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SEO Experts All Agree On the Virtue of Patience                                                           javascript:paren...
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Seo experts all agree on the virtue of patience


Published on is all about SEO Experts all have the same belief that businesses must be patient as they are developing a search engine optimization campaign. Results don't occur overnight. Depending on how competitive a keyword is, it can take from a few months to a year to reach top prized spots on the 1st page of the SERPS - search engine result pages.

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Seo experts all agree on the virtue of patience

  1. 1. SEO Experts All Agree On the Virtue of Patience SEO Experts All Agree On the Virtue of Patience January 31, 2011 by Dream Web Services SEO Experts don’t always agree on all the approaches to getting your websites found on the SERPS, but regardless of their mixed opinion on methodologies to pursue, they will all tell their clients 1 Universal Fact that all of these SEO Experts agree upon. They all will concur that getting your domains found in the coveted 1st page of the search engine results page for the different niche keywords relating to your business takes some time. How much time will it take for those keywords to be found by potential customers all depends upon how much competition there is for each individual keyword. So many factors go into determining this but the major obstacles are: On Page and Off Page Factors. On Page Factors are those you or your webmaster can control. Off Page Factors are those outside your domain that you do not control, or at least don’t have much controls over. How many other businesses targeting the same keyword. Some niche keywords receive almost no traffic and others are a waterfall. If there are more competing businesses, it makes sense that it will be increased amount of traffic as people are searching for them. This is the age old economics model of supply versus demand. Googles SERPS are all local based. This means that unless you are marketing specifically to targeted “local” markets of your choice, you will not be found in those local markets except for the one(s) that Google’s Googlebot robot has determined your business is marketing in. So in other words,you will not stand a chance to rank in the 1st page for a particular keyword on Google’s SERPS except for where you have business marketing locations. Google’s Caffeine platform released summer of 2010 changed how websites were found during a keyword search. Therefore, unless you understand this new algorithm, you will be spending money and time testing out 1000 methods that do not work. Unfortunately a fair amount of SEO professionals still have not figured out this algorithm even though they are still charging clients for these services so they can “TEST MARKET” one of those 100 methods that do not work. Fortunately for you, we understand this Caffeine algorithm, so we won’t be throwing away your money in return for no worthwhile results. Page Rank has a value that is considered by the SERPS. Therefore, having a page with little quality content on it will only bring in low Page Rank. As you can imagine, low Page Rank = Low Attraction to customers on site, so Google assumes you have low magnetism for pulling customers, so they don’t to promote your site too highly. On the contrary, high quality sites can receive higher PR (Page Rank) and therefore do have more to offer a viewer. Google will want these results to show up higher in the SERPS. Back Links to a page are very important. Consider this the Gravity to your site. The more Back Links you have to your site, the more people are making a statement about what your site means to the community as a whole. The people have voted and they vote for your site. So, the Search Engines like Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask, Google and others know that your Gravity, as determined by Back Links, will help them know which sites to bump to the top of SERPS and which sites to dump to the bottom/can’t be found of the SERPS. Anchor Tags can do a lot for your Back Linking. It helps both the people searching and the Robots from the Search Engines know what the link is about. Consider a link with the Anchor saying . Click Here It is not too effective with telling your audience or the Robots what “Here” even is. A better Anchor Link would be SEO as even a caveman could figure out the link is not talking about eating pizza. Page Relevance to Key Words is important as the SERPS don’t want to send people to a website that is unrelated and going to waste the viewers time. Page Relevance interweaves with many of the other obstacles mentioned above. These factors are dependent upon how well does the page in question equal what the viewer typed into the search query to begin with. Other Misc Factors. Too many to mention, but lets just say that the Search Engines change variables all the time and even for the SEO EXPERTS, it takes a great amount of keeping up with new trends, updates and technologies that play a role in getting a clients website pages found. So the next time that you are Googling something, keep some of these ideas on your mind. It will help you to gain a great1 of 2 1/31/2011 4:06 AM
  2. 2. SEO Experts All Agree On the Virtue of Patience amount of respect for those who are competent SEO professionals. It also helps you to be confident that you are better spending your time running your business and let the pros do what we do best. In the meantime, nod your head as you visualize all of us SEO Experts saying “Patience is a Virtue”. And it truly is a marvelous virtue. Your business may not even be on the 100th page of the SERPS for a niche target keyword, but give it some time and the correct TLC. It is amazing how a web Page can shoot up and be in the top few SERPS within very little time. Then, as the SEO Expert uses finesse on those keywords, the page(s) will rise to the SERPS 1st Page. Most importantly, you should be using keywords that bring Web Traffic and more importantly customers that will Spend Money with YOU!2 of 2 1/31/2011 4:06 AM