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GRS GIS profile

  1. 1. GRS SERVICES623/A, 1st Floor, Avenue Road, Bangalore – 560 002, Ph:080 – 22256895, 9341212081 Company Profile Private & Confidential
  2. 2. Our Goal One of the Best Management company with full- GIS & GPS service capabilities for Government and Corporate. Fulfill Customer Long term & Short term requirements through better time management and quality services. GRS
  3. 3. ContentsAbout us GPS Based Property and Address VerificationServices GPS/GIS Based Vehicle TrackingManpower GPS Based Telecom Tower AcquisitionInfrastructure GPS Based Asset Mapping GPS/GIS Manpower Supply GRS
  4. 4. Our -ServicesGPS Based Asset GPS Based Telecom TowerMapping AcquisitionGIS / GPS Manpower GPS Based VehicleSupply TrackingGPS Based Survey GPS Based Property & Address VerificationGIS Mining Survey & GIS & GPS based CropMapping Analysis GRS
  5. 5. Our –Sales, Distribution and Services GPS Enabled Tablet GIS / GPS Enabled Vehicle Tracking System GRS
  6. 6. GRS Services -Management Mr. G.K.Venkatesh Prasad has over 18 years of experience in Finance, Accounts, and Distributions. Mr.R.Nagaraj has over 14 years experience in Marketing and Four and Half years experience in Location Based Services, Verification and Acquisition of Property. GRS
  7. 7. GRS Services - Manpower We have Office Heads to handle GPS Based Asset Mapping, Address and Property Verification GPS/ GPRS Vehicle Tracking Product, GPS Enabled Tablet Sales & Distribution. Manpower strength including Permanent and Flexible Staff. We outsource Manpower based on the Projects. GRS
  8. 8. GRS Services -Infrastructure Office Space: 1000 Square Feet Telephone Connections Fax Machine Broadband Internet Connection Computers GRS
  9. 9. GPS Based Asset Mapping We Offer GPS Based Asset Mapping for Government and Private Companies. GRS
  10. 10. GIS & GPS Crop Mapping We Offer GIS & GPS Crop Mapping & AnalysisCoffee Plantation Tea Plantation Cane Sugar Plantation GRS
  11. 11. GIS Mining Survey & Mapping We Offer GIS based Mining Survey & Mapping.Coal Mine Gold Mine Tree Survey GRS
  12. 12. GPS/ GIS Vehicle Tracking Sales, Distribution & Service We offer GPS / GPRS Based Vehicle Tracking System Sales and Services. GRS
  13. 13. GPS Based Property Verification We are handling GPS based Address and Property Verification Services for Government and Private Companies. We provide GPS/GPRS Based Location Services. GRS
  14. 14. GPS Based Telecom Tower Acquisition We Offer GPS Based Telecom Tower Site Acquisition for All Telecom Companies in Karnataka. We provide Site Acquisition Services to Wind Energy companies in Karnataka. GRS
  15. 15. GIS/ GPS Manpower Supply We offer Fulltime and Project Based Manpower for GIS / GPS Manpower to Government and Private Companies. We provide Manpower for GPS Based Survey. Like Consumer, Utilities etc., GRS
  16. 16. GPS Enabled Tablet Sales, Distribution & Service We Sell GPS / GPRS Wifi, 3G Enabled Tablet. We offer Tablet for GPS Based Survey. GRS
  17. 17. Summary Enhancing our business relationship Commitment to sustained performance excellence Executive involvement and oversight Continuous learning and team work Flexibility to adapt to changing needs GRS
  18. 18.  Thank You GRS