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Overview of economic & development summit
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Overview of economic & development summit



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  • 1. OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY GOVERNOR Overview of Economic & Development Summit presented by Her Excellency Mrs. ‘Funmi OLAYINKA Deputy Governor of Ekiti State, Nigeria,At the Inaugural edition of the Ekiti Economic and Development Summit, held in Ado-Ekiti between October 14 and 15, 2011.PROTOCOLSDistinguished great thinkers and participants at thisinaugural edition of the Ekiti Economic andDevelopment Summit, I welcome you to the Land ofHonor. Ekiti indigenes believe strongly in what we areable to do for ourselves, and the dignity of labour.As you have been informed by the Special Adviser to theGovernor on Planning & MDGs, the theme of thisEconomic and Development meeting is HarnessingOpportunities for Sustainable Development. The summitis primarily targeted at raising the economic anddevelopment stake of our dear state for the ultimategrowth of our people.My job is to give an overview of the two day programmeand I make bold to tell all of us here present that thepurpose is to demonstrate in practical terms, the dreamfor a greater tomorrow as packaged by the Dr. KayodeFayemi-led administration in Ekiti State.1 | Page Overview of the Ekiti Economic and DevelopmentSummit, held in Ado-Ekiti, between October 14 and 15, 2011
  • 2. OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY GOVERNORMay I begin this overview by informing you that we havearranged to have Parallel Dialogue Sessions to explorethe various opportunities in Ekiti State for foreign andindigenous entrepreneurs. It is going to be an interactivesession between Dr. Kayode Fayemi, the ExecutiveGovernor of Ekiti State, and the Commercial Attaches ofEmbassies in Nigeria and CEOs.In the course of this summit, we will also be examiningthe crucial topic, “Development Partners and EconomicDevelopment in Ekiti State: Progress and Framework forfuture Collaboration, as well as, the “Imperative ofrelevant and forward looking legislation in support ofeconomic growth and development”. This session of thesummit is aimed at identifying critical legislative gaps tobe filled in attaining the economic ambitions of our dearstate.There is going to be a session on framework for andavailable opportunities in Public Private Partnershiptowards Infrastructure Development in Ekiti State.Inthis session, we shall highlight the framework andopportunities for public-private partnership in EkitiState, dwelling specifically on infrastructuredevelopment plans for the State Government andhighlighting, the opportunities for Private SectorParticipation.Our industry in Ekiti as you all know is education.Though the state’s heritage in that sector has been badlythreatened, we still believe that this sector has a clear2 | Page Overview of the Ekiti Economic and DevelopmentSummit, held in Ado-Ekiti, between October 14 and 15, 2011
  • 3. OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY GOVERNORand compelling capacity to stimulate and sustainunrivalled economic development and growth, if properlyharnessed.Therefore, we shall be examining “Education as a driverof Economic growth and Development: Our Strategy andOpportunities”. This forum is going to focus on thestrategy to involve private capital in the regeneration ofour educational heritage.Another of our strength as a people is in the area ofagriculture. This government has taken major steps inreviving our collective pride in this sector and as suchthis summit is also looking for ways of stimulating andsustaining agric business in Ekiti State.Since the primacy of Agriculture to the economy in theState remains undisputed, our purpose is to, during thisforum to examine how Public Policy and Private Capitalcan combine to stimulate and sustain commercial agricbusiness in the Land of Honour.We will consider Framework for and Opportunities forsustainable Private Sector Participation in Solid Mineralsand Tourism Development in Ekiti State. We will also belooking at “State-owned enterprises as a vehicle foreconomic development: Framework for PrivateParticipation”.As a way of laying solid foundation for the kind ofeconomy that is befitting our state, we will do a thorough3 | Page Overview of the Ekiti Economic and DevelopmentSummit, held in Ado-Ekiti, between October 14 and 15, 2011
  • 4. OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY GOVERNORstudy of how the Solid Minerals development presents anopportunity for industrial development of our state.In much of Nigeria, the Solid Minerals Industry remainsunderdeveloped and characterized by small scale,fragmented attempts at exploitation. Besides, themineral deposit, Ekiti offers a serene environment andan array of tourist attractions that could positiontourism as one of the major drivers and a catalyst for thedevelopment of the State.Under this session therefore, we will examine theframework for stimulating private participation, andexplore available opportunities in the solid minerals andtourism sectors, in this state.It is on record that over the years, the government ofEkiti State has built an impressive portfolio of State-owned enterprises, but regrettably, their performancehas not lived up to expectations.We will therefore be doing an in depth review of theframework for ownership and management of theseenterprises, and explore opportunities for private sectorcollaboration in realizing the ambitions for the assetsand organizations in this sector.Distinguished ladies and gentleman, a plenary Sessionwill be held on Regional Integration and EconomicDevelopment of South-Western Nigeria. This session willexamine opportunities for exploiting the economy of4 | Page Overview of the Ekiti Economic and DevelopmentSummit, held in Ado-Ekiti, between October 14 and 15, 2011
  • 5. OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY GOVERNORscale in the six-to-nine contiguous/co-terminus states ofthe South-Western region, and is to be discussed underthe framework o f a new DAWN (Development Agenda forWestern Nigeria) document.Thank you all for listening as I wish all of us asuccessful deliberation.H.E. MRS. ‘FUNMI OLAYINKADEPUTY GOVERNOR OF EKITI STATE, NIGERIAKaduna,Kaduna State, NIGERIASeptember 12, 20115 | Page Overview of the Ekiti Economic and DevelopmentSummit, held in Ado-Ekiti, between October 14 and 15, 2011