Real housewives divorce


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Real housewives divorce

  1. 1. REAL HOUSEWIVES DIVORCE EPIDEMIC REAL HOUSEWIVES OF MIAMI KARENT LOOKING HOT WITH ROCK STAR ANAND BHATT (PHOTO)Video, Dina Manzo, Dina Manzo Leaving Real Housewives, The Real Housewives Of New Jersey, CarolineManzo, Dina Manzo Caroline Manzo, Dina Manzo Divorce, Dina Manzo Housewives Quit,Dina ManzoHusband, Dina Manzo Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Dina Manzo Separation, Dina ManzoTommy, Celebrity NewsThere seems to be a divorce epidemic amongst the Real Housewives!Dina Manzo Divorce: Former Real Housewives Of NewJersey Star Separates From Husband"Real Housewives of New Jersey" star Dina Manzo and her husband Tommy arecalling it quits after seven years of marriage.Manzo revealed the news on Twitter, writing after midnight on Feb. 2, "My secret ... Ihave been separated since October, my heart hurts but Tommy & I will always sharea very special love. So grateful for the support of my loved ones during this time,especially my spiritual friends. You know who u are xoxo."Manzo, 40, who married the co-owner of The Brownstone back in 2005, added thather 17-year-old daughter Lexi, from a previous marriage to George Hadjiapostoli, hasbeen her rock.,“The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes is being accused of beingdownright boring.NeNe has been working on establishing herself in Hollywood and with two hit shows underher belt in Hollywood, she is doing rather well for herself. She was on the previous season of
  2. 2. “Glee” and she is now taking on a full-time role on “The New Normal.” And while she claimsshe would never quit “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” because of the platform the showgave her, she could be quitting the show because she isn’t the focus of the show anymore.According to the report, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes’ storyline isgetting to be pretty boring. She isn’t slamming people anymore and she isn’t fighting with herhusband or children. Instead, fans are seeing her furniture shop with Gregg and meeting withher acting coach. The website speculates that perhaps NeNe has moved on to bigger andbetter things, given her success in Hollywood. What do you think of “The Real Housewives ofAtlanta” star NeNe Leakes’ plot line on the show? Or do you think that she wants to stay onthe show and have it all?Karent is concerned about why everyone is so involved in her life. And she also thinksif people could just act their real age (instead of their mental one – hello High school!)the Housewives would have a whole lot less problems!And as for everyone discussing her relationship with Rodolfo, Karent has a few things tosay about everyone elses relationships!“I don’t care. I live my life. I didn’t know that I was that important in these women’s lives forthem to think about and talk about me," Karent dishes. "I have other priorities in life. I have alife. I don’t spend my days stalking anybody’s Facebook page like Ana did or talking aboutsomebody else’s relationship behind their backs."“I know Alexia [Echevarria] — I heard about her– the rumors of her husband being gay havebeen out there. There’s a lot of people I know that say they have proof. Do I care? No! That’sher problem. If she has an arranged marriage, if she has a man that buys her things and theyarrange it and they’rehappy that way, that’s not my business,” Karent reveals.SCANDALOUS! Dang!The dentist thinks Alexia should focus on her own family and relationships. “It’s just reallysad that Alexia, with the horrible tragedy she’s gone through with her son Frankie, these lifechanging moments I think people use to learn from and realize that life is precious and I’mnot going to just worry about these little things and immaturities,” Karents says. “Most peopleuse this as a moment to change their life. She, on the contrary, just became this mean, bitterwoman. Did you see Alexia’s previous two blogs ? Everyone’s attacking her [Alexia] andsaying ‘Stop bashing on Karent. Start worrying about both of your sons. One of them is sickand the other one — well, we know what he did.’”Alexia’s son, Peter Rosello, is accused of punching a homeless man in the groin anduploading thevideo on Facebook.In her most recent blog , Alexia again bashed Karent and Rodolfo writing,“All the evidenceshows that Karent was not in a real relationship with Rodolfo and that is why I went there in
  3. 3. the first place. If her relationship was real, I would have never done that. She clearly knewwhat she was doing and was in it with him. This is the truth and I am entitled to my opinionand thoughts on this matter. I know she was with Rodolfo because she thought she wouldhave a great chance to be selected for the show with a telenovela actor star boyfriend. I getit. It would also help his career in the American market. It was all poor acting and you cansee it. Seriously, who could be so naive? She just never thought we would discover it. All thegirls think like I do and supported me, including Lea [Black]. I give her credit for going that farand smiling it off the entire time, but in the end the truth prevails.”Karent’s reply: “To make a long story short, I think Alexia really needs to worry about herown relationship and the rumors of her husband and stop worrying about mine. I don’t care. Iactually like Herman [Alexia’s husband]. I think he’s a gentleman. He’s an absolutesweetheart. I have no problems with him. Whether he’s straight or he’s gay that’s not goingto change my image of him. He’s always been a sweet man.”