How to stay inspired each day even during tough times


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How to stay inspired each day even during tough times

  1. 1. How To Stay Inspired Each Day Even During Tough Timesby James Godin | on January 31, 2013How To Stay Inspired Against All Odds:Image SourceKnowing how to stay inspired at all times, even in the face of adversity, is one hell of a valuable trait for youto have…In fact, ONLY those people in the world that are able to remain inspired to progress each day regardless ofobstacles, are the the ones who attain true prosperity.When you think about it, any really successful person became very successful BECAUSE they first wentthrough tremendous struggle and adversity.It is because they were able to stay inspired through it all, that they were able to have the breakthroughsthey needed to have in order to achieve the level of success they did.It takes a level of focus with a clear intention to get what you want in life, but if you have a crystal clearvision and you focus on it like nothing else matters, it won’t be hard to find out how to stayinspired against all odds.We see inspiration around us everyday, the problem is most of us don’t see it because we’re so caught upin the rat race…But when you stop and take a moment to REALLY look around, I think you will find that the world is a morebeautiful place than it seems, and that inspiration is waiting around every corner.
  2. 2. When you know this, it won’t be hard to find inspiration…When you find it, it won’t be hard to find it again and again…And THIS is how to stay inspired each day even through tough times.How To Stay Inspired When It Matters Most:So…When does it matter most?Well, this is not just my opinion…This happens to be a matter of fact…The time that it matters most for you to stay inspired is in the moment where it seems like things couldn’tpossibly get any worse in your life.Why?Because, massive personal breakthroughs are only possible if you are stuck and everything around youseems like it is in a state of absolute chaos.You see, there’s an old saying…“No Pain, No Gain”This is as true in sports, and weightlifting as it is in business and every aspect of life, if you want the bigresults in life, you need to go through the pain it will inevitably take you going through to get there.Say you wanted to be a pro basketball player…Wanna be the best there is at the sport?Okay, you can……but it’s going to require long hours in the gym and a long period of consistent effort on your part to go theextra mile most people wont go, so you can then get the results that most people will never get…There can only be one #1 at what you do…Is that you?It is when you learn how to stay inspired when it matters most.How To Stay Inspired Every Single Day:Once you know how to stay inspired in the face of adversity, AND you have also figured out how to stayinspired when it matters most and you realize that inspiration is literally just around every corner…
  3. 3. You will never have a hard time finding the inspiration you need in order to achieve any goals that you havein business and in life.So, the next time the whole world feels like it’s crashing down around you, I want you to remember this…You can choose to see the light in the darkness…You can choose to seek out positive inspirational moments in your everyday life…You have COMPLETE CONTROL over your mind, and you are the ONLY person who has that power overyou…So use this to your advantage at every opportunity you get, and I believe that you will be able toaccomplish any goal you set you heart and your mind to.With that being said…ALWAYS be looking for inspiration in others, let them inspire you, and the inspiration you need will alwaysbe just right around the next corner…That is how to stay inspired every day.I recently wrote a blog post about thinking big, playing big and winning big. I think you will find it to be a nicecomplimentary piece of content to go along with this post about how to stay inspired. Click here to read that postnow!Connect With Me!James Godin“I Know How To Stay Inspired Daily”Work With Me DirectlyFriend Me On Facebook!Follow Me On Twitter!Watch Me On YouTube!Chat With Me On Skype: Jimag87
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