Prevention of osteoporosis - OsteoSanum


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For such problems OsteoSanum appears to be a perfect solution. Not only it contains the ultimate amount of calcium and vitamin D3, traditionally used for prevention of osteoporosis, but also a revolutionary vitamin K2 that directs calcium straight into the bone tissue, preventing its depositing inside the vessels.

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Prevention of osteoporosis - OsteoSanum

  1. 1. October, 20, 1997, was announced a World Osteoporosis Day by the World Health Organization. In Russia this day is celebrated since 2005 In 2012 the World Osteoporosis Day is celebrated under a motto “Prevention of Refractures”
  2. 2. Osteoporosis—“silent epidemic” • Osteoporosis is the 4th prevalent disease among noninfectious diseases after cardiovascular, oncology diseases, and pancreatic diabetes • Every 3d woman and every 8th man in the world suffer from osteoporosis • According to doctors’ estimates, 14 million people suffer from osteoporosis in Russia today and another 20 million suffer from osteopenia • According to demographers’ calculations, by 2050 the frequency of fractures may reach epidemic scale
  3. 3. Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is a disease connected with damage (thinning) of bone tissue; this leads to bone fragility and increases the risk of fractures
  4. 4. Osteoporosis symptoms • Certain kind of pain in thoracic and lumbar spine • Decrease of height • Vivid changes of posture • Indirect signs: night spasms in shins and feet, peeling fragile nails, parodontosis, strong fatigability, kyphosis or lordosis osteoporosis
  5. 5. Risk factors for osteoporosis development Risk factors of osteoporosis that can’t be influenced : • age over 65 • Caucasoid race • heredity • female sex Factors that depend on the lifestyle directly : • physical activity • insufficient weight • smoking and alcohol abuse • calcium and vitamin D deficiency
  6. 6. Prevention is better than treatment Prevention of osteoporosis is largely dependant on proper nutrition •physical activity •rational nutrition with products rich in calcium and vitamin D •regular, but moderate stays under the sun
  7. 7. There is a solution!
  8. 8. OsteoSanum. Composition • Calcium • Vitamin D3 • Vitamin К2 • Shilajit extract • Vitamin В6 • Vitamin В12 • Vitamin В9
  9. 9. OsteoSanum. Calcium Calcium is the element of life •participates in formation and maintenance of the skeleton •regulates more than 300 ferments •influences contraction and relaxation of muscles •participates in blood clotting and neurotransmission
  10. 10. OsteoSanum. Vitamins D3 and К2 • Vitamin D3 ensures ultimate calcium absorption • Vitamin К2 regulates the level of calcium in the body, i.e. directs calcium straight to bone tissue
  11. 11. OsteoSanum. Shilajit powder Shilajit powder extract contains more than 30 macro- and microelements, vitamins and amino acids that all together promote complete calcium assimilation in the body and bone mineralization
  12. 12. OsteoSanum. Vitamins B6, B12, B9 • Vitamin В6 supports the structure of bones and teeth. Helps retain calcium in the body • Vitamin В12 plays an important role in bone formation and increases bone density. It also influences muscles’ growth, as it takes part in protein metabolism • Vitamin В9 (folic acid) is essential for fibrous collagen structure formation, thanks to which the bone does not deform, lose firmness or is rarefied
  13. 13. OsteoSanum. Action OsteoSanum ingredients maintain proper calcium balance in the body. They direct calcium straight to bone tissue and protect heart and vessels from calcium deposits. And the result is: •osteoporosis prevention •reduction of risks of fractures and deformation of bones and spine •better bone structure and mineral density •strong muscle system •firm teeth, hair and nails
  14. 14. OsteoSanum. Unique formula Product Manufacturer Calcium К2 D3 Shilajit В6 В9 В2 OsteoSanum Vision • • • • • • • Calcium-D3 nycomed Nycomed Pharma AS • • Zvezdnyj Calcium NPO Zvezda • • Camosten™/ Camosten №14 Santegra • • Calcium K2 Sisel • • • Gornyj Calcium D3 Evalar • • • Bioсalcium Tiens • • ViVa K2 Vivasan • •
  15. 15. Vision food supplements. Efficient together
  16. 16. Recommended to EVERYONE! • Men and women over 50 • Women during pre-menopause • Low-weight women of frail constitution • People taking hormonal preparations • Men and women with endocrinal diseases • Those experiencing heavy physical loads • People with fractures and those who had them before • Those who smoke and drink alcohol (even in small amounts) • Those who do not stick to eating pattern and abuse high-fiber diets • Everyone who wants to have firm bones, perfect posture and healthy teeth, hair and nails
  17. 17. x Consultant code: 381-0103893