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130528 bb minds_more

  1. 1. Sales Best Practice Survey results-Infront eventMoonbeat (Mechelen) - May 2013
  2. 2. We help clients to grow their business by building capabilities inmarketing, sales & transformation2MARKETINGSALESTRANSFORMATIONDefine, develop, communicate and deliver offeringsthat have value for your customersBoosting commercial performance enabling you to find,win and retain customersBuilding organizational focus, capabilities and thenecessary change to win more in the market
  3. 3. To deliver our services we use best-in-class methodologiesthrough our dedicated team3
  4. 4. Household Names… Industry Leaders…Fast growing SME’s& Entrepreneurs…Minds&More – sample of clients we are doing More for…We serve companies in private & public sector, from big corporations, to SME’s who need marketing, sales ortransformation to realize business growth. We also assist start-ups that have interesting propositions for the marketbut need external marketing or sales muscle. Minds&More is serving clients domestically or on European level.4
  5. 5. 5/30/2013 5Which are the behaviors & processwhich drive ‘world class’commercial organizations?How do they organise and integrateSales, Marketing & CustomerService?
  6. 6. 1. ‘Attributes of commerciallyexcellent organisations’?Commercial excellent – validate withmetrics:• Lead Growth• New Account Acquisition• Average Account Billing• Current Account Revenue Growth• Quota Achievement2. How does this link with ‘customerexperience‘?3. Impact on people – processes –systems (CRM perspective)1. How activate processes & workflows in CRMsystem?2. AS Adventure – customer care ex.PROVIDE YOU WITH SOME CRUCIAL INFORMATION ON:
  7. 7. Today’s concerns around customer service & customer experienceCustomer Experience = sum of all experiences a customer has with asupplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationshipwith that supplier (“customer lifecyle mgmt”)Self servicemechanism incustomerservice, fasterresolution times,etc.Need for multi-channelcustomer servicePower of the customervia social mediapostings + impact onyour brandHow to go fromcustomer supportto customercentricity?Not enough newsales leads in ourpipeline or newupsellopportunitiesNet Promoter Score…customer satisfaction atthe heart of companybonus systems…
  8. 8. World’s largest ongoingstudy of complex, business-to-business selling and salesmanagement practices• Analysis defines behaviors andattributes of World-Class SalesOrganizations.• More than 28,000 participants overlast 10 years.• Diverse global respondent base:industries, roles and regions.• Not exclusive to Miller Heimanclients or alumni.
  9. 9. n = 1,125
  10. 10. WINDTailwinds Push PerformanceTrue PerformanceWIND Headwinds Drag Performance
  11. 11. 2012 PerformanceGAP6% ofRespondentsPerformance
  12. 12. 4.9% ofRespondents-1.1 ptsPerformance+5 pts2013 PerformanceGAP
  13. 13. ©Copyright Miller Heiman, Inc. All Rights Reserved.CustomerCollaborateCalibrate4.9%The Growing Gap betweenGood and Great3 Attributes of World-Class Sales OrganizationsCustomer Core / Collaborative Culture / Calibrated Success6 Elements of the Sales System12 Behaviors of World-Class Sales OrganizationsCUSTOMERCORECOLLABORATIVECULTURECALIBRATEDSUCCESS
  14. 14. How can alignment between salesand marketing improve interactionswith customers and prospects?How are buyer behaviors effectingsuccessful sales cycles?How do we become our customers’key resource?How do you identify and measureimprovements in the sales organization?How can sales organizationsleverage technology to create atactical advantage?How will sales leadership measure andcompare their organization,performance and productivity?
  15. 15. Activity Metric World Class AllYOURORGANIZATIONCreate OpportunitiesWe have a formalized value proposition that is very compelling to our prospects.# of QualifiedOpportunities96% 31% ?Sales and Marketing are aligned in what our customers want and need. 89% 26% ?Manage OpportunitiesOur organization is highly effective in allocating the right resources to pursue large deals.New AccountAcquisition89% 29% ?We clearly understand our customers’ issues before we propose a solution. 89% 40% ?Manage RelationshipsWe always review the results of our solution with strategic accounts.Average AccountBilling89% 33% ?Specific criteria have been established to define a strategic account in our company 85% 34%?People & OrganizationOur management team is highly effective in helping our sales team advance sales opportunities.YOY CustomerGrowth94% 34% ?We know why our top performers are successful. 93% 34% ?Operations & EnablementOur sales compensation policies are aligned with our business objectives.QuotaAchievement93% 38% ?Our sales management team is highly confident in the data available from our CRM system. 78% 22% ?Management ExecutionWe leverage the best practices of our top performers to improve everyone else.QuotaAchievement89% 21% ?In an average week, our sales force definitely spends sufficient time with customers. 76% 24%?
  16. 16. Key elements of “customer experience journey”:• Systems & Processes• Corporate culture• Leadership• Corporate positioning• Alignment with yourbrand• Customer touch points• Multi-channelapproach• Self-service• Customer intelligenceFoviant customerexperiene maturity model
  17. 17. How can alignment between sales and marketing improve interactions withcustomers and prospects?We have aformalized valueproposition thatis verycompelling toour prospects.96%31%0% 100%WCAll89%26%0% 100%WCAllSales andMarketing arealigned in whatour customerswant and need.QualifiedOpportunities
  18. 18. What are key ‘customer experience’ drivers? KYC – “Know Your Customer” -> embed your customer intelligence &customer insights in your processes and CRM solution Your customer service dept. can act like an ideal, non-intrusive sales force(know extra customer buying criteria) Define your customer journey process & adapt the CRM system to it….Description World Class All BelgiumWe know why our customers buy from us 94% 63% 56%Sales & Marketing are aligned in what ourcustomers need89% 26% 18%We have a formalised value proposition that isvery compelling96% 31% 31%
  19. 19. How are buyer behaviors effecting successful sales cycles?Our organizationis highly effectivein allocating theright resourcesto pursue largedeals.89%29%0% 100%WCAllWe clearlyunderstand ourcustomers’issues before wepropose asolution.89%40%0% 100%WCAllNew accountacquisitionMore key account –less customerservice impact
  20. 20. How do we become our customer’s key resource?Specific criteriahave beenestablished todefine a strategicaccount in ourcompany85%34%0% 100%WCAllWe alwaysreview theresults of oursolution withstrategicaccounts89%33%0% 100%WCAllAverageaccountbilling
  21. 21. What are key ‘customer experience’ drivers? Protecting & growing accounts – starts with understanding and measuringcustomer satisfaction + acting upon the gathered data Social media & conversation management will have growing impact oncustomer service & customer experience!Description World Class All BelgiumOur organisation regularly collaborates accrossdepartmens to manage strategic accounts89% 28% 38%Specific criteria have been established to definea strategic account in our company85% 34% 36%Social media is a very effective tool formonitoring our customer’s needs26% 9% 6%We consistenly share results of our customersatisfaction/loyalty with internal departments80% 32% 19%
  22. 22. How can sales organizations leverage technology to create a tactical advantage?Our salescompensationpolicies arealigned with ourbusinessobjectives.Our salesmanagementteam is highlyconfident in thedata availablefrom our CRMsystem.78%22%0% 100%WCAll93%38%0% 100%WCAllQuotaAchievement
  23. 23. What are key ‘customer experience’ drivers? Customer Relationship data – continued efforts required to capture data &exploit via BI Data enrichment & information sharing across all departments will be akey driver for success!Description World Class All BelgiumOur sales compensation policies are aligned withour business objectives93% 38% 33%Our sales mgmt is highly confident in the data ofour CRM78% 22% 15%Our CRM system significantly improves our abilityto prepare for interactions with our customers70% 18% 8%Our CRM system is highly effective for enabling ourorganisation to collaborate accross departments67% 19% 19%
  24. 24. We have a formalized value proposition that is very compelling to our prospectsSales and Marketing are aligned in what our customers want and need.We clearly understand our customers issues before we propose a solution.We always review the results of our solution with strategic accounts.33%91%POINTGAPWorld-Class Sales Organizations focus on their customers.
  25. 25. Our organization is highly effective in allocating the right resources to pursue large deals.Our management team is highly effective in helping our sales team advance sales opportunities.We know why our top performers are successful.We leverage the best practices of our top performers to improve everyone else.30%91%POINTGAPWorld-Class Sales Organizations work together.
  26. 26. Specific criteria have been established to define a strategic account in our companyOur sales compensation policies are aligned with our business objectives.Our sales management team is highly confident in the data available from our CRM systemIn an average week, our sales force definitely spends sufficient time with customers.83%POINTGAPWorld-Class Sales Organizations know why they are successful.30%
  27. 27. Examples CRM implementation to support “customer experience”processes Customer segmentation (A-B-C …) -> right customer serviceprocess for respective target audience 360° view on customer interactions (incl. customer servicerequests) Account radiation: full mapping of contacts, integrated withtelephony or other backoffice systems, etc. Dashboarding – “customer insights”o Detailed view on customer service actions, lead times, satisfaction ratio’s,etc.o Fulll View on outstanding items & expected resolution (time)
  28. 28. Key Takeaways• “Customer delight” is driven by tight integration ofSales, Marketing & Customer Service teams• Definition of processes and consistent execution iscrucial to become ‘best in class’• Key goal = tracking & measuring activities in order todrive behaviors in your organisation• Consider “People – Processes – Systems”
  29. 29. THANK YOU!More info?Linked In: Benny Van CalsterEmail: benny.van.calster@mindsandmore.bizCall: 0475/63.34.83
  30. 30. Sample profiles of our 30 seasoned professionalsPieterjan Kempynck, Partner17+ years experience in people, changemanagement and marketing capabilitybuilding. Focus: B2B, Services, and Energy.Benny Van Calster, Partner18+ years experience in marketing &management, product management andgo to market. Focus: B2B and high-techsector.Marga Jorissen, Associate15+ years experience in assisting companiesto grow their brands through effectivemarketing, marketing communications,planning and go to market. Focus: B2B, B2Cand services.Francois Delvaux, Partner19+ year experience in marketing and sales:Strategy, planning and alignment, valuebased pricing and selling, and building salescapabilities. Focus: B2B, start-up and large.Pascale Hall, Partner20+ years experience in building salescapabilities and channel management,coaching. Certified Miller Heiman® . Focus:Large or complex sales force environments.Wim Meulders, Associate15+ years experience in national andinternational B2B sales, marketing andbusiness development. Specialties: Newproduct development, business development,social media Focus: ICTJo Van Crombruggen, Associate20 years experience in marketing and salesactivation, 360° campaign optimization, MarCom,and social media. Focus : B2B and B2C.Gaëlle Helsmoortel, Associate14 years experience in marketing , product andportfolio management, brand development andP&L management.. Focus: Retail, Pharma,Media and Services.Marianne Dewandeleer, Associate20+ years experience in corporate marketing,employer branding, program management;change. Focus: B2B Services, ICT.Myriam Vangenechten, Partner20+ years experience in marketing, operationalmarketing, program implementation. Focus: B2Bincl. Utilities, Energy, and Insurance.Grégoire Vanderveken, Associate20+ years experience in strategy, buildingsales capabilities, coaching. Certified MillerHeiman® . Focus: ICT, Services, Large orcomplex sales force environments.Cindy De Schouwer, Associate15 years experience in helping companies togrow their brands through effective marketing,marketing communications, planning and go tomarket. Focus: B2B, B2C and services.450+ YearsofExperience33