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Portfolio emodesign

  1. 1. benjamín camarillo
  2. 2. happiness
  3. 3. This old camera has certain details that also makes it somewhat anthropomorphic. In this case, there are two holes in the front that, combined with the horizontal line that somehow frames the “eyes” helps create a face-like object. Since the “eyes” appear far away from each other, combined with the straightness of the “mouth”, creates a very appathic or uninterested expression, which can also be described as a certain sadness.ss sadness
  4. 4. In this case the emotion transmitted by the car is not related to it’s “facial expression” but more on the proportions, colors and the general curves of the vehicle. The fact that the whole car is black and the only few details are red makes it transmit a certain negative mistery, combined with the large proportion of the engine and the exhaust pipes on the sides reflects the message “getaway car”.ss anger
  5. 5. er surprise
  6. 6. se disgust
  7. 7. While the context of the picture is somehow coincidental, the chain has always been an object that has a strong cultural reference of something wanted to be restrained or protected. In this case, the chain is used to protect the bike from being stolen, which in NY is a really common occurance. By looking at the chains purpose, we can infer that the owner is affraid of someone stealing his bike, which then places the chain as being somehow impregnated with this emotion.st fear
  8. 8. Animal: Chameleon Characteristics: - Parrot-like feet. - Their separately mobile and stereoscopic eyes (High-range vision). - Very long, highly modified, and rapidly extrudable tongues (Long distance reach). - The ability of some to change color (Blending in their environment and social signaling). - Vary greatly in size and body structure. - Cold-blooded.Behavior:- Generally solitary animals that are considered shy by nature.- Chameleons often lean around branches to try to hide from disturbances.- He first method of communication is color change.- A less known form of communication common to many but now all chameleons.- is the use of low frequency sound to communicate.- This is known to be used in courtship, defense and territorial displays.- To break up their image to predators, chameleons often try to mimic a branch in thewind. To do so, they often walk very slowly while the rock back and forth as they ad-vance very slowly.
  9. 9. Object: Smartphone Characteristics: - High-range vision camera. - Long distance communication (WiFi, 3G…). - The ability of some to change color (Blending in their environment). - Social signaling.Areas of Improvement - Vary greatly in size and body structure. - Make the blending with the environment much more deep (consider other materials). - Stereographic images (improve the camera to achieve a higher resolution and 3D capabilities AND focus on 2 different things simultaneously).“Chameleons tend to show darker - Increase the size availability regarding its pur-colors when angered, or attempting pose (instead of just cellphone and tablet sizes)to scare or intimidate others, whilemales show lighter, multi-colored - Improve the social signaling by the change ofpatterns when courting females.” color/shape
  10. 10. Selected Chracteristics- Make the blending with the environment much more deep. The most noticeable emotional effect of- Stereographic images. smartphones nowadays on their users is- Improve the social signaling by the the effect of isolation in groups of people.change of color/shape. The intention of this product is to create a more sociable smartphone that improves the comunication between it’s users.When two or more smartphones that share the same interests come closer, they both shift to a similar color.
  11. 11. The purpose of the activity was to create a Crumble thief that instead ofvacuuming the dust it blows it away. This with the purpose of surprising theuser since the object itself communicates its regular use, which is to pick upthe dust.
  12. 12. Both the user and the rest of the classmates perceived theemotion. They mentioned that when someone sees a crumblethief they immediately think of something that picks up dusts.Therefore when they noticed that the object did the exactopposite they were indeed surprised.