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The pony post october v3

  1. 1. INSIDE: News, Herbie’s Horsebox & Much More! October 2012The Pony Post My First Pony Diva—an ih Kids Member’s Story Let’s talk about…. dressage
  2. 2. Hello!I’m sitting typing this to you at the end of September. Outside, it’s cold andwet—the first day I feel that the summer has really ended. My ponies arestanding in their shelter, feeling a bit cold for the first time in ages. Poor girls!They’ll soon grow their winter coats, though, and then will be coping with allthe nasty weather this winter brings.We’ll soon be into our winter routines too—beds and mucking out, gettinghome in the dark and having no time to ride except for at weekend, and longevenings with nothing to do except homework! Ok, and maybe watching justa bit of telly. If you do have a bit of time, how about putting together the sto-ry of your summer with your pony, what you did and where you went, andletting us know. Your story could then be in the Pony Post too!LizEditor & IH Recommended Associate Is your pony now using his shelter as we move into the winter months? INSIDE THIS ISSUEIH October News 3Let’s talk about dressage 4My First Pony Diva by 6IsabellaHerbie’s Horsebox 10 Let’s talk about Dressage on Page 4 On the cover This is Walter a rescue pony from Bransby Home for Rest of Horses Do you have a story or photo to share? Contact Us! 2
  3. 3. IH October News Kelly and Harry Keep on LearningLook at Harry and Kelly jump! Kelly says gridwork is fantaticfor horse and rider confidence and that it teaches your horseor pony to pat the ground and LIFT THOSE LEGS! If Harry cando it (he’s over 17hh’s) then we are sure you and your ponywould do brilliantly!It also shows that even the VERY BEST teachers keep on taking lessons and keep learning! Last IH Course for 2012 This year has gone so quickly and as well as the darker evenings this month we have also seen the very last IH course of 2012— time really does fly! But there is no need to worry because 2013 courses are already being planned and some dates are already on the IH website! Monty Roberts—Jubilee Tour Autumn 2012 This month Monty and Kelly are back this month for the Autumn Tour! The demo starts on the 13 October at Hadlow College in Kent and the team will be making their way to Norfolk, Hull, Lancashire, Cumbria, Scotland, Cheshire, Devon, Gloucester and Hampshire. And remember IH Members go in to the PRIVATE audience and get to reserve the best seats! Find out lots more on the IH website: Will you be going to see a demo? If so send us your comments, reviews, your best bits and photos to publish in a future Pony Post! 3
  4. 4. Let’s talk about… dressage Ok, so how many of you were glued to the Olympics during the summer? I bet more than a few of you were watching the equestrian sports - especially our medal winning Team GB! Some of disciplines are more exciting to watch and easier to understand than others. With the show jumping and cross country, you can see if someone got a fence down or if they are going to pick up time penalties. Dressage is harder to understand. Horse and rider, immaculately turned out, doing some flatwork... very flashy flatwork, Ill grant you that, but just flatwork, isnt it? The word "dressage" comes from the French word for "training". It has come to mean training your horse to perform specific moves willingly and to very light aids. Thats very important to remember - its not about sitting on your horse and making him (and you!) look good by pulling his head in, its about teaching him how to respond lightly, so that you and your horse work together. As Carl Hester, Olympic Gold Medalist, says, "dressage is like gymnastics for horses." A good dressage horse needs to be very fit and strong, but at the same time be very relaxed. A good dressage horse also needs to listen to his rider all the time - after all, theres no point in the rider giving super light aids if the horse isnt listening, is there? Early schooling is early dressage! Training a top level dressage horse takes years, but like everything we all have to start somewhere. If you think of dressage as really just flatwork, so the basic training of your pony to walk, trot and canter with transitions when you ask for them, riding in straight lines or circles, while keeping nice and quiet, we can all probably do some anyway. It is, if you think about it, the stuff that we all learn to do when we first start riding. Dressage when we’re learning to ride 4
  5. 5. Let’s talk about… dressage I bet some of you are now thinking "but schooling is so boring!" If you just ride round a school with no plan it is - boring for you and for your pony. What dressage is all about, though, is training you both to become really in tune with each other, to understand each so well you can "talk" through your body without anyone else even being able to see what youre doing - training in that way can be hard work but also quite magical. Why don’t you try and set out your own practice dressage arena? Some markets are not visible to the rider and these are the ones in the middle (D, X and G) Markers A, B, C, E, F, H, K, M are set out on the side of the arena. So if youd like to do something a bit different and more difficult with your pony but arent into jumping and stuff like that, look into dressage. See if you can find yourself a proper dressage instructor. If youre in the Midlands, you couldnt to better than Carrie Adams, IH Recommended Associate, who teaches dressage to riders of all ages. Her website is: Who knows, in a few years time Carrie Adams with Monty Roberts - Doesn’t she look smart? YOU could be part of the Team GB Olympic dressage team... 5
  6. 6. My First Pony Diva by IsabellaThis is Diva my first pony! She is a grey Welsh Section A mare, 12 years old and used to be a ridingschool pony. I first met Diva at my riding school and had a number of my lessons on her.I fell in love with her (even though I rode other ponies too) and her brilliant personality so myMum asked if she was available and then mygranddads both bought her for my 5th birthday.I have been riding for a year now and Diva is helpingme to grow in confidence and ability all of the time.In this photo she is looking at my mum because shewas speaking to her and trying to get her to look atthe camera. She is quite alert of what is going onaround her as her ears are pricked in my mumsdirection and Diva’s head is alert too, but she knowsthis area just outside the barn by the horse walkerand therefore is not nervous or worried at all. Diva is very good at standing still for me (most of the time that is). She will stand for me to use the mounting block, while my mum checks her girth and even at pony games at the start of races! Diva has a lot of likes and a few dislikes! My mum helped me to discover these by asking me lots of questions and now we have started a folder for all of her notes, vets bits, insurance bits and livery paperwork, etc. Mum calls this her portfolio but I like to call it my Diva record book as I am printing off lots of photos to go into it as well and it is just like my baby record book. Find out more about Diva’s likes and dislikes—are they the same for your favourite pony? 6
  7. 7. My First Pony Diva by Isabella ….continued Diva’s Likes Diva has started to recognise our voices and faces now which is really exciting. She loves parsnips and I give them to her as a treat after our rides. Mum is starting to clicker train her too and is using small pieces with the clicker as well. When we go onto the yard Diva will look up and come over to her box door to see us now and she doesn’t do that for other people that she doesn’t know. She has several pony friends at the yard called Trevor, Neil, Robbie, Prince and Milo. Her best friend called Merrylegs who was in the box next to her in the barn was retired last week and we think she must be missing her a little bit as she called for her when she first left and wasn’t there the next day! She is more relaxed about it again now but does appear to get annoyed with Robbie sometimes who is now next to her as he kicks his box This is Diva, myself and my door for attention and Diva just looks at him when he does this. instructor Erin—we are all I am not sure what she is thinking and I am sure she isn’t having fun! amused and maybe she is even thinking about her little friend Merrylegs that used to be there and very well behaved before.Diva loves going out for hacks around the farm and is very good with dogs, walkers and even thelorries that came to the BJSA competition at the yard at the weekend. So hopefully she will begood when I take her to my first proper show next month, although we did really well at theriding school show during my pony care day. We won my first Diva rosette and she won 4 of the 5races! In the photo above she is looking at two other horses and riders coming towards us fromthe yard. She does call but does keep an eye on them with her eyes and ears. I had to tell her towalk on twice and get her attention back to me after this photo.We went out and caught her ourselves for the first time yesterday and as soon as she saw us andmy mum called her she walked straight up to us. Mum was really pleased and we both gave herlots of rubs and spoke to her a little before we put the head collar on her. Mum said this was agood idea so she does not think we are always going to just try and catch her all of the time.I led her in then and she walked really well next to me listening to me chat to her. She knowswhen she gets into her box in the barn there will be some haylage waiting for her and she hasnever had a bad experience coming in so she is quite happy to be caught. 7
  8. 8. My First Pony Diva by Isabella ….continuedDiva’s DislikesI am now learning a lot more about ponies now that I have my own and am not just having ridinglessons or visiting my mums horses. Diva has a number of things she dislikes or isn’t too happyabout. One of the big things is personal space. She doesn’t like people peering over the stabledoor at her and will put her ears back at anyone that tries to stroke her over the door, especiallypeople she doesn’t know. She is now getting much better with my mum, dad and me now though.My mum explained it to me as someone I didn’t like or annoyed me (like my brothers) trying toget into my own bedroom when I just wanted some peace and quiet so I think I understand a bitbetter now. I always look to see if her ears are forwards or back and speak to her to back sure sheknows it me.Diva is really good in the manage but when we go out for hacks sometimes she like to snack onthe grass and I struggle at the moment to keep her head up. We are experimenting with side reinsto help me with this but recently I am learning to recognise when she may be thinking aboutdoing it and stop her before she does. If she spots some nice juicy grass she looks at it first andthen slowly starts to pull in the direction before she puts her head down. I know say no in a firmstrong voice and push her on, as well as make sure my reins are short enough too. Other Things I Noticed & Learnt About My New PonyDiva has a slight dust allergy and this can sometimes make her cough. Her box is right next to theentrance to the American barn where all the boxes are and this means she gets plenty of fresh air.My mum gets asthma and also sometimes has allergies so I understand how grumpy this mustmake Diva feel sometimes. It must also not be very comfortable for her either sometimes so Ialways try to ride her outside either on a hack or in one of the outdoor manages instead of one ofthe two inside schools especially when it’s dry and dusty.We gave Diva a big wash last weekend as being grey she gets very dirty and we wanted to see howshe was with the water ready for getting her prepared for shows in the future. She was reallygood, although she appeared to be tickly in some areas (like I am too) but she stood really well forus to get her wet and shampoo her. I noticed that she was tickly by her tail, on her flanks andunderneath on her tummy. She wasn’t too keen getting her face wet either so we just used adamp sponge there. 8
  9. 9. My First Pony Diva by Isabella ….continuedMy GoalsMy mum has helped me to set some goals I can be working on in the next few months so I canget to know Diva even better and Diva can get to know me as well. Below are my top three that Ichoose:1. Get Diva to pick up her hooves for me so I can pick them out. She does it really well for my mum but I need to learn to do it and show her that I am also confident about it.2. Learn to recognise more of her likes and dislikes so I can write them in her Diva record book. This will help me to me help her.3. Go to our first show and have fun!Why I Joined IH KidsI joined IH Kids because I have watched both Monty Roberts and Kelly Marks on TV as well as mymum having a large number of both of their books. I learn French and Hebrew as languages andthought especially as I now have my own pony that I should make an effort to learn theirlanguage and help to make Diva’s life as nice for her and as much fun as possible so she knowsthat I care and try to understand her. I am also hoping to attend the Monty Roberts lecture in theautumn if I mum will let me as it’s a school night and quite late and I am only 5 years old! By Isabella Thank you Isabella for sharing your story and White Rosette Entry with us, if you would like to earn your IH Kids White Rosette go online and find out how! Select IH Kids from the main menu. 9
  10. 10. Herbie’s HorseboxHerbie has some October riddles for you to solve and a tricky mazewith only ONE route—can you find it? ere….. From h The Race is on! Can you help the jockey navigate Herbie’s horse maze to the next fence? Good Luck! October Riddles Pick a riddle and find the right yellow answer—but be careful there is a few answers too many! ….. 1. It’s small and sharp but a To here horse will wear it….. Curry Tack 2. I may be stubborn but I’m Shire always ready to listen….. Dun 3. This brush isn’t made out of a Grey tasty dish. Appaloosa Mul 4. Because it’s all ready. An eq- e uine of this coloring rarely needsIn Your Next Issue…… to do any work…. 5. My hooves are striped but my The Must Have Equine Christmas List! body is not. I can run a great Monty Tour Report—Your Comments distance without getting hot. The Art of Longlining What breed am I? and MUCH MORE! 5. Appaloosa—the remaining answers are there to trick you! October Riddles Answers: 1. Tack, 2. Mule, 3. Curry, 4. Dun, 10