L4L Chryssa Skodra's Guide to Helsinki


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L4L Chryssa Skodra's Guide to Helsinki

  1. 1. LIFEBOOK4Life – Accept no boundariesNever stop running<br />Follow me on a businesstripthroughHelsinki withmySTYLISTIC Q550!<br />1<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />Aboutme:<br />I am a DJ, journalist, blogger, event manager and a university teacher. Social media, sonic branding, fashion and gadgets are my passion<br />The city:<br />Helsinki ismynewhometown. I havebeenlivingherefor 5 years. I usedtohateitandnow I loveit!<br />MySTYLISTIC Q550:<br />The Stylistic Q550 is an elegant devicethatallowsmetowork on themove.<br />I useittocreatepresentations, tocorrectreports, exchangeemailsand browse theinternetwhilecommutingtowork.<br />Batteryruntime:<br />Uptoapproximately 8hours<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Insert your picture here<br />Finlandia Hall (Finlandia-talo) is a venueforcongessesandeventssituatednear<br />HesperiaPark andTöölö Bay.<br />InsidersFacts<br />Althoughit is a beautifulbuilding, unfortunatelyit is a terribleaccoustics.<br />10:21 FinlandiaHall <br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />3<br />
  4. 4. 11:11 The National Museum of Finland <br />The National Museum of Finland <br />(Suomenkansallismuseo) presents<br />Finnishhistoryfromthe Stone Age to the presentday, through<br />objectsand culturalhistory. <br />The appearance of the building<br />resemblesmedievalchurches and castles. <br />The architecturebelongs to <br />national romanticism and the <br />interiormainly to artnouveau.<br />InsidersFacts<br />In 2006, therewas an explosionaccident at the National Museum in the SilverRoom. Mostdisplaycases and somesilverobjects in the museum'sSilverRoomweredamaged in the explosion. Later, policeinvestigationsfound the cause to be a gaspipeleak!<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />4<br />
  5. 5. 12:15 Kiasma Museum of ContemporaryArt<br />A livelyculturalcentre and meetingplace, Kiasma is the place for pleasureand<br />experience. Thispioneeringmuseum is providingall an easy and unforgettable<br />accessto the vibrantworld of contemporary art.<br />Kiasma –as a buidling– is eitheradoredortotalledhatedby Helsinki citizens!<br /><ul><li>Write a story and describe your picture. </li></ul>InsiderFacts<br />Kiasma is a popularmeetingplace for skatersthatpracticetheirtricks outside the museum!<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />5<br />
  6. 6. 12:47 Helsinki Music Centre<br />The Helsinki Music Centre is home for the Helsinki <br />Philharmonic Orchestra and the Finnish Radio <br />Symphony Orchestra, and the prestigious Sibelius Academy, the one and only music university in <br />Finland.<br />InsiderFacts<br />I’m a gratuate of Sibelius Academy! I hold a Master<br />of Music in Arts Management.<br />The Helsinki Music Centre hascaused a lot of <br />controvery and for monthsafter the decision to be<br />builttherewasonly a hole in ground. Nowitstands<br />beautiful in the heart of the city, plus ithasgreat<br />accoustics!<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />6<br />
  7. 7. 13:51 FORUM Shopping Centre<br />FORUM isoneoftheoldestshoppingcentres in theheartof Helsinki. Underitsroofvisitorscan find 140 stores! Youcanbuysouvenirs, eatandentertain<br />yourself.<br />InsiderFacts<br />FORUM Shopping Centre has an activeteam of bloggers and I’mone of them!<br />http://www.cityforum.fi/chryssa/<br />7<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />
  8. 8. 15:15 EsplanadePark<br />The EsplanadeParkhas long beenlinedbycafés and restaurants. In the centre of the park<br />standsHelsinki'sfirstpublicmonument, the statue of Finland's national poet J.L. Runeberg <br />At the western end of the parkarestatues to the writer Zacharias Topelius <br />and the poet Eino Leino.<br />InsiderFacts<br />During summer the Esplanadepark is filled with youngpeoplethatenjoy a picnic on itsgrassorsimplysunbathing!<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />8<br />
  9. 9. 17:31 Havis Amanda Statue<br />Havis Amanda is a nudefemalestatue in Helsinki located at the Market Square. She is a mermaidwhostands on seaweed as sherisesfrom the water, with fourfishspouting<br />waterat herfeet and surroundedbyfoursealions. The Havis Amanda statuesymbolisesthe rebirth of Helsinki. <br />InsiderFacts<br />An urbanlegendhasitthat Havis Amanda patronisesmen’ssexualpotency. Somemenbelievethatwashingface with waterfromone of Havis Amanda’sfountain and shoutingthreetimes ”Rakastaa!" (= "to love") increasesmen’ssexualability! <br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />9<br />
  10. 10. 18:21 Helsinki City Hall<br />Helsinki City Hall (Helsingin Kaupungintalo, in Finnish) wasoriginallydesigned as a hotel. The new buildingreceived the Europa Nostraaward in 1989.<br />InsiderFacts<br />The City Hall offers a place for a smallbrake, ifyouaretired of sightseeing and walkingacross<br />Helsinki in minustemperatures. Thereyouwillfindfreewifiand computers, comfychairs, lots of <br />magazinesand cleanrestrooms! Takeyour LIFEBOOK or Q550 on yourlap and have a shortbreak!<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />10<br />
  11. 11. 1<br />Copyright 2011 FUJITSU<br />