evening Day 5 Grand Canyon of the Virgin River, and climb to Scout Lookout for From overlooks at Point Imperial and Cape Royal, a panoramic view of the stunning rock sculptures take in impressive vistas of the canyon, where in Zion Canyon. vivid, colored layers tell stories of ancient seas and FLANIGAN’S INN (B, L, D DAILY) life-forms. Experience the vastness of the chasm as you walk an easy trail along the canyon rim. EXPERT Look for wildlife and learn about the wildflowers Day 8 Zion/Las Vegas Following breakfast, return to Las Vegas for your and trees that grow in this stunning landscape. flight home. (B) KIRT KEMPTER Return to the lodge at day’s end for a stroll to Bright Angel Point. (B, L, D) Kirt Kempter is a field geolo- gist and teacher based in INFORMATION Days 6 and 7 Zion Santa Fe, New Mexico. A Head north to Zion National Park this morning. Dates: Fulbright Fellow, Kirt has led Lush hanging gardens, waterfalls, and massive 2011: September 3–10 • September 17–24 many geologic expeditions Navajo sandstone walls distinguish this park from to Bryce, Zion, and Grand Expedition Cost: $3,495 all others. Hike the Emerald Pools Trail, listening Price is per person, double occupancy. For a singleCanyon National Parks, and has published to the call of a canyon wren and passing under the room, add $820. Airfare from/to your home city isnumerous geologic maps and articles on the cool spray of a waterfall. Learn which wildflowers not included in the expedition cost.geology of the American Southwest. He hasconducted fieldwork on a National Geographic– Above: Russet rock pinnacles dwarf hikers in Bryce Canyonfunded project, as well as studies of plate tecton- National Park.ics and volcanism around the world.Kirt will accompany both departures. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 17
  • 18. NORTH AMERICA Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Walk through towering stands of giant sequoias, some of the largest living trees in the world. • Hike the lesser known Panorama Trail and encounter Yosemite’s legendary sights from a unique perspective. • Climb to Moro Rock to take in majestic views of the canyons, peaks, and cliffs of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. • Meet a Miwok Indian elder, and learn how Yosemite’s history intersects with the lives of conservationist John Muir and photographer Ansel Adams. ITINERARY (8 days) of towering granite cliffs and dramatic waterfalls, Day 1 Fresno, California/Sequoia National Park and an inspiration for photographer Ansel Adams Meet at the Fresno airport and drive to Sequoia and conservationist John Muir. Enter the park National Park. Along with its neighboring park, from the south, pausing for a breathtaking pan- Kings Canyon, the park is home to nearly half orama of these iconic landscapes. Our afternoon of the world’s known sequoia groves. Settle into walk brings us to the famed Lower Yosemite Falls. YOSEMITE LODGE AT THE FALLS (B, L, D) our mountain lodge and gather this evening for a welcome reception. WUKSACHI LODGE (D) Day 4 Glacier Point and Yosemite Valley Day 2 Sequoia National Park Drive to Glacier Point for a sweeping view of This morning, visit the largest tree (by volume) in Yosemite Valley. Then set out on the Panorama the world, General Sherman. Then explore Giant Trail through lesser known areas of the park. Forest on a variety of walks and hikes with our nat- Stand on the precipice of Nevada Falls, and enjoy uralists. Learn about forest ecology as you wander a unique perspective on El Capitan, Half Dome, between the massive trunks of ancient sequoias, and Sentinel Rock. (B, L, D) and enjoy a picnic among “the giants.” (B, L, D) view from Wawona Point. Tonight, celebrate your Day 5 Tuolumne Meadows adventure at a farewell dinner at the hotel. (B, L, D) Day 3 Yosemite National Park Head into the high mountain meadows and hike Journey to the magnificent Yosemite Valley, a land across the Tuolumne River, crossing over a large Day 8 Fresno mound of glacier-polished granite. If you wish, After breakfast, depart for the Fresno airport, climb up this granite dome and enjoy a fabulous arriving around noon. (B) panorama of the entire park from the top. After dinner, gather for an intimate discussion with a EXPERT Miwok Indian elder around a campfire. (B, L, D) INFORMATION BETSY ROBINSON Dates: Day 6 Southern Yosemite National Park 2011: August 20–27 • September 17–24 Travel to the south end of Yosemite and take a September 24–October 1 Wildlife biologist Betsy nature walk. This afternoon, a historian from the Robinson is a naturalist Pioneer Yosemite History Center joins us for a talk Expedition Cost: $3,995 guide, a teacher, and an avid Price is per person, double occupancy. For a single about the fascinating history of the park. outdoorswoman who has room, add $1,130. Airfare from/to your home city is WAWONA HOTEL (B, L, D) hiked, camped, and explored not included in the expedition cost. Yosemite extensively. She What to Expect: Day 7 Mariposa Grove has researched grizzly bears on Kodiak Island This is an active exploration with numerous hiking Immerse yourself in a sea of colossal trees in and conducted bird surveys in Prince William options on well-maintained trails that may include Mariposa Grove, the largest of Yosemite’s three stairs and/or uneven footing. Elevations range from Sound. Betsy has taught courses at the sequoia groves. Then, if you wish, continue along 4,000 to 8,000 feet. Participants should be physi- National Audubon Society and San Francisco cally fit. This trip is not suitable for those who suffer the less traveled outer loop trail to take in the State University’s Wildland Studies program. from cardiac, respiratory, or circulatory disorders or Betsy will accompany the September departures. Larry a disability that limits mobility. Above: The stunning form of Yosemite’s Mount Watkins Prussin will join the August departure. See our website rises above Mirror Lake. for his bio. 18
  • 19. Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Watch for elk, bison, bighorn sheep, golden eagles, foxes, coyotes, otters, and the elusive gray wolf. Yellowstone’s wildlife spend the winter in low elevation valleys, where they are easier to spot against the sparkling snow. • See famous sites like Old Faithful geyser without the crowds and discover some of the park’s lesser known areas, exploring in the comfort of heated snow coaches. • Learn about the reintroduction of Yellowstone’s wolves and a study, partially funded by the National Geographic Society, on their impact on the park. • Ride a horse-drawn sleigh through the quiet, snowy landscape.ITINERARY (6 days) about wolves and other wildlife for the NationalDay 1 Bozeman, Montana/Mammoth Geographic Society. (B, L, D)Hot Springs, WyomingTravel from Bozeman to Yellowstone National Days 3 and 4 Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone/Park, on the lookout for bald eagles, mule deer, Old Faithfulantelope, and bighorn sheep. At Mammoth Hot Travel by private snow coach to the Grand CanyonSprings, settle into a historic national park lodge, of the Yellowstone. Walk to the rim of the spec-and stroll the steaming, colorful mineral-spring tacular gorge to see its thundering waterfall andterraces outlined in pure white snow. the ice arch that forms from the spray. WanderMAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS HOTEL (D) amid the bubbling mud pots and fumaroles of the Upper Geyser Basin. Then continue to OldDay 2 Lamar Valley Faithful to explore on foot or by snowshoe aHead to the open, rolling meadows and wide dramatic landscape of erupting geysers, frozenvistas of the Lamar Valley, where wolves were first waterfalls, and gem-colored mineral pools. Keeprestored to Yellowstone in 1995. Using a spotting an eye out for wildlife—bison, encrusted in ice,scope, search among herds of elk and bison for often stand among the pools for warmth. After INFORMATIONcoyotes, eagles, and the elusive wolf. An Emmy® dark, step outside to admire the incredible canopyaward–winning wildlife cinematographer joins us of stars in one of the world’s best constellation- Dates: viewing spots. 2011: Dec. 20–26*this evening to discuss his career shooting films OLD FAITHFUL SNOW LODGE (B, L, D DAILY) Dec. 26, 2011–Jan. 1, 2012* Dec. 28, 2011–Jan. 2, 2012 Day 5 Yellowstone/Big Sky, Montana 2012: Jan. 15–20 • Jan. 22–27 • Feb. 19–24 After visiting the whimsical Fountain Paint Pots, EXPERT leave the park via the West Yellowstone gate. * The December 20 and 26 departures are one day longer and include an additional night at the 320 Guest Travel to the Gallatin Canyon—near Big Sky, Ranch, with more time to explore the Geyser Basin and JEREMY SCHMIDT Montana—and settle into a comfortable log opportunities for activities such as snowshoeing or cross- cabin lodge. Relax or enjoy a sleigh ride through country skiing. Visit our website for a detailed itinerary. Few people know Yellow- the countryside. Then celebrate your winter Expedition Cost: $2,995 stone country better than adventure in Yellowstone at a farewell dinner. Price is per person, double occupancy. For the wildlife biologist Jeremy 320 GUEST RANCH (B, L, D) December 20 and 26 departures (which are one Schmidt. He has worked day longer) add $500. For a single room, add $620 in and around the park on the December 28, January, and February departures; Day 6 Bozeman and add $750 on the December 20 and 26 departures. for more than 20 years, Return to Bozeman for your flight home. (B) The cost per child 16 years old or younger sharing aincluding stints as a park ranger; a naturalist; room with at least one adult is $2,350 on the Decembera photographer; and an author, writing several 28 departure and $2,850 on the December 20 andarticles for National Geographic Traveler 26 departures. Airfare from/to your home city is not Above: Insulated by thick skin, fur, and layers of fat, a bison included in the expedition cost.magazine. On daily walks, he will interpret wades through an icy stream.the flora and fauna, and give you a newappreciation of the magnificent scenery.Jeremy will accompany all departures except forDecember 28. See our website for the expert on thisdeparture. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 19
  • 20. NORTH AMERICA Baja California and the Sea of Cortez Discover the natural wonders of the Sea of Cortez on an expedition aboard the National Geographic Sea Bird. In the company of ma- rine biologists, experience the awe-inspiring migration of gray whales, one of nature’s greatest spectacles, through the inlets of Bahía Magdalena. Hop into a Zodiac to encounter wildlife up close, from humpback whales to bottlenose dolphins. Follow natu- ralists on hikes amid barrel cactuses, and snorkel among playful sea lions. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Witness the unforgettable migration of gray whales through the inlets of Bahía Magdalena. • Go snorkeling amid sea lions, brilliant blue damselfish, and schools of king angelfish. • Kayak through thick mangroves on the lookout for a variety of bird species including magnifi- cent frigate birds. • Visit the historic town of San Jose del Cabo, established in the 1730s. ITINERARY (8 days) deeply into the coastline, Espíritu Santo is one of EXPEDITION the most beautiful islands in the Sea of Cortez. Day 1 U.S./La Paz, Mexico TEAM Arrive in La Paz and drive along the beautiful This afternoon, examine the island’s volcanic Malecón to meet our ship. landscapes on a kayak excursion. Go beachcomb- A team of experts—from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SEA BIRD (D) ing or take a hike along the rocky coast, keeping naturalists to undersea your eye out for brown pelicans, gulls, wandering specialists—accompanies Day 2 Exploring the Sea of Cortez tattlers, great blue herons, and boobies. Tonight, each expedition. On the We’ll follow the currents and the wildlife today, ex- gather for a barbecue around a campfire on the March 10 and 17, 2012 ploring pristine, uninhabited islands such as Isla beach and take in a splendid display of stars. departures, we will be joined (B, L, D) San Jose or Isla Santa Catalina; and snorkeling by National Geographic photographer and among colorful parrotfish and flashing schools of marine biologist Flip Nicklin. Regarded as one surgeonfish. Search for whales among the islands Day 4 Gorda Banks and Los Cabos of the world’s leading photographers of whales, of the southern Sea of Cortez, one of the best The morning is spent at the Gorda Banks sea- Flip’s work has been featured in numerous areas for spotting blue whales and bottlenose mount, a gathering place for whales—especially National Geographic magazines and television dolphins. Walk among huge cactuses and observe humpbacks—as well as dolphins and other sea specials. Between his frequent visits to the Sea the great diversity of birdlife, including verdins, life. Learn about whale behavior with our on- of Cortez, Flip migrates with the humpbacks, ladder-backed woodpeckers, and Costa’s hum- board marine biologist as you watch these giant spending summers in the Pacific Northwest mingbirds. (B, L, D) creatures breach and tail-lob. Then cruise past and the Gulf of Alaska, and winters off Maui Friars Rocks at Land’s End and dock at Los Cabos. in Hawaii. He looks forward to sharing his Day 3 Islas Los Islotes and Espíritu Santo If you choose, take an excursion to the historic knowledge about whales and photography with At Los Islotes, snorkel and swim among curious town of San Jose del Cabo. (B, L, D) travelers in the Sea of Cortez. sea lions. With its rugged cliffs and coves carved This trip is operated in association with Lindblad Expeditions. 20 Above: A gray whale spy-hops just feet from passengers on a well positioned Zodiac.
  • 21. A traveler trains his lens on a bristling cactus.Days 5, 6, and 7 Bahía MagdalenaBahía Magdalena—a vast wilderness of sand Watch a short video about this expedition at INFORMATION, mangrove channels, and protectedwaters—is one of the main breeding and calv- Dates: 2012: Jan. 21–28 • Jan. 28–Feb. 4*ing areas for California gray whales. Every year, Feb. 4–11 • Feb. 11–18* • Feb. 18–25gray whales migrate here from the Arctic waters Feb. 25–Mar. 3* • Mar. 3–10of Alaska to breed and raise their calves. It is Mar. 10–17* • Mar. 17–24believed to be the longest migration known for * These departures follow the itinerary shown but in theany mammal and one of nature’s greatest spec- reverse order.tacles. In this vast aquatic nursery, observe these Expedition Cost:enormous yet gentle animals from the ship and at CATEGORY 1 $5,240water level from our Zodiacs. Venture into dense Located on Main Deckmangroves by kayak and watch for magnificent CATEGORY 2 $5,970frigate birds, pelicans, and great blue herons on Located on Upper and Bridge Decksthe mudflats. (B, L, D DAILY) CATEGORY 3 $6,460 Located on Upper and Bridge DecksDay 8 San Carlos/La Paz/U.S. See National Geographic Sea Bird deck plan on pageAfter breakfast, disembark in San Carlos and drive 80. Prices are per person, double occupancy. For aacross the peninsula to La Paz for your return single cabin, add $2,750 in Category 1 and $2,840 in Kayakers paddle in crystal-clear waters. Category 2. Airfare is not included in the expeditionflights home. (B) cost. Round-trip economy airfare between Los Angeles and La Paz is $585 (subject to change). About the National Geographic Sea Bird Please note: A State Department travel warning for Mexico is Accommodating just 62 guests in 31 outside cabins, currently in effect ( The area of concern the National Geographic Sea Bird (pictured left) is large noted in the warning is not near the region we visit on this itinerary. We expect to operate this trip as planned, but will enough to operate in remote environments in comfort, continue to closely monitor events in the country. yet small enough to enter ports and narrow inlets inac- cessible to bigger ships. It carries sea kayaks and a fleet of Zodiacs, providing easy access to coastlines and other places of interest. Each cabin faces outside. All cabins have windows and are attractively and comfortably furnished with lower berths, private bathrooms, reading lights, and individual climate control. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 21
  • 22. NORTH AMERICA Costa Rica and the Panama Canal Immerse yourself in the natural wonders along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica and Panama on a voyage aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion. Venture into the rain forests of Manuel Antonio and Corcovado National Parks; search for monkeys, frogs, sloths, and brightly colored birds; and ride horseback on a pristine beach. Cap off your voyage with a crossing of the legendary Panama Canal. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Discover hidden pools and waterfalls deep within the jungles of the Osa Peninsula. • Kayak around the tiny islands of the Gulf of Panama, and snorkel off Isla de Coiba. • Join biologists on a hike through the protected forests of Barro Colorado Island. • Examine the fascinating lock system that made the Panama Canal one of the greatest engineering achievements of its era. ITINERARY (8 days) through the rain forest for a chance to see four EXPEDITION species of monkeys—howler, spider, capuchin, Day 1 U.S./San José, Costa Rica/Herradura TEAM Upon arrival in San José, transfer to Herradura and squirrel. (B, L, D) and embark the National Geographic Sea Lion. (D) A diverse team of experts— Day 4 Golfo Dulce from naturalists to geolo- Day 2 Manuel Antonio National Park Enter the mangrove-fringed Golfo Dulce, a pro- gists—accompanies these Spend the morning in Manuel Antonio National tected gulf along the southwestern edge of Costa expeditions. On the January Park, where thick forests fringe spectacular white- Rica. Visit the Casa Orquídeas, a tropical paradise 7 and 14, 2012 departures, sand beaches. Venture into this lush wilderness, of ornamental palms, bromeliads, heliconias, we will also be joined by watching for three-toed sloths lazing among the orchids, and flowering gingers closed to the travel writer and photographer Christopher P. branches as well as monkeys and vividly colored general public and reached by boat only. Keep Baker. Christopher is the author of National birds. This afternoon, trace the park’s beautiful your eye out for tanagers, parrots, and toucans. Geographic Traveler: Costa Rica and National coastline and stop to take a refreshing swim or a Later, explore the placid bay, ideal for kayaking and Geographic Traveler: Panama, as well as the hike. (B, L, D) swimming. (B, L, D) Costa Rica iPura Vida! travel app and the award- winning book Mi Moto Fidel: Motorcycling Day 3 Osa Peninsula Day 5 Coiba National Park, Panama Through Castro’s Cuba. He has written for Anchor off the Osa Peninsula, unreachable by We make our first stop in Panama this morning more than 200 publications, from National road, to see some of the most pristine lowland at the remote Isla de Coiba, one of the many Geographic Traveler to Newsweek, and has given rain forest on the Pacific coast. In the environs islands of Coiba National Park, a UNESCO World talks at the National Geographic Society, the of Corcovado National Park, swim in waterfall Heritage site. Once a penal colony, the island has National Press Club, and the World Affairs pools, horseback ride on the beach, kayak, or trek long been protected and accessible by special Council. permit only. Among its many endemic species This trip is operated in association with Lindblad Expeditions. 22 Above: A white-faced capuchin monkey perches on a rain forest branch.
  • 23. some 14,000 ships every year. As cargo ships tend Watch a short video about this expedition at to pass through the canal during the day, we’ll most likely begin our crossing at night, when the canal is dramatically lit. (B, L, D) Day 7 Gatún Lake/Panama Canal Transit Board a Zodiac this morning to visit Barro Colorado Nature Monument in Gatún Lake by special arrangement. Scientists have worked at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute on Barro Colorado Island since 1946, researching the 120 mammals and diverse tree species that canA kayaker paddles along the shores of Costa Rica. be found here. It is also the site of a pioneering project supported by National Geographic thatare the Coiba Island agouti and the mantled tracks tagged animals using automated radiohowler monkey, as well as four varieties of turtle. signals and wireless technology. Join researchersDiscover rich marine life while snorkeling, kayak for a walk through the forests that so challenged INFORMATIONalong the coast, take a guided hike in the forest, or the builders of the canal. This evening, continuejust relax on the beach. (B, L, D) Dates: through the complex lock system of the canal. 2011: Nov. 19–26* • Nov. 26–Dec. 3 (B, L, D)Day 6 Gulf of Panama Islets/Panama Canal 2012: Jan. 7–14 • Jan. 14–21* • Feb. 25–Mar. 3Transit Mar. 3–10* • Mar. 10–17 • Mar. 24–31 Day 8 Colón/Panama City/U.S.Our nimble Zodiacs and kayaks allow us to navi- Mar. 31–Apr. 7* After breakfast, disembark in Colón and transfergate the tiny islets of the Gulf of Panama today, * These departures follow the itinerary shown but in the to the airport in Panama City for your flight home.stopping to explore hidden coves and beaches. reverse order. (B)Here, we might spot magnificent frigate birds, Expedition Cost:brown pelicans, neotropical cormorants, and CATEGORY 1 $4,980brown boobies. Reboard the ship this afternoon Located on Main Deckand head to the Panama Canal. Stretching more CATEGORY 2 $5,490than 50 miles, the canal was a colossal engineer- Located on Upper and Bridge Decksing feat completed in 1914 and is still traversed by CATEGORY 3 $6,580 Located on Upper and Bridge Decks See National Geographic Sea Lion deck plan on page 80. Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a MANY FACES OF PANAMA AND single cabin, add $2,360 in Category 1 and $2,770 in COSTA RICA Category 2. Airfare is not included in the expedition 11 days • 2011: Dec. 17–27 cost. Economy airfare from Miami to San José and return from Panama City is $550 (subject to change). Dec. 27, 2011–Jan. 6, 2012 These special holiday departures aboard the SPECIAL OFFER National Geographic Sea Lion follow the About the National Geographic Sea Lion Book either the November 19 or 26 departures by June itinerary found on these pages, plus three Accommodating just 62 guests in 31 outside cabins, the 30, 2011 and enjoy a complimentary three-day exten- National Geographic Sea Lion (pictured above) is large sion in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or $500 off additional days in Panama. Delve into the per person. enough to operate in remote environments in comfort, historic center of Panama City, a UNESCO yet small enough to enter ports and narrow inlets World Heritage site; learn about the culture inaccessible to bigger ships. It carries sea kayaks and a OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS and traditions of the Embera people; and fleet of Zodiacs, providing easy access to coastlines and Add a three-day extension to Monteverde Cloud other places of interest. Each cabin faces outside. All swim and snorkel among the coral beds Forest Reserve or a seven-day extension in cabins have windows and are attractively and comfort- and rich marine life of the Pearl Islands. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Sarapiquí River, ably furnished with lower berths, private bathrooms, and Arenal Volcano. Visit our website or call for details. Visit our website for details. reading lights, and individual climate control. See our Costa Rica and the Panama Canal Photography Expedition on page 73. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 23
  • 24. SOUTH AMERICA Galápagos The Galápagos Archipelago, Darwin’s living laboratory, is home to an abundance of wildlife. Isolated from the mainland for millions of years, it is that rare wilderness where animals have no instinctive fear of humans. Traveling aboard the comfortable National Geographic Endeavour or National Geographic Islander, experience up-close encounters with unique species such as flightless cormorants, marine iguanas, and domed giant tortoises. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Snorkel amid shimmering fish, sea turtles, penguins, and playful sea lions. • Cruise to pristine islands and walk among colonies of animals and birds unfazed by your presence. • Observe rare giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Research Station. • Explore the waters of the Galápagos by kayak, glass-bottom boat (Endeavour only), or Zodiac. ITINERARY (10 days) Listed below are some of the islands we may visit EXPEDITION during our expedition*: Day 1 U.S./Guayaquil, Ecuador TEAM Depart for Guayaquil and upon arrival, transfer to our hotel. Isla Bartolomé A diverse team of experts— HOTEL HILTON COLÓN Walk to the top of Bartolomé’s volcanic cone for a from naturalists to undersea stunning view of Pinnacle Rock and the surround- specialists—accompanies Day 2 Guayaquil/Galápagos ing beaches. You may also have the opportunity to these expeditions to provide This morning, fly to the Galápagos Islands and swim with Galápagos penguins. insights into the wildlife, board our comfortable expedition ship. After landscapes, and pristine lunch, we begin our exploration of the islands and Isla Seymour islands you encounter. National Geographic their diverse wildlife. This tiny uplifted seafloor is home to sea lion Emerging Explorer Tierney Thys will also join NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ENDEAVOUR OR colonies, and blue-footed booby and frigate bird NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ISLANDER (B, L, D) nesting colonies. Snorkel among tropical fish and us on the September 30, 2011 departure. A marine biologist and documentary filmmaker, reef sharks at the base of the cliffs. Days 3–8 Exploring the Galápagos Tierney is a world authority on the giant ocean In keeping with the nature of an expedition, our Isla Santiago sunfish, Mola mola, and has led numerous itinerary is flexible, allowing you to fully immerse Follow a path along a series of tide pools and under- expeditions to the Galápagos Islands to study yourself in this extraordinary wildlife sanctuary. water caverns in search of Galápagos fur seals, these bizarre, jellyfish-eating behemoths. See (B, L, D DAILY) page 9 for our interview with Tierney about the marine iguanas, sea lions, and Sally Lightfoot crabs. Galápagos. This trip is operated in association with Lindblad * Please note: Itineraries vary slightly from week to week, subject to the Galápagos National Park regulations. Each Expeditions. itinerary will include Isla Santa Cruz and a selection of the other stops listed on these pages. Above: Sea lions cuddle up for a nap on the beach in the Galápagos. 24
  • 25. Watch a short video about this expedition at photographer captures a giant tortoise in the highlands of Santa Cruz.Isla Genovesa Isla San CristóbalWalk among swallow-tailed gulls, red-footed Visit Punta Pitt with its fascinating geology, where INFORMATIONboobies, and Nazca boobies. Ride Zodiacs, all three booby species of the Galápagos can be Dates:kayak along the caldera, and snorkel among large found along the cliffs. Visit the port of Baquerizo 2011 & 2012: Expeditions depart every Friday onschools of parrotfish. Moreno, home to one of the largest sea lion the National Geographic Endeavour and colonies in the archipelago. Swim, snorkel, kayak, every Saturday on the National GeographicIsla Santa Cruz and stroll along the beach at Cerro Brujo. Islander. See calendar on page 82 for specificSanta Cruz is home to the Charles Darwin departure dates through June 2012.Research Station, a breeding station for endan- Isla Española Expedition Cost–2011 & 2012: Endeavour Islandergered native species. Learn about the Darwin See Darwin’s finches, boobies, and waved alba- CATEGORY 1 $5,230 $5,550Foundation and their giant Galápagos tortoise tross on this birder’s paradise. Walk among vivid CATEGORY 2 $5,980 $6,390breeding program. Visit “Lonesome George,” the green and red marine iguanas, and observe sea CATEGORY 3 $6,590 $7,060last surviving tortoise of his kind. Later, travel into lions up close on a pristine white-sand beach. CATEGORY 4 $6,990 $7,480the highlands where wild tortoises forage. Day 9 Galápagos/Guayaquil CATEGORY 5 $8,450 $8,940Isla Isabela After breakfast, disembark the ship and fly to See National Geographic Endeavour and Islander deckSpend the early morning on the lookout for dol- Guayaquil. The evening is at your leisure. plans and ship photos on page 80. Prices are per HOTEL HILTON COLÓN (B) person, double occupancy. For a single cabin on thephins, whales, sea turtles, and the unusual ocean Endeavour, add $1,300 in Category 1 and $1,460 insunfish, the Mola mola. Explore caves and hidden Category 2. For a single cabin on the Islander, addlagoons by Zodiac, and snorkel among sea turtles. Day 10 Guayaquil/U.S. $2,770 in Category 1 and $3,190 in Category 2. Visit our Depart Guayaquil this morning, arriving home the website or call for holiday pricing on the December 21, 22, 28, and 29, 2012 departures. Airfare is not includedIsla Fernandina same day. (B) in the expedition cost. Round-trip economy airfareAt Champion Islet, snorkel among sea lions, or between Miami and Guayaquil is $660 and betweenpeer into an underwater world in a glass-bottom Guayaquil and Galápagos is $420 (subject to change).boat (Endeavour only) while keeping an eye out About the National Geographic Endeavour The National Geographic Endeavour is a premier expedi- SPECIAL OFFERfor the endangered Floreana Mockingbird. Those tion ship that accommodates 96 guests in 56 outside Book by June 30, 2011 and receive complimentaryinterested can visit Post Office Bay—if you see a cabins. The ship is fully stabilized, allowing for smooth round-trip airfare between Miami and Galápagos onletter addressed to someone who lives near you, passage from one island to the next. It carries snorkeling select 2011 departures, or between Guayaquil andthe tradition is to deliver it by hand. gear, wet suits, kayaks, a fleet of Zodiacs, and a glass- Galápagos on select 2012 departures. Visit our website bottom boat. Public areas include a lounge and bar, a or call for details. library, a gift shop, a fitness center, a spa, a sauna, and aIsla Sombrero Chino swimming pool. Services include a full-time doctor and a wellness specialist, Internet access, and laundry. OPTIONAL EXTENSIONTake Zodiac rides, kayak, or go ashore to admirethe volcanic landscape. Snorkel in an area Add an eight-day post-trip extension to Machu Picchu About the National Geographic Islander and Cusco, Peru. Visit our website or call for details.often frequented by penguins, sea lions, andsmall reef sharks. The intimate National Geographic Islander accommo- dates 48 guests in 24 outside-facing cabins, with private facilities and climate control. The ship features Zodiacs,Isla Rábida snorkeling gear, wet suits, kayaks, a video microscope, a See our Galápagos Family Odyssey on page 69Snorkel among the friendly Galápagos sea lions, Splashcam, a spa, a full-time doctor, a gift shop, Internet and our Galápagos Photography Expedition on access, a library, a lounge, and a dining room. page 72.and take a scenic hike into the island to search forhawks and other land birds. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 25
  • 26. SOUTH AMERICA Peru: Land of the Inca Experience incomparable Machu Picchu on the 100th anniversary of explorer Hiram Bingham’s discovery of the site. Encounter a wealth of ancient Inca temples, Spanish colonial cathedrals, and the charming villages of the Sacred Valley of the Inca. Visit Lima’s renowned Larco Herrera Museum, and im- merse yourself in the the ancient capital of Cusco. Then spend the night among the ruins of Machu Picchu, excavated by Bingham with funding from National Geographic. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Watch day break over the mountaintop Inca ruins of Machu Picchu. • Meet archaeologist and National Geographic grantee Guillermo Cock, who recently uncovered the 500-year-old remains of the first known gunshot victim in the Americas. • Attend a private weaving demonstration by a National Geographic grantee. • Meet a local shaman at a ceremonial performance. ITINERARY (9 days) Day 3 Cusco/Sacred Valley of the Inca Fly to Cusco this morning, and drive to EXPERT Day 1 U.S./Lima, Peru Depart for Lima. Upon arrival, transfer to our Awanacancha, a farm where llamas and alpacas hotel, located in the elegant Miraflores district. are bred. Stop in Pisac, the gateway to the Sacred PETER FROST MIRAFLORES PARK HOTEL Valley of the Inca, and wander through its local Peter Frost is a writer, market. Explore the town’s ruins, from ritual photographer, and National Day 2 Lima baths to towers that may have been astronomical Geographic grantee who has Spend the morning exploring Lima, founded in observatories. Settle into your private bungalow, lived in Peru since 1987 and the 1500s by conquistador Francisco Pizarro. nestled in a valley just outside of Urubamba. has spent much of his life ex- Visit the Plaza Mayor, city hall, and the baroque Tonight, meet a shaman and learn about the ploring Peru. His published San Francisco Church. After lunch, meet with beliefs of the Inca at a ceremonial performance. HOTEL SOL Y LUNA (B, L, D) works include guides to the Cusco region and a archaeologist Guillermo Cock, whose discovery of local book on Machu Picchu. In 2001 and 2002, thousands of ancient Inca mummies was funded by a National Geographic grant and featured Guillermo Cock, a renowned Peter led National Geographic–sponsored Peruvian archaeologist and National archaeological expeditions into the remote in National Geographic magazine. During recent Geographic grantee, joins us for a region of Vilcabamba, where he discovered excavations, Guillermo and his team found the special talk in Lima. the Inca and pre-Inca site of Qoriwayrachina first known gunshot victim in the Americas— (National Geographic magazine, February thought to be an Inca killed by a bullet from a 2004). Spanish musket nearly 500 years ago. Gather for a welcome dinner this evening at Casa Aliaga, a Day 4 Sacred Valley of the Inca Peter will accompany both departures. lovely colonial home. (B, L, D) Explore the stone fortress of Ollantaytambo, where the Inca won their greatest victory against 26 Above: A llama pauses high above the ancient stone citadel of Machu Picchu.
  • 27. Day 5 Machu Picchu Take a morning train ride through the valley and then ascend to magnificent Machu Picchu. Isolated among mountain peaks, Machu Picchu is one of the world’s most awe-inspiring sites. The sacred citadel was abandoned by the Inca, reclaimed by the jungle, and lost to history until it was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911 and excavated with financial support from the National Geographic Society. Discover the mysteries of the “lost city of the Inca” on a guided walk through the site. SANCTUARY LODGE (B, L, D) Day 6 Machu Picchu/Cusco Before sunrise, hike up to the Sun Gate, the final checkpoint of the Inca Trail, and watch day break over the quiet ruins of Machu Picchu. Spend the rest of this morning wandering through the ruins on your own, or set out on a challenging hike up Huayna Picchu for a magnificent view. After lunch at the site, board the train and ride back to Cusco. HOTEL MONASTERIO (B, L, D)Hiram Bingham at the expedition camp during theexcavation of Machu Picchu. Day 7 Cuscothe conquistadores. Then attend a traditional Delve into Inca culture in Cusco, once the capitalweaving demonstration by National Geographic city of the Inca Empire. Explore the 15th-centurygrantee Nilda Callañaupa. Return to the lodge ruins of the Sacsayhuaman fortress, site of oneand enjoy a free afternoon to go horseback riding, of the bloodiest battles in the Spanish conquest.indulge in the spa, or see a Paso horse demon- Then enjoy the afternoon at leisure to strollstration. Gather for a barbecue around a campfire Dressed in a brightly colored hat and cloak, a young around this beautiful city; visit the Coricancha, a Quechua Indian plays a traditional flute.tonight, and watch folkloric dances performed magnificent 17th-century cathedral and convent;on stilts. (B, L, D) or just relax at our historic hotel. This evening, experience the music of the Andes at a presenta- e ti of indigenous instruments. (B, D) tion INFORMATION In celebration of the Dates: 100th anniversary of f D Day 8 Cusco/Lima 2011: July 21–29 • September 23–October 1 Hiram Bingham’s Fly back to Lima. At the renowned Larco F discovery of Machu Herrera Museum, view the world’s largest private H Expedition Cost: $5,480 Price is per person, double occupancy. For a single room, Picchu, National collection of pre-Columbian art. This afternoon, c add $1,810. The round-trip flight between Lima and Cusco Geographic’s gather for a farewell lunch at Casa Diez-Canseco, g is included in the expedition cost. Round-trip economy April 2011 issue airfare between Miami and Lima is not included and is a traditional Peruvian country home. estimated at $700. recounts the MIRAFLORES PARK HOTEL (B, L) M famous expedi- What to Expect: tion on which the D Day 9 Lima/U.S. We will be traveling at high elevations while in Cusco and at Machu Picchu. Cusco is at an altitude of 11,200 explorer came across these incredible s After breakfast, transfer to the Lima airport for the A feet and Machu Picchu, 8,000 feet. Participants should Inca ruins. “It fairly took my breath away,” return flight home. (B) be physically fit. This expedition is not suitable for anyone said Bingham upon laying eyes on the site who suffers from a respiratory disorder, a circulatory for the first time. The magazine features ailment, or a disability that limits mobility. photos from the expedition and the ensuing excavation that Bingham led with support from National Geographic. See our Peru Family Adventure on page 77. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 27
  • 28. SOUTH AMERICA Amazon River Voyage to the headwaters of the mighty Amazon in the heart of Peru’s rain forest aboard the elegant riverboat Delfin II. Slip through an intricate network of jungle waterways in a skiff, spotting hundreds of bird species as well as caimans, tamarins, and sloths. Skim past massive lily pads, peer up at towering ceiba trees, and witness glorious sunsets on the still waters of the Amazon River basin. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Explore the black-water lakes of the flooded forest of Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve with a team of experienced naturalists. • Spot legendary wildlife of the Amazon, including pink and gray dolphins, monk saki monkeys, piranhas, and scarlet macaws. • Get acquainted with local tribespeople on a visit to a community on the river’s edge. • Gaze at the wilderness from the comfort of the Delfin II, and enjoy delicious, local meals prepared by our onboard chef. ITINERARY (10 days) than five million square acres and harboring EXPEDITION some of the Amazon’s most fascinating flora and Day 1 U.S./Lima, Peru TEAM Arrive in Lima in the late evening and transfer to fauna. Bordered by the Marañón and the Ucayali, our hotel. two powerful rivers that converge to create the Along with a team of COSTA DEL SOL RAMADA famed Amazon, the reserve floods annually with experts, geologists, and nutrient-rich waters and is known locally as the naturalists, Kitty Coley will Day 2 Lima/Iquitos/Nauta Mirrored Forest for the reflections created by its join the November 12 and Enjoy a morning tour of Lima that includes Casa glassy water. 19, 2011 departures. Kitty Aliaga, a lovely colonial home, and the renowned serves as a consultant to Larco Herrera Museum. Later, fly to Iquitos and Set out into this remarkable wilderness on daily National Geographic magazine on articles continue overland to the riverside village of Nauta, excursions by skiff; kayak; and, when the water related to her expertise. She has conducted where the elegant Delfin II awaits. Settle into your level permits, hikes on terra firma. Skim past giant extensive research in the world’s rain forests cabin and gather for a welcome dinner of fine lily pads afloat on black-water lakes, and venture and explored the Amazon River Basin in depth Peruvian cuisine on board. Tonight, step out on deep into the rain forest on narrow tributaries. during a two-month research expedition to deck to gaze at the magnificent Amazon night sky. Spot sloths and monkeys, including variably Peru. A popular National Geographic expert, DELFIN II (B, L, D) colored saddleback tamarins, noisy howlers, and Kitty brings an enthusiastic and interactive ap- shaggy-tailed monk saki monkeys. Watch for an proach to studying the geologic features, flora, Days 3–8 Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve astounding variety of birds, from tanagers and and fauna of the Amazon. Spend this week exploring the Pacaya-Samiria hummingbirds to parrots and endangered scarlet This trip is operated in association with Lindblad National Reserve, a pristine swath of jungle—one macaws. In the river, look for massive paiche fish, Expeditions. of the largest in South America—stretching more the Amazon’s largest; rare pink dolphins; and the Above: A baby squirrel monkey hitches a ride on his mother’s back. 28
  • 29. Travelers glide through the Amazon River basin by skiff.infamous piranhas, an important food source for watch them make jewelry and other handicrafts.local people. Learn how local subsistence farmers cultivate wild plants and trees to earn income. Hear about howEnjoy an opportunity to swim in a lake in the the locals find edible fruits and indigenous plantsreserve’s interior. Seek out the Victoria amazonica, with medicinal properties hidden deep in thea beautiful giant water lily that grows in small jungle. (B, L, D DAILY)lagoons. Go on a birdwatching hike, listeningfor the vocal oropendola and then looking for its Day 9 Nauta/Iquitos/Limatelltale yellow tail. Watch the sun set and listen to Enjoy one last morning excursion by skiff to viewa cacophonous symphony of nocturnal animals wildlife. After lunch, disembark in Nauta, andcalling out across the treetops. Then slip through return to Iquitos overland. Visit the Jenaro Herrera Of over 30 species of toucans, Couvier’s toucan is one ofthe forest in a skiff as night falls, using a spotlight Research Center to learn about its manatee the find caimans, frogs, fishing bats, and other rehabilitation efforts before taking a late afternooncreatures of the night. flight to Lima. COSTA DEL SOL RAMADA (B, L)Pay a visit to one of the communities on the edge INFORMATIONof the reserve and get to know the ribereños, those Day 10 Lima/U.S. Dates:who live on the riverbanks, and their age-old After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your 2011: Sept. 10–19 • Sept. 24–Oct. 3 • Nov. 12–21traditions. Meet local women and children, and flight home. (B) Nov. 19–28 • Nov. 26–Dec. 5 Dec. 31, 2011–Jan. 9, 2012 About the Delfin II 2012: Expeditions depart every Saturday year The Delfin II (pictured left) is a 120-foot riverboat with round. See calendar on page 82 for specific 14 luxurious guest suites, all with expansive Amazon departure dates through June 2012. views. Of the 14 suites, four are master suites with 180-degree panoramic windows, and four suites can be Expedition Cost: interconnected to accommodate families. All suites are SUITES $5,590 air-conditioned and have private bathrooms. Common areas include a dining room, an observation deck, a Located on Upper and Main Decks sundeck, and an outdoor lounge. The ship’s chef serves MASTER SUITES $6,590 fine cuisine made from local, sustainable products. Located on Upper and Main Decks with Panoramic Views See Delfin II deck plan on page 81. Prices are per person, double occupancy. Due to limited availability, single cabins are offered on a request basis only; please call for availability and rates. Airfare is not included in the expedition cost. Round-trip economy airfare between Miami and Lima is $525 and between Lima and Iquitos is $350 (subject to change). CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 29
  • 30. SOUTH AMERICA Exploring Patagonia Carved by fjords and capped by glistening glaciers, Patagonia is a natural wonderland. Cruise through a landscape of thick forests and icebergs to the tip of Cape Horn and the Strait of Magellan. Then continue to Patagonia’s crown jewel—Torres del Paine National Park—and end our journey in Santiago, Chile’s vibrant capital. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Follow Patagonia’s pristine fjords past vast glaciers, and trace the voyages of great explorers around the legendary Cape Horn. • Encounter unique wildlife, including guanacos, rheas, gray foxes, and Magellanic penguins. • Spend four nights at the spectacular Explora Lodge, hiking and riding horseback amid the granite spires, glacial lakes, and waterfalls of Torres del Paine National Park. • Venture into the colorful artists’ quarter of La Boca, and enjoy a tango performance in captivating Buenos Aires. ITINERARY (13 days) world, and visit Tierra del Fuego National Park. Days 1 and 2 U.S./Buenos Aires, Argentina Embark the ship and sail toward the famed EXPERT Depart on an overnight flight to Buenos Aires. Transfer to our hotel in the heart of the fashion- Beagle Channel. M.V. STELLA AUSTRALIS (B, L, D) EDUARDO SHAW able Recoleta neighborhood and explore the near- by galleries, museums, and cafés. Enjoy a tango Day 5 Cape Horn, Chile/Wulaia Bay Naturalist and lecturer performance at our welcome dinner tonight. Weather permitting, take Zodiacs to the legendary Eduardo Shaw is a former LOI SUITES RECOLETA (D) Cabo de Hornos (Cape Horn) for a panoramic teacher who is deeply in- view from the southernmost tip of South America. volved in local foundations Day 3 Buenos Aires Later, explore Wulaia Bay, where Charles Darwin and community projects Spend the day discovering Argentina’s landed during his voyage on the H.M.S. Beagle. that promote sustainable cosmopolitan capital, known as “the Paris of Choose one of two walks to experience the development. He has led numerous National South America.” On a city tour, see the historic spectacular beauty of the Magellanic forest. Geographic Expeditions to Patagonia, as well (B, L, D) presidential palace—La Casa Rosada—and the as several trips to Antarctica. Eduardo grew cathedral in Plaza de Mayo. Continue to the up on the pampas of Argentina and has lived remarkable Recoleta Cemetery, burial site of Eva Day 6 Magdalena Channel/Chico Inlet with his family in northwestern Patagonia for Perón. After lunch, explore the colorful artists’ As we navigate the Magdalena Channel, spot the past 18 years. He looks forward to sharing quarter of La Boca as well as the beautiful parks, penguins, dolphins, sea lions, and Andean his knowledge and passion for the region he gardens, monuments, and mansions of the condors; and view the amazing Günter Plushow calls home. Palermo neighborhood. (B, L) Glacier. Cruise into Chico Inlet on a Zodiac, and Eduardo will accompany the October departure. See our get a close-up view of Piloto and Nena Glaciers. website for experts on other departures. (B, L, D) Day 4 Ushuaia/Tierra del Fuego National Park Fly to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the 30 Above: Snowy, saw-toothed peaks rise up majestically behind Patagonia’s Explora Lodge.
  • 31. to your interests, choosing among a variety of hiking and horseback-riding excursions in the park. Discover Grey Lake and its incredibly blue ice sculp- tures; hike through beech forests along the shore of Laguna Azul; and venture to Salto Grande, a glacial waterfall set against stunning views of the majestic 11,000-foot Grand Paine Mountains. Photograph wildlife near the northern limits of the park or relax at the hotel, taking advantage of its wonderful amenities. Enjoy evening lectures and cap off your stay in the park with a festive traditional barbecue. (B, L, D DAILY) Day 11 Punta Arenas/Santiago Today, drive to Punta Arenas airport for the flight to Santiago, stopping for lunch along the way. Arrive in Santiago this evening, and check into INFORMATION our hotel. Dates: PLAZA EL BOSQUE PARK AND SUITES (B, L) 2011: October 16–28 2012: February 5–17 • March 4–16 Days 12 and 13 Santiago/U.S. Our full-day exploration of Santiago includes a Expedition Cost: visit to La Chascona, the former home of Nobel Category A–Salto Chico $9,990 poet Pablo Neruda; a stop at Santiago’s bustling Category AA–Cordillera Paine $11,290A Patagonian guanaco surveys the landscape. fish market; and a farewell celebration at a Chilean Category AAA–Suite Exploradores $12,290 winery. This evening, transfer to the airport for Categories A, AA, and AAA refer to ship categories;Day 7 Magdalena Island/Punta Arenas your overnight flight home, arriving the next day. Salto Chico, Cordillera Paine, and Suite ExploradoresTake a morning walk on Magdalena Island, home (B, L) refer to rooms at the Explora a colony of 120,000 Magellanic penguins. Prices are per person, double occupancy. For singleDisembark in Punta Arenas and continue across About the Explora Lodge accommodations in Category A–Salto Chico, addthe southern pampas, looking for herds of gua- Located on the shores of Lake Pehoe in the heart of $2,545. All flights within Argentina and Chile arenacos and rheas, gray foxes, Patagonian hares, Torres del Paine National Park, Explora Lodge (shown included in the expedition cost. Economy airfare from on opposite page) offers its guests intimate contact with Miami to Buenos Aires and return from Santiago isand black-necked swans. Check into the deluxe the magnificent natural world of remote Patagonia. The not included and is estimated at $1,200.Explora Lodge in Torres del Paine National Park, lodge’s Salto Chico rooms face the Salto Chico waterfallour home for the next four nights. while the Cordillera Paine and Suite Exploradores rooms feature mountain views of Macizo del Paine. Amenities OPTIONAL EXTENSIONSEXPLORA LODGE (B, L, D) include a heated indoor lap pool, two outdoor Jacuzzis, Easter Island (5 Days) a sauna, exercise equipment, massage therapy, a gameDays 8, 9, and 10 Torres del Paine National Park room, a dining room, and a bar. Add an optional extension to Easter Island, one of the most enigmatic places on Earth. Stay at the deluxeDuring the next three days, tailor your exploration Explora Rapa Nui, and discover the island’s legendary About the M.V. Stella Australis moai statues. Built in 2010, the M.V. Stella Australis (pictured left) has Atacama Desert (5 Days) 100 outside-facing cabins and was designed specifi- Explore the incredible landscapes of Chile’s Atacama cally to cruise the spectacular Patagonian waterways. Desert, including the Salar de Atacama (salt flat) and All cabins are the same size and feature a large window, Valle de la Luna (moon valley). Visit hot springs and an en suite bathroom, a satellite phone, and individual geysers, and enjoy the luxuries of the Tierra Atacama temperature controls. Cabins are available on three Hotel & Spa. levels: Category A on the second level, Category AA on the third level, and Category AAA on the top level. Dates for these post-trip extensions vary depending Facilities include an open deck, three lounges, a library, on the departure. Visit our website or call for details. a game room, an exercise room, and a single-seating dining room. National Geographic has reserved 18 Optional Extension Costs: cabins on the October departure and 20 cabins on the Extension prices are per person, double occupancy. February and March departures. Visit our website or call for additional details. Easter Island: $2,795 Atacama Desert: $2,150 RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 31
  • 32. EUROPE Inside Italy I mmerse yourself in the lively rhythms of life in Italy on an unforgettable journey to some of its lesser known treasures. Walk between the picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre, explore the Carrara quarries where Michelangelo chose his marble, and settle into a restored medieval castle to discover traditional Tuscany. Delve into the cultural centers of Florence and Siena, and step behind the scenes on an insider’s tour of Rome. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Walk through terraced vineyards and charm- ing seaside villages tucked into the dramatic slopes of the Cinque Terre. • Gaze at Michelangelo’s astonishing frescoes during a private after-hours visit to the Sistine Chapel. • Stay in a 13th-century castle while exploring Tuscany’s beautiful hill towns. • Discover the town of Lucca on foot or ride a bike atop its medieval city walls. ITINERARY (11 days) vigorous hike or return to the hotel for time at leisure. (B) EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Pisa, Italy/Cinque Terre Depart for Pisa and arrive the next morning. Drive to Italy’s spectacular Ligurian coast and check into Day 4 Carrara/Lucca/Florence TIM JEPSON our hotel. Take a stroll through town before our Begin the day in Carrara, home to the marble Writer Tim Jepson is a welcome reception and dinner. quarries where Michelangelo chose the massive passionate and lifelong HOTEL MIRAMARE (D) blocks that he transformed into masterpieces. devotee of Italy. Since Here, walls of shining white marble soar skyward, graduating from Oxford, Day 3 The Cinque Terre cut from the mountains and accessible only by he has spent many years Nestled in the folds of a rugged coastline, the narrow switchbacks. Continue to the lovely walled living in and writing about five pastel-hued villages of the Cinque Terre city of Lucca and set out on a walking tour high- the country, including 15 books, two articles for tumble picturesquely from the rocky cliffs to the lighting its Romanesque churches. Ride a bicycle National Geographic Traveler, and five National sea. Travel through steep, vine-covered hills to atop the city walls or take advantage of free time Geographic guidebooks to Italy’s cities and Manarola, and set out along a coastal walking to explore the town. Arrive in Florence, and enjoy regions. Tim has also worked on programs path that links the villages. Follow the trail as it an evening on your own. HOTEL BRUNELLESCHI (B) about Italy for the BBC and commercial televi- winds along the hillside to Riomaggiore, offering sion. A keen hiker, Tim also takes pleasure in incomparable views, and learn about the history studying the food, wine, art, and culture of the and geologic features of this region from our Day 5 Florence region. guide. In Riomaggiore, board a local ferry and Take a morning walking tour of the historic center cruise north to Vernazza to take in the stunning of Florence. In Piazza della Repubblica, discover Tim will accompany the August 31, 2011 and April 15, 2012 departures. See our website for experts on other coastline from a different perspective. Enjoy the city’s beginnings as a Roman settlement. departures. lunch on your own in Vernazza—a village open to Stroll through narrow streets past the fortified pedestrians only. This afternoon, take an optional houses and towers that marked the medieval 32 Above: Tucked into a cove along the Cinque Terre coastline, the hamlet of Vernazza embraces a tiny harbor.
  • 33. fortified former abbey for a wine tasting and lunch. Then continue to Gargonza, a medieval hamlet superbly situated in the Tuscan coun- tryside. This afternoon, settle into the private 13th-century castle of Count and Countess Guicciardini—our home for the next three nights. Take the rest of the day to read; relax; and enjoy the swimming pool, tucked into an olive grove with a glorious view. CASTELLO DI GARGONZA (B, L, D) Day 7 Siena A short drive brings us to the Tuscan gem of Siena. Soak up the medieval flavor of the city on a walking tour that includes the Piazza del Campo; the Palazzo Pubblico; and the colorful, After lunch on your own, stroll through the ancient marble-clad cathedral. Stop for lunch on your own Forum and the Colosseum. Toast your journey at a in one of Siena’s many trattorias, and spend the grand Roman farewell dinner tonight. (B, D) afternoon exploring at leisure. (B, D) Day 11 Rome/U.S. Day 8 Tuscan Countryside Transfer to the airport for your flight home. (B) Venture into the Tuscan countryside on a morningThe centerpiece of a small piazza, the Baroque TreviFountain is one of Rome’s most majestic. hike through the scenic landscape around the castle. During a free afternoon at the castle, strolltown, and emerge onto the open Piazza della INFORMATION the gardens, relax by the pool, or try your hand atSignoria, the political center of the city since the a game of bocce. Later, you may join the castle’s Dates:Middle Ages. Immerse yourself in the world of chef for a cooking lesson and a tasting of several 2011: August 31–September 10Michelangelo this afternoon. Visit San Lorenzo, fine local vintages. (B, L, D) September 14–24 • October 12–22the parish church of the Medici family— 2012: April 15–25 • April 29–May 9Michelangelo’s patrons—to view the Medici Day 9 Pienza/RomeTombs and the Chapel of the Princes. Then 2011 2012 Drive through gorgeous scenery on the way to Expedition Cost: $5,995 $6,295encounter Michelangelo’s peerless “David” and Pienza, an architectural treasure trove. Stroll Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a singlethe evocative “Prisoners” at the Accademia. (B, D) through the heart of the town before sampling room, add $1,490 in 2011 and $1,590 in 2012. Airfare local specialties such as pici (hand-rolled pasta) is not included in the expedition cost. Economy airfareDay 6 Florence/Gargonza from New York to Pisa and return from Rome is $850 and fresh pecorino cheese. Continue to Rome, (subject to change).Travel south into the Chianti region, stopping arriving in the afternoon. Head into Vatican Cityto explore one of its charming villages. Visit the to visit massive St. Peter’s Basilica. Within its OPTIONAL EXTENSIONrenowned Badia a Coltibuono vineyard and walls are the priceless works of Renaissance Rome and Venice (4 Days) and Baroque masters, including Raphael, 2011: September 10–13 • September 24–27 Michelangelo, and Bernini. Enjoy a specially October 22–25 arranged visit to the Vatican Museums this after- 2012: April 25–28 • May 9–12 noon where we will have access to rooms normal- ly closed to the public. Our visit culminates with Spend an additional night in Rome and delve into the city’s artistic treasures. Examine masterpieces in a rare opportunity to visit the breathtaking Sistine an exquisite setting at the private estate of the Villa Chapel after hours and examine the masterpieces Borghese. Then travel by high-speed train to Venice. without the crowds. Visit a gondola workshop, take a cruise along the famed canals, and explore the city’s stunning sights on GRAND HOTEL DE LA MINERVE (B, L) a walking tour. See our website for a detailed itinerary. Day 10 Rome Optional Rome and 2011 2012 On a morning walking tour, visit the Piazza Venice Extension: $1,990 $2,190 Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a single Navona, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain. room, add $590.Charming courtyards and leafy parklands lie within thewalls of Castello di Gargonza. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 33
  • 34. EUROPE Sailing the Greek Isles Sprinkled across the Aegean Sea and steeped in ancient mythology, the Cyclades are some of the most spectacular of Greece’s many isles. Here, fishing boats cast colorful reflections in azure waters, whitewashed vil- lages cascade down lavender-dusted slopes, and craggy headlands are punctuated by ancient ruins. Under the billowing sails of the exquisite four-masted tall ship Sea Cloud, voyage to Santoríni and Sífnos, rugged Náxos, and the mystical isle of Delos. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Discover the magnificent ruins in the ancient sanctuary of Delos, birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. • Ride a donkey or cable car down a cliff side to the harbor on beautiful Santoríni. • Soak up the lively culture of age-old Cycladic villages on the jewel-like isle of Sífnos. • Explore the Cyclades under full sail aboard the historic square-rigger Sea Cloud. ITINERARY (9 days) Folégandros, and head up to the whitewashed EXPEDITION cliff-side town of Hora. Stroll along the cobbled Days 1 and 2 U.S./Athens, Greece/Piraeus TEAM Depart on an overnight flight to Athens. After streets of the medieval kastro, and climb up to the some time at leisure and lunch in the city, travel to castle for magnificent views of the island’s rocky Along with a diverse team Piraeus and settle into your cabin on the majestic shores and pristine beaches. This afternoon, we of experts, Stella Galani will Sea Cloud. Cast off this afternoon, and take in our set sail for the legendary island of Santoríni. join the May 7 and October (B, L, D) first Grecian sunset at sea. 4, 2012 departures. A native SEA CLOUD (L, D) of Athens, Stella is a scholar Day 5 Santoríni on the history and culture Day 3 At Sea/Sífnos Incomparable Santoríni is an island archipelago of Greece. She earned a master’s degree in Find a spot on deck this morning to watch as the formed from a single volcanic cone that erupted cultural anthropology from SUNY Albany and Sea Cloud’s sails are hoisted up their impressive in the second millennium b.c., burying what is completing her Ph.D. at University College masts by hand. Set sail into the Cyclades, bound might have been the civilization of Atlantis. Sail in London. She has traveled extensively in for the gem-like island of Sífnos. Distinguished into the caldera, and drive through windswept Greece and studied its fascinating sites. Stella for its pottery and its Venetian dovecotes, Sífnos vineyards to the beautiful town of Ía. Set high on looks forward to bringing the ancient ruins features stunning harbor villages tucked within a cliff, Ía affords unrivaled views of the caldera be- and civilizations of her country—as well as its its rocky coast. Spend the afternoon exploring the low. After lunch, ride a donkey or a cable car down modern culture—to life. island, relaxing in a waterfront taverna, or swim- the cliff side back to the ship. (B, L, D) This trip is operated in association with Lindblad ming at the beach. (B, L, D) Expeditions. Day 6 At Sea Day 4 At Sea/Folégandros Enjoy a glorious day of sailing among the pictur- Pull into the harbor at the small island of esque isles of the Cyclades. Relax on deck with a book, observe the crew as they man the rigging 34 Above: Cobalt domes set off the bright whitewash of a hilltop church in Santoríni.
  • 35. Fierce beasts along the Terrace of Lions guard the Sacred Lane of Delos.and trim the sails, and attend presentations by reason, and light. Spend the morning exploring spend a final afternoon under sail as we make ourour team of experts on the area’s history and ecol- the islet’s incredible ruins, including the Terrace of way back to Piraeus. (B, L, D)ogy. In the late afternoon, we may have a chance the Lions and the exquisite Temple of Apollo. We’llfor an impromptu stop and a swim. (B, L, D) Day 9 Piraeus/Athens/U.S. Disembark this morning and transfer to theDay 7 At Sea/Náxos airport for your return flight. (B)Fertile Náxos is the largest of the Cyclades and re-nowned in mythology as the island where Theseusabandoned Ariadne after she told him the secretsof the Cretan labyrinth. Náxos was also a center INFORMATIONof Cycladic art, which blossomed 5,000 years ago. Dates:Drive to Apíranthos, one of the island’s oldest 2012: May 7–15 • May 14–22villages, where houses are built of local stone and September 27–October 5 • October 4–12the narrow, sloping streets are paved in marbleand lined with charming tavernas. Return to the Expedition Cost:main port for lunch on board or in town, and take CATEGORY 1 $6,990a swim at the adjacent beach. (B, L, D) Located on the Promenade Deck CATEGORY 2 $7,990 Located on the Promenade DeckDay 8 Delos/At Sea CATEGORY 3 $9,780The tiny archaeological gem of Delos is the Located on the Captain’s Deckbirthplace of the twin gods Artemis, goddess of The gate of Apollo’s Temple on the island of Náxos pro- CATEGORY 4 $10,290animals and the hunt; and Apollo, god of healing, vides a frame for the setting sun. Located on the Captain’s Deck CATEGORY B—DELUXE $12,860 About the Sea Cloud Located on the Main Deck Once the private yacht of E. F. Hutton CATEGORY A—OWNER’S SUITES $16,540 and Marjorie Merriweather Post, Located on the Main Deck the four-masted square-rigger Sea Cloud (pictured left) was built in 1931. See deck plan on page 80. Prices are per person, Appointed with precious woods, double occupancy. For a single cabin, add $3,490 in Carrara marble, brass fixtures, and Category 1 and $4,000 in Category 2. Airfare is not antiques, the ship features 32 outside included in the expedition cost. Round-trip economy staterooms and cabins equipped with airfare between New York and Athens is $850 (subject windows or portholes and en suite to change). bathrooms. The two spacious Owner’s Suites (Cat. A), once the quarters of OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS Hutton and Post, have sitting areas, decorative fireplaces, and walk-in Add a two-day pre-trip extension to Athens or a three- closets, and were elegantly appointed day post-trip extension to Crete. Visit our website or by Mrs. Post herself. Common areas on call for details. the ship include a first-class restaurant, a bar and lounge, and two sun decks. See our website for additional ship details. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 35
  • 36. EUROPE Turkey and Greece: A Sailing Odyssey Step aboard the square-rigged yacht Sea Cloud, and sail along the magnificent isles and rocky coastlines of Turkey and Greece. Encounter the glittering marble cities of the ancient world from Ephesus to Delos, and stroll through the timeless whitewashed villages of the Cyclades. Delve deep into the rich history and mythology of the Romans and the Greeks and encounter the legacy of the Ottomans in vibrant Istanbul. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Sail the ancient seas aboard the legendary four-masted Sea Cloud. • Experience the enchantment of Istanbul on visits to the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. • Venture into some of the most important sites of the Greco-Roman era, including Delos, Didyma, and Ephesus. • Examine Bronze Age shipwrecks at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology in this Turkish harbor town. ITINERARY (10 days) Kusadası where the beautiful Sea Cloud awaits. EXPEDITION Settle into your cabin and enjoy dinner on deck Days 1 and 2 U.S./Istanbul, Turkey TEAM Depart on an overnight flight to Istanbul and this evening. SEA CLOUD (B, L, D) check into our hotel. After lunch, head into the Along with a diverse fabled capital of the Ottoman Empire on a city team of experts, National tour. Pay a visit to the Blue Mosque to see its Day 4 At Sea/Didyma Geographic Chairman renowned Iznik tiles and stroll through lovely Watch sailors climb the lines to raise the sails by Emeritus of the Board of gardens to the Hagia Sophia, where graceful hand this morning. Under full sail, we set out for Trustees Gil Grosvenor minarets soar into the sky. Later this afternoon, Didyma, an Ionian shrine that was the site of an will accompany the June take advantage of free time to explore on your oracle of Apollo. Wander among the ruins of mas- departure. Gil was the fifth generation of his own or relax at the hotel. We’ll gather tonight sive columns toward the Temple of Apollo and family to serve at the helm of the Society. He for a festive welcome dinner. learn about the site’s significance in the ancient first joined the staff as a picture editor, and FOUR SEASONS HOTEL, SULTANAHMET (D) world. Late this afternoon return to the Sea Cloud. then served as editor of National Geographic (B, L, D) magazine before becoming the Society’s 14th Day 3 Izmir/Ephesus president. During his 50-year career at National Board a morning flight to Izmir and continue Day 5 Bodrum Geographic, Gil traveled all over the world, and overland to Ephesus, once home to the Temple of Drop anchor in Bodrum, a lively seaside town has explored the Mediterranean more than 20 Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient built around two natural harbors. Venture into the times. His article “The Aegean Isles: Poseidon’s world. Take in views of this sparkling white city Castle of St. Peter, built by the Crusaders in the Playground,” was published in the December and then follow the Marble Way past ancient 15th century to combat the spread of the Ottoman 1958 issue of National Geographic. merchant houses to the Great Theater and the Empire. Set on a promontory between Bodrum’s This trip is operated in association with Lindblad dazzling facade of the Library of Celsus. This harbors, the castle now houses the impressive Expeditions. afternoon, a short drive brings us to the port of Museum of Underwater Archaeology, where we’ll examine items excavated from Bronze Age 36 Above: Dating back to 110 a.d., the magnificent Library of Celsus in Ephesus was one of the largest libraries in the ancient world.
  • 37. A whitewashed windmill in Santoríni takes on shades of pink in the setting sun. the holiest sites in ancient Greece. On our final afternoon, unwind on deck one last time as we setshipwrecks and artifacts from subsequent eras. stroll past its iconic domed churches and wind- our course for Piraeus. (B, L, D)(B, L, D) mills. Then continue to the main town of Thíra and take in splendid views of the caldera. (B, L, D) Day 10 Piraeus/Athens/U.S.Day 6 At Sea After breakfast, disembark in Pireaus and transferEnjoy a full day skimming across the sparkling Day 8 At Sea/Folégandros to Athens for your return flight. (B)Aegean in our lovely tall ship as we make our After a morning of sailing, dock at the small islandway to the Cycladic Islands under full sail. Relax of Folégandros and head up to the cliff-side townwith a book on deck, take in the views and watch of Hora. Stroll along the cobbled streets of thethe crew trim the sails, and attend talks by our medieval kastro, and climb up to the castle for INFORMATIONexperts on the history and culture of the region. magnificent views of the island’s rocky shores and Dates:Late this afternoon, we may stop for a swim or pristine beaches. (B, L, D) 2012: May 27–June 5 • June 4–13*dock at one of the islands along our route. * This departure follows the itinerary shown but in the(B, L, D) Day 9 Delos/At Sea reverse order. Tiny Delos is known as the birthplace of the twinDay 7 Santoríni gods Artemis, goddess of animals and the hunt, Expedition Cost:Make sure you’re on deck this morning as we and Apollo, god of healing, reason and light. It CATEGORY 1 $7,990 Located on the Promenade Deckglide into Santoríni’s volcanic caldera and see the was also a flourishing port during the Roman CATEGORY 2 $9,150island’s spectacular cliffs and whitewashed vil- era. Explore this extraordinary archaeological site Located on the Promenade Decklages ringing the blue sea. On shore, take a drive today. Walk along the Terrace of the Lions and CATEGORY 3 $11,170through vineyards to the tiny village of Ía and encounter the marble Temple of Apollo, one of Located on the Captain’s Deck CATEGORY 4 $11,750 Located on the Captain’s Deck About the Sea Cloud CATEGORY B—DELUXE $14,690 Once the private yacht of E. F. Hutton Located on the Main Deck and Marjorie Merriweather Post, the four-masted square-rigger Sea CATEGORY A—OWNER’S SUITES $18,890 Cloud (pictured left) was built in 1931. Located on the Main Deck Appointed with precious woods, See deck plan on page 80. Prices are per person, Carrara marble, brass fixtures, and double occupancy. For a single cabin, add $3,990 in antiques, the ship features 32 outside Category 1 and $4,570 in Category 2. Airfare is not staterooms and cabins equipped with included in the expedition cost. Round-trip economy windows or portholes and en suite airfare from New York to Istanbul and return from bathrooms. The two spacious Owner’s Athens is $1,200 (subject to change). Suites (Cat. A), once the quarters of Hutton and Post, have sitting areas, decorative fireplaces, and walk-in clos- OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS ets, and were elegantly appointed by Add a two-day extension in Istanbul or a two-day Mrs. Post herself. Common areas on extension in Athens. Visit our website or call for the ship include a first-class restaurant, details. a bar and lounge, and two sun decks. See our website for additional ship details. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 37
  • 38. EUROPE Turkey: Istanbul to the Turquoise Coast Poised at the crossroads between East and West, Turkey is graced with a stunning coastline; picturesque villages; and a unique cultural legacy shaped by the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. Our journey begins in enchanting Istanbul. Experience the otherworldly moonscape of Cappadocia, stroll through ancient Ephesus, and then soak up the rhythms of everyday life as you explore the Aegean coast from Izmir to Bodrum. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Explore Cappadocia’s surreal “fairy chimneys” and the mazelike underground city of Kaymakli. • Examine incredible archaeological finds, from the temples of Ephesus to the underwater treasures of the Aegean Sea. • Enjoy an insider’s perspective on the historic sites and lively markets of Istanbul. • Sail the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea aboard a private gulet, a traditional wooden yacht. ITINERARY (11 days) through the Grand Bazaar, one of the largest covered marketplaces in the world. (B, L) EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Istanbul, Turkey Depart on an overnight flight to Istanbul, the capital of three empires: Roman, Byzantine, and Day 4 Istanbul AYDIN KUDU Ottoman. After time to get settled this afternoon, Set out for the Topkapı Palace, the opulent resi- Aydin Kudu—photogra- gather for a welcome dinner. dence of Ottoman sultans for four centuries. Then pher, filmmaker, and native RICHMOND HOTEL (D) venture into the ancient Underground Cistern, Turk—serves as a consul- also known as the Sunken Palace, an important tant to National Geographic Day 3 Istanbul water source during the Byzantine era. Explore magazine photographers Delve into this fabulous city today. Visit the Rüstem Pasha Mosque, a treasure trove of and writers on assignment iconic Hagia Sofia, built as a church by Emperor exquisite Iznik tiles. Later, enjoy an afternoon in Turkey, providing invaluable access and in- Justinian in the sixth century and converted to Bosporus cruise. (B, L, D) terpreting his country’s rich culture and history. a mosque some 900 years later. Here, beneath He has accompanied National Geographic the minarets and buttresses added by the Day 5 Kayseri/Cappadocia television crews as well as scientists working Ottomans, discover the hidden mosaics of the Fly to Kayseri this morning and continue on Society–funded archaeological expeditions. original Byzantine structure. Continue to the overland to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Aydin’s photography has been exhibited in Hippodrome, the site of coronations and chariot Cappadocia. This surreal volcanic moonscape, multiple cities, and his films documenting races. Visit the Mosque of Sultan Ahmet I, known whittled into unique formations by wind and Turkish life have won two documentary film as the Blue Mosque for the blue Iznik tiles that rain over millions of years, is characterized by awards. line its interior. Examine a vast array of textiles and clusters of natural stone pillars and cones known artifacts at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic as fairy chimneys. In the third century, Christians Aydin will accompany all departures. Art. After lunch at a local restaurant, meander fleeing Roman persecution carved churches and 38 Above: Whirling dervishes spin themselves into a spiritual trance.
  • 39. plex of frescoed medieval cave churches cut into the tufa. This afternoon, set out on an easy hike through Cappadocia’s Red Valley. Return to the hotel for time at leisure. (B, L) Day 7 Cappadocia/Izmir Visit a local pottery studio this morning. Then transfer back to Kayseri for a flight to Izmir. Settle into our hotel overlooking the Kordon promenade on the Aegean Sea. SWISSÔTEL GRAND EFES (B) Day 8 Ephesus/Sirince/Bodrum Spend the day in Ephesus, once home to the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Explore one of the best preserved Greco-Roman cities, from its Great Theater to its elaborate water systems and beauti- ful mosaics. Visit the house where the Virgin Mary is believed to have lived during her final years.Spots of scarlet against the ancient stone, wild poppies Later, continue to Sirince, a lovely hillside villagefringe the Library of Celsus at Ephesus. where Ottoman houses are nestled against a backdrop of vineyards and olive groves. Wanderentire villages into niches in the soft tufa stone. the cobblestoned lanes, stopping in at wineries toFollowing a specially arranged lunch in a private sample local vintages. Travel to the charming porthome, visit the eight-story-deep underground city town of Bodrum and settle into our hotel.of Kaymakli, dating back to the era of the Hittites. THE MARMARA BODRUM (B, L)Later, take in a performance of whirling dervish-es—mystical Sufi dancers who spin themselves Day 9 Bodruminto a spiritual trance. Following the performance, Enjoy a day on the water gliding along the spec- Sculpted by the elements, whimsical fairy chimneys dot the surreal landscape of Cappadocia.enjoy a rare opportunity to sit down with one of tacular Aegean coast in a privately chartered gulet,the dervishes for a conversation about his faith a traditional wooden sailing yacht. Swim andand practice. snorkel in the crystal-clear water or simply relaxHOTEL CAVEDELUXE (B, L, D) on deck, taking in the stunning views. Sail back INFORMATION to Bodrum in the late afternoon. Tonight, gatherDay 6 Cappadocia for a festive farewell dinner along the waterfront Dates:Rise before dawn for an optional hot-air balloon promenade. (B, L, D) 2011: Sept. 8–18 • Sept. 22–Oct. 2 Oct. 6–16ride over this unique landscape. Then tour theGöreme Open Air Museum, a vast monastic com- Day 10 Bodrum/Istanbul 2012: May 3–13 • May 17–27 • Sept. 6–16 Discover the Castle of St. Peter, a 15th-century Sept. 20–30 crusader fortress that now houses the Museum 2011 2012 of Underwater Archaeology. Here, meet the Expedition Cost: $4,995 $5,295 museum director, who will lead a private tour Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a single room, add $2,000 in 2011 and $2,100 in 2012. Airfare of the museum’s impressive collection of items is not included in the expedition cost. Round-trip excavated from ancient shipwrecks found along economy airfare between New York and Istanbul is the Turkish coast. Transfer to the airport for an from $700, and flights within Turkey are $550 in 2011 and $600 in 2012 (subject to change). afternoon flight back to Istanbul. Enjoy dinner on your own at one of Istanbul’s fine restaurants. RICHMOND HOTEL (B, L) Day 11 Istanbul/U.S. Transfer to the airport for your flight home. (B)Boats float on the still, teal waters of Bodrum’s harbor. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 39
  • 40. EUROPE Land of the Polar Bears A high Arctic archipelago situated between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbard is a place of deep fjords, snowcapped moun- tains, massive sheets of ice, and magnificent polar bears. Travel under the midnight sun aboard the National Geographic Explorer and experience nature in its purest form. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Search for the very symbol of the Arctic— the polar bear—and observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. • Take naturalist-led shore walks, and cruise among beautiful passing icebergs in a Zodiac or a kayak. • Experience the legendary midnight sun: the ethereal light of the northern summer, when the sun never sets. • Watch for huge walruses, bearded and ringed seals, arctic foxes, and reindeer. ITINERARY (11 days) discovery, and our travel in the archipelago is EXPEDITION exploratory by design. In a region ruled not by Days 1 and 2 U.S./Oslo, Norway TEAM Depart on an overnight flight to Oslo. Upon humans but by polar bears, we let nature guide arrival, check into our hotel. On an afternoon our course. Svalbard lies north of the Arctic Circle, Along with a diverse team of tour of this charming city, stroll among the famed where the summer midnight sun never sets. experts, photographer Chris Vigeland sculptures—hundreds of life-size With our fully stabilized ice-class expedition ship, Rainier will join the June human figures set in terraced parkland. Visit we are able to probe the ice in search of wildlife; 30, 2011 departure. Chris the Fram Museum, showcasing the polar ship our exact day-to-day itinerary remains flexible, has photographed all seven Fram and dedicated to the explorers and wooden depending on local ice and weather conditions. continents and the North vessels that navigated the Arctic Sea in the late Zodiacs and kayaks take us closer to experience Pole on assignment for National Geographic 1800s and early 1900s. This evening is free to the region’s geologic features and wildlife and and other publications. A National Geographic explore Oslo on your own. the wildflowers that flourish during the summer Society Fellow, he is a director of the National HOTEL CONTINENTAL months. Geographic All Roads Photography Program. Chris serves as a contributing editor for Day 3 Oslo/Longyearbyen With our National Geographic photographer and National Geographic Traveler, as well as a Depart Oslo on a private charter flight, and enjoy a seasoned naturalist staff, venture to the foot of photography correspondent for NPR. breathtaking vistas en route to Longyearbyen. vast tidewater glaciers, kayak among sparkling Embark the National Geographic Explorer, your icebergs, and explore fjords that split the coast- Explorer Eric Larsen, one of the few Americans base for the next six days. (B, L, D) line. Hike through miniature gardens blooming to have skied to both the North and South on the tundra; and search the edge of the pack Poles, will join our expedition team on the Days 4–9 Exploring Svalbard ice for polar bears, walruses, seals, reindeer, and July 7, 2011 departure. See our website for his This voyage is undertaken in the spirit of arctic foxes. Nowhere can the polar bear be seen full bio. This trip is operated in association with Lindblad Expeditions. 40 Above: Choosing its footing carefully, a polar bear navigates a luminescent iceberg.
  • 41. A Zodiac sprays wake as it skims toward the shores of Svalbard. INFORMATIONmore reliably in its natural environment than here. Dates: Watch a short video about this expedition at(B, L, D DAILY) 2011: June 9–19 • June 30–July 10 • July 7–17 2012: June 8–18 • June 15–25 • June 22–July 2Day 10 Longyearbyen/Oslo June 29–July 9 • July 6–16In Longyearbyen, the largest settlement inSvalbard, disembark and enjoy time to explore. Expedition Cost: 2011 2012Founded by an American coal executive in 1906, CATEGORY 1 $7,490 $8,240this is one of the northernmost human settle- Located on Main Deck with portholements on Earth. Fly back to Oslo this afternoon. CATEGORY 2 $7,990 $8,790RADISSON BLU HOTEL (B, L) Located on Main Deck with window CATEGORY 3 $8,290 $9,120 Located on Main Deck with portholeDay 11 Oslo/U.S. CATEGORY 4 $8,790 $9,670After breakfast, transfer to the airport for the Located on Upper and Veranda Decks with windowreturn flight home. (B) CATEGORY 5 $10,390 $11,430 Located on Upper Deck with balcony Two travelers kayak in the waters off Svalbard’s pristine coast. CATEGORY 6 $12,120 $13,330 Located on Upper and Veranda Decks—suite CATEGORY 7 $13,850 $15,230 About the National Geographic Explorer Located on Upper Deck—suite with balcony The National Geographic Explorer (pictured left) is the See National Geographic Explorer deck plan on page newest ship in our fleet and arguably the finest expedi- 81. Prices are per person, double occupancy. Visit our tion vessel on the seas. A state-of-the-art, ice-class website or call for details on single cabins. Airfare expedition ship, the Explorer accommodates 148 guests is not included in the expedition cost. Round-trip in 81 spacious cabins, each with outside views; private economy airfare between Newark and Oslo is $1,195 bathrooms; and sleek, modern furnishings. The ship and between Oslo and Longyearbyen is $725 (subject carries kayaks and a fleet of Zodiac motorized landing to change). craft, as well as sophisticated video equipment that allows access to the underwater world. Public areas include an elegant lounge and bar; a library; a spa; a OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS fitness center; a sauna; and a selection of dining options Add a five-day pre-trip extension to the breathtaking that offer regionally inspired cuisine using fresh, local fjords of Norway or a five-day post-trip extension to ingredients. Services include a full-time doctor, a Iceland that includes Reykjavík and the Golden Circle. wellness specialist, and an Internet café. Visit our website or call for details. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 41
  • 42. EUROPE Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard Follow Norway’s fjord-carved coast past the North Cape to the icy isles of Svalbard on board the National Geographic Explorer. From the charming town of Bergen, enter the fjord lands, kayaking narrow inlets that slice between towering peaks, visiting fishing vil- lages, and hiking wildflower-strewn islands. Explore Tromsø and Bear Island on the way to Svalbard, where polar bears prowl and walruses loll on glaciers and icebergs. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Stroll past medieval wooden houses in Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage site in Bergen. • Discover hidden inlets and cascading waterfalls while kayaking in the spectacular fjord lands. • Learn about the cultures that flourish on the Arctic’s edge. • Spot polar bears and seals on the ice floes of the Svalbard archipelago. ITINERARY (16 days) Cruise in a Zodiac along vertical rock faces, EXPEDITION paddle a kayak past waterfalls that tumble into Days 1 and 2 U.S./Bergen, Norway TEAM Depart on an overnight flight to Copenhagen, serene fjords, or venture ashore for a hike with Denmark and connect to Bergen, the gateway to our naturalists. Explore hidden gems such as Along with a diverse the fjord lands. Perched on a fjord and ringed by Melfjorden, a narrow channel that cuts between team of experts, National seven hills, this beautiful city was once an impor- high granite cliffs polished smooth by massive Geographic photographers tant Hanseatic trading center. Enjoy lunch in town glaciers—one of the most spectacular spots on Sisse Brimberg and Cotton before setting out to discover Bergen’s maritime our voyage. (B, L, D DAILY) Coulson will join the August history on a guided walk of Bryggen, a UNESCO departure. Collectively, Sisse World Heritage site. Later, settle into your cabin Day 6 Lofoten Islands and Cotton have photographed more than 50 aboard the National Geographic Explorer and take Travel among the islets by Zodiac to view Atlantic stories for National Geographic magazine and to the seas. puffins, razorbills, and guillemots. Go ashore for National Geographic Traveler during the past 32 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER (L, D) a stroll through the fishing village of Aa. Later, years. They have spent most of their careers cruise into dramatic Trollfjorden, one of the most working in Europe shooting stories from the Day 3 Nordfjord famous fjords in Norway. (B, L, D) Arctic and Scandinavia to Italy and France. Glide through the little-known Nordfjord and Both Sisse and Cotton have been awarded travel overland to see the jagged peaks and Day 7 Tysfjorden numerous prizes for their photography. turquoise lake of Olden Valley. Hike through deep, This morning, enter the long fjord of Tysfjorden, This trip is operated in association with Lindblad glacially carved valleys to Jostedal Glacier. (B, L, D) where only a few small villages cling to the rocky Expeditions. shores. Explore Hellemobotn and the area’s Days 4 and 5 Exploring the Fjords of Norway numerous side channels by Zodiac or kayak or The coast of central Norway is rugged with on foot. (B, L, D) mountainous islands and steep-walled fjords. 42 Above: A kayaker slips her paddle into a glassy bay in Svalbard.
  • 43. now set our sights on the high Arctic, taking advantage of opportunities to explore on our way to Bear Island. Glide a Zodiac into the coves and inlets of this mist-shrouded island, populated by hundreds of thousands of fulmars, kittiwakes, and guillemots. (B, L, D DAILY) Days 11–14 Exploring Svalbard The focus of these days is to search for walruses, seals, reindeer, arctic foxes, and polar bears among the deep fjords, mountains, and massive ice sheets of Svalbard. Our itinerary is flexible to allow us to make the most of ice and weather conditions. Shore walks and Zodiac and kayaking adventures bring us up close to untouched landscapes and passing icebergs. (B, L, D DAILY) Day 15 Longyearbyen/Oslo Disembark in Longyearbyen and visit the Svalbard Art Gallery and Svalbard Museum. Then boardA polar bear pads across an ice floe. our charter flight to Oslo.Day 8 Tromsø RADISSON BLU HOTEL (B, L)Tromsø is known as the “gateway to the Arctic”because so many Arctic expeditions originated Day 16 Oslo/ Visit the Polar Museum and the Arctic After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your return flight. (B) INFORMATIONCathedral, where the unique architecture evokessnow and icebergs. (B, L, D) Dates: 2012: May 27–June 11 • August 13–28*Days 9 and 10 At Sea/Bjørnøya (Bear Island) * This departure follows the itinerary shown but in the reverseHaving spent a full week in coastal Norway, we order. Expedition Cost: CATEGORY 1 $11,740 Located on Main Deck with porthole CATEGORY 2 $12,390 Located on Main Deck with window CATEGORY 3 $12,990 Located on Main Deck with porthole CATEGORY 4 $13,990 Located on Upper and Veranda Decks with window CATEGORY 5 $15,990 Located on Upper Deck with balcony CATEGORY 6 $18,650 Located on Upper and Veranda Decks—suite CATEGORY 7 $21,430 Located on Upper Deck—suite with balcony See National Geographic Explorer description on page 41 and photo and deck plan on page 81. Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a single cabin, add $3,100 in Category 2 and $3,250 in Category 3. Airfare is not included in the expedition cost. Economy airfare from Newark to Bergen and return from Oslo is $1,195 and from Longyearbyen to Oslo is $360 (subject toBoldly painted cottages line a snow-streaked slope in Svalbard. change). RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 43
  • 44. EURASIA Trans-Siberian Rail Journey: Beijing to Moscow Set out on an epic train journey that crosses one-third of the world, from imperial Beijing to the heart of Moscow along the famous Trans-Siberian Railway. Enjoy the comforts of a private train, and journey through the wilds of the Gobi to Lake Baikal’s remote shores. Track the footsteps of Genghis Khan deep into Russia, and examine marvelous architec- ture, from Beijing’s Olympic sites to the wooden cottages of Siberia. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Watch a horseback riding demonstration in the grasslands of Mongolia’s steppe. • Cruise on beautiful Lake Baikal and along the Volga River. • Enjoy traditional musical performances, including a private concert at the Decembrist Museum in Irkutsk. • Descend beneath the streets of Moscow to Stalin’s secret bunker, and take an in-depth tour of the Kremlin. ITINERARY (16 days) Gold, our private train for the remainder of our journey, awaits us here. Stop in at the colorful EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Beijing, China Depart on an overnight flight to Beijing. Gather for town market before settling into your cabin. Take a welcome dinner, and, if you wish, take a guided in the ever changing landscapes of the Gobi as GEORGE MUNRO walking tour afterward to see Tiananmen Square the train heads toward Ulaanbaatar. TSAR’S GOLD (B, L, D) George Munro, a profes- at night. sor of history at Virginia REGENT BEIJING (D) Commonwealth University, Day 5 Ulaanbaatar has lived and studied in the Day 3 Beijing/Inner Mongolia Visit the National Museum of Mongolian History, former Soviet Union and Spend the day discovering Beijing’s historic and trace the history of Genghis Khan, and explore the travels to Russia regularly to modern icons. Begin in Tiananmen Square, and culture of the steppe nomad. Meander through pursue his research. A Fulbright fellow, George continue to the Forbidden City, seat of the Ming the beautiful Gandan Monastery, which narrowly is the author of five books, including The Most and Qing emperors. Hop into a pedicab for a escaped total destruction during the Soviet era. Intentional City: St. Petersburg in the Reign of tour of the city’s ancient hutong neighborhoods, This evening, enjoy a performance of Mongolian Catherine the Great. He has written more than and later visit the stunning symbols of the 2008 throat singing and traditional dance. Spend the 200 articles about the region, has lectured Olympics: the Bird’s Nest and the Water Cube. night at our centrally located hotel. ULAANBAATAR HOTEL (B, L, D) widely, and has received numerous fellowships This evening, begin the first leg of our journey and distinguished service awards. to the Chinese/Mongolian border aboard a George will accompany the June departure. See our private train. Day 6 Ulaanbaatar website for experts on other departures. PRIVATE TRAIN (B, L, D) Today, venture into the legendary steppe. Visit the recently unveiled enormous equestrian statue of Day 4 Erenhot/Gobi Desert, Mongolia Genghis Khan, and gaze at the sweeping vistas Pull into Erenhot, a border town where the rail from atop the statue. Watch a demonstration of tracks change to the wider Soviet gauge. The Tsar’s Mongolian horseback riding before boarding the 44 Above: The picturesque, elaborately decorated wooden houses of Siberia reflect a distinctive architectural style. Right: The Tsar’s Gold snakes along the shoreline of scenic Lake Baikal.
  • 45. V nobles were exiled here for their involve- ment in the Decembrist revolt. Visit the city’s historic sights, and enjoy a private concert and champagne reception. Then wander through a delightful collection of authentic Russian and Siberian cottages at the outdoor Museum of Wooden Architecture. End the day with a boat ride on Lake Baikal, dinner at a local restau- rant, and an overnight stay at our hotel. BAIKAL BUSINESS CENTER (B, L, D) Days 10 and 11 On Train/Novosibirsk just across from the Kremlin. Head out on aThree horsemen ride through Inner Mongolia’s famousgrasslands holding uurgas, or lassos. Embark the train again this morning and enjoy a city tour, and, after dinner at a local restaurant, day to relax on board, taking in stunning scenery take a guided stroll through Red Square at night.Tsar’s Gold for the journey to Russia tonight. Spend the following morning at the legendary as the vast Siberian taiga unfurls. If you wish,TSAR’S GOLD (B, L, D) sample traditional Russian vodka during a tasting Kremlin. Visit St. Basil’s Cathedral, and view court on board. The following day, stop in Novosibirsk, regalia from the Romanov dynasty at the ArmoryDay 7 Ulan Ude, Russia Museum. After lunch, descend into Stalin’s secret Siberia’s largest city, to see the opera house andThe train rolls through the valley of the Selenge bunker, built deep under the city in the 1930s. Lenin Square.River, which flows into Lake Baikal. Stop in Ulan Toast our adventure at a farewell dinner tonight. TSAR’S GOLD (B, L, D DAILY)Ude, the capital of the Buryat Republic and once MOSCOW MARRIOTT ROYAL AURORA (B, L, D DAILY)a major trading post between China and Irkutsk. Day 12 YekaterinburgSee the original wooden Siberian houses of the Day 16 Moscow/U.S. Arrive in Yekaterinburg, where Russia’s last tsar,merchant quarter, and watch a performance of After breakfast, transfer to the airport for your Nicholas II, and his family were executed by theBuryat music and dance. (B, L, D) flight home. (B) Bolsheviks in 1918. Visit the Romanov execution site, view the city’s ornately decorated woodenDay 8 Lake Baikal houses, and stop by a monument marking theArrive at beautiful Lake Baikal, called the “sacred border between Europe and Asia. (B, L, D) INFORMATIONsea” by locals and named a World Heritage site byUNESCO. The lake basin holds about 20 percent Dates: Day 13 Kazanof the world’s unfrozen fresh water. Our train 2012: June 11–26 • August 24–September 8 Spend the day in Kazan, perched on the banks ofroute hugs the rocky shores and passes through September 17–October 2 the Volga River. Tour the city’s kremlin, the Qol33 tunnels. Take in spectacular views from the Expedition Cost: Sharif Mosque, and the Peter and Paul Cathedral.train and stop for a barbecue on the shore. Set off on a short cruise on the Volga before our STANDARD PLUS NEW $11,995(B, L, D) train departs on the final leg of our journey. Two lower berths (B, L, D) NOSTALGIC COMFORT $13,995Day 9 Irkutsk Upper/lower berthsToday, explore Irkutsk, an important Siberian BOLSHOI CLASS $17,495 Days 14 and 15 Moscowoutpost established in 1652. In the early 19th Upper/lower berths Disembark in Moscow and check into our hotel,century, many Russian artists, officers, and BOLSHOI PLATINUM CLASS $20,495 Upper/lower berths About the Tsar’s Gold Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a single The journey from Erenhot to Moscow is aboard the cabin, add $3,495 in Standard Plus New and $6,295 in Tsar’s Gold (pictured left), a private train that accommo- Nostalgic Comfort. See our website or call for single dates 200 passengers. Four dining cars feature tradition- prices in other categories. Airfare is not included in the al Russian cuisine and convert to bar/lounge facilities expedition cost. Economy airfare from Los Angeles to after dinner. Each sleeping car has two attendants. The Beijing and return from Moscow is $1,450 (subject to comfortable Standard Plus New and Nostalgic Comfort change). cabins have shared facilities. The deluxe Bolshoi Class and Bolshoi Platinum Class cabins have private facilities. OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS See our website for additional train details and photos. The overnight journey from Beijing to Erenhot is aboard Add a three-day pre-trip extension in Beijing or a a different private train; all cars have shared bathrooms four-day post-trip extension to St. Petersburg, Russia. at the end of each car (no shower facilities). Visit our website or call for details. National Geographic has reserved 23 cabins on each of these departures. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 45
  • 46. ASIA Inside China From the winding Great Wall to the dramatic landscapes of the Three Gorges, experience the timeless beauty of a chang- ing China. Beginning in Beijing, venture to the ancient capital of Xi’an, cruise the Yangtze on the deluxe Yangzi Explorer, and discover cosmopolitan Shanghai. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture through dis- cussions with local experts, and catch a glimpse of old China in traditional neighbor- hoods off the beaten track. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Meet a leading archaeologist and enjoy VIP access to Xi’an’s astonishing terra-cotta warrior dig on a private tour. • Hike along an isolated section of the Great Wall. • Witness the new landscapes created by the Three Gorges Dam and attend a talk by a head engineer from the project. • Glide on canals lined with beautifully preserved Ming dynasty buildings in the water village of Xitang. ITINERARY (14 days) Day 4 Beijing Visit an organization dedicated to the restoration EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Beijing, China Fly to Beijing, cross the international date line, and preservation of the hutong, Beijing’s traditional and arrive on Day 2. neighborhoods. Then follow an expert into hidden ELVIRA HAMMOND THE PENINSULA BEIJING alleyways to see courtyard-style homes and learn Elvira Hammond, a profes- about the principles of feng shui. Explore the Lama sor of Chinese cultural Day 3 Beijing Temple, one of the largest centers of Tibetan history at New Mexico State Spend the day exploring the imperial monuments Buddhism in the world. Tonight, savor Peking duck University, has been working, of the city. Begin at the Temple of Heaven, a at a popular restaurant. (B, L, D) traveling, and studying in Ming dynasty temple complex where emperors China since 1983. She stud- held their prayer ceremonies. Then stroll across Day 5 Beijing ied Chinese language and modern theater in Tiananmen Square, the stage for many turning Set off on an excursion to a section of the Great Beijing, and worked for many years developing points in modern Chinese history—from Wall not seen by many visitors. Here, the wall and leading academic and cultural programs the start of the Cultural Revolution to the follows the hillcrest, providing excellent views of for students visiting China. Elvira loves intro- demonstrations of 1989. Continue to the the surrounding countryside. Stroll along the top ducing travelers to the sights, sounds, and Forbidden City, home to the Ming and of the wall, or go on an invigorating hike along an especially the flavors of China. Qing emperors and some of the finest unrestored section. After lunch, return to Beijing imperial architecture in China. View a by way of the Olympic Park. (B, L) Elvira will accompany the October 13 departure. See our website for experts on other departures. collection of royal treasures and meander through the Imperial Day 6 Beijing/Xi’an Gardens. Gather for a welcome Fly to Xi’an, China’s capital for more than 1,000 dinner at an elegant restaurant years and once the eastern terminus of the Silk overlooking Beihai Park. (B, L, D) Road. After a lunch of local specialties, check into our hotel. This afternoon, experience Xi’an from a 46 Above: From its perch high above the Yangtze, a traditional pavilion looks out on the mystical blue shadows of Wu Gorge, one of China’s famous Three Gorges. Left: A terra-cotta archer from the tomb of Qin Shi Huang.
  • 47. Days 9 and 10 Yangtze River Cruise past reconstructed villages and modern cities, witnessing life along the Yangtze—and the ways that the new dam has changed it. Dock in the town of Fengdu, and meet some of its residents. The next day, awaken early to witness our approach to the first of the spectacular Three Gorges. Board smaller boats to travel up a narrow tributary, passing terraced hillsides and traditional fishing boats. This evening, arrive at the Three Gorges Dam and enter its intricate lock system. (B, L, D DAILY) Day 11 Yichang/ShanghaiRichly painted latticework frames visitors at Beijing’s Lama Disembark in Yichang and meet an engineer fromTemple. the Three Gorges Dam project for a talk on theunique perspective on a bike or golf cart ride atop construction of the world’s largest hydroelectricthe massive Ming Dynasty city wall. dam. After lunch, fly to Shanghai. Check into ourHYATT REGENCY (B, L) historic hotel and enjoy an evening discovering one of the city’s great restaurants on your own.Day 7 Xi’an GARDEN HOTEL (B, L)Meet a leading archaeologist to learn about theexcavation of one of the greatest archaeological Day 12 Shanghaifinds of the 20th century: the life-size terra-cotta Browse stunning collections of bronze, jade, andarmy that stands guard at the tomb of China’s ceramics at the Shanghai Museum. After lunchFirst Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. Enjoy special overlooking the lively streets of Old Shanghai,access to the VIP platform at the site. Later, stroll along the winding paths of Yu Yuan, a 16th- The Great Wall winds its way through China’s ruggedmeander through Xi’an’s lively Muslim quarter century classical garden in the heart of the city. landscape.and enjoy an insider’s perspective on a tour of Enjoy time on your own to explore Shanghai thisthe Great Mosque. Tonight, gather for a 16-course evening. (B, L)dumpling feast. (B, L, D) INFORMATION Day 13 Xitang/ShanghaiDay 8 Xi’an/Chongqing Take an excursion to the water village of Xitang, Dates:Stop at the tomb of the Han emperor Jing Di built on a web of canals linked by 100 bridges. On a 2011: September 15–28 • October 13–26 October 27–November 9to view thousands of funerary figurines. The boat ride, view beautifully preserved homes datingstatues depict all walks of life—a contrast to the to the Ming dynasty. Or you may choose to spend 2012: May 24–June 6martial figures of Qin Shi Huang’s tomb. Fly to today exploring Shanghai on your own. Gather this 2011 2012Chongqing, the most populous city in the world. evening for a festive farewell dinner. (B, D) Expedition Cost: $6,895 $6,995At the Chongqing Zoo, observe pandas and learn Price is per person, double occupancy. For a singleabout efforts to conserve them. This evening, room, add $2,890 in 2011 and $2,930 in 2012. Airfare Day 14 Shanghai/U.S. is not included in the expedition cost. Economy airfareboard the ship and glide down the river toward Transfer to the airport for your return flight, from Los Angeles to Beijing and return from Shanghaithe Three Gorges. arriving home the same day. (B) is from $900, and flights within China are $480 in 2011M.S. YANGZI EXPLORER (B, L, D) and $550 in 2012 (subject to change). About the M.S. Yangzi Explorer OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS The Yangzi Explorer (pictured left), our home for the three-day Yangtze journey, was newly renovated in 2008 Add a four-day extension to Hong Kong or and has a capacity of 124 passengers. One of the few additional nights in Shanghai. Visit our website five-star ships on the Yangtze, the ship features spacious or call for details. cabins with private bathrooms and floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that open to private balconies. There are a limited number of suites available on a first-come, first-served basis. Amenities include a panoramic res- taurant, a bar, a theater, two lounges, a library, a fitness center, a business center with Internet access, a clinic, a sundeck, a salon, and a spa. National Geographic has reserved 25 cabins on each of these departures. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 47
  • 48. ASIA Bhutan: Kingdom in the Clouds Within the folds of Bhutan’s mountains lie sacred temples, dazzling rice fields, and villages unchanged by time. On this magical journey, experience the wonders of the last Mahayana Buddhist kingdom of the Himalaya. Hike to ancient dzongs, meet local families, wander through serene mon- asteries, discover unique artistic traditions, and witness one of Bhutan’s spectacular local festivals. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Hike to Bhutan’s most famous pilgrimage site, Taktsang Lhakhang (Tiger’s Nest Temple). • Mingle with community leaders and govern- ment dignitaries at a banquet dinner and gain insight into modern Bhutan. • Witness colorful parades and magnificent processions at spectacular local festivals. • Explore Gangtey Gonpa, one of the oldest private monasteries in Bhutan, that has been recently restored by Bhutan’s finest artisans. ITINERARY (12 days) Day 5 Punakha After an invigorating hike to Khamsum Yuelley EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Bangkok, Thailand Depart the U.S., cross the international date line, Namgyel Chorten, a spectacularly situated tem- and arrive in Bangkok the next night. ple, be rewarded for your efforts with incredible CARROLL DUNHAM NOVOTEL SUVARNABHUMI HOTEL views of the valley below. Then visit the Punakha Medical anthropolo- Dzong, an impressive fortress guarding the gist Carroll Dunham has Day 3 Paro, Bhutan southern end of the valley at the confluence of the resided in the Himalaya From Bangkok, fly to the Paro Valley (7,300 feet) in Pho (male) and Mo (female) Rivers. (B, L, D) for the past 25 years and is Bhutan. Transfer to our hotel and enjoy time to re- currently based in Nepal. lax, or visit the seventh-century Kyichu Lhakhang. Day 6 Phobjika Carroll is the director of Wild Tonight, gather for a welcome dinner. Travel to the alpine valley of Phobjika (10,000 Earth, an organization that works with rural ZHIWA LING HOTEL (B, L, D) feet), considered one of the most beautiful valleys Nepalese women who create handcrafted in Bhutan. It is also the largest wintering site of products to generate income. An expert in Day 4 Punakha the endangered black-necked crane, which arrives Himalayan cultures, she is passionate about This morning, journey to Punakha, Bhutan’s in November and stays through March. DEWACHEN LODGE (B, L, D) sacred geography, pilgrimage, and indigenous ancient capital. Travel over the Dochu La pass medicinal plants. She has written four books (10,000 feet) and stop for tea and a view of 200 and produced films for National Geographic, miles of Himalayan summits (weather permit- Day 7 Phobjika PBS, and the BBC. ting). Settle into our hotel in the golden Punakha Against a backdrop of forest-clad mountains, the Carroll will accompany October 13 departure. Bill Jones Valley and enjoy dinner together. Gangtey Gonpa temple complex rises dramati- will join the October 3 and March departures. See our PUNATSANGCHHU HOTEL (B, L, D) cally from a cluster of hilltop cottages. One of the website for his bio. 48 Above: The magnificent Taktsang Lhakhang, or Tiger’s Nest Temple, sits high above the lush Paro Valley.
  • 49. INFORMATIONYoung Buddhist monks peek through an ornate gateway. Dates:oldest private monasteries in Bhutan, Gangtey Day 9 Paro 2011: October 3–14* • October 13–24*Gonpa has recently been restored, allowing us to Today, attend the dramatic Paro Tsechu festival. 2012: March 27–April 7examine the fine workmanship of Bhutan’s best Perched majestically above the town of Paro, * The itinerary shown describes the March 2012 departurewoodcarvers, sculptors, and painters. Then set off the Paro Dzong is one of the oldest dzongs in which includes the Paro Tsechu festival on Day 9. The otheron a half-day hike, stopping to meet a family at a Bhutan and still serves as the administrative and departures follow a similar itinerary but include differentlocal farmhouse along the way. (B, L, D) religious center of the valley. Visit the dzong and celebrations: the October 3, 2011 departure includes the Thimphu Tsechu festival on Day 4 and the October 13, 2011 enjoy a full day of festivities. Bhutan’s festivals are departure includes a special masked dance performance onDay 8 Thimphu joyous expressions of its Buddhist culture. People Day 10.Travel to Thimphu (7,900 feet), the capital of travel from distant valleys and towns to social- 2011 2012Bhutan and home to the royal family. Visit the Expedition Cost: $6,295 $6,395 ize, celebrate their thriving Buddhist heritage,National Textile Museum and browse its exhi- and enjoy one of the most important events on Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a single room, add $1,995. All departures may be subject to anbitions. Bhutan’s weavings and brocades are the Bhutanese calendar. Tonight, get a behind- additional Bhutan tourism tariff of $400 per person;considered spiritual expressions and are admired the-scenes perspective on contemporary Bhutan a decision by the Bhutanese government is pending.for their diversity and sophistication. during a lively Bhutanese banquet with members Airfare is not included in the expedition cost. Round-trip economy airfare between Los Angeles and Bangkok isTAJ TASHI THIMPU (2011) OR TERMA LINCA (2012) of the government, local dignitaries, and respected from $1,000 and between Bangkok and Paro is $920(B, L, D) professionals. (B, L, D) (subject to change). What to Expect: Day 10 Paro This is an active exploration with optional hikes that range Our journey in the kingdom culminates with from one to five miles and excursions that involve stairs and a hike to the most famous pilgrimage site in uneven footing. The average elevation in Bhutan is 8,000 Bhutan: Taktsang Lhakhang, or the Tiger’s Nest feet above sea level. This trip is not suitable for those who suffer from cardiac, respiratory, or circulatory disorders, Temple (9,300 feet). Visible from afar, this stun- or a disability that limits mobility. Participants should be ning monastery clings to a vertical granite cliff physically fit. We will stay at first-class hotels in Bangkok, 2,000 feet above the valley floor. This evening, Paro, and Thimphu; at a simple Bhutanese-style hotel in the celebrate your Bhutanese adventure at a festive Punakha Valley; and at a rustic lodge (with limited electricity) in Phobjika. farewell dinner. ZHIWA LING HOTEL (B, L, D) OPTIONAL EXTENSION Add a four-day pre- or post-trip extension to Angkor Days 11 and 12 Paro/Bangkok, Thailand/U.S. Wat in Cambodia. Visit our website or call for details. Fly to Bangkok and check into our hotel. The following morning, transfer to the airport for yourPilgrims spin large prayer wheels, or mani wheels, which return flight, arriving home the same day.Himalayan Buddhists believe spread spiritual blessings. See our Bhutan Photography NOVOTEL SUVARNABHUMI HOTEL (B, L; B) Expedition on page 72. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 49
  • 50. ASIA Vietnam and Cambodia: Along the Mekong River Linked by the mighty Mekong River, Vietnam and Cambodia abound with magnificent carved temples, lush landscapes, and cities where rich imperial and colonial legacies min- gle. Encounter the incomparable treasures of Angkor, and then set off on a river voyage from Tonle Sap Lake to Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. Explore traditional villages and gain insight into the daily lives of farmers, monks, and craftspeople. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Sail the Mekong River on a seven-night cruise aboard the elegant new riverboat Jahan. • Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat and spend two full days immersed in the splendor of Angkor’s temples and palaces. • Delve into the vibrant cities of Phnom Penh and Saigon, and experience rural life on visits to floating homes, farms, and traditional villages. • Witness the revitalization of Cambodian arts at dance performances and during visits to schools and workshops. ITINERARY (14 days) Day 5 Tonle Sap EXPEDITION A morning drive brings us to the Tonle Sap River. Days 1 and 2 U.S./Siem Reap, Cambodia TEAM Depart for Siem Reap and arrive the following eve- Stop along the way at the market town of Skoun ning. Settle into our stunning Khmer-style hotel, and visit a village known for its fine silver work. Along with a diverse team perched on the banks of the Siem Reap River. Then embark the stunning Jahan, our home of experts, Paula Swart will LA RÉSIDENCE D’ANGKOR for the next seven nights, and set sail into a accompany the January and landscape of lush forest, floating homes, and pic- February departures. Paula Days 3 and 4 Angkor turesque fishing boats. Catch the sunset on deck is an expert on Asian culture Rise early to watch the sunrise reveal the magic before joining the captain for a welcome dinner. and history, and has been R.V. JAHAN (B, L, D) of Angkor Wat. This 12th-century Khmer temple, a museum curator for more than 20 years. one of the world’s largest religious monuments, is Her travels have taken her to Vietnam and adorned with elaborate bas-reliefs and sculptures Day 6 Kompong Chhnang Cambodia numerous times, including a rail that depict religious tales. After lunch, ride a Anchor at Kompong Chhnang and drive to a journey that she led from Beijing to Hanoi tuk-tuk, or motorized rickshaw, to the walled city village where artisans make traditional pottery for in 1994. Paula holds degrees in Sinology, of Angkor Thom. Wander among dozens of colos- local use. Discover the many uses of the sugar Asian art history, Chinese history, and sal stone faces at the Bayon Temple, and visit the palm tree, and if you wish, sample palm sugar. archaeology. She speaks five languages, in- Terrace of the Elephants. Gather for a welcome Then glide along the Tonle Sap in local boats cluding Mandarin, and has published several dinner in the evening. Spend the next morning and glimpse a unique way of life in the clustered books and numerous articles on the art and at Ta Prohm, whose shrines remain tangled in houses and shops that float in midstream. architecture of Asian cultures. (B, L, D) the roots and branches of kapok and fig trees. This trip is operated in association with Lindblad Then head to the temple of Banteay Srei to see Expeditions. its exceptional carvings. Pay a visit to Les Artisans Day 7 Wat Hanchey/Kampong Cham d’Angkor, a school where local youth are trained in At Wat Hanchey, set on a hilltop overlooking age-old Khmer arts. (B, L, D; B, D) the Mekong, see a variety of temples including 50 Above: Draped in bright saffron robes, two monks gaze at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.
  • 51. Day 10 Chau Doc, Vietnam Meander past colorful produce in the markets of Chau Doc. Next, stop in an island village to watch traditional fish farming methods. Meet members of the Cham people, an ethnic minority, and learn about their unique culture on a Cham village tour. (B, L, D) Day 11 Sa Dec/Cai Be Take a local boat up a tributary to experience rural life in the Mekong Delta. Visit a village where water hyacinths are fashioned into floor mats and baskets. See the floating market of Cai Be, step into a rice “factory” to watch rice-based candies being made, and discover a Chinese-style houseSurrounded by rippling color, a Vietnamese woman oars built in 1838. Tonight, enjoy a gala farewell dinnerher boat along a river. aboard the Jahan. (B, L, D) INFORMATIONan eighth-century temple from the pre-Angkor Dates:Chenla period. Stop at the bustling town of Day 12 My Tho/Saigon 2012: January 24–February 6 • February 1–14*Kampong Cham and visit Wat Nokor, an 11th- Disembark in My Tho and travel by local boat to March 6–19 • March 14–27*century temple located within a modern-day nearby villages. After a lunch of Mekong delica- * These departures follow the itinerary shown but in the cies, visit the splendid Vinh Trang Pagoda. Then reverse order.temple complex. (B, L, D) journey to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and check Expedition Cost:Day 8 Phnom Penh into our hotel. Late this afternoon, meet with a CATEGORY 1 $7,980Enjoy a full day to explore the Cambodian capital local expert on Vietnam’s modern history. Gather Located on Main Deck for dinner tonight in one of Saigon’s elegant CATEGORY 2 $8,650of Phnom Penh. Ride a cyclo (bicycle taxi) to Located on Upper Deckthe Royal Palace and its opulent Silver Pagoda. restaurants. CATEGORY 3 $9,980Browse the world’s finest collection of Khmer PARK HYATT SAIGON (B, L, D) Located on Main and Upper Deckssculpture at the National Museum of Cambodia, CATEGORY 4 $11,980and venture into a local market. This afternoon, Days 13 and 14 Saigon/U.S. Located on Upper Deck–suitelearn about the reign of the Khmer Rouge on Set out on a walking tour of Saigon’s historic land- See deck plan on page 80. Prices are per person,visits to the Choeung Ek “killing fields” and the marks, including colonial gems such as the Opera double occupancy. For a single cabin in Category 1,Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. Back aboard ship, House, the former city hall, and Notre Dame add $3,990. Airfare is not included in the expeditionenjoy a dance performance by children from a Basilica. Stop by the Central Post Office, designed cost. Economy airfare from Los Angeles to Siem Reap and return from Saigon is $1,600 (subject to change).local orphanage. (B, L, D) by Gustave Eiffel; and visit the Reunification Palace, headquarters of the South Vietnamese OPTIONAL EXTENSIONDay 9 Cruising the Mekong government during the Vietnam War. If you wish,Spend a relaxing day on the Mekong. Take in continue to the War Remnants Museum. Enjoy Vietnam: From Hoi An to Halong Bay (8 Days)views of everyday life along the river, attend talks a free afternoon and evening to explore the city. 2012: February 6–14 • January 24–February 2 March 19–27 • March 6–15by our experts, and join our chefs to learn how to The next morning, transfer to the airport for yourcook regional dishes. This afternoon, cross the return flight, arriving home the same day. (B; B) Venture further into Vietnam on an optional extension. Discover Hoi An’s Old Town, explore the Forbiddenborder into Vietnam. (B, L, D) Purple City in Hue, encounter traditional water puppets in Hanoi, and sail amid the limestone pinnacles of Halong Bay. The February 6 and March 19 extensions are About the R.V. Jahan post-trip, while the January 24 and March 6 extensions The elegant R.V. Jahan (artist rendering at left) is one are pre-trip. Visit our website or call for a detailed itinerary. of the first modern boutique-style riverboats to sail the Mekong. Designed in the style of old colonial cruise Optional Vietnam Extension: $3,390 liners, the ship features 26 luxurious cabins with Price is per person, double occupancy. For a single floor-to-ceiling windows, a king-sized bed, and a private room, add $890. The flights within Vietnam are bathroom and balcony. Common areas include an included in the extension cost. observatory, a bar and lounge, a restaurant serving Western and regional cuisine, a boutique, a Wi-Fi– equipped library; as well as a gym, pool deck, and spa. There is still space available on our 15-day Vietnam and Angkor Wat expedition on November 4–18, 2011. Visit our website for a detailed itinerary and pricing. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 51
  • 52. AFRICA On Safari: Tanzania’s Great Migration Experience the thunder of the legendary wildebeest migration on a wildlife safari in Tanzania. This trip varies slightly by season to provide travelers with the best opportu- nity to witness the great migration. Take in extraordinary vistas of the Great Rift Valley and the vast savannas of the Serengeti, and descend into the Ngorongoro Crater to spot lions, cheetahs, elephants, and more. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Meet renowned anthropologist Meave or Louise Leakey—both National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence—at Olduvai Gorge.* • Witness the great annual wildebeest migration in Serengeti National Park. • Spot spectacular wildlife in the Ngorongoro Crater, a unique habitat sheltering almost 30,000 animals. • Join a Maasai chief on a visit to his village, witness a traditional ceremony, and learn firsthand about Maasai culture. ITINERARY (11 days) Meave Leakey or Louise Leakey will EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Arusha, Tanzania Depart on an overnight flight to Kilimanjaro take us on a private tour of Olduvai Gorge, where their family discovered International Airport via Amsterdam, and arrive fossils that have shaped our under- AMY DICKMAN standing of human origins.* the following evening. Zoologist Amy Dickman has ARUSHA COFFEE LODGE Day 5 Ngorongoro Crater worked in Africa for over After breakfast, travel to the Ngorongoro Crater 13 years. She spent six years Day 3 Arusha/Lake Manyara National Park where a nearby Maasai community welcomes us at the Cheetah Conservation Drive to Lake Manyara National Park, famous for into their village on a special visit. Far from the Fund in Namibia, conducted its elephants, hippos, giraffes, flamingos, and tree- tourist circuit, enjoy a rare opportunity to view research on human- climbing lions. This afternoon, set out on our first traditional singing and dancing, visit a school, carnivore conflict in Tanzania, and holds the wildlife safari. witness an initiation ritual, and learn about this Kaplan Senior Research Fellowship in Wild Cat PLANTATION LODGE (B, L, D) fascinating culture from the village chief and his Conservation at Oxford University. National wives. After lunch, descend 2,000 feet to the base Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative is support- Day 4 Lake Manyara National Park of the crater, where volcanic slopes shelter almost ing Amy’s current project, which focuses on After breakfast, enjoy a morning safari in Lake 30,000 animals. Enjoy an afternoon on safari large carnivore ecology in Tanzania’s Ruaha Manyara National Park. In the afternoon, visit a viewing elephants, rhinos, buffalo, cheetahs, landscape, and strives to minimize human- coffee plantation to learn about the coffee produc- lions, hyenas, hippos, wildebeests, and much carnivore conflict on village land adjacent to tion process. (B, L, D) more of East Africa’s spectacular wildlife. Ruaha National Park. NGORONGORO SOPA LODGE (B, L, D) Amy will accompany the January and February departures. See our website for experts on other departures. * The Leakeys are not able to join the July departures. Instead, meet Dr. Fidelis Masao, co-director of research at Olduvai Gorge. 52 Above: The dark forms of migrating wildebeest speckle the savanna as far as the eye can see.
  • 53. A fierce lion positions himself to protect the next generation.Day 6 Ngorongoro Crater and lakes. Gather for a farewell cocktail receptionAfter an early breakfast, enjoy a morning safari in TANZANIA’S GREAT MIGRATION and dinner. (B, L, D DAILY)the Ngorongoro Crater. In the afternoon, watch JULY DEPARTURESthe sun set over the crater from our lodge. Tonight, Days 10 and 11 Serengeti/Arusha/U.S. In July, the wildebeest migration is at itsMeave Leakey or her daughter Louise, both After an early morning safari, fly back to Arusha. best in the central and northern Serengeti.National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence, joins Relax at our hotel before connecting with your On our two July departures, Days 7, 8, andus for dinner and a discussion about the Leakey evening flight home, arriving the next day. 9 have been adapted to maximize ourfamily’s research.* (B, L, D) KIA LODGE (B, L) migration viewing. We’ll spend one night at the Serengeti Sopa Lodge in the centralDay 7 Olduvai Gorge/Serengeti National Park INFORMATION Serengeti, and then fly to the northernDrive to the Olduvai Gorge where, on a National reaches of the park and stay two nights at Dates:Geographic–sponsored expedition in 1960, Louis the deluxe Sayari Camp. 2012: January 14–24 • February 11–21and Mary Leakey discovered Homo habilis, one of March 3–13 • July 5–15**the earliest members of the human genus. Meave July 25–August 4**or Louise Leakey joins us on our visit here.* In ** The itinerary shown describes the January through1999, Meave and Louise unearthed a 3.5-million- March departures. The July departures follow a slightlyyear-old skull and partial jaw believed to belong to different itinerary. See box at left.a new branch of early hominid. Expedition Cost:Then continue to Serengeti National Park. In or- January, February, and March $7,995der to provide travelers with the best opportunity July $8,495to witness the moving wildebeest migration, the Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a singleSerengeti days differ by season. Travel overland to room, add $2,400. The internal flights within Tanzania are included in the expedition cost. Round-trip economyour luxury tented camp on the southeastern bor- airfare between New York and Arusha is not includedder of Serengeti National Park, looking for lions, and is from $1,450 (subject to change).cheetahs, and leopards along the way.LAKE MASEK TENTED CAMP (B, L, D) OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS Add a six-day extension to track gorillas in Rwanda,Days 8 and 9 Serengeti National Park a four-day extension to the spice island of Zanzibar,Embark on an off-track safari in the Ndutu area in or a four-day extension on safari in Kenya. See oursearch of resident lion prides, cheetahs, giraffes, website or call for details.and bountiful herds of wildebeests, elephants,and zebras. Watch the Serengeti’s legendarywildlife interact with each other on morning and If you prefer to travel in 2011, see our website forafternoon game drives. Witness magnificent details on our 10-day On Safari in Tanzaniabirds, hippos, packs of hyenas, and pairs of jack- A beacon of dazzling red, a Maasai tribesman strolls expedition that departs on July 13, September 12, through the grasslands. December 26, and December 30.als lurking around the surrounding marshlands See page 77 for our Tanzania Family Safari. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 53
  • 54. AFRICA On Safari in Southern Africa by Private Air Soar over southern Africa’s splendid landscapes on an unforgettable journey by private air. Experience some of the world’s best wildlife viewing on safari, tracking lions, elephants, rare white rhinos, leopards, and cheetahs. Feel the thunder of beautiful Victoria Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and stay at luxury safari camps. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Search for the Big Five on game drives in South Africa’s MalaMala Private Game Reserve. • Meet wildlife biologists in the field and learn about the behavior of local wildlife populations. • Set out on a wildlife river cruise in Botswana’s Chobe National Park and observe elephant families along the riverbanks. • Take a guided walk into the mists of spectacular Victoria Falls—one of the great natural wonders of the world. ITINERARY (12 days) Days 4, 5, and 6 Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Johannesburg, South Africa/ MalaMala Game Reserve Fly by private charter to Mashatu Game Reserve, Depart on an overnight flight to Johannesburg. home to seven of Africa’s giants—the elephant, BILL BRANCH Upon arrival, board our private charter flight to giraffe, eland, ostrich, kori bustard, lion, and Bill Branch has been a the MalaMala Private Game Reserve in Greater baobab tree. Located in the remote eastern corner wildlife biologist at the Port Kruger National Park. The distinctive habitat of of Botswana, this enormous tract of land com- Elizabeth Museum in South the Lowveld Region is full of big game, includ- prises a diverse wilderness of savanna, riverine Africa since 1979, and has ing lions, leopards, and white rhinos. Our luxury forests, marshlands, open plains, and sandstone undertaken fieldwork from safari lodge is situated amid shady trees on the outcrops. Go on a bush walk and morning and Ethiopia to South Africa banks of the Sand River. Take your first game drive afternoon game drives accompanied by expert and from Senegal to Madagascar. Bill is also in the afternoon, followed by a welcome dinner. guides. Meet with on-site wildlife researchers who a general naturalist and a keen birder. He MALAMALA MAIN CAMP (D) track the behavior and dynamics of local wildlife has described numerous new species and populations. Pay a visit to a local village and its amphibians, received a grant from National Day 3 MalaMala Game Reserve school, and stop to see the finds at an archaeo- Geographic to help fund his research on Set off on an early morning safari with naturalist logical site. MASHATU MAIN CAMP (B, L, D DAILY) African reptiles, and published six books guides in open, four-wheel-drive vehicles. Enjoy as well as many photographs and scientific time to relax at the camp before lunch. Embark on articles. an afternoon game drive, and stop for sundown- Days 7 and 8 Moremi Game Reserve, Bill will accompany the June, July, and December 26, 2011 ers in the bush. As night falls, search for nocturnal Okavango Delta departures; and the March, May, and August 2012 depar- species and predators on the prowl. Gather for Fly by private charter to our luxury tented camp tures. See our website for experts on other departures. in Moremi Game Reserve. Our camp offers us dinner around a large campfire in a reed-enclosed boma. (B, L, D) 54 Above: At rest with her cub, an ever-vigilant leopardess surveys the scene.
  • 55. With the helping hand of an assistant, a photographer captures the magnificence of Victoria Falls. INFORMATIONthe opportunity to discover the Okavango Delta’s and breeding colonies of herons, egrets, pelicans, Dates:untamed habitat by land and water. Take a trip to storks, and cormorants. 2011: June 19–30 • July 24–Aug. 4Gadikwe Island by flat-bottom boat to see hippos XAKANAXA CAMP (B, L, D DAILY) Aug. 3–14 • Sept. 10–21* • Dec. 20–31 Dec. 26, 2011–Jan. 6, 2012 Days 9 and 10 Chobe National Park/Victoria 2012: March 1–12* • May 12–23 SOUTHERN AFRICA BY PRIVATE AIR: Falls and Livingstone, Zambia July 26–Aug. 6 • Aug. 25–Sept. 5 ZEBRA MIGRATION Our private aircraft takes us to Chobe National Sept. 6–17 • Sept. 22–Oct. 3 * These departures follow the special zebra migration Park, known for its many elephant families. On a The September 2011 and March 2012 depar- itinerary. See box at left. wildlife river cruise, watch for elephants frolick- 2011 2012 tures visit southern Africa at the height of $10,995 $11,995 ing at the water’s edge. Then continue on a short Expedition Cost: the zebra migration, recently featured in the Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a single flight along the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers to National Geographic Channel’s epic series room, add $2,650 in 2011 and $2,720 in 2012. All flights Livingstone, Zambia; and check into the luxurious Great Migrations. These departures follow within Africa are included in the expedition cost. Transpor- Royal Livingstone Hotel, just steps from Victoria tation within Africa is by small private aircraft, except for the same itinerary described on these pages, Falls. On a sunset walk through the rain forest, the flight from Livingstone to Johannesburg. Round-trip with the exception of Days 7 and 8, where we economy airfare between New York and Johannesburg is look for bushbuck and vervet monkeys. Explore will visit Makgadikgadi Pans Game Reserve not included and is from $1,250 (subject to change). the falls with a local guide the next morning, ven- in Botswana to witness the remarkable turing along suspended walkways into the mists. About Our Accommodations: spectacle of tens of thousands of zebras MalaMala Main Camp and Mashatu Main Camp are This afternoon, you may choose to visit a local vil- moving as one across the gleaming salt luxury safari lodges; Xakanaxa Camp is a luxury tented lage, stop by the Livingstone Museum, or browse camp; the Royal Livingstone Hotel is a five-star hotel. flats. Visit our website for details. the Maramba market. Enjoy an optional cruise on the Zambezi River, or experience the falls from a OPTIONAL EXTENSION thrilling perspective on an optional flight-seeing Cape Town, South Africa (5 Days) excursion. Gather tonight for a festive farewell din- 2011: June 16–20 • July 21–25 • July 31–Aug. 4 ner on board the historic Royal Livingstone Express Sept. 7–11 • Dec. 30, 2011–Jan. 3, 2012 steam train. 2012: Jan. 5–9 • Feb. 27–Mar. 2 • May 9–13 ROYAL LIVINGSTONE HOTEL (B, L; B, D) July 23–27 • Aug. 22–26 • Sept. 3–7 Sept. 19–23 Days 11 and 12 Johannesburg, South Africa/U.S. On an optional extension in Cape Town, ride a cable car Fly to Johannesburg and connect with your return up Table Mountain; visit Robben Island, where Nelson Mandela was incarcerated; and spend a day on Cape flight home, arriving the next day. (B) Peninsula. All dates are pre-trip extensions except for December 30 and January 5 which are post-trip exten- sions. Visit our website or call for a detailed itinerary. Optional Cape Town Extension: from $3,075 Price is per person, double occupancy. Price varies de- pending on the season. Visit our website for additional pricing details. The flight between Cape Town andA bright carmine bee-eater stands in stark contrast to thestriped back of a zebra. Johannesburg is included in the extension cost. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 55
  • 56. AFRICA Moroccan Odyssey Morocco’s mystique can be found in medi- nas that brim with color, soaring mountains that give way to endless desert, oases thick with palms, and stunning Moorish architec- ture. Discover the enchanting cities of Marrakech and Fez, venture into rose- colored kasbahs, and visit little known mountain villages. Listen to the strains of Berber music around a campfire in the Sahara, and stay at the glorious Palais Jamai in Fez. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Explore the Roman ruins of Volubilis and the ancient adobe village of Aït Benhaddou, both UNESCO World Heritage sites. • Ride a camel at sunset to a tented camp nestled among the sculpted dunes, and watch the sun rise over the Sahara. • Observe artisans plying their timeless crafts in the workshops of Fez. • Learn about Berber culture while sipping mint tea in a traditional mountain village. ITINERARY (11 days) charmers and magicians captivate the passersby. Tonight, gather for a rooftop reception and dinner EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Casablanca, Morocco Depart on an overnight flight to Casablanca. accompanied by traditional Gnaoua music in the After time to relax the following morning, visit the heart of the old medina. KATHERINE E. HOFFMAN LE MÉRIDIEN N’FIS (B, L, D) extraordinary Hassan II Mosque, which boasts Katherine Hoffman, a the world’s tallest minaret at 689 feet. Enjoy lunch professor of anthropology before taking a stroll through the city’s Habous Day 4 Marrakech at Northwestern University, district and the mechouar, the ceremonial meeting Continue exploring the sites of Marrakech today. lived in Morocco for several place outside the Royal Palace. Tonight, gather for Meander through the stunning Majorelle Garden, years. A specialist in Berber a festive welcome dinner overlooking the sea. once owned by Yves Saint-Laurent. Explore his- culture, Katherine consulted SHERATON CASABLANCA HOTEL & TOWERS (L, D) toric Moroccan architecture with visits to the 14th- on National Geographic’s January 2005 story century Ben Youssef Madrassa and the Museum “Among the Berbers.” She is the author of Day 3 Casablanca/Marrakech of Marrakech, located in the Dar Menebhi Palace. We Share Walls: Language, Land, and Gender Drive through the elegant Anfa neighborhood After lunch, venture back to the lively medina with in Berber Morocco, as well as many articles. on the way to Marrakech, Morocco’s legendary our local guide or explore on your own. (B, L) Katherine has consulted on numerous media “pearl of the South.” Enjoy a poolside lunch at the and film projects, and speaks Arabic, Berber, hotel before exploring the city of Marrakech. See Day 5 Aït Benhaddou/Ouarzazate and French. the splendid Koutoubia Mosque and the Saadian Cross the High Atlas Mountains over the Tichka Tombs, and visit Bahia Palace. Explore the laby- Pass, stopping for mint tea at a traditional Berber Katherine will accompany the October departures. See our website for experts on other departures. rinthine streets of the medina, lined with market village. Proceed to Aït Benhaddou for lunch stalls and craftspeople; and soak up the colorful overlooking this ancient fortified village before chaos of Djemma el Fna Square, where snake venturing into its warren of twisting lanes and 56 Above: A herder leads his caravan of camels across the undulating dunes.
  • 57. Day 10 Fez/Volubilis and Meknes Today you may choose to explore Fez at your own pace or take an excursion to the Roman ruins ofThe setting sun casts a rosy glow on a crenellated wall in Marrakech. Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage site; andshops. Continue to Ouarzazate, a former colonial oases, and rose plantations. In Erfoud, climb into Meknes, Morocco’s 17th-century capital. Tonight,trading post, now known for its movie studios 4x4s for the drive into the desert. Visit the well- toast our Moroccan adventure at a farewell din-where films like Gladiator and Lawrence of Arabia known suq in Rissani, a historic camel caravan ner and belly-dancing performance at the Palaiswere shot. stop. Later, ride into the dunes on a camel to Jamai. (B, D)LE BERBÈRE PALACE (B, L, D) watch the sun set on the Sahara. Return to our deluxe Berber tented camp to dine under the star- Day 11 Fez/U.SDay 6 Ouarzazate/Boumalne Dades studded sky and enjoy an evening of Berber folk This morning, transfer to the airport for yourLearn about traditional adobe architecture in music and tales around the campfire. return flight. (B)Taourirt Kasbah this morning. Then set out on the BIVOUAC TENTED BERBER CAMP (B, L, D)fabled Road of 1,000 Kasbahs. Arrive in BoumalneDades, a small town nestled amid the crags and Day 8 Merzouga/Fez INFORMATIONplateaus of the semidesert landscape. After lunch, Awaken early for a walk across the sandscape as Dates:head out on a hike in the dramatic Dades Gorge the rising sun paints the dunes orange and gold. 2011: October 7–17 • October 21–31and visit nearby villages. Return to the camp for a hearty breakfast. Then 2012: March 16–26 • April 18–28XALUCA DADES (B, L, D) head north into the high-mountain plains on your way to Fez, stopping for a walk in a lush cedar Expedition Cost: $5,995 Price is per person, double occupancy. For a singleDay 7 Erfoud/Rissani/Merzouga forest. Arrive in Fez late this afternoon, and settle room, add $1,080 in 2011 and $1,180 in 2012. AirfareContinue along the Road of 1,000 Kasbahs to into your room at the legendary Palais Jamai, your is not included in the expedition cost. Economy airfareErfoud, passing spectacular rock formations, home for the next three nights. from New York to Casablanca and return from Fez is 00 Days $1,400 (subject to change). PALAIS JAMAI (B, L, D) 2011: Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, About Our Accommodations: Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Day 9 Fez Our hotels are first-class, well-located properties that Spend the day exploring this magnificent impe- reflect the Date 00–00,each region. In Marrakech, 2012: character of Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Ouarzazate, and Fez, each hotel has a lovely pool and rial city. Discover the 14th-century Bou Inania stunning tropical gardens. Our camp in Merzouga madrassa, characterized by its intricately carved features deluxe Berber-style tents with en suite stucco walls, arches, and cornices. See the bathrooms and generator-powered electricity. Nejjarine Fountain, covered in exquisite mosaics, and the Kairaouine Mosque. Delve into the lively medina, where merchants preside over colorful See our Morocco Photography mounds of spices and tanners soak skins in vats Expedition on page 72. of dye. Visit the Royal Palace and Fes Jdid, homeA cluster of hand-painted tagines displays a variety of to the historic Jewish quarter. (B, L)colorful designs. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 57
  • 58. AFRICA Mysteries of Ancient Egypt Experience Egypt, from its ancient wonders to the fascinating blend of tradition and modernity that characterizes everyday life. Explore legendary monuments from the Pyramids at Gîza to the colossal statues of Abu Simbel, and discover bustling Cairo. Then set sail on the elegant M.S. Sun Boat IV, and view the magnificent temples and traditional villages that line the banks of the Nile. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Delve into the history and mythology behind celebrated temples and monuments with our expert Egyptologist. • Learn about recent discoveries at a private lecture by the director of Luxor’s antiquities. • By special arrangement, gain access to some of Egypt’s recent archaeological finds and ongoing excavations. • Sail down the Nile on board a traditional felucca. ITINERARY (11 days) Face the imposing Sphinx, and see the reas- sembled funerary boat of King Khufu (or Cheops) EXPERT Days 1 and 2 U.S./Cairo, Egypt Depart on an overnight flight and arrive in Cairo at the Solar Boat Museum. On a private tour of the next evening. the latest discoveries, gain special access to the AKRAM ALLAM FAIRMONT NILE CITY excavations currently underway at the workmen’s Recognized as a leading tombs. Ride a camel past Gîza’s ancient monu- scholar of ancient Egyptian Day 3 Cairo ments before returning to Cairo for an evening at history, “Aki” Allam has been Visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities to see a leisure. (B, L) a licensed Egyptologist for remarkable collection of artifacts dating back to more than 30 years. Born in 4000 b.c. that includes the treasures of the tomb Day 5 Memphis/Dahshûr Cairo, he received a univer- of Tutankhamun and the Royal Mummies Room. Travel to the ancient capital of Memphis to see sity degree with a specialty in ancient Egyptian Later, get an insider’s perspective on Egypt’s recent the superb statue of Ramses II. Just outside the history. Aki is an entertaining and enthusiastic uprising during a discussion with a prominent city, stop at the Step Pyramid, built by King Djoser teacher who has guided National Geographic figure in the movement, and stop by Tahrir Square. in 2700 b.c., and the lesser known Pyramids of travelers through Egypt for After lunch, explore the bazaar of Khan El Khalili, Dahshûr. (B, L, D) many years and enjoys sharing where merchants hawk hand-crafted jewelry and his extensive knowledge of and piles of fragrant spices. Later, discover the graceful Day 6 Abu Simbel/Aswân insights on his native land. architecture of Islamic Cairo’s historic mosques. Fly to Abu Simbel to encounter the breathtaking Aki will accompany all departures. Gather tonight for a welcome dinner at the hotel. Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Hathor, (B, L, D) dedicated to Ramses II’s favorite wife, Nefertari. Afterward, transfer to the airport for the flight to Day 4 Cairo/Gîza Aswân, where we embark the Sun Boat IV, our Enjoy a full day in Gîza discovering one of the home for the next three nights. After lunch on world’s most spectacular sights: the Pyramids. board, visit the “unfinished obelisk” and learn 58 Above: Bedecked with bright saddle blankets, camels are led past the Great Pyramids at Gîza. Left: Statue of the Egyptian goddess Hathor (Luxor Museum).
  • 59. A traditional felucca glides along the blue Nile.about the fascinating engineering feats the Temple of Luxor. Return to the Sun Boat IV forancient Egyptians accomplished in creating these dinner. (B, L, D) INFORMATIONhuge monuments. Dates:M.S. SUN BOAT IV (B, L, D) Day 9 Luxor 2011: October 23–November 2 This morning, explore the Ramesseum, Ramses November 6–16 • November 20–30Day 7 Aswân/Kôm Ombo/Idfu II’s mortuary temple. Then head to the Luxor December 18–28Take a short motorboat ride to the island of Museum and examine its beautifully presented 2012: January 15–25 • February 5–15Agilika this morning to explore the majestic Philae artifacts. Attend a private talk by the director February 19–29 • March 4–14Temple. Cruise to Kôm Ombo and venture into of Luxor’s antiquities about new discoveries. March 18–28the beautiful Greco-Roman temple dedicated to Weather permitting, board a felucca (traditional Expedition Cost–2011 & 2012: $6,090Sobek, the crocodile god. Return to the boat and Egyptian sailboat) for a sail along the Nile. Price is per person, double occupancy. For a singlejourney north, taking in scenes of everyday life SONESTA ST. GEORGE (B, L) room, add $1,595. There is a holiday surcharge of $650along the banks of the Nile River. Later, visit the per person on the December departure. All flights with-evocative Temple of Horus in Idfu. (B, L, D) Day 10 Luxor/Cairo in Egypt are included in the expedition cost. Round-trip economy airfare between New York and Cairo is not After breakfast, transfer to the airport for our flight included and is from $850 (subject to change).Day 8 Luxor to Cairo. The afternoon is at leisure for you toWith its vast array of ancient temples and monu- explore Cairo on your own. Tonight, experience Please note: A State Department travel warning for Egypt was in effect at the time of printing ( We will continuements, Luxor is often called the world’s greatest true Egyptian hospitality at a farewell dinner at a to closely monitor events in the country, but expect to be able toopen-air museum. Discover the sights of the west private Egyptian home. operate this itinerary as of the Nile today. Stop at the fabled Colossi FAIRMONT NILE CITY (B, L, D) SPECIAL OFFERof Memnon and the Temple of Hatshepsut,Egypt’s first female pharaoh. At the Valley of the Day 11 Cairo/U.S. Receive $500 off per person on any 2011 departure.Kings, step from a sun-drenched landscape into After breakfast, transfer to Cairo Internationalthe dark silence of the tombs. Following lunch, Airport for your return flight. (B) OPTIONAL EXTENSIONwander among the massive pillars of the Temple Discover Jordan’s treasures on a pre-trip extension. Onof Amun at Karnak, and, as dusk falls, visit the excursions to Jarash and Wadi Rum, explore incredible Roman ruins and the iconic desert made famous by Lawrence of Arabia. Then, spend a full day immersed About the M.S. Sun Boat IV in the ancient site of Petra. Visit our website or call The 80-passenger M.S. Sun Boat IV (pictured left) offers for details. one of the most intimate cruising experiences on the Nile. Facilities include a comfortable lounge, a small swimming pool, a restaurant, two sundecks, a gymna- sium, a boutique, and a library. All cabins have windows with a Nile view, a private bathroom, and individually See our Egypt Family Adventure on page 77. controlled air-conditioning. National Geographic has reserved 10 to 14 cabins on the Sun Boat IV on each of these departures. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 59
  • 60. OCEANIA Cruising New Zealand’s North and South Islands Step on board the deluxe Oceanic Discoverer and set off on a voyage along the eastern flanks of New Zealand’s North and South Islands. Discover volcanic landscapes on White Island, go whale-watching in Kaikoura, and explore wildlife sanctuaries on a variety of walks and hikes. Get to know the Maori people on a village visit; explore the vibrant cities of Auckland, Wellington, and Queenstown; and immerse yourself in the majesty of the South Island’s fjordlands. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Sail into three phenomenal fjords: legendary Milford and Doubtful Sounds and the lesser known Dusky Sound. • Soar high above Queenstown on a gondola and take in views of the gorgeous mountain scenery. • Encounter a range of wildlife, including Hector’s dolphins, fur seals, Little Blue pen- guins, whales, and a broad spectrum of birds. • Go hiking on the marine volcano of White Island, and discover its geothermal wonders. ITINERARY (17 days) Days 5 and 6 Doubtful and Dusky Sounds EXPEDITION Discover Doubtful Sound, so named by Captain Days 1, 2, and 3 U.S./Queenstown, New Zealand TEAM Depart for Queenstown, crossing the inter- Cook when weak winds made him uncertain that national date line, and arrive on Day 3. After his ship would be able to exit. Explore the shores Native New Zealander checking into our hotel, take an afternoon walk of this exquisite fjord by boat or on a hike. Then Malcolm Campbell joins our through Queenstown. Cap off the day with a continue south along the western coast to Dusky diverse team of naturalists gondola ride, affording stunning views of the city, Sound, where Cook spent five weeks recovering and other experts on all of Lake Wakatipu, and the surrounding mountains. from his trip to Antarctica. these voyages. A profes- (B, L, D DAILY) Gather for a welcome dinner at our hotel tonight. sional naturalist and birder, CROWNE PLAZA (D) Malcolm has worked for 20 years on conser- Day 7 Stewart Island vation issues in his country’s national parks, Day 4 Te Anau/Milford Sound With a population of just 380, Stewart Island has forests, and marine environments. He has Set out on an exceptional drive to Milford Sound, the feel of a frontier outpost. Stroll through the led many National Geographic Expeditions in stopping along the way at Lake Te Anau. Embark sanctuary of Ulva Island, where outstanding bird- New Zealand and will share his encyclopedic the Oceanic Discoverer and explore spectacular life includes the weka (a flightless rail), the kaka knowledge of his country’s political history, Milford Sound, whose mirrorlike waters are (a forest parrot), and the elusive brown kiwi. Later, flora and fauna, and indigenous Maori culture, embraced by soaring peaks. See the cascades of explore Stewart Island by road, take a walk with which he imparts with warmth and zest. Stirling Falls and other natural wonders along the our naturalists, or go on a more challenging hike. (B, L, D) This trip is operated in association with Lindblad banks, keeping your eye out for dolphins, pen- Expeditions. guins, and fur seals. OCEANIC DISCOVERER (B, L, D) Above: Outnumbering people, New Zealand’s sheep dot many landscapes, including this one near Akaroa harbor. 60
  • 61. may see sperm whales, dolphins, blue and hump- back whales, and orcas. Visit a fur seal colony and hike along the cliff tops of the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway for spectacular views. Later, stop by Fyffe House, a small whaling museum. Tonight, our ship makes its way to the North Island. (B, L, D) Days 11 and 12 Wellington/At Sea Arrive in Wellington and visit the superb Te Papa Museum. Later, explore the city on your own or head to the Zealandia Sanctuary, where the elimi- nation of predators has allowed native birds and plants to flourish. Relax at sea the following day. (B, L, D DAILY) Day 13 Napier Then delve into Maori culture and the natural Stroll through Napier on a guided tour and exam- history of the region at the Auckland Museum. ine the town’s acclaimed art deco buildings. Then Gather for a farewell dinner at our hotel tonight. stop at Cape Kidnappers for a close-up view of The following morning, explore the city on yourThree Hector’s dolphins jump playfully into the air. one of the world’s largest gannet colonies. (B, L, D) own before transferring to the airport for yourDay 8 Dunedin flight home. Day 14 Gisborne CROWNE PLAZA (B, D; B)Lively Dunedin combines outstanding natural Visit the Eastwoodhill Arboretum in Grisborne,history with a rich cultural heritage. Our visit established by New Zealander Douglas Cook,includes the ornate Edwardian railway station and who collected thousands of trees and plants fromthe Octagon plaza. You may take an excursion to INFORMATION all around the world. Then continue to a Maorithe Otago Peninsula and look for fur seals, Little community where residents welcome us into their Dates:Blue penguins, and royal albatrosses; or ride a traditional meeting house to learn about their 2011: December 27, 2011–January 12, 2012train along the spectacular coastline (subject to culture and local lore. (B, L, D) 2012: January 8–24* • January 20–February 5availability). (B, L, D) * This departure follows the itinerary shown but in Day 15 White Island the reverse order.Day 9 Akaroa Spend today on White Island, a marine volcanoExplore the village of Akaroa today, and cruise out Expedition Cost: that is alive with geothermal activity. Clouds ofinto the bay on a local boat in search of Hector’s CATEGORY 1 $12,590 steam billow out from vents, mud pots gurgle Located on Main Deckdolphins, the world’s smallest and rarest. Take a and boil, and a highly acidic crater lake bubbles CATEGORY 2 $13,580swim with the dolphins or just enjoy observing green and blue. Later, explore the remains of the Located on Main Deckthem from the boat. (B, L, D) abandoned sulfur mining operations. (B, L, D) CATEGORY 3 $14,580 Located on Promenade DeckDay 10 Kaikoura Days 16 and 17 Auckland/U.S. CATEGORY 4 $15,630The continental shelf drops off rapidly just off Disembark in Auckland and head out on a morn- Located on Bridge DeckKaikoura, creating ideal conditions for marine ing tour, taking in a 360-degree view of the city See Oceanic Discoverer deck plan on page 80. Pricesmammals. On our excursion by local boat, we are per person, double occupancy. For a single cabin, and the surrounding seas from the Sky Tower. add $2,940 in Category 1 and $3,210 in Category 2. Airfare is not included in the expedition cost. Economy airfare from Los Angeles to Queenstown and return About the Oceanic Discoverer from Auckland is $1,775 (subject to change). The sleek Oceanic Discoverer (pictured left) accommo- dates 68 guests in 35 spacious outside staterooms, OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS each with a window (or two portholes in Category 1), a writing desk, a wardrobe, individual climate control, Venture further into the splendid wilderness of the and a private bathroom. The ship features a lounge with South Island on a four-day extension or add additional a library and a bar, a dining room, a sundeck, and a hot nights in Queenstown. Visit our website or call for tub. Laundry and Internet service are available on board. details. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 61
  • 62. ANTARCTICA Journey to Antarctica Traveling aboard the state-of-the-art National Geographic Explorer, encounter the spectacular Antarctic Peninsula and the surrounding islands and waterways. Glide around enormous tabular icebergs by Zodiac, walk along beaches covered with thousands of penguins, and kayak amid abundant marine life. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • View magnificent mountains, towering icebergs, and ice formations that make up the dramatic Antarctic landscape. • Cruise aboard sturdy Zodiac landing craft in search of leopard seals. • Kayak in protected waters, paddling around icebergs as penguins swim nearby. • Walk on shore amid thousands of penguins, including gentoo, Adélie, and chinstrap. • Explore the world’s last great wilderness in the company of a team of top naturalists. ITINERARY (14 days) year, we have ample opportunity to explore the EXPEDITION Antarctic Peninsula and the surrounding islands. Days 1 and 2 U.S./Buenos Aires, Argentina TEAM Depart on an overnight flight to Buenos Aires, In keeping with the nature of an expedition, the Argentina’s cosmopolitan capital. Settle into our schedule is flexible so that we can take advantage Along with a team of hotel before heading out on an afternoon tour of of the unexpected—watching whales perform off naturalists, a National the city. Gather tonight for a welcome reception the bow, taking an after-dinner Zodiac cruise, or Geographic photographer and dinner. heading out on an extra landing during the day. will join each expedition. CAESAR PARK HOTEL (L, D) We anticipate making several Zodiac landings On the January departure, each day to hike, kayak among the icebergs, and we will be joined by pho- Day 3 Buenos Aires/Ushuaia experience close encounters with wildlife. tographer Jim Richardson. Jim has produced (B, L, D DAILY) Fly to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the more than 45 stories for National Geographic world, and enjoy lunch on a catamaran cruise magazine and National Geographic Traveler, of the Beagle Channel. Then set sail on the Depending on weather and sea conditions, we where he is a contributing editor. National Geographic Explorer. (B, L, D) plan to make the following stops: Renowned mountaineer, author, and adventur- Day 4 At Sea/Drake Passage Paradise Bay er Peter Hillary will join our expedition team on While crossing the spectacular Drake Passage, This pristine bay is edged by soaring ice-covered the February voyage. Peter reached the summit spot whales and other marine life that glide along- peaks. Hike to a summit for a breathtaking view, of Mount Everest for the second time in 2002 side the ship. (B, L, D) or kayak along a cliff-side rookery in search of on a National Geographic–sponsored ascent, blue-eyed shags. and has skied 900 miles across Antarctica to reach the South Pole, which he documented in Days 5–10 Exploring Antarctica the book In the Ghost Country. With nearly 24 hours of daylight at this time of This trip is operated in association with Lindblad Expeditions. Above: Adélie penguins cluster on the vast Antarctic ice shelf. 62
  • 63. Neko Harbor Watch a short video about this expedition at Dock in Neko Harbor. Walk among the penguins on the beach or climb high onto an ice field for a panoramic vista of untouched peaks surrounding this idyllic bay. Historic Port Lockroy In 1944, the British government began an expedi- tion code-named Operation Tabarin, creating a series of base stations in Antarctica. Base A, at Port Lockroy, is now a museum and Antarctica’s only public post office. Days 11 and 12 At Sea Enjoy the ship’s amenities as the Antarctic coast disappears from view. Round the southernmost tip of South America, and see the meeting of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Celebrate your voy- INFORMATION age at a farewell dinner on board. (B, L, D DAILY) Dates: 2011: November 26–December 9Kayakers paddle past the stunning sweep of an iceberg. Days 13 and 14 Ushuaia, Argentina/Buenos December 6–19 • December 16–29 Aires/U.S.Lemaire Channel and Petermann Island Disembark in Ushuaia. After lunch, fly to Buenos 2012: January 5–18 • February 4–17Cruise through the Lemaire Channel between tow- Aires and connect with your overnight flight Expedition Cost:ering snowcaps near blue icebergs. Step ashore home. (B, L) CATEGORY 1 $10,580at Petermann Island to the cries of thousands of Located on Main Deck with portholegentoo penguins standing along the shoreline as if CATEGORY 2 $11,190awaiting your arrival. This is the site of the research Located on Main Deck with windowgroup Oceanites, whose effort to inventory the re- CATEGORY 3 $11,590 Located on Main Deck with portholegion’s many bird species is supported by National CATEGORY 4 $12,420Geographic and Lindblad Expeditions. Located on Upper and Veranda Decks with window CATEGORY 5 $14,820 Located on Upper Deck with balcony CATEGORY 6 $16,990 ANTARCTICA, SOUTH GEORGIA, Located on Upper and Veranda Decks—suite AND THE FALKLANDS CATEGORY 7 $19,920 24 days • 2011: November 6–29 Located on Upper Deck—suite with balcony 2012: February 14–March 8 About the National Geographic Explorer See National Geographic Explorer deck plan on page These special expeditions The National Geographic Explorer (pictured above) is 81. Prices are per person, double occupancy. For a aboard the National the newest ship in our fleet and arguably the finest single cabin, add $2,800 in Category 2 and $2,900 in expedition vessel on the seas. A state-of-the-art, ice-class Category 3. Airfare is not included in the expedition Geographic Explorer follow cost. Round-trip economy airfare between Miami and expedition ship, the Explorer accommodates 148 guests the itinerary on these pages, in 81 spacious cabins, each with outside views; private Buenos Aires is $1,390 and between Buenos Aires and plus two days in the Falkland bathrooms; and sleek, modern furnishings. The ship car- Ushuaia is $590 (subject to change). Islands, four days in South Georgia, and ries kayaks and a fleet of Zodiac motorized landing craft, as well as sophisticated video equipment that allows OPTIONAL EXTENSIONS one day at Elephant Island. Photographer access to the underwater world. Public areas include an Michael Melford joins us on the February elegant lounge and bar; a library; a spa; a fitness center; Add a pre- or post-trip extension in Buenos Aires or a departure. Visit our website for details. a sauna; and a selection of dining options that offer four-day pre-trip extension to Argentina’s Mendoza wine regionally inspired cuisine using fresh, local ingredients. country; or add a three-day post-trip extension to Iguazú Services include a full-time doctor, a wellness specialist, Falls or a four-day post-trip extension to Easter Island. and an Internet café. Visit our website or call for details. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 63
  • 64. PRIVATE JET Around the World by Private Jet Circle the globe with top National Geographic experts on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Traveling in the comfort of a private jet, encounter legendary places from Machu Picchu and Tibet to the Pyramids and Marrakech. Experience natural wonders such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Serengeti Plain, and the island paradise of Samoa. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Explore 12 UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Machu Picchu, Angkor Wat, the Taj Mahal, and the Pyramids at Gîza. • Meet with National Geographic Explorers-in- Residence Meave or Louise Leakey in Tanzania. • Discover Easter Island’s giant moai statues and famously lost culture with resident archaeologist Edmundo Edwards. • Delve into the natural world on game drives in the Serengeti Plain and snorkeling excursions on the Great Barrier Reef. ITINERARY (24 days) Days 5 and 6 Easter Island, Chile Travel 2,300 miles off the coast of Chile to Easter EXPERT Day 1 Orlando, Florida We begin this extraordinary adventure with a wel- Island, an open-air museum of ancient stone come reception, followed by dinner at our hotel. villages, sanctuaries, and giant statues called DONALD JOHANSON THE RITZ-CARLTON, GRANDE LAKES (D) moai. Explore the island’s treasures with resident Paleoanthropologist Donald archaeologist Edmundo Edwards. HANGAROA ECO VILLAGE & SPA (B, L, D DAILY) Johanson has explored the Day 2 Lima, Peru development of human This morning, our private jet takes us to Lima, Day 7 Apia, Samoa culture and the origins of once a thriving capital in Spain’s New World Trace the coast on a scenic drive, passing through humankind all around the empire, and we arrive in the late afternoon. Visit charming seaside villages. Enjoy a traditional world. Since he discovered the renowned Larco Herrera Museum, and enjoy Polynesian welcome ceremony and a fiafia, a the 3.2-million-year-old skeleton known as a fine dinner at our hotel. MIRAFLORES PARK HOTEL (B, L, D) colorful performance of Samoan dance and song. Lucy in 1974, his work has been covered in AGGIE GREY’S LAGOON BEACH RESORT & SPA (B, L, D) National Geographic’s books, magazines, and Days 3 and 4 Cusco/Machu Picchu films. His 30-year career has taken him from Day 8 Cross the International Date Line Travel to Cusco by local flight, and explore the Plaza Ethiopia and Egypt to Yemen and Iran. He has Depart for Australia and lose a day crossing the de Armas and the Sacsayhuaman fortress overlook- researched early scientific expeditions in Latin international date line. (B, L, D) ing the city. Continue to Machu Picchu, an ancient America, the anthropology of Easter Island citadel abandoned by the Inca and rediscovered in and Australia, and the history of early humans Days 9 and 10 The Great Barrier Reef or only 1911. Excavated by Hiram Bingham with fund- in Asia. Daintree Rain Forest, Australia ing from National Geographic, Machu Picchu is Donald will accompany the February departure along Explore the Great Barrier Reef, the largest known with National Geographic photographer Joe McNally. one of the world’s greatest archaeological sites. coral reef in the world and home to an exceptionally See our website for bios on the full expedition team for HOTEL MONASTERIO (B, L, D DAILY) all departures. Above inset photographs, clockwise from left: A Rajasthani woman in traditional dress, the Pyramids at Gîza, and 64 a clown fish in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Background photograph: The mysterious moai of Easter Island are believed to have been carved, transported, and erected between a.d. 1400 and 1600.
  • 65. The architectural splendor of India’s Taj Mahal is mirrored in a shallow variety of marine life. Enjoy bird-watching, you may choose to travel to Xi’an, China to view open-air market of Djemaa el Fna, or take a strollsnorkeling, and swimming in this magnificent the famous terra-cotta warriors. in the stunning Majorelle Garden. Tonight, gathermarine ecosystem. Or you may discover the THE ST. REGIS LHASA RESORT OR SOFITEL XI’AN ON for a festive farewell banquet with traditionalnatural wonders of the Daintree Rain Forest. RENMIN SQUARE (B, L, D DAILY) entertainment.SEA TEMPLE RESORT & SPA (B, L, D DAILY) LA MAMOUNIA OR FOUR SEASONS HOTEL Days 16 and 17 Taj Mahal, Agra, India MARRAKECH (B, L, D DAILY)Days 11 and 12 Angkor, Cambodia Return to Chengdu by local flight and continue onFly to Siem Reap and transfer to Angkor. Survey our private jet to Agra. See the majestic Taj Mahal, Day 24 Marrakech, Morocco/Orlando, FloridaAngkor Wat’s massive temple complex, and visit one of the world’s greatest monuments to love. Fly by private jet to Orlando, Florida and connectthe royal city of Angkor Thom and the extraordi- THE OBEROI AMARVILAS (B, L, D DAILY) with your flight home. (B, L)nary Bayon Temple.RAFFLES GRAND HOTEL D’ANGKOR (B, L, D DAILY) Days 18 and 19 Tanzania Fly to Kilimanjaro Airport and choose from two INFORMATIONDay 13 Chengdu, China options: go deep into Serengeti National Park Dates:Travel to Chengdu, where we visit the Chengdu to witness the greatest concentration of plains 2011: Dec. 27, 2011–Jan. 19, 2012Panda Breeding and Research Center and game in Africa; or at Ngorongoro Crater, observe the permanent population of about 30,000 2012: Feb. 20–March 14 • Oct. 7–30*overnight before flying to Tibet.KEMPINSKI HOTEL CHENGDU (B, L, D) animals in the largest unbroken caldera in the * This departure follows the itinerary shown but begins and world. National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence ends in Washington, D.C., with hotel accommodations on Day 1 at the Four Seasons.Days 14 and 15 Lhasa, Tibet or Xi’an, China Meave or Louise Leakey joins us to discuss theDepart by local flight to Lhasa. Visit the Jokhang family’s historic fossil finds. 2011 2012 BILILA LODGE KEMPINSKI, SERENGETI SOPA Expedition Cost: $64,950 $66,950Temple, the region’s oldest and most revered Prices are per person, double occupancy. For atemple, and explore the colorful Tibetan markets. LODGE, OR MOBILE TENTED CAMP; NGORONGORO single room, add $8,350 in 2011 and $8,500 in 2012. SOPA LODGE OR NGORONGORO CRATER LODGEThe next day, visit the fabled Potala Palace and the Transportation by private Boeing 757 jet and other (B, L, D DAILY) conveyance, as noted in the itinerary, is included innearly 600-year-old Sera Monastery. Alternatively, the expedition cost. Airfare to and from Orlando, 00 Days Days 20 and 21 Luxor, the Pyramids and Sphinx, Florida or Washington, D.C. is not included. 2011: Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Egypt; or Petra, Jordan Please note: There is a $2,500 per-person deposit for Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Explore the wondrous Temple of Karnak and the this trip. See our website for specific terms00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date and condi- tions. A State Department travel warning for Egypt tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Then enjoy a was in effect at the timeDate 00–00, Date 00–00, 2012: Date 00–00, of printing ( special gala event at the Temple of Luxor, and fly We expect to operate this itinerary as planned, but will to Cairo to visit the Pyramids and the Sphinx at continue to closely monitor events in the country. Gîza. Or you may fly to Jordan and venture into Fly by Private Jet: the lost city of Petra. Our specially outfitted Boeing 757 is ideally suited for SONESTA ST. GEORGE HOTEL, EGYPT OR this extraordinary expedition. Its long-range capabili- MÖVENPICK PETRA, JORDAN (B, L, D DAILY) ties and ability to land in smaller airports afford us unmatched flexibility. We set our own schedules, flying direct and avoiding layovers, which gives us the Days 22 and 23 Marrakech, Morocco freedom to make the most of our adventures on land. Arrive in Marrakech and transfer to our hotel. Instead of the standard 233 seats, the jet’s interior has The next day, visit the Koutoubia Mosque and the been customized and refitted to accommodate just 78Colorful Buddhist prayer flags line a wall in Lhasa, Tibet. passengers in two-by-two, VIP-style leather seating. Bahia Palace. Wander through the medina and the PLEASE NOTE: FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE ON THIS PRIVATE JET EXPEDITION, 65 PLEASE CALL 1-800-224-1894.
  • 66. PRIVATE JET Journey of Man by Private Jet Join National Geographic Explorer-in- Residence and director of the Society’s Genographic Project Spencer Wells on an extraordinary private jet expedition tracing the paths of human migration around the world. Following an itinerary based on Spencer’s groundbreaking book Journey of Man, travel to ten incredible destinations that tell the story of our shared human history. EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Get acquainted with people who live much as our ancestors did, from the Huli wigmen of Papua New Guinea to Jordan’s Bedouin nomads. • Meet National Geographic Explorers-in- Residence Meave or Louise Leakey to discuss their family’s finds at Olduvai Gorge. • Examine prehistoric paintings in Australia and France, and explore the magnificent ancient cities of Petra and Angkor. • Encounter unspoiled natural wonders, from the archipelagos of Hawaii and Fiji to Thailand’s lush jungles and Tanzania’s Serengeti Plain. ITINERARY (24 days) Days 5, 6, and 7 The Highlands or Sepik River Basin, Papua New Guinea EXPERT Day 1 Honolulu, Hawaii Depart on a commercial flight to Honolulu. Unknown to the outside world until the 1930s, the After settling in to our hotel, visit the Bishop cultures of Papua New Guinea have changed little SPENCER WELLS Museum. This evening, meet experts, staff, and over the centuries. Spend a night in Port Moresby. Geneticist, anthropologist, fellow travelers for a gala welcome dinner. Then fly by local aircraft to one of three areas: and National Geographic KAHALA HOTEL & RESORT, HONOLULU (D) in the mountainous Southern Highlands, meet Explorer-in-Residence the Huli wigmen and go on a bird walk; explore Spencer Wells has analyzed Day 2 Cross the International Date Line the Sepik River basin by riverboat to see intri- the DNA of thousands of Depart for Fiji and lose a day crossing the interna- cately designed spirit houses and meet artisans; people living in isolated tional date line. (B, L, D) or encounter the agricultural traditions of the tribes around the world. He leads the Society’s Melpa people and attend a moka ceremony in the Genographic Project, a multi-year endeavor Days 3 and 4 Nadi, Fiji Western Highlands. In Fiji, encounter the vibrant rhythms of AIRWAYS HOTEL AND AMBUA LODGE, KARAWARI to chart the journey of our early ancestors as LODGE, OR RONDON RIDGE LODGE (B, L, D DAILY) they populated the planet. Spencer has written Melanesian and Polynesian cultures on a visit to three books including The Journey of Man: A Sabeto village, where we’ll be welcomed with a Days 8 and 9 Darwin and Arnhem Land, Australia Genetic Odyssey, an award-winning book and traditional kava ceremony and dance performance. Fly to Darwin and continue by smaller aircraft documentary film that aired on PBS and the Wander among some 2,000 varieties of orchids to Arnhem Land, a tropical region on Australia’s National Geographic Channel. in the enchanting Garden of the Sleeping Giant. northern coast that has been occupied by humans National Geographic photographer Bob Krist will also Explore the prehistoric site at Sigatoka sand dunes, for more than 40,000 years. View unique wildlife accompany this departure. See our website for bios on where wind and weather still uncover pottery the full expedition team. and ancient rock art with local guides, and experi- shards, stone tools, and fossils. ence an age-old Aboriginal ceremony. If you wish, DENARAU ISLAND RESORT & SPA (B, L, D DAILY) 66 Above inset photographs, top to bottom: A Huli wigman of Papua New Guinea; colorful boats line the shore of Fiji; a “long neck” woman of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Background photograph: A Maasai tribesman looks out over the tawny savanna.
  • 67. The magnificent Khmer temple of Angkor Wat dates back to the 12th century.overnight in the stunning bush country of Days 15 and 16 Jodhpur, India architecture in the beautiful town of Sarlat. GatherArnhem Land. In the heart of Rajasthan, examine the art col- for a special gala farewell dinner this evening.MANTRA ON THE ESPLANADE OR DAVIDSON’S lections of the Mehrangarh Fort. Meet the man LE VIEUX LOGIS, TREMOLAT AND LE DOMAINE DUARNHEMLAND SAFARI CAMP (B, L, D DAILY) who holds the missing genetic link that helped CHÂTEAU DE MONRECOUR, SAINT VINCENT DE COSSE (B, L, D DAILY) Spencer establish our early ancestors’ migra-Days 10, 11, and 12 Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand tion from Africa to Australia. Stroll through theFly to Chiang Rai and choose one of four excur- Days 23 and 24 London, England/U.S. lively Sardar Bazaar or take a guided tour of thesions: ride an elephant through teak forests; Board our private jet and fly to London. The next museum within our historic palace hotel.glimpse daily life at a Burmese pagoda and village day, transfer to the airport for your commercial UMAID BHAWAN PALACE (B, L, D DAILY)market; learn the secrets of Thai cuisine in a flight class; or delve into the country’s re- THE DORCHESTER (B, L, D; B) Days 17 and 18 Serengeti Plain or Ngorongoronowned textile and ceramic arts, and meet the Crater, Tanzania“long-necked” women of the Padaung tribe. INFORMATION Go deep into the Serengeti to witness Africa’sANANTARA GOLDEN TRIANGLE RESORT & SPA greatest concentration of wildebeests and zebras. Dates:(B, L, D DAILY) Or descend into the Ngorongoro Crater to ob- 2012: March 15–April 7Days 13 and 14 Angkor Wat, Cambodia or Chiang serve the permanent population of some 30,000 Expedition Cost: $66,950Mai, Thailand animals. On either option, visit with Maasai Price is per person, double occupancy. For a single tribespeople; and meet National Geographic room, add $8,500. Transportation by private BoeingFly to Siem Reap to discover the spectacular 757 jet and other conveyance, according to the itinerary,temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, and Explorers-in-Residence Meave or Louise Leakey to is included in the expedition cost. Airfare to Honoluluenjoy a classic Khmer apsara dance perfor- discuss their work at Olduvai Gorge. and from London is not included.mance. Or you may choose to visit Phnom Penh, BILILA LODGE KEMPINSKI OR NGORONGORO We will provide each traveler with a Genographic CRATER LODGE (B, L, D DAILY) Participation Kit in advance of your journey. If you wish,Cambodia’s capital city; or remain in Thailand to Spencer will be on hand to analyze your DNA and theexplore the ancient temples and lively markets of Days 19 and 20 Petra or Wadi Rum, Jordan path of your own early ancestors, placing your ownChiang Mai. genetic history within the context of this larger odyssey. Step back in history at the ancient city of Petra,RAFFLES GRAND HOTEL D’ANGKOR OR FOUR Please note: There is a $2,500 per-person deposit 00 Days half-built, half-carved into rose-red cliffs by theSEASONS RESORT CHIANG MAI (B, L, D DAILY) for this trip. See00–00, Datefor specific terms and mysterious Nabataean people more than 2,000 2011: Date our website 00–00, Date 00–00, conditions. Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, years ago. Or discover Wadi Rum, an evoca- Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date 00–00, tive, lunar-like landscape made famous by T. E. Fly by Private Jet: Our specially outfitted Boeing 757 is ideally00–00,for 2012: Date 00–00, Date 00–00, Date suited Lawrence, and enjoy a traditional mansaf meal this extraordinary expedition. Its long-range capabili- prepared by the local Bedouin. ties and ability to land in smaller airports afford us MÖVENPICK RESORT (B, L, D DAILY) unmatched flexibility. We set our own schedules, flying direct and avoiding layovers, which gives us the freedom to make the most of our adventures on land. Days 21 and 22 Dordogne, France Instead of the standard 233 seats, the jet’s interior has Hidden in the cool grottoes of the Dordogne been customized and refitted to accommodate just 78 region are some of the world’s most stunning passengers in two-by-two, VIP-style leather seating. examples of prehistoric art. Visit the National SPECIAL OFFER Museum of Prehistory in Les Eyzies Castle and Book by June 30, 2011 and enjoy a complimentary night view original cave paintings at Pech Merle. Or, at the Kahala Hotel & Resort in Honolulu prior to thePetra’s Treasury was carved into a cliff by the ancient discover impressive medieval and RenaissanceNabataeans. start of the expedition. PLEASE NOTE: FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE ON THIS PRIVATE JET EXPEDITION, 67 PLEASE CALL 1-800-224-1894.
  • 68. FAMILY Alaska Family Voyage EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Traveling aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion, spot black and brown bears and breaching humpback whales with experienced naturalists. • Glide in a Zodiac among a maze of icebergs in Tracy Arm Fjord, and paddle a kayak into pristine fjords and hidden coves. • Peer up at towering totem poles and learn about the everyday life of Alaska’s native tribes. • Participate in special kids’ activities, such as scavenger hunts, special hikes and Zodiac excursions, and hands-on lessons with our naturalists. ITINERARY (8 days) as the feeding behavior of humpback whales Day 1 Seattle/Juneau, Alaska and the identification of bear tracks in the wild. Fly from Seattle to Juneau, the capital of Alaska. (B, L, D DAILY) Explore the city before embarking the National Geographic Sea Bird. (D) Our approach during this voyage is one of discov- ery, and our itinerary is flexible. We follow the same Days 2–7 Exploring Alaska’s Islands, Bays, itinerary as described on pages 14 and 15, and and Fjords make the following stops: Spend the next six days encountering some of Tracy Arm Fjord–Fords Terror Wilderness the world’s most spectacular scenery and wildlife Petersburg along Alaska’s coast. We take time to stop and LeConte Bay explore this beautiful and intriguing land up close, Frederick Sound Chatham Strait A young explorer peers into Alaska’s clear waters, on the as our small ship can reach places that few others lookout for interesting aquatic life. see. The long days of summer allow for wildlife Point Adolphus viewing well into the evening hours. Our special Chichagof Island hands-on educational program is designed to Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve INFORMATION encourage children’s interest in topics as diverse Day 8 Sitka/Seattle Dates: After breakfast, disembark in Sitka, a unique town 2012: July 1–8* • July 22–29 • August 5–12 with a strong Russian heritage. Explore Sitka * This departure follows the itinerary described here National Historic Park, where totem poles line and on pages 14–15, but in the reverse order. EXPEDITION thickly wooded trails. In the early afternoon, trans- Expedition Cost: TEAM fer to the airport for the flight to Seattle. (B) CATEGORY 1 $5,990 Located on Main Deck See a detailed itinerary and map on pages 14–15. CATEGORY 2 $6,790 On the August departure, Located on Upper and Bridge Decks our diverse team of experts CATEGORY 3 $7,890 will be joined by photogra- Located on Upper and Bridge Decks pher, award-winning writer, See National Geographic Sea Bird description and and conservationist Kim photo on page 15 and deck plan on page 80. Prices are per person, double occupancy. For children under 18, Heacox. Kim first came deduct $500 from the adult rate. For a single cabin, to Alaska as a ranger in Glacier Bay with the add $3,000 in Category 1 and $3,400 in Category 2. National Park Service, and has now lived in Airfare is not included in the expedition cost. Economy Alaska for more than 25 years. He has written airfare from Seattle to Juneau and return from Sitka is $600 (subject to change). four books for National Geographic, and his photography has appeared in National OPTIONAL EXTENSION Geographic magazine. Kayakers explore the rocky shores of an Alaska fjord. Add a seven-day extension to Denali National Park. Visit This trip is operated in association with Lindblad our website or call for details. Expeditions. Above left: A veil of water cascades off a breaching whale. 68
  • 69. Galápagos Family Odyssey EXPEDITION HIGHLIGHTS • Discover the fascinating wildlife and geology of the Galápagos Islands on a family adventure aboard the National Geographic Endeavour or Islander. • Cruise to pristine islands and walk among colonies of animals and birds unfazed by your presence. • Snorkel amid sea turtles, quirky penguins, and playful sea lions; gaze into the old eyes of a giant sea tortoise; and sit among a colorful band of marine iguanas. • Participate in special kids’ activities, such as stargazing, scavenger hunts, drawing and poetry workshops, and knot-tying lessons.ITINERARY (10 days) In keeping with the nature of an expedition, our Day 10 Guayaquil/U.S.Day 1 U.S./Guayaquil, Ecuador itinerary is flexible. We follow the same itinerary This morning, transfer to the airport for yourDepart for Guayaquil and, upon arrival, transfer as described on pages 24 and 25, and will explore return flight. (B)to the Hotel Hilton Colón. some of the following islands: Isla Bartolomé See a detailed itinerary and map on pages 24–25.Day 2 Guayaquil/Galápagos Isla SeymourFly to the Galápagos Islands and settle into your Isla Santiagocabin aboard the comfortable expedition ship Isla Genovesa Isla Santa Cruz INFORMATIONNational Geographic Endeavour or the moreintimate National Geographic Islander. (B, L, D) Isla Isabela Dates: Isla Fernandina 2011: June 17–26 • July 1–10 • July 9–18*Days 3–8 Exploring the Galápagos Isla Floreana July 23–Aug. 1* • August 12–21 Isla Sombrero Chino December 30, 2011–January 8, 2012Discover the Galápagos Islands with a dynamicteam of naturalists specially trained to work with Isla Rábida 2012: June 15–24 • July 6–15 • July 7–16*kids of all ages. Snorkel with playful sea lions and Isla San Cristóbal July 21–30* • Aug. 3–12quirky penguins, observe the interactions of Isla Española * These departures are aboard the National Geographicmarine iguanas and Sally Lightfoot crabs, and Islander. All other departures are aboard the National Geographic Endeavour.explore the coast by kayak and Zodiac. Day 9 Galápagos/Guayaquil After breakfast, disembark the ship and fly to Expedition Cost–2011 & 2012: Endeavour Islander(B, L, D DAILY) Guayaquil. The evening is at leisure. CATEGORY 1 $5,230 $5,550 HOTEL HILTON COLÓN (B) CATEGORY 2 $5,980 $6,390 EXPEDITION CATEGORY 3 $6,590 $7,060 TEAM Watch a short video about this expedition at CATEGORY 4 $6,990 $7,480 CATEGORY 5 $8,450 $8,940 On the June 15, 2012 See National Geographic Endeavour and National departure, our diverse team Geographic Islander descriptions on page 25 and photos and deck plans on page 80. Prices are per of experts will be joined person, double occupancy. For children under 18, by National Geographic deduct $500 from the adult rate. Visit our website or Emerging Explorer Tierney call for details on single cabins. Airfare is not included in the expedition cost. Round-trip economy airfare Thys. A marine biologist between Miami and Guayaquil is $660 and betweenand documentary filmmaker, Tierney is a world Guayaquil and Galápagos is $420 for adults and $210authority on the giant ocean sunfish, Mola for children under 12 (subject to change).mola, and has led numerous expeditions tothe Galápagos Islands to study these bizarre OPTIONAL EXTENSIONSjellyfish-eating behemoths. See page 9 for our Add a post-trip extension to Machu Picchu and Cusco, Peru or Quito, Ecuador. Visit our website orinterview with Tierney about the Galápagos Blue-footed boobies perform a courtship dance. call for details.Islands.This trip is operated in association with Lindblad Above left: Galápagos tortoises abound on Isla Santa Cruz.Expeditions. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 69
  • 70. PHOTOGRAPHY Weekend Photography Workshops Hone your photography skills with a National Geographic photographer over a long weekend in some of the country’s pho mo picturesque cities. Learn to take magazine-quality photos most through field assignments, daily edit-and-critique sessions, and the thro insights of our experts. These workshops—each led by a National ins Geographic photographer and a professional instructor—are Geo designed for amateurs who are interested in improving their des digital photography. dig Stay at our centrally located hotel or accommodations of your choice; or, in Tucson, settle into the idyllic Miraval Resort and Spa. ch Al participants must bring a digital SLR camera, a laptop com- All pu and software for organizing and presenting images. Each puter, workshop is limited to 25 participants. w mimes of Jackson Square. Catch the early morning N York C New Y City atmosphere at the legendary Café Du Monde and the French Market. Photograph ornate tombs in a Brimming with towering skyscrapers, historic historic cemetery, and document the city’s night- parks, vibrant ethnic enclaves, and the colorful life in a jazz club or along Bourbon Street. bustle of street life, New York City presents Optional Accommodations: Bienville House (September) photographers with an endless array of subjects. or Hotel Monteleone (November) Photograph merchants and their bright produce 4 Days • 2011: September 15–18 • November 10–13 at the Union Square Greenmarket, capture the Cost without hotel: $1,395 diverse architecture of fabled Fifth Avenue and the Cost with hotel: $1,875 sights of Central Park, and complete a portrait assignment in the lively neighborhoods of Chinatown or Little Italy. Photograph the sunset from the top of Rockefeller Center and the early Chicago morning light on the Brooklyn Bridge. Optional Accommodations: The Cosmopolitan Hotel With the skyscrapers that rise above its San Francisco 4 Days • 2011: June 16–19 • September 22–25 historic downtown, the graceful parks that line October 20–23 its lakeside, and its vibrant music scene, Chicago Iconic bridges; elegant row houses; and dra- Cost without hotel: $1,395 is a great city to photograph. Capture the bustle matic, undulating streets make San Francisco Cost with hotel: $2,110 of the Magnificent Mile and the lively bartering a particularly photogenic city. On daily assign- at Green City Market. Meet working artists in the ments, photograph merchants hawking their neighborhood of Wicker Park, and shoot images exotic goods in bustling Chinatown, and take New Orleans of the playful public sculptures of Millennium portraits of craftspeople at the Ferry Building Park. Take sweeping vistas of the Chicago River, Farmer’s Market. In Russian Hill, capture grace- From its lovely French-influenced architecture to and photograph some of the most progressive ful Victorian homes that line the steep streets the jazz bands that fill the streets with swirling American architecture of the 20th century. and views of winding Lombard Street and of rhythms, New Orleans’ lively blend of cultures Optional Accommodations: Hotel Blake Alcatraz. makes it a fantastic photography destination. 4 Days • 2011: August 11–14 Optional Accommodations: Sheraton Fisherman’s Wharf Take to the streets of the French Quarter with September 29–October 2 4 Days • 2011: July 21–24 • October 6–9 your camera at the ready, capturing timeless Cost without hotel: $1,395 Cost without hotel: $1,395 streetcars, balconies tangled with flowers, and the Cost with hotel: $1,875 Cost with hotel: $1,875 70 Above: The diverse architecture, streetlife, and surrounding landscapes of these American locales provide endless opportunities for photographers.
  • 71. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. is home to evocative EXPERTS memorials, neoclassic architecture, and eclectic New York City neighborhoods. Head out on daily shoots to Ira Block has been covereing assign- photograph scenes of Eastern Market coming ments around the world for National to life in the morning’s first light; the stately Geographic for more than thirty architecture of Dupont Circle or the hip, ethni- years. His images of New York City, cally diverse Adams Morgan neighborhood; and his hometown, were featured in the majestic monuments of the National Mall. National Geographic magazine articles highlighting Go behind the scenes at National Geographic’s the city in September 2002 and December 2005. headquarters: meet with magazine staff and Ira will lead the September and October New York City learn how the photographic process works at the workshops. Society. New Orleans Optional Accommodations: The Beacon Hotel Tyrone Turner is an award-winning 4 Days • 2011: June 2–5 • September 8–11Tucson October 20–23 photojournalist. A native of New Orleans, he has photographed the Cost without hotel: $1,395 city for several National GeographicHone your skills in the warm shade of Arizona’s Cost with hotel: $1,875 magazine articles. See page 12Santa Catalina Mountains during a unique photo for our spotlight on the New Orleans workshopretreat at the acclaimed Miraval Resort and Spa. On with Tyrone.daily excursions, photograph stunning mountain Tyrone will lead both of the New Orleans workshops.vistas, the stark beauty of the Sonoran Desert, Chicago & San Franciscoand the historic center of Tucson. Zoom in ongiant desert cacti, and capture images of Photographer Catherine Karnowthe Navajo hoop dance during a private perfor- has photographed everything frommance. Then enjoy the fabulous spa facilities; Australian Aborigines to Bombay filminvigorating outdoor activities; and fresh, healthy stars. Her story on San Francisco,cuisine at the all-inclusive Miraval Resort. her hometown, appeared in NationalAccommodations: Miraval Resort and Spa Geographic Traveler’s July/August 2006 issue; and4 Days • 2011: October 13–16 • October 27–30 “American Tuscany”—about northern California— December 8–11 made the cover of National Geographic Traveler’sCost: $1,875* March 2007 issue. Catherine will lead both of the San Francisco workshops and* Workshop cost includes a $130 credit per person toward the September Chicago workshop.additional spa and resort services of your choice. Washington, D.C. WEEKLONG PHOTO WORKSHOP A resident of Washington, D.C., Mark Thiessen has been shooting Santa Fe for National Geographic since 1990. He has covered a range of subjects Join us for our weeklong in National Geographic magazine photography workshops and National Geographic Traveler, from “Monsters in stunning Santa Fe. Visit of Madagascar” to “A White House Christmas.” our website for a detailed Mark will lead the September workshop. itinerary and photographer bios. Tucson 7 Days • 2011: July 17–23 A longtime resident of Santa Fe, October 2–8 award-winning photographer Cost without hotel: $2,895 Nevada Wier has captured countless Cost with hotel: $3,995 images of the American Southwest. Her work has appeared in NationalNOTE: All prices are per person, double occupancy. Geographic magazine and numerous books. Nevada will lead the October 27 workshop. Visit our website for other experts leading the New York City, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Tucson workshops. FOR DAY-BY-DAY ITINERARIES FOR THESE WORKSHOPS OR TO RESERVE SPACE, 71 GO TO NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM OR CALL 1-866-797-4686.
  • 72. PHOTOGRAPHY Photography Expeditions E xperience incredible places in the company of some of the best photographers in the world. Set out on photo shoots with a National Geographic photographer in the suqs of Marrakech or the jungles of Costa Rica. Whether you’re capturing images of colorful temples in Bhutan or framing giant tortoises in the Galápagos, learn photography tips and techniques from photog- raphers who are passionate about travel and their trade. Our photography expeditions are designed for photographers of all levels. The expeditions noted below follow the detailed itineraries found elsewhere in this catalog or on our website, with some adjustments to the itinerary to maximize photographic opportunities so that you can capture images of the place we’re visiting in the best light. Left: Young Bhutanese monks spin a prayer wheel. Bhutan Galápagos Morocco Set out into the mountains of Bhutan to shoot The legendary creatures of the Galápagos—and Experience the diverse landscapes of Morocco, images of exquisite temples, villages untouched the fascinating geologic features of the islands from cool mountain forests and coastal towns to by time, and the towering Himalaya. Capture themselves—make for an incredible photographic rocky outcrops that rise out of lush oases. With scenes from a lively market or saffron-robed experience. Join our National Geographic photo- your camera in hand, discover the enchanting monks against the backdrop of whitewashed grapher and team of experts on the National cities of Marrakech and Fez, and snap portraits of dzongs. Venture into forests where wild moss Geographic Endeavour and learn new photography traditional Berber families in their mountain vil- creates an otherworldly atmosphere, and pho- techniques as you capture the scarlet hues of lages. Photograph the ancient adobe village of Aït tograph breathtaking panoramas of snow-clad scampering Sally Lightfoot crabs, the craggy sil- Benhaddou lit up by the late afternoon light, and peaks. houettes of marine iguanas against the surf, and ride into the Sahara on a camel to capture the sun the volcano-sculpted landscapes that they inhabit. setting on the dunes. See page 48 for a day-by-day itinerary. See page 24 for a day-by-day itinerary. See page 56 for a day-by-day itinerary. 12 Days • 2011: Sept. 10–21 2012: March 1–12 10 Days • 2011: Nov. 25–Dec. 4 • Dec. 2–11 11 Days • 2011: Nov. 11–21 2012: May 2–12 Expedition Cost: from $6,295 Expedition Cost: from $5,230 Expedition Cost: $5,995 A carved face stands out among the brightly painted designs of an Alaska totem. Curiosity is reciprocated between a photographer and a sea lion in the Galápagos. 72
  • 73. EXPERTS Bhutan Photographer Thomas Kelly first went to the Himalaya in 1978 as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Nepal. He now documents disappearing cultures all around the world. His work has appeared in articles, books, and films for National Geographic. Thomas will lead the September Bhutan photography expedition.A white-faced capuchin monkey clings to a tree in Costa Rica’s Manuel Antonio National Park. GalápagosCosta Rica and Alaska, British Photographer Karen Kasmauski hasthe Panama Canal Columbia, and the produced 25 stories for National Geographic magazine ranging from San Juan Islands earthquakes in Japan to oil explorationThe Pacific coasts of Costa Rica and Panama in Alaska. Her book, Impact: From thepresent a rich array of photographic opportuni- The northwest seaboard of North America is an Front Lines of Global Health, published by Nationalties: lush jungles fringe white-sand beaches, unspoiled labyrinth of tiny islands, spectacular Geographic, was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.and birds and tropical plants come in a dazzling fjords, and abundant wildlife, all brimming with Karen will lead both Galápagos photography expeditions.spectrum of species and colors. Traveling with a fantastic photographic opportunities. Join ourNational Geographic photographer and team of National Geographic photographer and team of Moroccoexperts aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion, experts and trace the coast from Alaska to Seattle Italian photojournalist Massimoventure deep into the rain forests of the Osa aboard the National Geographic Sea Lion or Bassano has published his work inPeninsula and Manuel Antonio National Park to National Geographic Sea Bird. Venture into National Geographic Traveler andcapture images of sloths and howler monkeys. dramatic fjords and hidden coves in kayaks and on National Geographic’s website.Frame stunning seascapes on Isla de Coiba, and Zodiacs to capture close-ups of bears, whales, Massimo has traveled and photo-document your passage through the historic and other wildlife. graphed extensively in Morocco, and will sharePanama Canal. techniques and insights as you explore the country. See our website for a day-by-day itinerary. Massimo will lead the November Morocco photographySee page 22 for a day-by-day itinerary. expedition. 12 Days • 2011: Sept. 3–14 2012: Sept. 1–128 Days • 2011: Dec. 3–10 2012: Feb. 11–18 Sept. 4–15 Sept. 2–13 Costa Rica and the Panama Canal Dec. 10–17 Feb. 18–25 Expedition Cost: from $7,690Expedition Cost: from $4,980 Photographer Michael Melford has NOTE: All prices are per person, double occupancy. produced numerous articles and books for National Geographic. When not shooting for National Geographic, Michael enjoys teaching workshops on photography and sharing his love of nature and extensive knowledge of photography. Michael will lead the December 3 and 10, 2011 Costa Rica and the Panama Canal photography expeditions. Alaska and San Juan Islands Ralph Lee Hopkins is a popular photography workshop instructor. His wildlife images have appeared in National Geographic’s books and magazines, and are represented in the National Geographic Image Collection. Ralph will lead the September 4, 2011 Alaska, British Columbia, and the San Juan Islands photography expedition Visit our website for the experts leading the otherAfter a sunrise shoot, travelers in Morocco retrace their footsteps across the dunes. photography expeditions.. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 73
  • 74. Find More Trips on Our Website Wildlife of Yellowstone and the Tetons In the majestic wilderness of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks lie sapphire lakes and snowcapped peaks. Lone grizzlies and moose forage in the tall grasses, and packs of wolves— reintroduced to the region with the help of National Geographic funding—can be heard howl- ing in the distance. Hike lesser-known trails with a naturalist, watch geysers gurgle and mud pots boil, meet a wildlife cinematographer, and take a private tour of one of the West’s finest wildlife art museums. 7 Days • 2011: Aug. 7–13 Expedition Cost: $2,995Spain’s Northern Coast Under Sail: Places of a Lifetime byby Private Rail from Greece to the Private Jet Dalmatian CoastClimb aboard the luxury Transcantábrico or the Embark on an extraordinary journey by private jetTranscantábrico Gran Lujo and set off on a rail Step aboard the legendary four-masted Sea inspired by the “50 Places of a Lifetime” selectedjourney along Spain’s splendid northern coast. Cloud, and trace the legacies of the Romans, by National Geographic Traveler magazine. InPassing through valleys and medieval towns, the Byzantines, Venetians, and Ottomans from the company of NG Traveler’s Editor in Chieftrain follows the legendary St. James pilgrimage Greece to the beautiful Dalmatian coast. From Keith Bellows, National Geographic Explorer-in-route between the Cantabrian Mountains and the the ancient temples of Olympia to the medieval Residence Wade Davis, and National Geographicscalloped beaches on the Bay of Biscay. Explore walled city of Hvar, immerse yourself in the photographer Chris Rainier, encounter the wildlifeBasque country and seaside ports, delve into the history and culture of some of Europe’s most of the Serengeti and the Amazon, meet the tribescities of Santiago de Compostela and Oviedo, and spectacular places. Discover the remarkable sites of Papua New Guinea, and explore Petra andsavor the region’s cuisine and fine wines. of Albania, and explore Montenegro, Corfu, and China’s Great Wall. Venture into Istanbul, and11 Days • 2012: April 5–15 • April 26–May 6 incomparable Dubrovnik. experience the beauty of Cambodia’s Angkor WatExpedition Cost: from $7,495 and India’s Taj Mahal. 12 Days • 2012: Sept. 7–18 • Sept. 17–28 Expedition Cost: from $9,990 24 Days • 2011: Oct. 8–31 Expedition Cost: $63,950 Exploring the Baltic’s Historic Waterways Traveling aboard the National Geographic Explorer, discover the magnificent cities of the Baltic Sea. Venture into the medieval Old Towns of Lübeck, Riga, and Tallinn, designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Explore the tiny islands of the Stockholm Archipelago by kayak or on nature walks. Meet former Polish president Lech Walesa, visit the great maritime capital of Stockholm, and spend three days in stunning St. Petersburg. 16 Days • 2012: Aug. 29–Sept. 13 • Sept. 6–21 Expedition Cost: from $12,99074
  • 75. Visit to start exploring more trips on our website!Journey through India Mongolia: Land of the Nomad Find Even More onCelebrate the rich cultural heritage of India ona journey to the vibrant cities of Rajasthan, the On a journey from the mystical steppe to the Our Websitefascinating spiritual center of Varanasi, and the remote dunes of the Gobi desert, encounter one Catch a glimpse of life on expeditionrenowned Pushkar Camel Fair. Gaze at the Taj of the world’s last surviving nomadic cultures, on our video pageMahal at sunset and explore exquisitely carved whose customs pre-date the age of Genghis and temples. Discuss modern India Khan. Ride horseback across wetlands, hike in awith distinguished professionals and dignitaries dramatic oasis, watch traditional music perfor-at intimate dinners. Delve into the colorful bustle mances, and see the sun set on the Flamingof everyday life in Delhi and Jaipur, and observe Cliffs. Stay in traditional ger camps and witnessancient rituals on the Ganges river. the exhilarating contests of the Naadam festival.11 Days • 2011: Nov. 3–13 13 Days • 2011: July 1–13 • July 9–21Expedition Cost: $7,160 Expedition Cost: $5,395Tibet and Nepal: • Costa Rica and the Panama • Baja California and the Sea of CortezJourney to the Highest Canal • GalápagosHimalaya • Alaska’s Inside • Journey to Antarctica Passage And more!In the company of acclaimed mountaineer • Land of the PolarPeter Hillary, discover the fascinating world of Bearsmountain lore and Tibetan and Nepalese cultureswhile visiting the fabled cities of Lhasa, Shigatse, Follow Us:and Kathmandu. Take in some of the most mag-nificent vistas on Earth as we journey across the Sign up for our email newsletter at Plateau to the North Face Base Camp ofMount Everest and into Nepal. Read our Field Notes blog at blog.nationalgeographicexpeditions.com16 Days • 2011: Sept. 28–Oct. 13 Like us on 2012: Sept. 10–25 • Oct. 10–25 Cost: $7,995 NOTE: All prices are per person, double occupancy.VISIT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM TO SEE DETAILED ITINERARIES OR RESERVE ONLINE 75
  • 76. Find More Trips on Our Website (continued) Visit to start exploring more trips on our website!Russian River Journey:the Caspian Sea toMoscowStep back into history on a voyage along Russia’sgrand Volga River aboard the deluxe M.S. VolgaDream. As we cruise from the Volga River Delta toMoscow, explore World War II sites at Volgograd;visit iconic onion-domed churches; and explorethe treasures of Nizhniy Novgorod and Yaroslavl’,the Volga’s oldest city. Venture into the Kremlin’sState Armory before opening hours, and enjoyprivate classical concerts and lively folk musicperformances.16 Days • 2011: Oct. 1–16Expedition Cost: from $6,995 Human Origins: South Gorilla Tracking In Africa to Tanzania Rwanda Walk in the footsteps of early humans, from Known as the “land of a thousand hills,” Rwanda South Africa’s Western Cape to the savannas of has treasures that belie its tiny size. Set out on the Great Rift Valley, in the company of National a journey that combines wildlife tracking and Geographic grantee and renowned paleoanthro- unforgettable encounters with Rwanda’s resilient pologist Donald Johanson. Gain special access to people. Meet wildlife researchers and artisans, archaeological digs and world-famous Paleolithic schoolchildren and genocide survivors, and finds. Track wild chimpanzees at Jane Goodall’s discover how the country has moved on fromNew Zealand original research site, step inside prehistoric cave tragedy. Then journey to its jungle-clad volcanoesAdventure homes, and discover the wildlife of the Serengeti. for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encounter endangered mountain gorillas in the wild. 15 Days • 2011: June 12–26 • Oct. 2–16Graced with glacial mountains, dramatic fjords, 8 Days • 2011: Sept. 23–30 Expedition Cost: $13,475cascading waterfalls, and sky blue lakes, New Expedition Cost: from $6,995Zealand is a natural paradise. On New Zealand’sexotic South Island, explore lush rain forests, trekacross to the icy landscape of Fox Glacier, andhike in the spectacular Southern Alps. Immerseyourself in the magnificent Fiordland region on anexcursion to Milford Sound, and paddle throughthe expansive caverns of Metro Cave on an unfor-gettable tubing adventure.13 Days • 2011: Oct. 31–Nov. 12 Dec. 27, 2011–Jan. 8, 2012Expedition Cost: $6,750 NOTE: All prices are per person, double occupancy.76
  • 77. Family Expeditions for Travelers of All Ages Tuscany Peru Switzerland Settle into a medieval castle to explore the his- Discover the land of the Inca on a journey Head into the magnificent Swiss Alps on a fam- tory, culture, and cuisine of traditional Tuscany. that includes activities specifically geared for ily adventure that combines hiking and biking Explore the medieval towns of Pienza and kids. Explore the ancient capital of Cusco, hike with legendary train journeys. Wind through the Montepulciano, and see Michelangelo’s statue to Inca ruins in the Urubamba Valley, visit an mountains on the historic Glacier Express, hike of David in Florence. Play bocce and soccer alpaca farm, and venture into the passageways beneath the Matterhorn, and ride the highest with locals, and learn to take great photos with of amazing Machu Picchu. Meet renowned chairlift in Europe among spectacular snow- a National Geographic photographer. Then take archaeologist and National Geographic grantee capped peaks. Discover alpine wildlife with a your seats on Siena’s campo and experience the Guillermo Cock, and listen to the music of naturalist, visit a cheese factory, and sample pageantry and exhilaration of the Palio, a medi- the Andes during a presentation of traditional Swiss chocolate on this expedition designed for eval bareback horse race in the heart of Siena. instruments. explorers of all ages. 10 Days • 2011: Aug. 10–19 9 Days • 2011: July 10–18 8 Days • 2011: July 16–23 Expedition Cost: from $4,995 Expedition Cost: from $5,480 Expedition Cost: from $4,480 Tanzania Egypt On safari in the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Introduce your family to the rich culture of Egypt and Lake Manyara, spot lions, rhinos, zebras, on an expedition to Cairo, Abu Simbel, Aswân, elephants, and much more. Visit a Maasai village and Luxor. Ride a camel past the Pyramids, and to get to know the tribespeople of all ages and learn enjoy dinner with an Egyptian family in their about their fascinating culture. Meet a local wildlife home. Sail a traditional felucca, and come face-to- researcher, examine fossils of some of the earliest face with mummies as you delve into the history humans at Olduvai Gorge, and take a canoe safari and mythology of ancient Egypt. in Arusha National Park. 9 Days • 2011: Dec. 22–30 11 Days • 2011: July 29–Aug. 8 • Dec. 19–29 Dec. 27, 2011–Jan. 4, 2012 Dec. 29, 2011–Jan. 8, 2012 Expedition Cost: from $4,895 Expedition Cost: from $6,990VISIT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM TO SEE DETAILED ITINERARIES OR RESERVE ONLINE 77
  • 78. Grab your hiking boots and head into the wilderness with National Geographic! With our new line of active adventures, you’ll trek through storied landscapes from Patagonia’s peaks to the highlands of Tanzania. Veer far off the beaten path, discovering wild landscapes on foot, on horseback, or by kayak. Whether you’re setting off across the Mongolian steppe on horseback, hiking the Andes on your way to Machu Picchu, or walking the width of England, you’ll explore in small groups in the company of top guides. Get immersed in local cultures and, at the end of each action-packed day, unwind in cozy mountain lodges, charming hotels, or in a tent beneath the stars. 2011 departures are filling up fast. Book now to reserve your space on these new adventures. Also, check our website for more 2012 dates. Visit or call 1-888-689-2557 for detailed itineraries and reservations.78
  • 79. Join us on one of these National Geographic Adventures Alaska: Whales, Bears, and Ice England Coast to Coast Explore Alaska by sea kayak in spectacular Cross England on foot, hiking through the Glacier Bay National Park, on the lookout for mystical landscapes of three national parks: whales, grizzlies, and eagles. the Lake District; the Yorkshire Dales; and the 9 days • July 15–23; July 30–Aug. 7; North York Moors. Aug. 6–14, 2011 13 days • Sept. 25–Oct. 7, 2011; Cost: $3,995 May 27–June 8; June 17–29; July 1–13; Activity Rating: Moderate July 22–Aug. 3; Aug. 26–Sept. 7; Sept. 9–21, 2012 Cost: from $4,195 Peru: Machu Picchu Inn-to-Inn Activity Rating: Moderate Wind your way from lodge to lodge on a trek through Peru’s stunning Cordillera Vilcabamba Spain: Trails and Treasures of Andalucía mountain range, ending at the splendid citadel Head into the Sierra Nevadas, trekking of Machu Picchu. through thick forests, gorges, and the white- 10 days • Aug. 29–Sept. 7; Sept. 25–Oct. 4; washed hamlets of Las Alpujarras. Oct. 22–31, 2011; 10 days • Oct. 19–28; Oct. 29–Nov. 7, 2011; April 29–May 8; May 21–30; June 11–20;• Travel in small groups of May 18–27; Oct. 26–Nov. 4, 2012 July 13–22; July 22–31; Aug. 15–24; Sept. 1–10; no more than 16 travelers. Sept. 30–Oct. 9, 2012 Cost: from $5,495 Cost: from $4,895 Activity Rating: Moderate• Enjoy daily adventures that Activity Rating: Moderate to Strenuous Hiking Italy’s Dolomites are physically active and Take to the trails to encounter the alpine culturally rewarding. Hiking Patagonia lakes and cathedral-like peaks while hiking Set out on foot to explore two magnificent the very best of Italy’s Alps.• Stay in ecolodges, small inns, national parks in Patagonia: the Torres del Paine in Chile and Argentina’s Los Glaciares. 8 days • July 7–14; Aug. 28–Sept. 4, 2011; or private camps chosen for June 28–July 5; July 15–22; Sept. 16–23, 2012 14 days • Oct. 24–Nov. 6; Nov. 26–Dec. 9, 2011; their charm, comfort, and Dec. 27, 2011–Jan. 9, 2012; Cost: from $4,895 location. Jan. 23–Feb. 5, 2012 Activity Rating: Moderate Cost: $5,495• Explore with some of the Activity Rating: Moderate to Strenuous Bhutan: Chomo Lhari Base Camp Trek best guides in each region. Trek through the Himalayan nation of Bhutan Tanzania: Walking Safari with the Maasai on a hike to the base camp of the sacred peak of Chomo Lhari (23,997 feet). Encounter the Serengeti and the Ngorongoro Crater from the unique perspective of Tanzania’s 15 days • Oct. 1–15; Oct. 22–Nov. 5, 2011 native people: the Maasai and the Hadza Cost: $4,595 bushmen. Activity Rating: Ultimate Challenge 11 days • Sept. 1–11; Oct. 1–11, 2011; Jan. 4–14; Feb. 24–Mar. 5, 2012 Nepal: Everest Base Camp Trek Cost: $4,595 Embark on a Himalayan trek to Everest’s Activity Rating: Easy to Moderate South Face Base Camp (17,590 feet) through some of the world’s most spectacular moun- Tanzania: Kilimanjaro Climb tain scenery. Follow the lesser known Shira Route up Mount 19 days • Oct. 8–26; Oct. 22–Nov. 9, 2011 Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, and spend a Cost: $4,295 night amid the glaciers of the inner crater. Activity Rating: Ultimate Challenge 10 days • Sept. 14–23; Oct. 17–26; Dec. 12–21, 2011; Mongolian Horse Trek Jan. 16–25; Feb. 24–Mar. 4, 2012 In the spirit of Mongolia’s nomads, ride Cost: from $4,095 horseback across the vast steppe while visit- ing nomad families and getting an intimate Activity Rating: Ultimate Challenge look at a local celebration of Naadam. Visit 14 days • Aug. 7–20, 2011 or call 1-888-689-2557 for detailed itineraries Cost: $3,595 and reservations. Activity Rating: Moderate 79
  • 80. Deck PlansRESOURCES NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ENDEAVOUR NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ISLANDER NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SEA BIRD Trip: Galápagos (p. 24) Trip: Galápagos (p. 24) NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SEA LION Galápagos Family Odyssey (p. 69) Galápagos Family Odyssey (p. 69) Trip: Alaska’s Inside Passage (p. 14) Capacity: 96 passengers Capacity: 48 passengers Baja California and the Sea of Cortez (p. 20) Costa Rica and the Panama Canal (p. 22) Alaska Family Voyage (p. 68) Capacity: 62 passengers 124 126 122 120 118 116 114 112 110 108 106 104 102 DINING ROOM 125 123 121 111 109 107 105 115 SHOP UPPER DECK 117 129 127 UPPER DECK UPPER DECK UPPER DECK BRIDGE DECK Zodiac 224 222 220 218 216 214 212 210 208 206 204 202 Boarding Purser Internet 221 219 215 211 205 203 201 Reception 217 209 MAIN DECK MAIN DECK BRIDGE DECK MAIN DECK UPPER DECK 350 318 316 314 312 310 315 LEXsalon 311 309 351 300 A DECK A-DECK MAIN DECK MAIN DECK JAHAN SEA CLOUD OCEANIC DISCOVERER Trip: Vietnam and Cambodia: Along the Mekong River (p. 50) Trip: Sailing the Greek Isles (p. 34) Trip: New Zealand’s North and South Islands (p. 60) Capacity: 48 passengers Turkey and Greece: A Sailing Odyssey (p. 36) Capacity: 68 passengers Under Sail: From Greece to the Dalmatian Coast (p. 74) Capacity: 58 passengers A05 A03 RESTAURANT LOUNGE A06 A04 A02 TERRACE DECK BRIDGE DECK 201 203 205 207 209 211 36 34 32 30 B21 B19 B17 B15 B13 B11 B09 B07 B05 B03 B01 BRIDGE BAR LOUNGE 31 37 35 33 202 204 206 208 210 212 B22 B20 B18 B16 B14 B12 B10 B08 B06 B04 CAPTAIN’S AND LIDO DECK UPPER DECK PROMENADE DECK LOUNGE 24 22 20 18 16 28 LOUNGE RESTAURANT 101 103 105 107 109 111 113 29 17 C09 C07 C05 C03 C01 25 23 21 19 XPLORER DINING ROOM BOARDING 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 PROMENADE DECK C08 C06 C04 C02 MAIN DECK MAIN DECK 8 6 4 2 10 9 7 5 3 1 MAIN DECK MAIN DECK 80 RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM
  • 81. Terms and Conditions Responsibility NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER The National Geographic Society will provide educational enrichment for quarantine, epidemics, theft, or any other cause(s) beyond their control. The National Geographic Expeditions as outlined in this catalog as a sponsoring participant waives any claim against the National Geographic Society and/or Trip: Land of the Polar Bears (p. 40) organization and has licensed qualified professional tour operators to orga- its designated tour operator and tour administrator for any such loss, dam- Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard (p. 42) nize and administer National Geographic Expeditions. The designated tour age, injury, or death. operator(s), in turn, acts only as an agent for any transportation carrier, hotel, By registering for a National Geographic Expedition, the participant certifies Journey to Antarctica (p. 62) ground operator, or other suppliers of services connected with these tours that he/she does not have any mental, physical, or other condition or dis- Antarctica, South Georgia, and Falklands (p. 63) (“other providers”), and the other providers are solely responsible and liable ability that would create a hazard for him/herself or other participants. The for providing their respective services. The passenger tickets in use by the car- National Geographic Society and its designated tour operator reserve the Exploring the Baltic’s Historic Waterways (p. 74) riers shall constitute the sole contract between the carriers and the passenger; right in their sole discretion to accept, decline to accept, or remove any partic- Capacity: 148 passengers the carriers are not responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time ipant on a National Geographic Expedition. The National Geographic Society participants are not aboard their conveyances. and the tour operator reserve the right, without penalty, to make changes in The National Geographic Society and its designated tour operator and tour the published itinerary whenever, in their judgment, conditions warrant or if administrator shall not be held liable for (A) any damage to, or loss of, proper- they deem it necessary for the comfort, convenience, or safety of participants. ty or injury to, or death of, persons occasioned directly or indirectly by an act or Neither the National Geographic Society, its designated tour operator, omission of any other provider, including but not limited to any defect in any nor its tour administrator shall be liable for any air carrier’s cancellation pen- aircraft, watercraft, or vehicle operated or provided by such other provider; and alty incurred by the purchase of a nonrefundable ticket to or from the partici- (B) any loss or damage due to delay, cancellation, or disruption in any manner pant’s National Geographic Expedition departure city. Baggage and personal caused by the laws, regulations, acts or failures to act, demands, orders, or effects are at all times the sole responsibility of the participant. interpositions of any government or any subdivision or agent thereof, or by acts of God, strikes, fire, flood, war, rebellion, terrorism, insurrection, sickness, LOUNGE CHART ROOM Terms and Conditions 106-S 102 108 104 DECK SUN DECK Basis of Rates: All prices are based on two persons sharing a room or cabin. that the cancellation is due to a significant event that makes it infeasible DECK All prices and fares are quoted in U.S. dollars. The rates are based on current to operate the expedition as planned, in which case the tour operator will 105-S 107 103 101 tariffs and are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances. While we provide you with a refund and/or credit toward a future National Geographic VERANDA DECK will do everything possible to maintain the listed prices, if it is necessary to levy Expedition equivalent to monies paid to the tour operator. If we cancel the VERANDA DECK RECEPTION BISTRO RESTAURANT a surcharge, we reserve the right to do so, and notification will be given at the trip in progress, you will receive a prorated refund based on the number of BAL. BAL. BAL. BAL. BAL. BAL. time of final invoicing. days not completed on the expedition. We will not be responsible for any 208-S 228 226 212 210 206 204 202BALCONY BAL. BALCONY 230 224 222 220 218 216 214 GALLEY GLOBAL Eligibility: Participation in a National Geographic Expedition is a benefit of refund for nonrefundable airline tickets or for any airline tickets purchased by 219 221 GALLERY the passenger directly from an airline or travel agent. 211 209 215 213 membership in the National Geographic Society. Membership dues for 2011 217 203-S 207 205 201 BAL. BAL. BAL. are $34. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for Trip-cancellation insurance is available at an additional cost and is strongly BAL. UPPER DECK the entire journey. recommended. For more information and to enroll, visit the “Travel Insurance” Included in Expedition Cost: Accommodations and meals as indicated in section of our website at 334-S 332-S 330-S 312-S 310-S 350 348 346 344 342 340 338 336 328 326 324 322 320 318 316 314 308 306 the itinerary (B = breakfast, L = lunch, D = dinner); educational materials; Itinerary Changes: The itineraries and staff presented in this catalog are 304 302 pre-departure information; entrance fees, excursions, and sightseeing noted subject to modification and change by the National Geographic Society or 341-T 343-T 303 301 as included in the itinerary; all gratuities except those for train or ship’s crew, its designated tour operator. Every reasonable effort will be made to operate 333-S 331-S 329-S 311-S 309-S 307 305 339 337 335 327 325 323 321 319 317 315 313 unless otherwise noted on the itinerary page; ground transportation during the programs as planned, but alterations may still occur after final itineraries MAIN DECK expedition; transfers to and from group flights where applicable; services of are sent. National Geographic experts, lecturers, guides, expedition manager, and any Health Requirements: You must be in good physical and mental health. Any other staff; and taxes, port charges, baggage handling, and service charges. physical condition, diet, or treatment requiring special attention must be DELFIN II Please note: the “B, L, D” notations apply to the period during the expedition reported in writing when the reservation is made. only and do not include any meals on flights to/from the trip. Internal airfare is Photography: We reserve the right to take photographs or videos during the Trip: Amazon River (p. 28) included on some international expeditions as indicated in the itinerary. operation of any expedition or part thereof and to use the resulting photog- Capacity: 28 passengers Not Included: Air transportation and related fees (except as indicated in the raphy, videos, or recordings for promotional or commercial use. By making itinerary); activities noted as optional in the itinerary; gratuities for train a reservation on a National Geographic Expedition, the participant agrees or ship’s crew, unless otherwise noted on the itinerary page; passport to allow his/her likeness to be used by the National Geographic Society, and visa expenses; baggage/accident/cancellation insurance; personal expens- National Geographic Society–authorized third parties, and the Tour Operator es, such as laundry, telephone calls, and alcoholic beverages; and any other without compensation to the participant. If the participant prefers that his/ items not specifically noted as included. her likeness not be used, he/she must notify us in writing prior to departure Single/Shared Accommodations: A limited number of single rooms/cabins of the trip. are available at an extra cost on a first-come, first-served basis. We will assist Copyright in all photographs, video, and related materials created by the persons requesting a roommate. Participants will be notified if a suitable room- participant (“Expedition Materials”) shall belong to the participant upon mate is not available, in which case the single rate will be charged. creation. The participant grants to the National Geographic Society a non- Payments, Cancellations, and Refunds: To reserve space on a National exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable license to use any Expedition Materials Geographic Expedition, a $500 per-person deposit is required for trips that are provided to the National Geographic Society and/or the Tour Operator in nine days or less, and a $750 per-person deposit is required for trips that are any media for the following limited purposes: editorial use, promotion of ten days or more except if noted on the itinerary page. Final payment is due no this editorial use, promotion of National Geographic’s travel programs, or later than 90 days prior to departure. Payments must be made by credit card. promotion of the mission of the National Geographic Society. 12 14 16 Your reservation may be canceled if full payment has not been received by 90 Other: Other Terms and Conditions may apply to some expeditions and will DINING ROOM days prior to departure. For reservations made within 90 days of the departure be provided with pre-trip mailings. 11 13 15 date, full payment is required when the reservation is accepted. All cancellation By registering for a National Geographic Expedition, the participant agrees to notices must be received in writing and will become effective as of the date of the Responsibility statement and the Terms and Conditions herein. UPPER DECK the postmark. If you cancel 120 days or more prior to departure, a refund less an administrative fee of 50% of your deposit will be made. Per-person charges for cancellations that occur less than 120 days prior to departure are as follows: Special Savings 2 4 6 8 91–119 days prior to departure: 100% of your deposit amount; 45–90 days prior Lifelong Explorers: If you are a Lifelong Explorer member, you’ll receive a to departure: 50% of the expedition cost; 44 or fewer days prior to departure: discount off the expedition cost of any National Geographic Expedition. 1 3 5 7 100% of the expedition cost. This policy also applies to pre- and post-trip See page 5 for more information. extensions. Any airline tickets issued are subject to the carrier’s refund policy. Group Discount: For a party of eight people or more traveling on an expe- MAIN DECK Leaving an expedition in progress, for any reason whatsoever, will not result in dition, you will each receive five percent off the expedition cost. Other a refund, and no refunds will be made for any unused portions of an expedi- Terms and Conditions may apply. Please ask upon making your reserva- tion. We reserve the right to cancel any trip because of inadequate enrollment tion. The group discount is not applicable on private jet bookings. that makes the trip economically infeasible to operate or because of good-faith concerns with respect to the safety, health, or welfare of the participants. If an expedition is canceled prior to departure, the tour operator will provide Mailing List: If you are receiving duplicate catalogs, have address updates, you with a full refund of monies paid to the tour operator; except in the event or would like to be removed from future National Geographic Expeditions mailings, please call toll-free 1-888-966-8687. CALL TOLL-FREE 1-888-966-8687 81
  • 82. National Geographic Expedition CalendarRESOURCES D E P A R T U R E D AT E S NO. OF DAYS TRIP TYPE 2011 2012 PAGE NEW JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN NORTH AMERICA * 11*, 13, 12,19* 16*, 23, , 2 , 9, Sea Lion 14 S 8 Alaska’s Inside Passage 25* 20*,27 26 30* 12*, 14,21*, 13,20* 3*, 10, , Sea Bird 19, 26* 28 27 17*, 24 Alaska Wildlife Adventure 16 8 8 5 Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion National Parks 17 8 3, 17 Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks 18 ★ 8 20 17, 24 20, 26, 15, 22 19 Winter Wildlife in Yellowstone 19 6 28 21, 4, 11*, 3, 10*, Baja California and the Sea of Cortez 20 S 8 28* 18, 25* 17 3* 10, Costa Rica and the Panama Canal 22 S 8 19*, 26 7, 14* 25 24,, 31* Alaska Family Voyage** 68 S, F 8 Costa Rica Photography Expedition 73 S, P 8 3, 10 11, 18 Alaska Photography Expedition** 73 S, P 12 3, 4 Wildlife of Yellowstone and the Tetons 74 7 7 SOUTH AMERICA 13, 20, 3, 10, 12, 2, 9, 3, 10 21, 28 18,11, 3, 10 14, 28 5,19 16, 23, 7, 14, 4, Islander 24 S 10 27 17 25 30 Galápagos 2, 9, 6, 13, 24 22,15, 19 8, 30 21,14, 4, 18 16 20,13, 17,10, 16, 23, 20, 27 18, 25 22, 8, 7, 6, 3, 1, Endeavour 29 28 27 7 24 30 29 Peru: Land of the Inca 26 9 21 23 7, 21, 4, 11, 17,10, 7, 21, 12, 19 3, 12, Amazon River 28 S 10 10, 24 19, 26 31 28 18, 25 31 24, 28 Exploring Patagonia 30 13 16 5 4 1, 9, Galápagos Family Odyssey** 69 S, F 10 17 23 12 30 15 Galápagos Photography Expedition 72 S, P 10 25 2 Peru Family Adventure 77 F ★ 9 10 EUROPE Inside Italy 32 11 31 14 12 15,29 Sailing the Greek Isles** 34 S ★ 9 7, 14 Turkey and Greece: A Sailing Odyssey 36 S ★ 10 27 4* Turkey: Istanbul to the Turquoise Coast** 38 11 8, 22 6 3, 17 8, 15, Land of the Polar Bears** 40 S 11 9, 30 7 22, 29 Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard** 42 S 16 27 Spain’s Northern Coast by Private Rail 74 T 11 5, 26 Exploring the Baltic’s Historic Waterways** 74 S 16 Under Sail: From Greece to the Dalmatian Coast** 74 S ★ 12 Tuscany Family Adventure 77 F 10 10 Swiss Alpine Family Adventure 77 T, F 8 16 Back cover: Against a backdrop of misty karst formations, a traditional junk sails Vietnam’s waterways. 82
  • 83. D E P A R T U R E D AT E S NO. OF DAYS TRIP TYPE 2011 2012 PAGE NEW JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUNEURASIA Trans-Siberian Rail Journey: Beijing to Moscow** 44 T ★ 16 11 Russian River Journey: The Caspian Sea to Moscow 76 S ★ 16 1ASIA Inside China 46 14 15 13, 27 24 Bhutan: Kingdom in the Clouds 48 12 3, 13 27 Vietnam and Cambodia: Along the Mekong River 50 S ★ 14 24 1* 6, 14* Vietnam and Angkor Wat 51 15 4 Bhutan Photography Expedition 72 P 12 10 1 Journey through India 75 11 3 Mongolia: Land of the Nomad 75 13 1, 9 Tibet and Nepal: Journey to the Highest Himalaya** 75 16 28AFRICA On Safari: Tanzania’s Great Migration** 52 ★ 11 14 11 3 On Safari in Tanzania 53 10 13 12 26, 30 On Safari in Southern Africa by Private Air** 54 12 19 24 3 10 20, 26 1 12 Moroccan Odyssey 56 11 7, 21 16 18 Mysteries of Ancient Egypt 58 11 23 6, 20 18 15 5, 19 4, 18 Morocco Photography Expedition 72 P 11 11 2 Human Origins: South Africa to Tanzania 76 15 12 2 Gorilla Tracking in Rwanda 76 8 23 Tanzania Family Safari 77 F 11 29 19, 29 Egypt Family Adventure 77 F 9 22, 27OCEANIA Cruising New Zealand’s North and South Islands 60 S 17 27 8*, 20 New Zealand Adventure 76 13 31 27ANTARCTICA Journey to Antarctica 62 S 14 26 6, 16 5 4 Antarctica, South Georgia, and the Falklands 63 S 24 6 14PRIVATE JJET Around the World by Private Jet** 64 24 27 20 Journey of Man by Private Jet 66 ★ 24 15 Places of a Lifetime by Private Jet 74 24 8PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS Photography Weekend: New York City 70 P 4 16 22 20 Photography Weekend: New Orleans 70 P 4 15 10 Photography Weekend: Chicago 70 P ★ 4 11 29 Photography Weekend: San Francisco 70 P 4 21 6 Photography Weekend: Tucson 71 P 4 13, 27 8 Photography Weekend: Washington, D.C. 71 P 4 2 8 20 Photography Workshop: Santa Fe 71 P 7 17 2F = Family P = Photography S = Ship T = Train* These departures follow the itinerary found on the corresponding pages, but in the reverse direction.** Departure dates beyond June 2012 are listed on the itinerary pages for these trips. RESERVE ONLINE AT NATIONALGEOGRAPHICEXPEDITIONS.COM 83
  • 84. EXPEDITIONS 1145 17th Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036 1950-11FJoin a National Geographic Expedition to one of these extraordinary destinations:Alaska Baja California Egypt Morocco Southern Africa TurkeyAmazon River Baltics Galápagos New Zealand Spain Vietnam andAmerica’s Bhutan Patagonia Switzerland Cambodia GreeceNational Parks China Peru Tanzania and more! IndiaAntarctica Costa Rica Russia Tibet ItalyArctic Norway Dalmatian Coast Scotland Trans-Siberia MongoliaTo reserve your space, call toll-free 1-888-966-8687 or reserve online at