European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) Presentation


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Sustainable Construction InterCluster Club meeting -
April 5th, Brussels

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European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) Presentation

  1. 1. 1st Meeting on Sustainable Construction<br />Brussels, April 5, 2011<br />The European Construction Technology Platform<br />Construction R&D Innovation Roadmap for a positive living environment for Society<br />Dominique Caccavelli, CSTB<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />ECTP Mission<br />>230Organisations<br />2 European Initiatives<br />Future Infrastructure Networks for Europe<br />
  3. 3. 3<br />The Construction Sector in EU27<br />The biggest industrial employer<br />9.9% of GDP and 51.4% of Gross Fixed Capital Formation (FIEC, 2009)<br />30% of industrial employment, 7.1% of total employment (15 million operatives)<br />3 millions enterprises(95% SMEswith <20 workers, local markets, highly standardised environment)<br /><ul><li>A large influence on the whole economy
  4. 4. The buildings/infrastructures supplied by the Construction sector serve a lot of other industries and services.
  5. 5. Nearly 50 millions workers depend on Construction activities
  6. 6. Several studies have proved that 1€ spent on construction generates directly around 3€ in total economic activity (mainly locally).</li></li></ul><li>4<br />Grand Challenges for Construction <br />The Construction sector promotes a resource efficient, sustainable and competitive European growth: <br /><ul><li>by creating an energy efficiency built nvironmentintegrating renewable energies,
  7. 7. by providing the transport sector with modernized infrastructures,
  8. 8. by reducing the ecological footprint of products and services.</li></ul>The Construction sector is a factor of economic, social and territorial cohesion <br /><ul><li>by giving access to a proper and healthy housing,
  9. 9. by improving the independent and inclusive life of the ageing and disabled European population,
  10. 10. by conserving cultural heritage works.</li></ul>The Construction sector has a major role in Europe competitiveness:<br /><ul><li>by improving the business environment,
  11. 11. by developing a lead market in sustainable construction.</li></ul>The Construction sector creates new skills and jobs, encourages the digital society, and plays a role towards a smart growth through innovation<br />4<br />
  12. 12. Energy Efficient Buildings<br />5<br />
  13. 13. 6<br />Energy Efficient Buildings<br /><ul><li>A major world-wide challenge
  14. 14. Buildings = major potential for energy/carbon savings
  15. 15. today more than 40 % of energy consumption
  16. 16. and around 30 % of GHG emissions
  17. 17. Road Map
  18. 18. Retrofit the existing building stock
  19. 19. Develop future positive energy buildings/districts
  20. 20. Integrate new technologies (including RE technologies)
  21. 21. Innovation by research
  22. 22. Recovery Plan EeB PPP call 2010 : strong involvement of industry and SMEs (24%) from the whole value chain (ECTP/E2BA : >230 Members)
  23. 23. Construction sector ready to collaborate towards an “ideal house” for PPPs in FP8</li></ul>6<br />
  24. 24. 7<br />Future Infrastructure Networks in Europe<br />7<br />
  25. 25. 8<br />Future Infrastructure Networks in Europe<br />Challenges<br />Existing infrastructures are getting old/obsolete<br />Roads (see winter 2010)<br />Water supply systems (leakage, water quality)…<br />Mobility of people, goods distribution, flows (water, electricity, gas)<br />To keep cost of infrastructures socially acceptable<br />To adapt infrastructures to new requirements : sustainability, availability and cost of energy, ageing society, climate change<br />Priorities and research needs<br />Infrastructures for a sustainable urban mobility<br />Infrastructures for a sustainable competitive economy<br />Greening infrastructure networks<br />Towards smart and resilient infrastructures <br />Infrastructures of an inclusive society<br />8<br />
  26. 26. 9<br />Health and Ageing Society<br />9<br />
  27. 27. 10<br />Health and Ageing Society<br /><ul><li>Challenges
  28. 28. Ageing
  29. 29. By 2025: more than 20% of European citizens will be over 65 years old
  30. 30. Shortfall of places in specialized homes could exceed 150 000 just in France
  31. 31. Workforce diminishes
  32. 32. New needs for services
  33. 33. Health
  34. 34. Indoor air quality
  35. 35. Healthy built environment
  36. 36. Impact of built environmentson human performance and well-being
  37. 37. Road Map for Care and Services
  38. 38. Awareness from 1980-2005
  39. 39. Strategic Research Agenda 2010-2011</li></ul>Population<br />Work force 15-65 yrs old<br />10<br />
  40. 40. 11<br />ECTP promotes aConstruction R&D Innovation Roadmap for a positive living environment for Society<br />ECTP ambition is:<br />To develop Innovative Buildings and Infrastructuresto construct Europe’s future<br />To innovate by research and integration of inputs from other sectors through appropriate tools (such as PPPs) in FP8<br />To conduct two major European Initiatives:<br /><ul><li>E2B: “Energy Efficient Buildings” European Initiative
  41. 41. reFINE:“Infrastructure Networks of Europe” Initiative</li></ul>11<br />
  42. 42. 12<br />further questions?<br />please contact:<br />Ger Maas<br />ECTP<br />Luc Bourdeau<br />ECTP-E2BA Secretary General<br /><br />12<br />