We are made of fruit laughter memory war


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This is media by E Chang-Gillespie

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We are made of fruit laughter memory war

  1. 1. We are made of fruit laughter memory war
  2. 2. This is media by E Chang-Gillespie
  3. 3. Since we have to travel around the world, let’s start here
  4. 4. We came so far, so fast
  5. 5. But then at the time, you have to understand, no one there, we didnt know what was happening
  6. 6. I thought the police were tying sand bags closed, then I realized they were people
  7. 7. The soldiers were breaking people’s arms and piling their bodies in the back of a truck, and who could survive that
  8. 8. If it is harder to begin dissent than to end it, easier to vanish people than commemorate them
  9. 9. On a brick in the bottom row, just above the gravel, someone stenciled English with white paint: “At least we tried
  10. 10. This thing that I found, it’s the only thing that matters right now, the only thing that makes a difference
  11. 11. No related content found
  12. 12. When was the last time you saw you’d be all right
  13. 13. My recovery has not been easy, but I had no choice other than to try
  14. 14. There is escape, I know it, but no one leaves
  15. 15. Spilt pills in the rug
  16. 16. He must show his scars: his supporters demand it; his adversaries will brand him pompous if he doesnt
  17. 17. This description may provide a counter-image to what you imagined
  18. 18. Sometimes, in moments of worry and distress
  19. 19. They lit up the ladderwell, and climbing he clutched his piece, squeezing off rounds, but felt only the sense of trying very hard not to die
  20. 20. Now two men, seen in split- screen, recall their experiences that day: the soldier and translator speak almost simultaneously
  21. 21. My job was to keep my eyes open and point
  22. 22. I like to do the work efficiently and cleanly
  23. 23. Bad timing and other circumstances have meant some of them got away
  24. 24. She enters the building, examines the wall of their home, peels surfaces with a knife and tries to learn from the layers
  25. 25. If an artist digs like an archeologist to uncover lost emotion
  26. 26. One man remembers and another man prays while she pieces together the story from evidence
  27. 27. The prophet expected God would appear as an earthquake, hurricane or great fire, but we found her in a whisper
  28. 28. Located in the aftermath of violence, forcing us to look closely and to consider what it takes to go on
  29. 29. I held her hand under the sheet, so small, thinking, “I hope you are happy at the end of today
  30. 30. Her mother said, “She lived happily in this world for seven years
  31. 31. I didnt feel separated; I felt very close, even though we were thousands of miles apart
  32. 32. Placeholder for a future scene in which she does something ordinary and it leads her in the right direction
  33. 33. But you just got here
  34. 34. The public is not waiting
  35. 35. He found the slip of paper, crossed it out and wrote: They are dying on the ground without knowing what killed them
  36. 36. Please try to make it easier for people somehow, find a kindness
  37. 37. On a second slip he wrote: Rainbows are nature’s hugs
  38. 38. But words will not help if they are not used
  39. 39. I would like to find a man who speaks from his heart
  40. 40. Enter a Clown, with a basket, and two pigeons in it
  41. 41. Putting a paper crown on his head
  42. 42. He lays his breast open: she offers at it with his sword
  43. 43. Giving the crown, laying his hand on his sword, tearing off his clothes
  44. 44. Thunder. Third Apparition: a Child crowned, with a tree in his hand
  45. 45. The French leap over the walls in their shirts
  46. 46. They place themselves in every corner of the stage
  47. 47. Jupiter descends in thunder and lightning, sitting upon an eagle, he throws a thunderbolt. The Apparitions fall on their knees
  48. 48. Exeunt all, except Clown
  49. 49. In this painting I have tried to depict the most poetical or remarkable stage directions from Shakespeare’s plays, in simple, linear order
  50. 50. While they sat each person glanced in a different direction, revealing a dynamic within the family we recorded and probably shouldnt have
  51. 51. Coming here,” he says, turning right, “I put a stone on my heart, and I carry it every day, that’s how it feels to be without my family
  52. 52. In the edit room she realizes her film captures all the sadness
  53. 53. There’s been a great change in you recently, hasnt there
  54. 54. The next time she calls, we’re going to need you to pretend to know who she is
  55. 55. Is this a story we tell children or is it more complicated than that
  56. 56. No,” his father said, “slave children were not allowed to go to school,” and the boy bent his arm like a scythe, to slice the passing trees
  57. 57. There are three finger marks on the brim of his hat where Abe had tipped it hundreds of times
  58. 58. OK, jump ahead 70 years: let’s review the things you dont want to see
  59. 59. How so much suffering can have so little sting
  60. 60. There is so much we had to overcome, during the past few years we stopped worrying
  61. 61. When silence conveys something a word cannot
  62. 62. Their hands push toward the wall, through the canvas.’” She glanced up. “Because you know the narrator, I dont need to say, ‘Their black
  63. 63. Several of us appeared just as we are, but a little different
  64. 64. There is more and less story here than a summary of the events would indicate
  65. 65. Tell me everything then
  66. 66. Clash ends, bad plan, secret weapon, worth to be proven, vow given, stand made
  67. 67. One photograph is chosen to represent each performance
  68. 68. It is free to check your items here, but you may not get them back
  69. 69. Unless montage creates new story, too often it feels self- indulgent, like the director’s wish-fulfillment or a home movie foisted on viewers
  70. 70. We remember everything, but the nuances leave
  71. 71. He still can see her, though, kneeling in the garden beside mother, planting seeds or pulling weeds, in spring, fall, which house was that
  72. 72. Here,” he says, touching your arm, “follow me. I want to introduce you to her. She made her first film, ‘Pepper,’ when she was three
  73. 73. Isnt she lovely,’” he said. “Please write that atop the cake
  74. 74. Everything all at once forever
  75. 75. And then something very typical happened
  76. 76. When I see people here, it doesnt matter who, sometimes I think of you, a glimpse of you
  77. 77. As long as you read this, I have the chance you will love me
  78. 78. I meant what I said when I said I want to marry you
  79. 79. You couldnt marry me, not really, not the way you thought
  80. 80. They imagine either too much or not enough of the trouble that is to come
  81. 81. We made no technical arrangements, though, for cameras, sound, lights and so on
  82. 82. Occasionally, I exert too much control and have to destroy the whole thing
  83. 83. My gut was telling me what I was doing was just fine
  84. 84. If you want we can talk about what happened after that, but we wont make you do it, and I think most people dont want to
  85. 85. The silence will hit people very hard because they dont expect it
  86. 86. We are made of fruit laughter memory war
  87. 87. Many people were born on this day who are warm, likeable, big-hearted; but today in 1968, 504 people were slaughtered in Son My village
  88. 88. I forgot to say goodbye,” he replied, holding his phone just longer than
  89. 89. We must be honest enough to show how wars are won
  90. 90. Ordinary people with little to gain and everything to lose often lose everything as they pay for the ambitions of others
  91. 91. I wish we didnt scare so easily
  92. 92. The period of time between what you hope for and what you have
  93. 93. Add mass, volume, weight, scale, surface and texture; mix well; bake for 35-40 minutes; let stand for one hour to cool, and voilà: Sculpture
  94. 94. She looked at the work, moved, studied it, thought, “How can I use this in a different way
  95. 95. How much remains to be done
  96. 96. There is a knowing-when-it’s- enough time and then leaving it alone
  97. 97. I hope I go to a similar place as you, but see something just different
  98. 98. As if landscape or architecture were used as a character in the story
  99. 99. Tree swings are a place for children to dream and feel free
  100. 100. Please do not defeat this safety feature
  101. 101. When people hurt you,” she says, looking me right in the eye, “I want to fight them
  102. 102. It’s not always easy to work in such a way, but I find it impossible to change
  103. 103. We need a little more faith in how it’s done
  104. 104. Send me your PowerPoint deck for Q1; I thought of the ideal epigraph for your presentation opener
  105. 105. We can make it, top to bottom
  106. 106. Even it makes no difference at all
  107. 107. Our words and actions have reached an incredibly broad audience and exerted a powerful influence on the world
  108. 108. This syndrome is marked by over-management, obsession with performance indicators, audits, measurable outcomes and targets
  109. 109. You are a regular contributor
  110. 110. If you want,” he says then, offering me a tissue, “we could discuss what happens next
  111. 111. Or you could just build it yourself
  112. 112. It’s important the diagram doesnt just reproduce the existing world but generates a new reality
  113. 113. Adapted from things she admired as a student
  114. 114. Full of attachments and associations to very particular times and places
  115. 115. There is a connection between this little made thing and your body
  116. 116. But it also contains less tangible things, such as rain, footprints, shadows
  117. 117. Love letters of all kinds should remain between lovers
  118. 118. Horses, birds, caterpillars, pygmy marmosets, they know when something is wrong
  119. 119. When I learned very beautiful things die very fast
  120. 120. The next morning,” she smiles, “do you remember those culms of bamboo along the fence were bent over, the branches and leaves coated in ice
  121. 121. However, we always think the world is getting better
  122. 122. Meaning arises from the discrepancies between what people say in different situations
  123. 123. Most of the time we dont notice these things
  124. 124. I know snow falling through an entire scene is practically impossible,” he says, offering us more, “but I feel it’s necessary in this story
  125. 125. Please come with me to see the movie tonight, outside
  126. 126. The timing has to be right and depends on how well people are responding
  127. 127. Together we are kind and generous, affectionate, good
  128. 128. That’s what I see in those quiet moments, when we’re together
  129. 129. And then I fell into the bigness of you and found love
  130. 130. A handful of words in large type fills the page
  131. 131. This year will play a big part in a wonderful you
  132. 132. Back then it felt as big as the universe; now it feels a little small
  133. 133. It was a simple house with a keen sense of material, scale and proportion
  134. 134. I know it because I built it
  135. 135. When we walked in, the air was heavy with ginger and turmeric; I miss that
  136. 136. Does every object here have a story
  137. 137. Between being aware that something is there and knowing what it means
  138. 138. I’m a person, one whole person,” she said, rinsing greens, “who thinks about friendship and neighborliness and love as much as you
  139. 139. Everything tomorrow will be as it is now, just a little different
  140. 140. But it is a fact of life, the way a doorframe is the fact of a room
  141. 141. Where one hears gunshots and there is the occasional murder
  142. 142. We’re not well yet from this horrible thing that happened to us
  143. 143. There is no specific message I can put into words
  144. 144. Long takes, natural action, people you dont recognize
  145. 145. I have to arrange details and make sure everything is all right
  146. 146. When they’re grouped together, the reason shifts slightly, like we do when someone is standing close beside us
  147. 147. Papers, letters, a few photos
  148. 148. In the box, his first review, crinkled: “Springsteen aims for moon and stars, hits moon and stars,” rereading he pauses
  149. 149. Because of this I get a check
  150. 150. It seems bigger than it is and more full of magic than such an ordinary object has a right to be
  151. 151. Sometimes the right people show up
  152. 152. On this day, much unlike the others
  153. 153. It worked because we knew it would and there was absolutely no doubt in our minds
  154. 154. Then record a small break in the story, like a cat wandering, a pot boiling, the scene through a doorway
  155. 155. He holds her by the hand, silent
  156. 156. Eighteen war veterans killed themselves today
  157. 157. It’s a heavy kind of feeling, knowing something is expected of you, not knowing what
  158. 158. Dont be stingy, give us a big hug
  159. 159. I am still alive
  160. 160. We are made of fruit laughter memory war
  161. 161. This is media by E Chang-Gillespie
  162. 162. © 2014 E Chang-Gillespie. All rights reserved.
  163. 163. @EChangGillespie