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Family Wealth Creation planning
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Family Wealth Creation planning


To sustain, develop, and create family wealth in a Family Business. While Creating Family Wealth Legacy question that spontaneously comes to mind

To sustain, develop, and create family wealth in a Family Business. While Creating Family Wealth Legacy question that spontaneously comes to mind

Published in Business , Economy & Finance
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  • 1. FAMILY BUSINESS MISSION www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com Surviving and Thriving in your Family Business
  • 2. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com This is easier said than done; While Creating our Family Wealth Legacy one question that spontaneously comes to mind is: Will our family wealth last through the next generation?
  • 3. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com Naturally, when one generation makes way for another generation, in a family business that is made-up of grandparents, parents and children, there are issues around leadership, family future, and ownership continuation through generations. http://www.kardiaplanning.com/images/image_family.jpg
  • 4. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com Who will carry the legacy of the family values through the next generation?
  • 5. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com Each family is unique with fantastic characteristics, personality, experiences, and differences. http://www.kardiaplanning.com/images/image_family2.jpg
  • 6. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com The pre-requisites for Family Wealth Creation planning can be: http://yourfamilyoffice.us/resources/TypesofWealth.jpg
  • 7.
    • Defining family values and aims
    • properly.
  • 8. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com
    • Create realistic wealth investment
    • structure and strategies.
  • 9. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com
    • The financial products and
    • services should be realistic and prudent on
    • which all family members agree.
  • 10. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com
    • Building a good family financial
    • reporting, responsibility &
    • accountability.
  • 11. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com
    • Multi-generational estate planning and
    • distribution should be done by a mediator.
  • 12.
    • Bridging the communication gap
    • among the family members of different
    • personalities and generation gap too.
  • 13. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com
    • Wealth Management
    • Strategy should be to integrate family along
    • with philanthropy.
  • 14. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com
    • Good Governance is necessary to
    • be built into a family business for effective
    • decision making.
  • 15. www.FamilyBusinessBattleGround.com Be a part of World Class Social Platform - Handle changes in your Family Business . Surviving and Thriving in your Family Business