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The Open 8.5 Multihull is now open to the public!

The Open 8.5 Multihull is now open to the public!

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  • 1. The Open 8.5 Class Multihull
    Action, Adventure and Awesome to Watch!
  • 2. What options do we have to get an Extreme 40 racing model here in NZ
  • 3. What is the Extreme 40 model?
    Short back to back racing in full view of the public that generates an exciting visual experience for all
  • 4. Can we do the same here in New Zealand?
  • 5. Welcome to The 8.5 Multihull!An open class limited only to a box rule
  • 6. Dirty Deeds
  • 7. Hard Drive
  • 8. Lucifer
  • 9. Tigre
  • 10. Whio
  • 11. Ocean Pacific
  • 12. Meltdown
  • 13. Hooters
  • 14. Epsom Salts
  • 15. Over 50 8.5’s in NZ. 35 in the Auckland region
  • 16. New boats coming online even during the downturn in the market
  • 17. Borderline: Launched 2010
  • 18. GDT II Launch Date late 2010
  • 19. JT’s Meltdown Tri LaunchedAug 2010
  • 20. Strong active class that regularly races
  • 21. Support of the NZMHYC and RNZYS
  • 22. Westhaven is creating a multihull berthing area
  • 23. We have the boats, crew and enthusiasmAll we need is a place to do it and some backing
  • 24. Proposed Race AreaGood public access and viewing from Princess Wharf and the Westhaven yacht clubs
  • 25. What we want to achieve
    Events specifically put on for the public to watch
    SailTV coverage
    Press coverage
    A strong thriving 8.5 fleet
    Multihull promotion in NZ
    Close ties with our sponsors
  • 26. How can you help?
    Sponsorship – Prizes, spot prizes and good ole cash
    Race promotion
    For more information or to sponsor contact Clive