CUSTOMISED                                   CloudLuxeINTERNET ACCESS                              INTERNET               ...
CUSTOMISED                                   CloudLuxeINTERNET ACCESS                              INTERNET               ...
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CloudLuxe Internet


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CloudLuxe Internet is the best solution for keeping medium and large business in Australia connected with premium grade internet access via single gateway.

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CloudLuxe Internet

  1. 1. ®PREMIUM GRADEINTERNET SERVICE WITHA MULTITUDE OF CHOICES CloudLuxe INTERNETCloudLuxe Internet is GCOMM’s premium grade Internet servicethat enables our clients to get Internet access to multiple localand international upstream providers through a single gateway.
  2. 2. CUSTOMISED CloudLuxeINTERNET ACCESS INTERNET Your customers know they can count on you. Because you can count on us. CLOUD LUXE Certain businesses are regular beehives, every day. The buzzing of phone calls. Conference calls with clients. Webinar video presentations. E-mail. Data uploads, downloads, Google searches. These functions can only be as efficient and successful as the Internet provider. Our busy customers rely on GCOMM for providing top-of-the-line business grade Internet access. Single gateway, multitude of choices CloudLuxe Internet is GCOMM’s premium grade Internet service that enables our clients to get Internet access to multiple local and international upstream carriers through a single gateway. This single gateway means that businesses can manage security policies more simply, while enforcing all external communications through a single secure point.CloudLuxe Internet is rightfor you if you are a:1. Single office business looking for a fast and reliable internet connection2. Medium or large business seeking a single solution that addresses all of your national business Internet requirements3. Business that wants to facilitate remote users or remote site VPN accessWith our Centralised Gateway, GCOMM facilitates CloudLuxe Internet through a centralised Internet gateway using high-you get: speed core network Ethernet ports, providing the most efficient Internet access to all client remote sites. This design is the most reliable and scalable Internet access solution possible,1. Static IP address and option because it connects your business directly to GCOMM’s highly available and redundant for routed subnets point of presence.2. Multiple upstream Carriers As each remote site requires Internet access, they will have uncontended bandwidth for premium redundancy directly to the centralised Internet gateway, without impacting the performance of any other3. Per GB traffic packages sites connection. or fixed price open pipes4. Round-the-clock management, monitoring, and support For more information call: 1300 221 115 or visit gcomm.com.au© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. 1
  3. 3. CUSTOMISED CloudLuxeINTERNET ACCESS INTERNET Connecting the worlds tallest residential building GCOMM partnered with Q1 developers to provide broadband Internet services to the residential apartment owners and hotel guests. GCOMM utilised CloudLuxe Connectivity and Internet to provide a high-speed connection to the building. GCOMM designed and deployed a fibre optic backbone through the Q1 building, providing light speed access. Read More Simple management Scale your bandwidth. Predict the costs. The simplest way to manage all incoming and outgoing CloudLuxe Internet offers you a fully personalised solution. If you are looking for ways to Internet traffic. cut your costs down when business is quiet, or your company is growing and needs to be more efficient, we can tailor an Internet access solution for you. Traffic consolidation One consolidated traffic package We will work with you to determine the most efficient Internet solution based on your across entire organisation. business size and budget, your office locations, and the volume and type of data you share. We show you how to scale your bandwidth to your needs and offer fixed cost plans that give you predictable expenditure. Single point monitoring All malicious activity, remote user access and Features business wide Internet content monitored from a single point. Redundancy Multiple upstream carriers backend GCOMMs centralised Internet gateway. Uncontended No contention, you get the service speed you pay for, all of the time. bandwidth IP addresses Single or large Static IP address ranges for business requirements such as range Mail servers, VOIP and remote VPN access. Scalable Infinitely scalable, from 10Mbps to 1Gbps. Planned Prepay your plans for extra discounts, or unlimited open pipes for fixed cost costs certainty. Flexibility to change plans through consultation with you Account Manager Flexibility to ensure you are always getting the very best deal. Options: From 10Mbps to 1Gbps Connection Pre Paid Packages from 10GB to 2TB or more Unlimited Open Pipes from 1Mbps to 1Gbps Static IP addresses from 2 to as many as your business needs About GCOMM Established in 1996, GCOMM is highly experienced in the IT industry, with a proven track record of outstanding service and long term customer relationships. Specialising in the 1300 221 115 delivery of managed, enterprise grade cloud-based IT services to medium and large sized www.gcomm.com.au enterprises with multiple office locations, GCOMM is a multi-award winning technology company headquartered in Queensland, Australia. Free Assessment Get a free consultation from our skilled engineers Sign up now and find out what GCOMM Internet is all about.© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved. 2
  4. 4. ®Address Phone 1300 221 115 Learn MoreGround Floor, Gateway Building, www.gcomm.com.au To find out more about how CloudLuxe50 Appel Street, Surfers Paradise, Internet can benefit your business, visitQueensland, Australia For Sales Enquiries please email www.gcomm.com.au/infrastructure-as-FAX 1300 221 116 sales@gcomm.com.au a-service/high-speed-internet-access© 2011 GCOMM Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.