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Sponsor proyect 2011


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PLATU 25 Sailing team - sponsor project 2011

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Sponsor proyect 2011

  1. 1. Sponsor project 2011 Beneteau Platu25 Spanish season
  2. 2. Index Introduction – The boat – The Class The Team Honors Objectives The proposal Media coverage Advertising items Budget Other supports Platu25 2010-2011 Season.
  3. 3. Introduction – The Class Platu25 2010-2011 Season. The Platu25 Class is an ISAF recognized Class since November 2005. The International Platu25 Class Association (known as IPCA) is trying to promote and develop the Platu25 Class throughout the world. As a Recognized Class under ISAF, the IPCA shall conform to the jurisdiction and requirements of ISAF and the International Class regulations. The IPCA Constitution, the By-laws and other regulations are binding on all members, and all registered Platu 25's shall conform to Class Rules and any limitations imposed by the IPCA and ISAF. NPCA means the National Platu Class Association organized inside the individual countries and officially recognized by the IPCA. The International Board shall consist of one (1) member appointed by each officially recognized NPCA, the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Each International Board member shall have one (1) vote. In addition, each International Board member appointed by an NPCA shall have one (1) vote for every five (5) boats owned by members of their respective NPCA and for which the IPCA has issued a yearly sticker. No NPCA shall ever be allowed to cast more than 42.5% of the total votes available at that meeting. The International Board shall have the power to select any person or entity to assist it whether a member or not, but such a member shall have no vote on the International Board. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall take place at a date which adequately precedes the documentation submission date for the annual General meetings of the ISAF. The choice of venue is optional, but shall take into account the ease of attendance of the majority of national representatives. At Meetings of the International Board five (5) members shall form a quorum.
  4. 4. This yacht is designed as a moderated cost, fast but easily handled, one design club racer. It is also capable of being raced in the IMS Racing Division with few minor addition to the otherwise empty interior to suit IMS Regulations. Farr Yacht Design, Ltd. was commissioned to design the Platu as a racing sailboat suitable for teaching sailing skills and racing skills to “new sailors”. The yacht will be fast and sporty with no interior fit out as it is intended for day racing only. The light displacement hull shape combines a long waterline, fine bow sections and powerful stern sections, all carefully balanced to deliver exceptional performance. The combinations of wide, flaring topsides that increase the effective stability from crew weight and a highly refined keel geometry will give the high stability essential for a well-rounded, light displacement design. The SG cast iron keel design has evolved from the keels seen on our most recent Whitbread designs featuring a large bulb carefully integrated into a slender fin. The highly refined rudder profile and sections shapes, unique to Farr designs, call for a carbon rudder stock, glass and foam rudder blade. An efficient, no nonsense deck layout has been designed to make the yacht easy to sail for either the novice or regatta veteran. Complete with sail and rig controls, emphasis has been placed on the careful placement of gear. Configuration of a double swept-spreader, fractional rig with short over-lapping headsail and large mainsail will allow for a high performance rig that is strong and reliable yet allows for effective adjustment of sails for varying wind conditions. The large spinnaker is set on an “over-length” pole. Introduction – The boat Platu25 2010-2011 Season.
  5. 5. Platu 25 Platu25 2010-2011 Season. The Team.
  6. 6. Platu 25 2010 Summary •2nd Classified. Mediterranean League. •10th Classified. World Championship. •1st Classified. Alicante Tabarca Trophy. •3rd Classified. S.M. La Reina Valencia Trophy. •3rd Classified. Spain Cup. Platu25 2010-2011 Season. Honors
  7. 7. Sponsorship objectives: • Provide strong arguments to the sponsor’s marketing campaign. • Retain customers and partners. • Find new customers. • Increase sales. • Display the products. Objectives of the Team in the 2010 championships : • Get the best results ending on the podium at each national race, and inside the world championship “top ten”. • Promote the spirit of racing to be the best as could be. • Fortify the image from our sponsor brand. Platu25 2010-2011 Season. Objectives
  8. 8. This proyect pretends to be an impact tool directly to the customer, an effective choice for the sponsor marketing at our working area. We request the Platu 25 Mundo Marino Team sponsorship, for the season 2010-2011 at the folowing championships: Valencia Mediterranean Championship League: •9 races (one each month). From September 2010 to June 2011. National Championships: •Campeonato de España. Marbella. May 2011. •Trofeo Rolex. Valencia. June 2011. •Trofeo S.M. la Reina. Valencia. June 2011. •Trofeo Tabarca. Alicante. July 2011. International Championships: •World Championship. Austria. July 2011. Platu25 2010-2011 Season. Our proposal.
  9. 9. TV Online press Official sailing websites Platu25 2010-2011 Season. Media.
  10. 10. Media Cities of presence Number of copies # of Appearences Marca Madrid General 564.248 28 As Madrid General 249.689 53 El Mundo Deportivo Barcelona General 157.423 24 Sport Barcelona General 160.370 4 ABC Madrid General 378.965 18 El Mundo Madrid General 379.657 2 Diario 16 Madrid General 48.512 27 Las Provincias Valencia 51.416 5 Diario de Cádiz Cádiz 35.242 11 Mundo de Baleares Mallorca 16.403 14 Diario de Mallorca Mallorca 28.730 8 Sur Málaga 47.420 16 Platu25 Temporada 2010-2011 Media – National press
  11. 11. Media Cities of presence Number of copies # of Appearences 100 x 100 Regata Barcelona 15.000 95 Bitácora Barcelona - 20 El Mundo Náutico Mallorca - 20 Nautic Press Barcelona - 4 Navegar Madrid 12.254 54 RCNVB Barcelona - 12 Skipper Barcelona 14.546 8 Yate Barcelona 13.082 25 Note: Mundo Marino 2009 information. Platu25 Temporada 2010-2011 Media - Magazines
  12. 12. Area Available 1. Spy 25 m² aprox. 2. Genoa 10 m² aprox. 3. Mayor 20 m² aprox. 4. Boom 1 m² aprox. 5. Casco Area 1 3,5 m² aprox. 6. Casco Area 2 2,5 m² aprox. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Platu25 2010-2011 Season. Advertising items.
  13. 13. Sails Main - € Genoa - € Spinnaker - € Boat Zone 5 - € Zone 6 - € Deck - € Boom - € Rigging Flag - € Trailer Stickers - € Flag -€ Stand - € Crew clothing Polo -€ Short -€ Top -€ Platu25 2010-2011 Season. Budget.
  14. 14. Platu25 Season 2010-2011 Examples.
  15. 15. Additional activities to promote your brand, such as events, sailing lessons, corporate sailing, party guests, launching presentations, spectator boats, stands… Platu25 2010-2011 Season. Other supports