Sssi Business Protection Profile 2009


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Sssi Business Protection Profile 2009

  1. 1. Specialist Strategy Security & Intelligence Group Pty Limited SSSI Group ® P.O. Box 971 Business Protection Hillary's Western Australia 6923 Australia by +61-(0)8-6260 0821 +61–(0)8-94022277 Building Organisational Resilience : ACN 131465695 To be successful in managing today’s business challenges, organisations need to be ahead of REPRESENTATIVE OFFICES Australasia the game. This is where Detecting, Deterring, Delaying, Responding and Recovering to threats New South Wales delivers value to any business. However in order to benefit from that value organisatiosn must Victoria Queensland Plan, Prepare, Respond and Recover South Australia New Zealand In today’s dynamic world the conventional view of the security of organisations has morphed Asia China from that of guards, gates and alarms through firewalls, encryption and OH&S to reach the Thailand current concept of “building organisational resilience”. Far less focus is being placed on the Laos Cambodia traditional concepts of protection of assets; rather attention is now focused on the functions Singapore and capabilities that those assets yield. The concept of organisational resilience is centred on Malaysia sustaining capabilities rather than protecting assets. Indonesia Philippines, Hong Kong Africa South Africa Zambia Sierra Leone DRC Malawi Cameroon Senegal, Ghana, Angola Kenya Egypt Botswana Zimbabwe Tanzania Mozambique Eurasia Israel Jordan Bahrain United Arab Emirates Afghanistan India Pakistan Turkey Europe Scotland England Italy France Germany Ireland Russia Czech Republic Cyprus America - North Florida Oregon California Washington DC Canada Mexico America - South Costa Rica Venezuela Argentina Brazil
  2. 2. The SSSI Group brings to clients an unusual fusion of strategy security and intelligence professionals able to fully address all aspects of risk faced by our clients. The services and advice offered by the SSSI Group are invaluable to organizations operating in complex and hostile environments around the globe, this advice and the services provided allow our clients to seize opportunities whilst managing strategic and operational risks Specialist Strategy Security & Intelligence Group Pty Ltd collects and collates and assesses essential information, our intelligence based products empower our clients to formulate erudite strategic judgments, thus ensuring their ability to maximize opportunities whilst ensuring they are able to sustain their capabilities. Our refined expertise in complex factual and financial research utilizes former law enforcement and intelligence officials, forensic accountants, computer forensic specialists as well business strategy experts. Our network of representative offices worldwide, allow us to glean and analyse critical information wherever a need exists, regardless of the complexity of the enquiry. Whether the objective is to resolve disputes, secure intellectual property assets, safeguard a clients’ reputation or generate profit through new business opportunities, SSSI provides its clientele with the intelligence capital to make the most informed strategic decisions through our multi-disciplinary approach to the gathering and analysis of information in producing our intelligence based products and services. OUR DIRECTOR Bruce Braes: MA CPP FSyI GradIS(SA) CPO Bruce Braes is one of those unusual people who can actually say he is an internationally experienced security risk management professional. Born in Africa, he first entered the security risk sector when he attested into the British South Africa Police in 1977. He soon moved into the intelligence field when he was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department and later the Special Branch. In 1980 when Rhodesia became Zimbabwe he transferred to the now notorious Central Intelligence Organization however he soon saw the writing on the wall and resigned after six months in the organization. He then travelled to London where he worked for The Wackenhut Corporation before moving to South Africa where was recruited by the Sun International Casino Group, he progressed from there to become Manager Security Services at the then University of Bophuthatswana before being appointed as Group Security Advisor to Sefelana Employee Benefits Organisation one of the top five fund managers in Africa at the time. He then returned to live in the United Kingdom where he established Strategic Security Solutions International Limited a business that grew from its birth in 2000 to generate revenue in excess of $24 Million in 2006. He sold this business to a publicly listed US corporation and continued to manage the business until strategy and management differences led to his resignation in early 2008. He has worked across Asia and provided services throughout Europe and Africa. He now lives with his family in Perth, Western Australia, where he has based his consulting firm Specialist Strategy Security & Intelligence. During his career Bruce has attracted clients including Merck, Chevron Texaco, British Gas, Norwich Union, Proctor & Gamble, Vodafone, The European Central Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Holcim, Coca Cola and over 100 other leading organizations. He holds a Master Arts degree in Security Management from the University of Loughborough in the United Kingdom. He is Board Certified in Security Management holding the CPP™ certification administered by ASIS International; he is a Fellow of the Security Institute (FSyI) and is a Graduate
  3. 3. of the South African Institute of Security (GradIS). He holds the International Foundation of Protection Officers, Certified Protection Officer (CPO) certification Bruce has extensive experience in providing consultancy services covering Crisis Management Planning & Response; Litigation & Compliance Support; Security Assessment & Analysis; Training and Political Risk Analysis and he draws on over twenty five years of diverse experience in Security & Risk Management, gathered across the world. He has actively promoted the professional development of those in the security risk management profession and administered the ASIS International, UK Chapter, CPP development program for a number of years. His volunteer leadership was recognized, by the Regional Vice President’s recognition award in 2003. His has published a number of articles and book reviews in industry publications and spoken at industry focused conferences. The distinctiveness of SSSI lies in its values of integrity, dependability, discretion, and an extensive global network of resources delivering international support to our clients in today’s uncertain world THE LOCATION SSSI is headquartered in Perth, Western Australia one of the worlds leading mining and extraction industry hubs. Capabiilliitiies and Serviices Capab t es and Serv ces Litigation Intelligence and Investigations — White Collar Investigations — Commercial and Financial Investigations — Pre-litigation Intelligence and Specialized Fact-finding — Proceedings — Asset Searching and Analysis Corporate Investigations — Internal Investigations — Audit Committee and Special Committee Investigations — Regulatory Inquiries — Fraud Investigations and Forensic Accounting — Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) Investigations for US based corporations Transactional Intelligence — Investigative and Financial Due Diligence — Business Intelligence — Image and Reputation Assessment — Political Risk and FCPA Assessments for Emerging Markets for US based corporations — Intellectual Property and Brand Protection Integrity Advisory — Anti-Money Laundering Consulting — Design and Implementation of Ethics and Compliance Program Security Management And Consultancy — Project security management and consultancy — Security design and architecture — Security audits and reviews — Supply chain security — Executive protection — Event security — Sports event security management — Technical surveillance countermeasures
  4. 4. Crisis Management — Threat and Risk Assessment — Strategy Development — System Development — System Implementation — System Exercising — System Maintenance Business Continuity — Business Continuity Scope and Organisation — Business Impact Analysis — Risk Assessment — Develop Strategies — Document Plans — Implement and Awareness — Exercise — Review and maintain Travel Security — Travel security consultancy — Travel Tracker — Travel briefings Country Risk Forecasts o City Risk Briefs o Global Risk Summary o — Personal security training — Executive close protection Post Conflict Development — Political and security risk analysis — Threat assessment — Investor assessment and advice — Emergency response reviews — Reputation protection — Security management — Training and awareness programmes Training — Hostile environment training — Travel security briefings — Defensive driver training — Crisis management training — Kidnap and extortion training exercises — Managing workplace violence Litigation Intelligence and Investigations SSSI’s , multi-faceted professional teams provide a wide range of investigative services for clients engaged in white-collar criminal investigations, complex commercial litigation, regulatory proceedings and domestic as well as international arbitration proceedings. We probe the factual accuracy of statements and, scrutinize complex fact outlines, uncover hidden assets, locate witnesses and evaluate their integrity. Our operators are proficient, flexible and skilled at adapting quickly regardless of the industry or geographic location. SSSI’s other litigation consulting services include electronic discovery, document management, forensic accounting, damages assessment, economic consulting, expert testimony and crisis planning. Corporate Investigations If misconduct is alleged or suspected in an organisation, it is vital that senior management act rapidly and determinedly. SSSI is able to mobilise highly qualified, multi-facetted teams across the globe to discreetly and resourcefully investigate any alleged misconduct in any organizations. We inspect and evaluate books and records, collect and scrutinise electronic evidence, work in partnership with lawyers on investigative interviews and produce first-class, reliable reports for dissemination to shareholders, regulators and other interested parties. Our wide-ranging experience working with diverse organizations enables us to identify what went wrong, implement
  5. 5. tactics to contain the crisis, assist with managing the response and remediation, and finally design and implement controls to mitigate against recurrences. Transactional Intelligence At SSSI, we understand that the painstaking scrutiny of information is critical to making strategic business decisions that influence mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, public and private placements of securities, outsourcing/off shoring and other cross-border transactions. Simply providing raw data is insufficient and our teams of former law enforcement officials, intelligence officers, technology experts and forensic accountants conduct global investigations, analyse source documents and present objective assessments of transactional risks to our clients. Delving beyond the traditional concept of due diligence, SSSI’s efforts in this space encompasses matters of competitive and defensive intelligence, image and reputation assessment, intellectual property and brand protection, political risk and FCPA or the equivalent assessments for emerging markets, and hedge fund investigations. Integrity Advisory A company’s hard-earned reputation is one of its most valuable assets and its protection is of supreme importance to global organizations. Internal controls play a critical role in preventing or warning of potential threats that could tarnish a corporation’s image and impact its business relationships or financial transactions. Our multi-facetted teams conduct independent reviews and investigate suspected problem areas, including anti-money laundering and foreign corrupt practices concerns, for any businesses worldwide. We help analyse and assess policies and procedures to identify gaps or breaches in existing safeguards, and are practised at designing and implementing mitigation measure that serve to remedy shortfalls or to monitor to ensure compliance with imposed sanctions. Security Management & Consultancy SSSI’s approach is practical. We counsel organisations on developing and implementing an overarching corporate security strategy. We particularly advise entities on risk reduction strategies that provide protection to their most valuable assets: their people, their reputation, their information and their physical assets. In circumstance where the threat to business is particularly heightened, SSSI can deploy specialist security controller to be embedded into our client’s operations. We evaluate existing security arrangements, for development projects, our engineers work with architects to include security measures at the design stage. Our regional and sector experts, constantly review the risks faced by each and every one of our clients on an individual basis taking their areas of operations and the specific threat levels into consideration. At SSSI we understand that no two organisations are alike, and that and that many influencing factors including the nature of their business, the profile of their employees and the geographical spread of their assets, exclusively determine their level of exposure. Crisis Management Effective crisis management provides organisations with a competitive advantage. However protecting an organisation’s reputation, environment, key business assets, employees and other stakeholders is an ongoing process, in the face of such extreme, complex and constantly changing world. SSSI’s crisis management consultants identify the threats and risks to faced by our client organisations. We then support our clients through the process of developing and implementing systems and strategies, which empower them to manage crises. SSSI design and deliver role play simulation sessions to rigorously test client’s crisis management plans and prepare staff members for the real occurrence. Regular reviews assist in maintaining clients’ crisis management strategies and tactics updated at all times. In the inopportune situation of a crisis occurring, our consultants have the specialist expertise required to effectively support our clients to respond to a wide range of crises. Business Continuity Services Business Continuity Management should be included within the wider risk management structure of any organisation. This holistic management process identifies, in advance, the potential impacts of a wide variety of disruptions that may affect an organisations ability to function. BCM
  6. 6. allows organisations to withstand the loss of part or all of its operational capability. SSSI business continuity consultants provide support to organisations throughout the entire business continuity management process. Travel Security Employees travel to familiar and unfamiliar countries so organisations require a travel security programme that staff can rely on. Organisations have a responsibility to ensure the security of travelling employees, whilst employee’s have a responsibility to follow organisational guidelines. If clients have travellers arriving in high risk destinations they need to ensure that the necessary travel security measures are in place. Achieving this requires a layered and procedural travel security policy which includes authorisation, pre-deployment briefs and on the ground support SSSI supports clients in implementing new travel security programmes from scratch or reviewing and enhancing existing programmes, SSSI can provide clients with the consultancy, support and the tools to ensure that your people are well prepared have a reliable source of advice when travelling and comply with your travel policy. This ensures that organisations can clearly show due care and attention in respect of their employee’s safety whilst travelling on business. Post Conflict Development The need to establish and maintain stability is paramount for countries emerging from conflict. Governments within the transitional states and international donors recognise the need for quick and effective responses to instability. The links between security, stability and development are increasingly apparent, and more and more organisations are finding these markets more attractive but require advice and assistance when it come to market entry. Our team of specialist consultants have held senior posts in government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and can provide invaluable assistance to organisations entering these transitional states. Training Services SSSI can provide a wide range of training courses to help equip your employees with the skills, knowledge and confidence to successfully overcome these challenges, and help your organisation to operate effectively. Our courses cover subjects as diverse as Hostage Negotiation to Money Laundering Regulations to Safe Travelling Procedures. Affffiilliiatiions A a t o ns © SSSI Group Pty Ltd 2008. All rights reserved.