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Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
Action Plan
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Action Plan


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Education
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  • 1. Action Plan The Escaping Poverty Organization Emily, Amanda, Julia, Elena
  • 2.
    • Escaping Poverty
    • “ How to save a life”
    • Our Purpose:
    • To raise awareness about global poverty
    • To improve the lives of people who weren't even given a chance to survive because of extreme poverty.
  • 3. Our Message: “ Global Poverty is a serious issue. Ending poverty could mean to end of wars, terrorism, discrimination, and global warming.”
  • 4. Our Focus
    • The lack of good health condition in Malawi.
    • Improving their income through providing good sources of profit, such as donating animals.
    • Thinking Action, Not Pity.
  • 5. Why?
    • Everyone deserves a clean, safe environment to live in, rich or poor.
    • Donating animals will improve their meager income, that way they’ll be able to lift themselves out of poverty.
    If these two goals are achieved, there is no reason why these people shouldn’t be able to thrive.
  • 6.
    • Two cows is enough to lift an entire village out of poverty.
  • 7. Short-Term Goals
    • To raise awareness at the workshop,
    • To raise money at the workshop,
    • We will have two boxes at the workshop.
      • One for ensuring Health Conditions of impoverished villages.
      • One for improving their income through donating animals.
    • *All money raised will go to CARE and Heifer International.
  • 8. Donation Boxes
    • Box A - WHO, World Health Organization.
    • Box B – Heifer International.
  • 9. Long-Term Goals
    • Host bake sales.
    • Have workshops at community centers.
    • Have fundraisers at school events.
  • 10. Short-Term Plan
    • We plan to, on February 20 th , the day of the workshop, raise this much money:
      • 1500RMB for the Health Conditions Donation Box
    • This is enough for around 33 Treated Mosquito Nets.
      • 1000RMB for the Animal Donations Box.
      • This is enough to donate around 7 flocks of chicks.
  • 11. Long Term Plan
    • By February 30 th :
    • To have hosted our first bake sale.
    • By March 20 th :
    • To have planned our first workshop.
    • By April 1 st :
    • To have hosted our second bake sale.
    • By June 10 th :
    • To have donation boxes at the graduation ceremony.