How to maintain your fashion makeup from hot weather


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How to maintain your fashion makeup from hot weather

  2. 2. Why my makeup is melting? Is the weather is the cause? This is just a common problem from most of the women who are struggling makeup meltdown in common hot weather. There are lots of possibilities that your makeup will melt especially in a hot weather. Lots of women are struggling from this situation because they put makeup to be in fashion while but the makeup will make them ashamed when this cosmetics meltdown and be disordered in their very own face. Hot weather is just a common problem from this scenario; how weather can melt a single ice in just a second same as through with make ups. These cosmetics helps to improve individuals outer image and develop more emotion in a particular face of a certain person that is why if you wear makeup then probably it meltdown and make some disorder, you might be getting pissed from removing it because you are not able to enjoy going outside with your Fashion makeup from Fashion Hair and Makeup Services. 2
  3. 3. In encountering this kind of worst day of your life as women, there are lots of particular ways to prevent this meltdown from your makeup. The most common cause of your makeup to melt is when your face is getting lots of oil from this particular hot day and your sweat can also be a common cause from getting this makeup detached from your skin that is why it causes meltdown from it. To avoid this embarrassing moment of your day, you can follow this simple guides to avoid makeup melt down and stay fresh and beautiful. 3
  4. 4. ARE YOU READY? Here are the Guides on how to maintain your Makeup from hot weather 4
  5. 5. EVALUATE YOUR COSMETICS There are lots of cosmetics that can be evaluated that are why evaluating your cosmetics can be a very help from these dooms day for your life. Some of the cosmetics contain guidelines from the cover of from the container of the cosmetics. Aside from the ingredients that are used from the cosmetics, there are some of the guidelines on how to use the makeup from a particular climate or temperature. Some of them said that DO NOT PLACE ON A HOT TEMPERATURE or don’t place these cosmetics on high temperature things like that. From these ingredients that are used from these particular cosmetic products that is why there are not free from weather or a certain temperature because it might affect the cosmetic itself. You must able to have an evaluation from these cosmetic products you know their description and how to use this cosmetics. 5
  6. 6. RUB AN ICE CUBE Ice, a sweet cold thing that we use to beverages and other drinks but did you knows that ice cubes can give a great contribution from your skin? When you start rubbing ice cubes from your faces, the cold temperature of the ice can make the hole of your pores go smaller. This makes your pores smaller and it is also used by other people to give their face a cooling effect. By the time when your pores are smaller the amount of oil that comes out from your face is getting lesser. The ice cube is also used by some people who are experiencing oily face. The ice cube can be making your face a smooth cool feeling and lessen the amount of oil that comes out from your face. 6
  7. 7. CLEANSE YOUR FACE Before you applying a makeup make sure that your face is free from any dirt or oil, you can remove the dirt of your face by cleaning it with face cleansing products. It is also important that you r face is clean when you apply makeup because the makeup will stick on your face quickly unlike some women who apply makeup while their face is oily, they are having a hard time to put a makeup because the oil and the makeup is mixing from their faces. It is important that your face is cleans for you to have a good output of your makeup when you apply it from your cleansed face. WIPE YOUR FACE WITH A TONER You can also use toner before you apply your particular styles of makeup. It is also helps your face to remove excess oil or you can also use sunscreen for protection. 7
  8. 8. APPLY SMALL AMOUNT OF FOUNDATION Foundation reduces the possibility to get oiled, a proper use of foundation can bring the whole make up proper that is why if necessary apply small amounts of foundation to your skin and rub it gently to cover the whole area of your skin. Foundation can also make your skin whiter because of its color that is why in applying foundation you must be accurate from the problem areas of your skin proper. USE WATERPROOF EYELINER There are lots of eyeliners brands that are available to the market, choosing water proof eyeliner is a wise way to deal with your makeup. If you wanted your makeup to last longer using water proof cosmetics will do. Water proof eyeliner can resist water that coming around from your eye. If you cried in an unexpected event or place your eyeliner will not able to be wiped out just because it is a water proof. 8
  9. 9. USE WATERPROOF MASKARA We all know that MASKARA is a cosmetic that brings appearance from our eyelashes; this cosmetic is made to hold the eye lashes and make this tiny hair in fashion. You can also use this type of cosmetic to avoid your eyelashes’ mascara to wipe out. Most of the women complete their makeup by applying mascaras from their individual eyelashes because the mascara adds image and brings the emotion of your eyes that is why if you want long lasting fashion eye lashes use water proof mascara. AVOID SUNLIGHT CONTACT This can be the most valuable method that keeps your makeup last longer. If your face is exposed from sunlight the chances are your might be having an oily face or sweat, this liquids might ruin your makeup and you might not like the results probably. If you want to avoid these things try to avoid sunlight contact from your place or if you want you can use umbrellas while walking down the streets to avoid sunlight contact. 9
  10. 10. REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE BED Removing your makeup before bed is advisable because these cosmetics contains chemicals that is why it is not advisable to make these makeup stay on your face within a whole week, wash your face with your soap to remove these cosmetics on your face. Some of the women are having skin allergies and other itchy stuff in their faces, the reason? They let the makeup stay with their face for a long period of time that is why they gain these skin deceases from this habit. Dermatologist have advised that if you wear makeup make sure that you will not let these cosmetics last for a long period of time from your skin it is also advisable to wash daily your face to remove dirt and avoid skin infections. USE MOISTURIZERS You can also use moisturizer to your face to bring back the natural moisture of your skin. Apply moisturizer that contains no oil from its ingredients to bring back the natural proper moisture of your skin. 10
  11. 11. Putting makeup is not bad at all; just make sure that you can bring these cosmetics in place. Use makeup for your own advantage not to just make people noticed you. Putting makeup with Professional Hair and Makeup Artist is also a wise thing to do because these people know what to put into your face. Remember that makeup is made to enhance your face, if you want to stay fresh looking individual make sure that you will take a good care of it. No make ups that last forever inner beauty will. 11