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I found him first!
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I found him first!


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Express your love with bad photos creatively.

Express your love with bad photos creatively.

  • 'What the world needs is love' is well illustrated. Well done.
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  • I fully agree with Alberto because the presentation like this should be promoted. In the world of War,Hatred and all types of Fanaticism this is like a candle in darkness. let us promote the presentations of love.
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  • Thanks for the lovely comments received. I created this with my children and we included words we often said at home. Express your love and watch it reciprocated. I feel the warmth here too.
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  • This is the kind of presentation one always wants to make and cannot find just 'made' in Google. This is a very simple sample of complex and sincere family love. My congrats to you for having had the idea and to all of the rest to accept it smiling, which is not to say the minus... Best regards, Nancy!
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  • Wow Nancy, What a lovely family ! and a so original way to express your love. Bravo ! Patrick
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  • 1. The Fight Is On!
  • 2. They are fighting over again.
  • 3. I found him first!
  • 4. No! I found him first!
  • 5. But he loves me more!
  • 6. Don’t fight. Compromise, OK? I look like him. I’ll surely win. Grandma said, daughters may be wives from their fathers’ previous life.
  • 7. Don’t worry. Daddy has enough love for all of us. We are together again because of our love for each other.
  • 8. Let’s stop fighting. Just treasure and appreciate what we have, OK?
  • 9. You mean like this?
  • 10. OK. Peace, Ko Ko.
  • 11. That will keep my Daddy happy, Mum.
  • 12. Dad, you are the best! Thanks for all the things you have given us.
  • 13. There are so many things we can enjoy doing together.
  • 14. I am going to make Daddy proud, Mum!
  • 15. Thank you, Cas, for these two bundles of joy…
  • 16. “… and 27 great years together”.
  • 17. I love you this much and more.
  • 18. Me too, Daddy!
  • 19. Mine stretched wider than The Great Wall.
  • 20. Ribbit Ribbit Ribbit
  • 21. Happy Birthday, Cas. Happy Birthday, Daddy. We love you very, very much.
  • 22. May you be well & happy.
  • 23. OMG! Everything also must tell.
  • 24. Cool leh, Daddy. Daddy shy ah? So you don’t have to wonder, mah.
  • 25. The Greatest Expression Shared On: http:// http:// / Created with thanks to: Family Members MS clipart artists discovered
  • 26. Don’t keep them guessing. Express your love