10 ways brands can use social curation for marketing


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10 ways brands can use social curation for marketing

  1. 1. 10 ways Brands can usesocial curation for marketing 10 FeedMagnet™ is a platform that helps brands use social content to engage.
  2. 2. 1 Online Social testimonialsBetter than the traditional “customer testimonial”—curatedpositive mentions from social media are unsolicited,unedited, real comments from real people. Yourcustomers trust real people more than they trust yourmarketing content. The best part is that the contentalready exists—you just need to curate it. }gap The trust * Consumer Opinions Posted Online 70% 33% Most forms of Digital Marketing 2 E-Commerce ConversionShowing curated photo, video, and social posts of peopleenjoying your product right on the product page is a greatway to increase conversion. As the counterpart to ratingsand reviews, social curation enables the display of “socialproof”—people playing the latest video game, vs. reviewstalking about game play.* Nielsen, Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages: http://bit.ly/HyrAOP
  3. 3. 3 Employee ShowcaseThis transparent approach gives a personal touch to brandmarketing by showcasing the great social content beingcreated by a brands employees. It can show off talent,creativity, and personality—helping customers andprospects to connect with the brand on a human level.Social curation here can focus the conversation on brand-related topics or simply be a safeguard for nervous HRmanagers who are ok letting most things through but feelmore comfortable moderating. GE highlights employee tweets directly on their home page
  4. 4. 4 Social Press RoomMaking the traditional flat list of press releases moreengaging by incorporating company and employee socialposts and curated social mentions from customers,industry analysts, trade pubs, and news outlets. 5 Campaign Social HubCurating campaign-related social contentfor display in abranded destinationgives you moreinfluence over theexperience of photocontests, promotedhash tags, and othersocial marketingcampaigns. Dow incorporates the social “Conversation” into each of it’s Solutionism campaign landing pages
  5. 5. 6 Social-Embedded Banner AdsIntegrating social content into digital rich-media bannersads. A simple approach is to set up a few searches forpositive social brand mentions, then have a communitymanager curate the results every couple hours. Each newbatch of social posts can be fed directly into the ad unit,constantly updating with fresh social content. 7 Interactive Digital BillboardsIncluding curated socialposts to bring fresh contentto digital signage andbillboards. With the benefitof physical locality, thesecampaigns can encourageviewers to pull out theirphones and interact withad, posting a message orphoto that then appears MTV social digital billboard in Times Squarelarger than life.
  6. 6. 8 Trade Show & Consumer Event ScreensA great way to connect with event attendees, encouragingthem to pull out their phones, post a photo or socialmessage, and then see it on the big screen. Sexierphysical displays and enticing social calls-to-action canreally increase the event engagement factor.
  7. 7. 9 Mobile QR-Code Landing PagesUsing landing pages featuringcurated social content to drivemobile engagement. Drive traffic viaQR codes strategically placed atevent activations, in retail locations,or on product packaging.10 Internal Event and Office Screens Drive internal awareness and usage of social platforms via social display screens in corporate offices and social media walls at internal meetings and sales conferences. This can be a great way to increase adoption of platforms like Salesforce Chatter. Cars.com social wall at internal event
  8. 8. Harness Social ContentAn integrated, cross-channel approach to social marketingcan fully maximizes the benefits of social content for brandengagement while providing a strategic connection pointbetween marketing on branded properties and marketingwithin social media platforms.Discover why so many brands use us to harnesssocial content, visit www.feedmagnet.com.