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  • 1. For many consumers, saving money is a key part of their monthly shopping habits. What many havefound is that eBay coupon listings are a great way tofind what they need for their groceries, and in recent data, eBay coupon auctions were numbered at fifty-six thousand strong. This data was compiled by terapeak, a watchdog of eBay analytics, from 06/2010 data.sprint promo codes
  • 2. The sellers of the eBay coupon auctions are gathering their couponsfrom local sources, and national ads, much like a natural consumer woulddo, but in bulk They take their eBay coupon from various newspapersand normal channels, and sell them for a profit under an eBay couponlisting There is often a disclaimer on the coupons from themanufacturers, stating something along the lines of, "Void if transferred,sold, copied
  • 3. etc " Legally speaking, an eBay coupon does not violate any laws on thebooks in the U S , so many sellers are taking advantage of this factThese eBay coupons have saved thousands of dollars for the consumersbuying them
  • 4. For example, there may be a listing for 10 coupons offering $3 50 off ofa purchase That would be $35 savings, all told The seller of the eBaycoupon could offer the lot up for $3 00 total, or some such price
  • 5. The savings would still be significant to the consumer, $32 Because ofthe economics of the transaction, the eBay coupon "ring" is not goingaway soon There are companies who are not happy about thesetransactions, and want the eBay coupon sellers to cease and desist Twosuch entities are the Food Marketers Institute, and the GroceryManufacturers of America These two have sent a letter regarding theeBay coupon to the e-commerce giant, asking they stop supporting theseeBay coupon sellers in their activity
  • 6. The response from eBay was to take no real course of action As thingsstand, the eBay coupon rules state that sellers are not to engage inselling coupons that forbid such activity Then eBay tells the reader thatthey will not monitor or police such sales, but they leave it to the seller tomonitor their own activity There is also a rule that coupons cannot bevalued at the cost of labor to cut the coupons, but only can be valued bythe eBay coupon itself
  • 7. However all of that will play out is anyone's guess In themeantime, sellers and buyers alike all enjoy the benefits of the eBaycoupon auctions, on the one hand saving money, on the other handmaking money from the sale What manufacturers do not appreciate isthat in order to enforce their rules of voiding the coupon if sold, theywould need to monitor such sales The fact that eBay coupon auctionstake place indicates that there is no mechanism in place to monitor thesesprint promo codes sales, so the activity continues
  • 8. To save even more money, smart shoppers are now beginning to takeadvantage of websites that allow free membership to a cash backprogram for eBay coupon auctions and other sales Consumers jointhese sites for free and then buy the eBay coupon through a special link,and are reimbursed with money to buy an eBay coupon or otherpurchase This extra savings may be why so many eBay coupon auctionsexist to begin with
  • 9. sprint promo codes