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Heartlands vintage kitchen_appliances_for_a_truly_vintage_kitchen_design
Heartlands vintage kitchen_appliances_for_a_truly_vintage_kitchen_design
Heartlands vintage kitchen_appliances_for_a_truly_vintage_kitchen_design
Heartlands vintage kitchen_appliances_for_a_truly_vintage_kitchen_design
Heartlands vintage kitchen_appliances_for_a_truly_vintage_kitchen_design
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Heartlands vintage kitchen_appliances_for_a_truly_vintage_kitchen_design


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  • 1. Heartland’s Vintage Kitchen Applianc... by S. Lewis - s-for-a-truly-vintage-kitchen-design/ Heartland’s Vintage Kitchen Appliances For A Truly Vintage Kitchen DesignSleek, modern kitchens are the big "it" thing right now - stainless steel appliances, granite or concrete counters,and modular MDF cabinetry. But if you like something a little homier, or if you live in an older home where amodern decor just wouldnt jive, it might be time for you to consider investing in vintage kitchen appliances. Doneright, a retro kitchen is warm, inviting, and looks and feels just like old fashioned home cooking. The ClassicCollection from Heartland Appliance offers a whole range of vintage kitchen appliances designed to do exactlythat: to take you back to home cooked meals and Sunday dinner with the family.Heartland 48 Inch Gas RangeHeartlands kitchen ranges are at the heart of their collection of vintage kitchen appliances, and the basis for theirvintage kitchen aesthetic. Designed after the Oval Woodburning Cookstove debuted in 1925, their kitchen ranges,like this Gas Range, are compact and freestanding, with a built in range hood, 4 cubic foot oven, and 4-6 cookingelements. In short, they have everything youd expect from a modern range, but with a unique vintage style thatyou wont find in just any kitchen. page 1 / 5
  • 2. Heartland’s Vintage Kitchen Applianc... by S. Lewis - s-for-a-truly-vintage-kitchen-design/30 Inch Gas Range From HeartlandSeamlessly blending modern convenience with good old fashioned character, Heartlands vintage kitchenappliances are made to look completely authentic - down to the small analog temperature gauge on the front ofthe oven - while keeping some of the more modern details concealed. For example, the oven is controlled withincredibly precise digital controls concealed behind the enameled front of the range hood. That means that even avery small range like this 30 Inch Gas Range will give you precise, responsive temperature control despite the oldfashioned look.48 Inch Dual Fuel Range From HeartlandWhile they can be used in any home, with a huge variety of colorful enameled finishes to choose from, Heartlands page 2 / 5
  • 3. Heartland’s Vintage Kitchen Applianc... by S. Lewis - s-for-a-truly-vintage-kitchen-design/vintage kitchen appliances truly shine in rural, cabin-style homes. And Im not just talking turn-of-the-century chichere. While many ranges force you to choose between electric and gas, Heartlands ranges have a wider varietyof fuel options: gas, electric, gas/electric hybrid like this Dual Fuel, propane, and even actual fully functioningwood-burning stoves. That means that theyre viable in areas where any one resource is prohibitively expensiveor even unavailable, including extremely rural locations.Heartland 48 Inch Electric RangeThis versatility is important elsewhere, too: in your cooking style as well as your personal style. For those whoprefer fast, hot, responsive heat control (and a slightly more authentic look), Heartland has a full line of gasranges. But they also have smooth ceramic topped electric ranges like this 48 Inch Range as well, for those thatprefer a more even temperature with more precise controls. Plus, you can even mix and match the fuel source forthe oven as well. page 3 / 5
  • 4. Heartland’s Vintage Kitchen Applianc... by S. Lewis - s-for-a-truly-vintage-kitchen-design/Heartland 30 Inch Classic Vintage White RefrigeratorBut a replica range does not a vintage kitchen make. While the design of Heartlands kitchen ranges predatesmost modern kitchen conveniences, that doesnt stop them from having a whole range of vintage kitchenappliances to build a complete vintage kitchen. Their refrigerators, like this Classic Refrigerator, are available inthe same enameled colors and stainless steel trim as their ranges and have an EnergyStar rating to boot. Thatmeans you can get the same wonderful throwback vibe, a modern, easy-to-use pull out freezer and 18.5 cubicfoot fridge, while using less power than your average refrigerator.Heartland Integrated Classic DishwasherThe same goes for Heartlands dishwasher line. Their classic dishwashers, like this Integrated Dishwasher, areEnergyStar rated and highly insulated to be incredibly quiet, but have the same beautiful, rustic vintage facadethat makes them perfectly at home with the rest of Heartlands vintage kitchen appliances. Here you can see thateven a simple white finish on the dishwasher, when combined with the other matching appliances, wood cabinets,flooring, and accents, makes the perfect homey, rustic, cabin type feel. If youre looking to redo your kitchen with amore vintage kitchen design, Heartland has all the vintage kitchen appliances youll need to pull it off. Pair themwith either natural, beautiful wood accents or simple white country-style cabinets, natural stone tiling, and evenold fashioned window panes, and all thats missing is that hot, homemade Sunday dinner. What period are youlooking to emulate in your kitchen? Are you looking for a rustic, wood fired, cabin style like these Heartlandappliances, a more 50s/Rachael Ray, bright colors and curves, or something older than either? Let me know inthe comments! - Home Improvement Super Store page 4 / 5
  • 5. Heartland’s Vintage Kitchen Applianc... by S. Lewis - s-for-a-truly-vintage-kitchen-design/ Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (