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  1. 1. Welcome to BJS Group Delivery Method 1. General These methods are made to ease personal project activities in managing available resources such as Human Resources, Time, Material, and Money. Commonly, the work activity started with job preparation, such as the establishment of the management office, warehouse as well as job barrack that are equipped with standard tools and equipments. After jobs preparation executed, power mobility and equipments shall be executed immediately, either physical jobs depend on available resources. All jobs will be executed with measurement and working pictures agreements depend on permission of job's activities which have known by related parties (contractor parties, management and other parties who represent management parties). During the process of receiving materials, process of activities and working results always through to steps of checking such as inspection (visual checking, elevation checking, etc) or test (checking quality of concrete, compact soil, etc). Materials that used for these jobs, like document contract which has been determined by agreement from management parties or other parties who represent the management parties, shall using contractor parties to give the samples and showing brochure depend from kind of materials which will be demanded on agreement. On the last step, working results which has been done will be checked over again before hand over to management parties. The total time for these job's activities is 5 months, with job's scope like these: DIV I. General DIV III. Land jobs DIV V. Grain harden DIV VI. Asphalt jobs Before start working the physic project, the local government will be announced officially by contractor that they will start working and giving purpose information of tool's and infrastructure and it supposed to be related with public interest. Next in project area, project information or name board will be installed back beside of company contractor's logo. As the regulations that organized, planning about using human resources in this project will be reported by contractors to PT. Jamsostek, then contractors will sending their result to management parties. 2. WORKING SAFETY AND HEALTHY WORKING ENVIRONMENT. For working safety and healthy working environment, we hope that productivity of human resources can be rise and level of finishing project will be more quickly then that has been scheduled. For working safety, every laborer must wear safety helm, gloves, boots, and safety belt completely. And we will make fences in machine and tools side for safety from accidents that easily happen. For a healthy working environment, trash bins are placed to create a hygiene atmosphere. The trash bins are neatly located at strategic locations to ease the traffic flow and most significantly, to increase work productivity. For laborer whom had injury or wounded from accident, will be treated with medicines which placed in special location, and medicines will be added if there are not enough. If getting worse, the laborer will be sent to nearly hospital. 3. PLACING FIELD'S MATERIAL Materials are placed for working needs to ease to get in order to increase work productivity. Especially materials that easily get burned and fragile from air such as cements will be put wooden block and canvas on it, and will be placed in indoor warehouse. Wood materials are placed with canvas in covered area to avoid changing shapes from sunshine and rain. Powered by Joomla! Generated: 21 September, 2008, 15:11
  2. 2. Welcome to BJS Group 4. WORKING QUALITY CONTROLLER Internally, inspection and test will always hold, either beginning to work, during the work or finishing work. Process of controlling worker quality started with planning quality in order to know quality requirements that had been organized as inspection and test either materials or product results personally. In the beginning, accepted criteria in document contracts will be written in quality accepted criteria note. After that, these accepted criteria will using inspection and test for materials and product results as a basic task such as the power of concrete, compact soil, fences elevation, etc. Internally, materials and product results will be rejected by our working quality controller personally if there are not fit enough with the accepted criteria. Steps of purchasing materials that we guaranteed depend on contract document: 1. Record the accepted criteria in document contracts from whole materials. 2. Permission from management parties or parties who represent management before make a purchase orders of materials. These permissions procedure can be used by sending samples, material's brochures or material's test results. 3. After the permissions has been given from customer or who represent the customer, availability of materials can make a purchase orders for materials personally. After the orders had been made, materials must always through the process of inspection or test. Our side will take action continuously about the research if there has any problem occurred, poor working quality or any that doesn't fit with the specification in order to find the solutions with management parties if there is any problem of construction. Powered by Joomla! Generated: 21 September, 2008, 15:11