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According to the terms of the Competition, the participants have 6 months to come up with their applications. Applications should be based on the following 4 main topics:
- Tourism
- Information
- Service
- Gaming
The members of the committee responsible for the supervision of the competition, evaluation of applications and the general flow of the competition were also announced. The committee is consisted of Bakcell representatives as the organizers of the competition, of Caspian Investment Centre representatives as the organizers of the Mobile Monday and of one independent expert.

Soon after all competitors present their applications developed according to the determined requirements to the Committee, all applications will be evaluated based on the announced criteria. After the evaluation is complete, the 3 winners will be announced at the consequent MobileMonday meeting. The winner of the first place will get a reward in the amount of 5 000 AZN plus the opportunity of cooperation with Bakcell and the opportunity to share his experience on MobileMonday platform. The other winners will be awarded with both monetary prizes and valuable gifts from Bakcell. Furthermore, the winning application will be promoted by Bakcell and introduced to the public.

Bakcell announced email address for developers interested in participating at the competition to appeal until the next MobileMonday meeting.

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Application competition for mobile monday end

  1. 1. Mobile Monday - 2013 Season Kick-off
  2. 2. What do we like to do
  3. 3. The Contest for 2013• Bakcell would like to engage the MoMo Community in launching a contest to develop 4 different Applications:• Each Developer or Group of Developers will submit their idea in the next MoMo event (starting from October,29) by sending email to• Bakcell and the MoMo committee will give guidance for the developers, regarding their ideas• The developers will have max.4 months to develop on different OS and present the final product to Bakcell and MoMo Committee. During 1-2 months Committee will review all submitted applications.• Bakcell and MoMo Committee will declare 1 general winner and 2nd, 3rd places.
  4. 4. So What?! Bakcell will advertise and push for the usage of your Application ONE The Winners might be called to develop MORE other applications for Bakcell and will THING get paid for that.The Winners will have the opportunityto “Coach” others and will be invited to talk about their experience in MoMo events
  5. 5. The Winners will get PRIZES:1st place – 5000 AZN in Cash!2nd place – 500 AZN in Cash and 3GDongles with unlimited traffic (3m)3rd place – 300 AZN in Cash and 3GDongles with unlimited traffic (3m)
  6. 6. General RulesCommittee to beestablished:Bakcell side: CEO, CorporateStrategy, Head of VAS.2 persons from CIC.Independent Expert: Rashad Aliyev -Hackathon.
  7. 7. General Rules• How many platforms supporting application• Physical size of app• Design and user experience• Creativity (something unique and not copied)• Delivery on time Scale per requirement• Popularity (satisfaction from the audience) 1 to 10• Quality of app (stable and bug-free)• Local content• Team: should be Azerbaijan citizens, no teams to be split once formed, individuals allowed
  8. 8. Terms of Disqualification • If purchased or outsourced • All affiliated employees are not allowed to participate
  9. 9. THANK YOU