Chryssa lifebook4 life tourist guide for insiders helsinki


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Chryssa lifebook4 life tourist guide for insiders helsinki

  1. 1. Chryssa’s LIFEBOOK4Life Tourist Guide for Insiders 1 Copyright 2011 FUJITSU City: Helsinki
  2. 2. Introduction Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 2 The project: The task: Imagine the other 52 LIFEBOOK4Life Insiders have the chance to visit you. Become the Fujitsu tourist guide of your home town/region and create a day schedule for your fellow project members.
  3. 3. City facts & day schedule for Helsinki Copyright 2011 FUJITSU 2 City facts: Day Schedule: Station 1: Stockmann Clock Station 2: Kaivopuisto Station 3: Ursa Observatory Station 4: Helsinki Cathedral Station 5: Finnish National Opera Station 6: Töölö Bay City: Helsinki Country: Finland Population: 588,941 State: Uusimaa Other facts: Helsinki is chosen to be the World Design Capital for 2012
  4. 4. Stockmann Clock Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>Stockmann department store enjoys a reputation of the primary high-end department store in Finland carrying all the internationally recognised luxury brands. Stockmann was built in 1930 and designed by Sigurd Frosterus. </li></ul>Insider Facts : The clock at the main entrance, colloquially &quot;Stockan kello&quot; (&quot;Stocky's clock&quot;), has become a symbol of Helsinkian city culture as a popular meeting place. “ Stockan kellon alla ,” say the locals when they are setting a rendezvous with their friends!
  5. 5. Kaivopuisto Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>Kaivopuisto (Swedish: Brunnsparken ), or in spoken language, Kaivari , is one of the oldest and best known parks in Helsinki. Every summer, thousands of people come to Kaivopuisto to sunbathe, to have picnics, or to play sports. </li></ul>Insider Facts: Kaivopuisto is a great place to fly a kite! This is my favourite hobby during summer.
  6. 6. Ursa Observatory Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>The Ursa Observatory is an astronomical observatory l ocated at the highest hill of Kaivopuisto is a visible hallmark and well-known symbol of Helsinki. During summer time, amateur astromers can watch the sun and during night when it gets darker one can observe the stars. </li></ul>Insider Facts: I’m an amateur astronomer. Astronomy has been my passion since the age of five. I have always wanted to be an astronaut. For the time being I like observing the stars through my telescope!
  7. 7. Helsinki Cathedral Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>Helsinki Cathedral was originally built as a tribute to the Grand Duke, Nicholas I, the Tsar of Russia and until the independence of Finland in 1917, it was called St. Nicholas' Church. </li></ul>Insider Facts : Today the Cathedral is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Helsinki. Annually more than 350,000 people visit the church, some of them to attend religious events, but most as tourists. The church is in regular use for both worship services and special events such as weddings.
  8. 8. Finnish National Opera Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>The Finnish National Opera is the leading opera company in Finland. The Finnish National Opera has some 250,000 visitors a year. </li></ul>Insider Facts : In 2011, the Finnish National Opera celebrates 100 years of existence. The centenary is marked with two world premieres of new Finnish operas and a range of other special events!
  9. 9. Töölö Bay Copyright 2011 FUJITSU <ul><li>Töölö Bay is a beautiful place where you can enjoy a walk. It has a great variety of fauna and flora. </li></ul><ul><li>NB! Check out the ducks in my picture! </li></ul>Insider Facts : At winter when the lake is frozen you can walk on top of it and use it as a shortcut when heading from the suburbs to the city centre!
  10. 10. Welcome to Finland! Copyright 2011 FUJITSU Gorgeous photography by Kim Ekman ( )