Trends in Quality Assurance area


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Trends in Quality Assurance area

  1. 1. Test Management
  2. 2. People
  3. 3. Agenda18:30 Introduction18:35 Trends in the Quality Assurance area18:45 Overview of test process improvement frameworks: TMM, CTP, STEP, TPI19:15 Intelligence (Braintraining) Coffee Break19:30 Relations in QA team20:00 Example of process organization inside the testing team of 20 people20:30 Close eventSpeakers:1. Oleksandr Maidaniuk, Ciklum2. Svetlana Dybuk, Ciklum3. Nikita Knysh, Ciklum4. Eugene Skachkov, Crytek5. Nikita Postolakiy, Luxoft
  4. 4. Trends in the Quality Assurance area
  5. 5. Self-improvement
  6. 6. The following 5 trends are in the software testing industry tower:•- Mobile Application Testing•- Testing-as-a-service•- Business Intelligence Testing•- Crowd Sourced Testing• - Testing catalyzed through test• data generation and management
  7. 7. Mobile Application Testing •Over 500 million mobile phones •by 2014Top 10 mobile apps types in 2012:1: Money Transfer2: Location-Based Services3: Mobile Search4: Mobile Browsing5: Mobile Health Monitoring6: Mobile Payment7: Near Field Communication Services8: Mobile Advertising9: Mobile Instant Messaging10: Mobile Music
  8. 8. Testing-as-a-service• Key benefits:• Lower cost than in-house software testing services• Service-level compliance• Reduced risk through fewer defects• Flexibility to scale testing as needed• without incremental investment• Shorter cycle times• TaaS is sometimes referred to as• Cloud Testing or Managed Testing.
  9. 9. Business Intelligence Testing Quantum: - Mathematic - Programming - Business analysis•BI uses for:• - Business operations reporting.• - Multidimensional analysis.• - Finding patterns in data.• - Decision making.• - Forecasting.• - Dashboard.
  10. 10. Crowd Sourced Testing - Software is consumer centric - Working with a large group of people - Expertise in specialized area(s) isrequired - Necessity in end user scenarious simulation - Not enough resources/ time, clear product requirements and overall strategy - Access to global talent and diverse set of skills.
  11. 11. Testing catalyzed through test data generation and management• - Confidential information gets exposed to testers•- A breach of this data can lead to serious damage• - Test data management ensures the availability and security of the test data by obfuscating it on large scale testing engagements.• - Lots of testing vendors are now researching on various methods to mask this data• - ‘Test-only’ data help maintain• privacy and security
  12. 12. • – More testing by End user to change? How is QA going 5%• – More testing by Developers 5%• – Significantly shorter development cycles 7%• – More knowledgeable QA Resources 7%• – Increased appreciation for QA 8%• – Improved Processes 14%• – More Test Automation 31%
  13. 13. Future of QA - Automation• - Get requirements right by thoroughly testing them.• - Automating the writing of the test cases and test scripts.• - Automated environment for testing.• - Deployment testing is automated.• - Production is automatically• monitored and tested• - Automated system allows for• Troubleshooting and Diagnostics.
  14. 14. Usefull links•• l•• trategy_Document.php#implement••
  15. 15. Contacts:email: alexander.maydanyuk svetlana_dubyk eugenia.trush andrej_2704 2012
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